1500W Ceramic Space Heater Reviews


Winters can sometimes be unbearable, especially the car rides. When you wake up and head outside, you feel cold. On the car ride you’re freezing until you arrive to your office that is also an incredibly low temperature. When this happens, it makes your car ride not just uncomfortable for you to endure, but also unsafe.

When your car is freezing on the drive to work or any other destination, this can put you in serious danger. Your car may breakdown from the temperature being too low for the car to operate. This may cause you serious harm. It can also be distracting to drive while you’re feeling cold and uncomfortable.

This is why portable car heaters were created. Now, you won’t have to feel as cold while you’re on your way to work or anywhere else on your drive. A portable car heater can be sitting in your car ready to both warm you up and keep your car at a safe temperature without it overheating and breaking down.

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The 1500W Ceramic Space Heater is known to get the job done as it works to heat up larger areas it sits in. It’s known as a space heater along with a car heater. This means you can use it in your car while driving to your destination of choice. Then, you can take it out when you arrive and use it wherever you take it, like to work, for example.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater Reviews

This portable heater can still be considered a car heater as many have claimed to find success when they’ve used this heater in their car. It can also double as a space heater as well. It can be used inside of the home or in different office spaces. Many believe that no matter where it sits, it can still provide a large amount of warmth within smaller areas.

It’s one of the more popular car and space heaters available that many will choose to purchase due to its adjustable thermostat feature. It gives you several different options regarding the type of heat you desire in the moment. This may be a helpful space and car heater to purchase if you are fairly particular regarding the type of heat you want to experience throughout your drive.

It claims to be quiet during its use so your drives shouldn’t feel very distracting or overwhelming from the amount of sound emitting from the heater. It also provides tip-over protection, so most likely you’ll feel safe during your drive and won’t worry about being harmed from the heat of this machine.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater - Pros and Cons


  • This portable heater is of course made for cars. Many people will also use it as a space heater, so it should be able to heat up larger areas throughout your car.
  • There are three different heat modes featured on the machine. Depending on what kind of heat you’re looking for, you should be able to adjust the dial to find the correct amount of warmth needed
  • The machine is quiet and doesn’t seem to provide any distractions while you’re trying to drive or get to your destination.
  • This 1500W Space Heater also contains a thermostat with a simple dial that helps you move it to a lower or higher temperature if you become too hot or cold.
  • It claims to be impossible to tip over or to overheat itself. Which can make it simpler if you’re trying to find a heater that doesn’t fall easily during any twists or turns on the road


  • Some of the material used on the machine doesn’t seem to be very durable. This could mean that your machine may not last as long as other portable car heaters can.
  • Since it contains an option to make the hot air shut off after certain periods of time so as to not let it overheat, it may often shut off even when you’re not quite warm yet.

Heats Larger Spaces

When dealing with most portable car heater, I often find issues with the amount of space it’s actually able to heat up. I may be able to warm up smaller sections of my car, but the larger sections are able to receive as much heat, unfortunately. This can become very distracting to me while I’m driving and makes the drive itself feel cold and uncomfortable.

If the car drive is extremely cold, it can distract the driver which may potentially result in a car wreck. With the 1500W Ceramic Space Heater, it claims to act more as a space heater and car heater combined. This means it can heat up your car quicker throughout a large portion of the car. This also makes the drive safer as your car as less chances of breaking down due to extreme coldness.

Ceramic Space Heater

Contains Different Heat Modes

This portable car and space heater is available with different options to help you properly warm yourself up while driving in the car. You can change it to modes like “high heat”, “low heat” and “fan only”. Giving you these different options can make your whole drive to your destination a lot warmer and more comfortable.

If you’re driving and the heat from the portable car heater becomes to warm for you to handle, it can get distracting. This can result in you bending over to mess with the machine to unplug or turn it off. All of this movement can result in you getting into a car accident or seriously hurting yourself and your car. With a simple dial, you can move the knob easily to whatever heat mode you need.

Emits a Quiet Noise

While driving, you want to simply listen to the sounds happening outside or on your radio. If you’re only hearing the noises coming from your portable car heater, this can get obnoxious and downright distracting to handle. It can cause you to crank your radio up louder, which only causes you to become even more distracted while driving on the road. This can become very dangerous for you.

If the amount of noise coming from your space heater becomes too much for you to handle, it can distract you from the road. This is why it’s important to purchase a heater that emits quieter noises that won’t keep you from the road. It’s also nice in general to enjoy the quiet rather than the incredibly loud noises given off by a car heater.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater Reviews

Can’t Tip Over or Overheat

If you’re driving along and notice that your car is starting to catch fire, this can be a terrifying feeling. Some portable car heaters don’t contain a feature that keeps it from overheating. This makes it easy for it to fall over and puts you in danger of getting burned or seriously injured while driving.

This is why the 1500w Ceramic Space Heater claims to have a safety feature that keep it from overheating or falling over. Any type of excess heat filling your car can result in the car breaking down due to overheating. This can put you in danger and/or provide a great inconvenience to you throughout your day.

Different Alternatives To Try

There are other portable heaters that are available for you to test out and use to your advantage. Most of them are very similar to this defogger and heater as they share a lot of the same important features.

Car Defogger and Heater

This is known as one of the more popular car defogger and heaters to test out. Not only does it heat up the car you’re driving in, but it also claims to have a feature that removes all the fog inside your car. This can be very helpful if you’re in a rush early in the mornings and don’t have time for your car’s defrost to warm up.

This defogger and heater is also featured in a compact size. Which may make it easier to transport and travel around with if you need to move from one car to the other. It also claims to be multifunctional. This means that it has the power to be switched over from heating to cooling fairly quickly. This may be a nice feature for you if you ever become too hot in the car.

You can learn more about the product here.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

This heater is smaller than the original car defogger and heater. Since it’s smaller, most people believe it to be easier to travel with than most other heaters. This makes it easier for it to be transported from one car or the other. It can be set up easily when you’ve hopped into another car and are on the move.

It also claims to contain certain material to keep it from tipping over while the car is in motion. This is an important feature to have as a heater that has tipped over has the ability to catch a car on fire if it’s hot enough.

Since it’s smaller, this heater should mainly only be used by one person in a smaller space. It doesn’t seem to have the capabilities to heat more than one person in a larger area.

Take a look at the product here.

Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater

This heater is smaller but can still exude a large amount of air that you don’t ordinarily see in the car defogger and heater product. It’s smaller and looks as if it may not heat up a room very well. When turned on, though it’s known to act as a space heater and can heat up large parts of a room.

This can be used for people who need their whole area to be heated up. This personal space heater differs from the main car heater and defogger as it has a built-in timer. This time works to shut off as soon as it gets to hot. This is important as a heater that is too warm can be damaging to you and your car.

You can find more about the product here.


This 1500W Ceramic Space Heater can be incredibly helpful for you if you’re searching for a product that will keep you feeling warm in a larger area. If you don’t have a heater that is keeping you warm throughout your whole drive, it can make travelling to your new destination unbearable and uncomfortable. This is why the 1500W Ceramic Space Heater claims to make your life a little easier.

You can check this available product and its features out here.


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