About Gadgets LivingGadgets Living is a new startup created by three people: Robert Adkins, Joanna Church, and David Carl. We are a team of technology, creativity, and innovation enthusiasts. was created to help people like us, who are always looking for new, inspired ideas and products. We choose the most popular products of the week from crowd funding websites, news websites and social networks, and then write the reviews.

What Makes Us Special?

Unlike other curating sites, which provide only short product descriptions, we do a depth of research on the internet including speaking to experts and technicians and reading through all customers’ reviews and experiences. We bring you the most comprehensive and honest review so there is no need to search anywhere else to find information because we have done it for you.

Making a Best Products List

Beginning with a specific type of product that our readers may be interested in, we do extensive internet research and thoroughly read through all information about each target product. Next, we compile a list of all potential relevant products. We isolate and remove the products that do not meet our quality criteria and compose a final set of the best 5-10 products which fulfill the target category. To achieve holistic reviews, we speak to product experts and contact each company’s customer services when necessary.


Currently, we are the writers of our website :). We are passionate about making Your Products a trusted place where everyone can find great ideas and products which suit their unique needs. If you are technology, creativity, and innovation enthusiast like us, are interested in writing and want to work with us to continue developing Your Products, please contact us at () to apply.

About the Founders

Robert Adkins is an IT graduate student in his 30’s who lives in Lake Worth, FL. He loves working with digital technology. Here at Gadgets Living, Robert is a Technology writer who also works on developing and improving the website’s interface.

Joanna Church is a clever and ambitious woman who has finished her studies at Southern Methodist University. She now works part-time at Gadgets Living as a content writer and marketing strategist.

David Carl lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and their two young children. Before joining the Gadgets Living team, David worked as a Sales Representative in a Sport’s Store and has extensive experience with choosing quality products related to sports and outdoor activities.

We have now some talented writers working with us to grow and develop Gadgets Living. Here is a little bit about them: