TOP 7 Best Adjustable Table Legs for Your DIY Projects 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide


You can buy adjustable table legs for multiple reasons: to customize your coffee stands, to make up for your TV stations or even to raise up your benches.

Adjustable table legs are not only a way to release your creativity, but most importantly, it’s an economical furniture decorating method.

No matter what your purpose of finding these items is, with such a diverse range of products on the market nowadays, you wouldn’t want to get lost among flimsy products with no manual guide, missing hardware, limited warranty and for the worst, snap right under a top after assembly.

To help you escape the dilemma, we have put out a review list of the top 7 most functional adjustable table legs based on length, height, color and finish, thickness, load rating, materials, and more, regardless of types and shapes.

Let’s have a quick go-through to stop anything shabby arriving at your door!

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Top 7 Best Adjustable Table Legs for Your DIY Projects

Your table needs new legs, yet you’re afraid to be lured into buying some crappy cheap act that is hard to customize?

Then browse through our top 7 products that we find satisfying in different shapes and styles below.

1. AECOJOY 2-Rod DIY Hairpin Leg Set – Best Overall

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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The highest compliment a product can receive is that it’s worth every penny spent, and Aecojoy hairpin set is one of such products.

First of all, you get a 100-percent money back guarantee if you find the table legs dysfunctional. What a deal!

On top of that, Aecojoy’s engineers have put much thought into optimizing safety standards across the design, as you’ll find no sharp corner around the edges, powder-coated tube surface, and extra rubber feet against floor management.

But what matters the most to table legs? Robustness!

The shaft won’t be hollow like MBQQ’s products but filled with solid industrial grade raw steel. This feature boasts exceptional sturdiness that ends up with a load rating of 350lb each leg, which is more than enough for home use tables.

Due to strong holding capability, the legs are employed for a diverse portfolio of DIY projects, mostly for antique pieces in general: box TV cabinets, converted suitcase end-tables, repurposed dining tables and more.

Unfortunately, the review for Aecojoy hairpin legs may end on a low note by the extreme sturdiness of them. Some of the mounting holes may get obstructed by the hairpins themselves, which makes it hard to aim for perfect perpendicular screwdriver angles and thus produces a prone-to-stripping application platform.


  • Light-weight
  • Stylish mid-century vibe
  • Great value for money
  • Solid construction
  • The pre-drilled holes are accurately aligned
  • Nice even powder coat


  • Easy-to-disengage rubber feet
  • Unserviceable hardware
  • The paint gets chipped easily

2. SMARTSTANDARD 30″ DIY Metal Hairpin Table Leg Set With Rubber Floor Protectors – Best Robustness

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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Even though they’re hairpin legs, they’re unyielding to pipes in terms of robustness.

Smartstandard adjustable table legs are molded from cold rolled steel with a satin black powder coating that doesn’t deform easily under harsh weather conditions. They get all the raves for being able to support 500lb+ including the brutal bounces and jumps on top of the table.

The L-shaped mounting plate features five pre-drilled holes that boosts the contacting area under the tabletop significantly, which adds to the sturdy feeling these legs give off. Apart from that secure construction, the design also makes it easy to install and assemble with minimal effort to screw in the joints.

Being such delightful and functional pillars, Smartstandard hairpin legs still can’t dodge a small curveball the producers accidentally throw towards. Maybe because the finish touch isn’t treated with any special technique or preservative, the paint comes off as easily chipped and scuffed upon delivery.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Extra sturdiness


  • The surface is easy to get scratched and scuffed
  • Non-adhesive rubber floor protecting feet

3. Vevor 28×30” X-Framed Premium Steel Farmhouse DIY Furniture Legs – Best Load Rating

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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If there’s one thing that this pair of edgy X-framed table legs excels, it should be the capacity to bear 1000lb of pressure, an industry graded level of quality.

From the start, sturdiness was dripping out of the 1.5mm thick premium steel construct with an outstanding ability to remain composed under heat.

The thick 3”-4” X-shaped pipes boast a robust strength that can support butchers’ flips or a living edge dining top for a family of 29. This would be a great piece of furniture across your dining room or workplace for its simple design and rustic aesthetics.

These legs are beautifully welded with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Especially at the bottom are holes for leveling feet or caps. Yet there are only two holes on one of the sides of the mounting flange to let the legs flex, which would soon or late catch on the lateral wobble.

To solve, you would have to either screw an additional cross-bracing/angle iron in between each leg or contact the manufacturer for a wider mounting plate.


  • Farmhouse meets industrial aesthetics
  • Beautifully welded
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty and robust


  • No screws included (need large head wood screws)
  • Heavy
  • Narrow top plate that resists large tabletop
  • No adjustable leveling function included for the legs

4. Pipe Décor DIY Rough Black Iron 4-Pipe Kit – Best Flexibility

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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If you’ve been sick of unleveled geometrical legs, this set of four 30-inch separate pipes would steal your heart instantly. The simple, true to size design and functionality are what Pipe Décor fans are living for.

Under one collection, we’ve got three lengths to opt for: 18-inch legs for coffee bars and end-tables; 24-inch pipes for side tables and TV stands; and 30-inch tubes for dining tables, butcher block desks, porch tables or vintage card catalogs.

The silver legs embrace an industrial-inspired look, which is handsome and successfully breathes a new modern vibe into your space. They are made of industrial-grade malleable iron with a polished look and incredible sturdiness that can handle almost any pressure horizontally.

As great as the fact that the product stays true to the description, not many users are happy with the rust-proof grease dripping all over the pipes and the steel fittings while unboxing. To clean this preservative, you should try a lint-free mineral spirit drenched cloth. And finish the painting for your DIY project with Rustoleum textured black spray paint.


  • Sturdy iron legs
  • Heavy-duty, industrial feel, heavy gauge
  • Easy to assemble
  • Come with hardware
  • Great value for money


  • Easy-to-warp flanges
  • Underscaled screws by 1” or 1½“

5. QLLY Adjustable Metal Round Based Furniture Leg Set – Best True to Size

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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QLLY adjustable legs are the truest to size products among these reviews. They come with precisely gauged pre-drilled holes that are easy to screw and unscrew for more compact storage. This is the top-notch quality that put them as a tough competition against foldable table legs.

This feature makes the pipes perfect to reuse for any tabletop, especially the Linnmon series of IKEA. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why QLLY tubes remind people of ADILS legs on a normal basis, besides the comparative sizes and appearance. In fact, the pipes even outperform ADILS in terms of diameter, sturdiness and affordability.

Besides the almost perfect dimensions, the most valuable feature of these pipes to loyal customers is the additional adjustable feets. They can treat almost any unleveled platform in a snap, or stabilize already existing table legs.

At the bottom of all these glowing reviews about QLLY lies a flaw, it doesn’t possess the most high-quality workmanship. The screws are next to unusable due to their excessive length, and the thread across the mounting plate is misaligned. In effect, you’d have to put in more brutal force from manual work to push your own screws into the holes.


  • Sturdy flange
  • Height-adjustable base
  • Nicely welded
  • Come with hardware (screws and leg adjusters)
  • Made of heavy-duty electrostatically treated metal


  • The screws are over-lengthed
  • The delivery package often comes with missing hardware
  • Non-perfectly vertical screwing threads

6. MBQQ 28×17.7″ Multi-Shaped Iron Desk Legs – Best Design

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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It’s not an X twist or V twist, but a sharp and modern twist across your room furniture. Out of the list, the MBQQ DIY bench legs boast the suavest appearance via their undeniably beautiful design and smart craftsmanship.

The materials claim to be made from revamped wood planks, which is ultimately environmental-friendly. The perfectly coated tubes, in contrast to the Vevor product, are hollow and easy to drill in. This feature would do you favors upon customizing the legs for extra robustness and stability.

Not only do people sing the praises to the design, but they also live for the perfect dimensions. The legs are 28” H x 17” W, which looks good under any kind of light-duty tabletops: coffee tops, side tables, console counters, TV stands, end tables, office desks, and much more.

Within a vicious circle, this thin build boasts both advantages and disadvantages to the legs. It creates an unnecessary feeling of shabbiness when you attempt to fit the legs under heavy top application, yet it looks perfectly compact for light-duty tables. To add, any dented area (after delivery) can easily be molded back to its original shape thanks to the thin gage.


  • Perfect height (28”) for most types of table
  • Beautiful workmanship
  • Come with hardware (screws and leveling pads)
  • A diverse collection of shapes


  • Undersized for wide tabletop application
  • Thin metal tubes
  • Wobbly horizontal rigidity

7. MEETWARM 28-inch Adjustable Metal Table Leg Set – Best Standard Height and Design

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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If there’s something notable to compliment these Meetwarm furniture legs, it’s the perfect height surrounded with classic pipe design that makes them marketable.

These elegant metal pipes are measured 28 inches in height, the most appropriate distance to support light-duty to medium tabletops. The unit comes as a set of four table legs, pre-drilled mounting plates and screws, which is handy and basic for easy installation.

The design and color don’t give a bold contrast to your room or working space, yet the masses enjoy this classic milky outer under their table to keep a modern minimalism theme.

Within the graceful aesthetics is secure robustness that can hold up to 220lb per leg featuring great gage of 2⅜” which can give off a stable illusion and feels.

What is unique about this product is the leveler footpad with a round base which can help protect the platform from scratches and make it quick to swirl for height adjustment.

As much as we love how effortless the installation is, Meetwarm falls rather short regarding the quality of workmanship. You’d easily feel lateral wobble since there’s merely one screw to attach each leg to the mounting plate and the undersized screws aren’t that much of a help, either.


  • Simple to install
  • Come in with level adjust
  • Classy design


  • Mismeasured screws
  • Unsatisfying gage
  • Flimsy thread

An Adjustable Table Leg Buying Guide – The Latest 2020 Updated Version

Image source: Micara


The length comes first because you wouldn’t like to mess up with the appropriate height for each project. The range of table leg lengths varies, each manufacturer may offer different lengths.

However, in general, 16 inches would be able to fit most coffee stands and a typical live edge dining or working table would require 28 inches, at least if you’re looking for a hairpin piece.


Typically, everything you find pre-fabbed on the market would be 36 or 39 inches at maximum. If you need to go higher, consider building footings to raise the base.

For flexibility, you need to decide on the height by measuring your leg length, your chair height, or the initial table height if you’re aiming for some replacement.

But most critically, get a height that serves your purpose.

If you’re thinking about the scenario where you’re sipping a coffee while looking out of the house for the view, take your window height into account too.

If you’re getting adjustable table legs for a game top in the garage, consider the sizes of the room and the loading capacity also.

Color & Finish

Image source: CampaignUS

For popularity, wood natural shades, black or raw steel will work with almost anything, along with an additional touch of flat powder/brushed wax/glossy lacquer coating or rust-proof furniture polish for durability, followed by sanding.

In particular, the color depends on your personal preferences or the subjects you’d love to give the table legs as a gift.

To demonstrate, imagine you’re crafting a DIY table from scratch for a 6-year-old baby girl. She would most definitely fall for white or pink (like in IKEA), so both the tabletop and the legs should be unified in white or pink.


Each type of table legs requests different appropriate thickness to make the project work.

For a typical three-rod hairpin leg to be competent in holding 200lb+, it should be ½ inches thick. That’s also the standard to make the overall construction look pretty, not too thick yet not too fragile. If you want a more industrial and heavy-duty look for big tabletops, it’s best to go with steel bars ½” thick.

Load rating

The adjustable table legs may be fitted under a coffee top, a dining top, an end table, a computer top, or a game top.

For any purpose, the legs should at least be able to support 200lb+ without snapping or wobbling.


You can shop for industry graded or a commercial-use set of Scandinavian wooden legs, depending on your own likings.

But the most sturdy and robust material to boost must be steel for the legs to be able to handle any pressure, even if there’s someone dancing on top.


Image source: Binance

How do adjustable table legs work?

Normally, you would want to house separately adjustable table legs if you have an old broken piece of furniture yet you don’t want to toss it out the garbage dump.

Unlike folding table legs, adjustable legs can be accustomed via detaching both bases.

The head containing the mounting plates and bolt threads can be unscrewed/screwed for height adjustment. This change may be conducted via unlocking the leveling feet if you want a 1-2” alteration.

The feet with leveling pads can be taken out (especially if the shafts are hollow) to drive in casters or rubber feet for floor protection.

Are Adils legs adjustable?

Adils legs feature adjustable leveling feet that would eliminate uneven surfaces. These feet are attached with the hollow shafts by an M8 size threaded bolt.

If you want to adjust the legs for other purposes (not just height), you can take the bolt off and replace the leveling feet with anything else that hosts the same M8 thread, like casters.

How do you lock IKEA adjustable legs?

The problem with locking IKEA table legs is the directions.

Scenario 1: If you work from beneath the table (tabletop on top of the adjustable legs), you need to coordinate with another person. To unscrew, turn the Allen wrench one full turn counter-clockwise.

Push the legs up if you want to lift the height of the table and lower the end of the table once you need to reduce the height.

Finally, to lock the legs secure, turn the Allen wrench clockwise.

Scenario 2: If you turn the unit upside down (the legs directed toward the sky and the tabletop underneath the floor), to unscrew, you must turn the wrench clockwise and to lock, counter-clockwise.

In the end, it’s a matter of your view perspective.

Bottom Line

Image source: AI Jazeera

In short, we have just put out our reviews for the top 7 adjustable table legs of all shapes and sizes.

After putting them against each other on a chart including length, height, color and finish, thickness, load rating, materials and more, the editors personally cast their votes for AECOJOY 2-Rod DIY Hairpin Leg Set – Best Overall for satisfying these criteria:

For the dimensions, they’re sufficiently compact and standardized to multiple tabletops.

For the design, the set boasts a sharp-looking mid-century elegance perfect for repurposed antique pieces.

For the load rating, each leg contains 350lb+ holding capability, which is serviceable for light-duty to medium home use DIY projects.

For the material, the hairpin legs are made from industrial grade raw steel – nearly the most sturdy and solid build.

For the affordability, this set of four is unbelievably cheap, especially against how luxurious looking the legs are once incorporated under a tabletop.

But wait a minute, are we missing any hidden gem? What are the best rated adjustable table legs of your own?


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