TOP 8 Best Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machines 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide


If you are a really a fan of smoking tobacco, then you definitely need an automatic cigarette rolling machine. It is an electric joint maker which will help you roll joints, if you struggle with rolling joints that is. You will have to forget using bamboo mats, however.

In fact, people who use bamboo mats to roll joints complain about losing their arms or leaving their settee and lounge looking like an explosion in a weed growing factory. So get yourself an automatic cigarette rolling machine, and after a nice dinner, you can enjoy nice cigarettes in the luxury of your own home.

Things to consider when choosing an  automatic cigarette rolling machine

When choosing an automatic cigarette rolling machine, you will have to consider the size because you may need a portable one which you can carry out in the woods with your friends. An automatic cigarette rolling machine comes with a couple advantages.

When you are making a large amount of cigarettes quickly, an automatic rolling machine will be the machine of your choice. Automatic cigarette rolling machines use a titanium-plated blade for flawless tobacco cutting and compressing, and an injector that spoon-delivers consistent smoking cigarettes over and over again.

A lot of smokers say that Automatic cigarette rolling machines have saved them a ton of money. One smoker said he was using a crank machine and a hand injector with menthol 100s, but it kept on messing up cigarettes and jamming.

After he bought the upgraded Automatic cigarette rolling machine, he was able to produce over 200 cigarettes. But you have to handle the new automatic cigarette rolling machine carefully because of its vulnerability to breakage.

Benefits of automatic cigarette rolling machines.

Benefits of using Electric Cigarette rolling Machine
Users of the Automatic cigarette rolling machine have claimed that it’s the best product currently on the market. Some new users complain that the powermatic electric cigarette injector broke after a few uses.

Well, both of these automatic cigarette rolling machines make cigarettes. A lot of factors differentiate these cigarette rolling machines. These factors include portability, prices, and sizes. When buying one, you will have to consider the size since there are small and compact ones on the market.

It will help you decide which will be the right fit for your situation. Other automatic cigarette rolling machines require you to use your hands to assist the roller when making a great cigarette, while an automatic cigarette rolling machine closes the lid itself.

It is also advised to use only rolling papers to make the cigarettes. The manual cigarette rolling machine usually makes cigarettes more slowly than the automatic one. The good thing is they both come with cheaper prices depending on the make, be it metal or plastic.

Tips for using automatic cigarette rolling machines.

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

After you buy yourself an automatic cigarette rolling machine, you will need cigarette paper, filter tips, and some tobacco. First, you have to slide one of the rollers upwards and over, then place a filter tip at the end. You then evenly distribute tobacco just to ensure an even burn rate.

Then slide the roller back into its original position and roll the rollers a few times. Take a piece of cigarette paper and load the ungummed side into the automatic cigarette rolling machine. You have to be careful when doing this to ensure the paper is straight when you are loading it in.

There are an alternative automatic cigarette rolling machines that are easier to use than the type mentioned above. This particular one is called a rolling tin or rolling box cigarette rolling machine, which uses a large belt instead of dual wheels. It also comes with the advantage of storing your tobacco, filter tips, and cigarette paper.

Using this one is easier, as you simply open up the tin exposing the belt, put the filter tip in every end and then evenly distribute tobacco. Then place the cigarette paper against the belt, lick the gummed part of the paper, and close the tin lid of the roller. The bar will lift, then roll the belt. After then tin lid is fully closed, the hand-rolled cigarette will pop out through the hole in the lid of the tin.

Interesting facts about automatic cigarette rolling machine


When the automatic cigarette rolling machine was invented, smoke shop owners felt the heat in Michigan, as 300 shops had received warnings in March from the Michigan department of the treasury according to Detroit News. The offense claimed by the department of the treasury was about the amount of illegally manufactured cigarettes.

But the invention of the machine has really helped customers save their money by rolling their own cigarettes on an automatic cigarette rolling machine, which produces up to 200 cigarettes in eight minutes. The sellers of this machine talk the customers through the process of how to use it. But then state officers say operating the machines without a cigarettes manufacturer’s license is illegal. But customers use the machines to make cigarettes themselves.

There are different types of automatic cigarette rolling machines. They include:

1. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric cigarette injector Machine.

This one has a spoon injection system that burns cigarettes evenly when producing. It works with standard size tubes. It is made in the USA.


  • It is easy to use
  • Quiet when using it
  • It is small in size, hence perfectly fits in small spaces
  • Increased Motor Speed


  • Loses tobacco fill
  • Fills too slowly
  • And it does not fill the cigarette tube entirely

2. Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

It fills cigarette tubes with lever action injection. With a solid, durable build, you can efficiently roll well-packed cigarettes quickly. The product is made in the USA and can only be shipped within the country.


  • It is easy to use, simple process
  • Durable
  • It easy to clean


  • This particular one jams frequently
  • When used for long periods, the handle loosens

3. All in one automatic cigarette roller and storage box

It provides a simple way to roll cigarettes inside a compact storage carriage box, which provides you with a place to keep your rolling paper and rolled cigarette together with your tobacco for easy access whenever you are ready to roll a new cigarette. This one is incredibly affordable.


  • Compact
  • Not expensive
  • Comes with storage for your accessories


  • Can be stiff due to band fabric
  • Loose tobacco spills out

4. Nihao cigarette rolling machine electric automatic tobacco roller

This one lets you save money by rolling your own cigarettes. It is simple and quickly makes king-sized cigarettes. It also fits in a desk drawer or on your breakfast bar in the kitchen. It features adjustable settings that allow you to control the kind of cigarettes you want. You have to keep in mind that failing to set the device at an appropriate speed will hinder it from creating finely rolled cigarettes.


  • Makes evenly rolled cigarettes
  • Fast operation


  • It is noisy
  • Extra tobacco falls out
  • The speed adjuster might malfunction

5. Electric 110V cigarette rolling machine tobacco roller automatic injector maker

This one produces a one week supply of cigarettes in less than an hour easily. When making your own cigarettes, you can adjust the tobacco density to your liking with this one. It also comes with a feature to control the speed of the motor.


  • Quiet
  • It is fast
  • Smooth operation.


  • The tobacco keeps falling out

6. Powermatic 2 11 + electric cigarette rolling machine make king & 100 MM CIGS

Powermatic 2 11 + electric cigarette rolling machine has been re-engineered to increase motor speed and improve gear quality. Actually, the results show 25% more power with reduced jams. It features a titanium plated blade for cutting tobacco accurately. Powermatic 2 11 + electric cigarette rolling machine can be used to produce both king size and 100mm sized cigarettes.


  • Comes with jam protection
  • Cleaning kits
  • Has a production tray
  • Electronic jam

7. The Cam2 electric cigarette automatic roller reviews

First of all, this one is smaller, portable, and it features the ability to create finely rolled cigarettes. It easy for you to carry around when traveling and also enables you to set it anywhere in order to create your perfect cigarette. A buyer of this product said the device takes longer when injecting the tobacco and does not work properly when cigarettes are not using tobacco.


  • It is easy to carry around
  • Has a stylish design
  • Comes with five density level adjustments


  • It takes time during tobacco injecting
  • Does not work properly when making cigarettes using anything else other than tobacco

8. The powerroll electric cigarette machine

This product produces evenly packed and consistently burning cigarettes and also comes with a carrying case so you do not have to worry when traveling about how to transport it. Comes with a couple accessories which include a tobacco tray, nozzle brush, dust brush and a cleaning rod. A user says he has used this machine for three years and has not experienced any jams. Infrequent users of the product say that it is delicate.


  • It comes with a carrying case
  • Its electric spoon driven injection is very efficiently
  • Produces good king sized cigarettes


  • It does not make other sized cigarettes except king
  • It is not portable, it’s bulky to carry it around without a carrying case


Benefits that come with this automatic cigarette rolling machine are that it is economical for rolling your own cigarettes. As a smoker, you will want to make different cigarettes every time. Making your own cigarettes gives you the power to fill your cigarette and pack it tighter whenever you want.

You actually determine how your cigarette will come out. Another benefit is it gives you the ability to choose which tobacco and paper roll you will make your cigarette. Since there are various types of automatic cigarette rolling machines, you can buy the one that suits your style and pick the perfect size and your favorite brand.



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