Top 10 Best Bamboo Towels: Reviews & Buying Guide 2018


When it comes to buying towels, the process can be a little difficult. Not only are there many options to choose from, but not all towels are made the same. Do you want cotton? One that has decorative patterns? There is so much to consider when buying towels.

However, one of the biggest things people often look for in towels is how durable they are. One of the best materials for durability in towels is bamboo. Bamboo is also very soft and comfortable which makes it perfect to use on the skin. This article will explore more behind bamboo towels and the top 10 best products you can invest in with our bamboo towels review.

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Why Use a Bamboo Towel?

As mentioned above, bamboo towels are packed with amazing benefits. Bamboo is extremely durable thanks to its strong fibers which encourage it to not fray even after having been used often. These fibers are also woven closely together which can help to prevent UV rays from affecting your skin.

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In addition to these benefits, bamboo towels are environmentally-friendly. This means that when the bamboo stalks grow, they don’t cause pollution. This helps to prevent them from absorbing chemicals and other unhealthy particles which can make their way into your bamboo towels.

You’ll also find that bamboo towels are a hypoallergenic option because they are so soft and don’t collect allergens so they won’t irritate the skin. They also are made with breathable materials which can help it to not only dry faster, but keep the air flowing through it better so odors don’t form in them.

What to Look for in a Bamboo Towel

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The Size

One important thing to look for before you invest in a bamboo towel is the size of it. These towels come in a variety of them so it’s important to consider your needs. If you need bamboo bath towels, you’ll want a larger model compared to hand towels which should be a little smaller. You’ll want to pay close attention to the size to ensure that you buy the right towels for your needs.

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Bamboo towels come in many different colors so you can easily find a color that matches your design scheme. You’ll want to look at the different types of color options a product has so you can find the best one.

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How Durable It Is

Bamboo towels tend to be very durable, but sometimes when they are mixed with other fibers, the durability isn’t as good. You’ll want to see if the towel is mixed with other things, like cotton, and make sure that it doesn’t fray quickly or become ruined after just a few washes. Otherwise, your towels won’t last very long. You’ll want to especially look at the stitches as they are what will hold the towel together. Ideally, the towels should be double stitched to help prevent them from unraveling.

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The Price

As you’ll find when shopping for them, bamboo towels have a wide price range. You’ll find affordable ones to ones that are a bit pricier. While it might be easy to go for an affordable product, sometimes pricey bamboo towels are a bit more durable and of better quality. This means sometimes it might be a good idea to invest in them if you want towels to last. However, if you just want something for a basic job, cheaper products might be a good thing to invest in.

The Top 10 Best Bamboo Towels

1. Brooklyn Bamboo Towels

This 3-piece bamboo white towel set by Brooklyn Bamboo is made with soft bamboo fibers. The bamboo it is created out of is premium so it will not only feel extremely soft, but stay durable as well. While a little thin, these towels are comfortable to use and are very absorbent so they’ll quickly remove water from your body.


The towels measure 28 x 55 inches and are hypoallergenic so they can safely be used on any skin type. This product comes at an affordable price so you can easily invest in it without overspending. However, keep in mind that these towels only come in an off-white color so if you’re looking for more color options you’ll need to look elsewhere.

2. Caribbean Organic Bamboo Towels

The Caribbean Organic Bamboo Towels are made with soft organic bamboo fibers that make this towel fluffy and comfortable to use. These hand towels measure 17 x 30 inches and come in pack sizes of 1-24. These towels use natural dye so there’s no need to fear about chemicals being put into them. The towels are also hypoallergenic so they won’t irritate the skin when rubbed against it.

Caribbean Natural Organic Bamboo Hand Towel

These towels are also made of pure bamboo so there are no other fibers mixed into the blend. The Caribbean Organic Bamboo Towels are 100% bamboo towels and are extremely absorbent and anti-fungal so unhealthy particles won’t build up in them.

3. Chakir Turkish Bamboo Towels

These luxurious bamboo towels by Chakir might be a little on the pricey side, but they are made with impressive quality. The towels come in many different colors, like gray, cocoa, plum, and moss so you can find one that matches a specific color scheme, and are made with a mixture of bamboo and soft Turkish cotton.

Chakir Turkish Linens Bamboo 4-Piece Set Gray Bath Towels

The towels come in either a bath or hand towel option and are made with double stitched hems so they stay durable and don’t fray. These fluffy towels are very absorbent and are mildew resistant and odor-free. They can be washed safely in a washing machine.

4. Kitchen + Home Bamboo Towels

These bamboo towels by Kitchen + Home are made with strong bamboo fibers and are intended to be an eco-friendly substitute for paper towels. These affordable bamboo hand towels come in 20 pieces all of which measure 11 x 12 inches. They can be reused up to 120 times and thrown into the washing machine to clean them.

Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Machine Washable Reusable Bamboo Towels

You can dry them off in the dryer, but it’s recommended that they air dry to keep them durable. They are very soft and absorbent so they can easily clean up messes. However, after using them for a bit they tend to start releasing lint.

5. Lymga Bamboo Fiber Towels

The Lymga Bamboo Fiber Towels comes in a set of two bath towels and two hand towels. The bath towels measure 28 x 55 inches while the hand towels measure 13 x 28 inches. These towels come in either a white/green color scheme or yellow/pink. They are made out of 100% bamboo fibers so there are no other fibers mixed into them.

These towels are soft and absorbent and are designed to not shrink or become filled with static. Because they are made with pure bamboo fibers, they are anti-bacterial and odor-free so there’s no need to worry about them smelling or becoming filled with unhealthy particles.

6. Cariloha Bamboo Towels

The Cariloha Bamboo Towels come in many different colors choices like beachwood, almond truffle, and blue lagoon so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. This particular set comes with 3 pieces: a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth.

These towels are made to be fade resistant so if you choose a color towel it won’t fade. These towels feature absorbent bamboo fibers that are also odor resistant. The towels also have moisture wicking to help keep the air circulation flowing through them. These durable towels are a little on the pricey side, but are made to last.

7. JML Bamboo Towels

The JML Bamboo Towel collection comes in a 2 pack set of thick towels that measure 27 x 55 inches. This collection has many different color options you can select from like white, green, and satin. The towels are very absorbent and are made out of 90% bamboo fibers which helps to make them anti-bacterial and odor-free.

Jml Bamboo Bath Towels - Soft, Absorbent, Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic White

These towels are also designed to be wrinkle and shed-free so there’s no need to worry about them easily becoming ruined. If you’d like to take the towels outside in the sun, they feature a special UV protection layer in them to help prevent fading. The towels have extra strong stitches in them to help keep them durable and are a great hypoallergenic option.

8. Vila Vaste Bamboo Towel Set

The Vila Vaste Bamboo Towel Set comes with 6 pieces. Inside you’ll find bath towels, which measure 30 x 56 inches, hand towels, which measure 16 x 30 inches, and washcloths, which measure 13 x 13 inches. These towels come in various color choices like light green, blue, and cream and are very soft and comfortable to use on the skin.

Vila Vaste Bamboo Bath Towel Set (Light Green)

The bamboo and cotton fibers woven into them are breathable which can help to prevent them from collection odors and allergens. Keep in mind though that you need to be careful when putting them in the washer as a rough cleaning cycle can ruin them.

9. Ariv Collection Bamboo Towels

These bamboo towels by Ariv Collection are a great bamboo towel option for those looking for an affordable product to invest in that has great quality. The towels come in either a gray or coal color scheme you can choose from and are slightly mixed with cotton to help make them extra fluffy.

These soft and absorbent towels are very strong so there’s no need to worry about them fraying. They are also made with double-stitches to help keep them durable. This collection comes with 4 bath towels that are odor-free, mildew resistant, and anti-bacterial. They are also very lightweight.

10. Bamboo Classic Bamboo Towel Collection

The Bamboo Classic Bamboo Towel Collection features 4 white towels that measure 28 x 55 inches. These soft towels are made with bamboo fibers and 45% cotton. They are very absorbent so they can quickly remove water and are lightweight so you can easily carry them around.

 White Bath Towels Heavy Weight Premium Bamboo

These affordable towels dry quickly and are anti-bacterial. However, before using them it’s a good idea to wash them to help make them extra fluffy. They also tend to fray a little bit after a few uses so you’ll need to be careful when washing and using them if you want them to last.

Top Pick

While all of these products are great to use, our top pick is the Caribbean Organic Bamboo Towels. Not only are they made with organic materials, but they are very soft and designed to be sensitive-skin friendly. They’ll also last for a long time and come at an affordable price.


The runner-up for the best bamboo towels would be the Cariloha Bamboo Towels. While a bit pricey, they are a full set of bamboo towels so you’ll have plenty on hand to use. They come in a variety of incredible color choices and are extremely breathable and absorbent which adds to their durability.

Bamboo towels are a great option for those who have sensitive skin or who want to add something a bit more eco-friendly to their home. They are durable and stylish so they’ll fit well in practically any living space. If you’re searching for some bamboo towels to add to your home, definitely keep these 10 products in mind, especially our top pick and runner-up.


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