TOP 10 Best Beach Tents For Sun Shelter 2017-2018: Reviews & Buying Guide


Taking a trip to the beach can be relaxing, however, one of the worse things is the sweltering heat it has. To help keep things cool and comfortable you’ll want to consider investing in a beach tent. These products come in many different designs and styles so you have plenty of options to choose from.

However, finding the best beach tent can be a little difficult. This article will highlight some things to keep in mind before you buy one of these products and the top 10 best beach tents you should consider investing in. Keep reading to learn more about them.

The Purpose of a Beach Tent

Beach tents are designed to help protect you from the heat of the sun while enjoying a day at the beach. The sun can reflect off of the water and sand which can end up making temperatures very hot and sometimes even miserable. To help keep you cool so you can lounge on the beach without problems, you can use a beach tent.

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Why These Tents Are Important to Use

These products might not seem like they’re that helpful, but they are. Beach tents can help to block out heat and some even come with special fabric that can protect your skin from any harmful UV rays. It can be very easy to become overheated and sunburned while at the beach and beach tents can help to protect that from happening.

How to Fold a Beach Tent

Many people often stay away from buying beach tents because they seem like they’d be time-consuming to remove and fold up. However, this isn’t necessarily true. As you’ll find with many beach tents, they are surprisingly easy to fold. This can help make it easier for you to transport them around and store them away.

Depending on the model you buy, folding the tent can be different. The main way that most tents fold though is by retracting the poles or levers together. You can do this by pressing a button on the tent or just by pushing the ends together so it collapses. When it does this, you can then fold it up.

Things to Consider Before buying a beach tent

There are plenty of things to consider before you invest in one of these products. Below are some of the top things to keep in mind.


One thing to consider is the design of the tent. This can mean many things when it comes to these products. One aspect is the color or style of it. Beach tents come with plenty of colorful designs you can choose from, so it’s important to find one you’ll be happy to lounge in. Some come in extremely bright colors while others are more neutral and mellow.

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The other design aspect to consider is how it’s built. Beach tents can look like a canopy or even a cabana. If you want to be fully secluded inside the tent, you’ll want to look for a beach tent that is fully covered. If you want to be fully exposed and see everything of your surroundings, you’ll probably want to look for a canopy tent.

Fabric Material

The type of fabric is also something to keep in mind. You want to make sure it’s made of a heavy-duty material like polyester. This can help to ensure that it lasts for a long time and will protect you from the sun properly.

UV Protection

UV Protection

A unique feature many of these tents have is a UV protection layer on the fabric. This will help to prevent any harmful UV rays from sneaking through the fabric while you’re resting in the beach tent. Tents usually have their own UV protection amounts so it’s important to check to make sure you find one that will have enough protection for you.


These tents will be located outside so it’s important that they’re able to withstand elements like rain and wind. Otherwise, your tent will be damaged very easily.

You’ll want to make sure that the tent comes with sturdy poles that can help to support the tent without falling over. Also, the fabric should be strong enough so no rips occur in it easily.


One of the most important things to consider is the installation process of a beach tent. While these tents aren’t usually that hard to install, sometimes they can be. To prevent a difficult installation process, check to see how you need to install a specific tent.

Some models only require a few steps while with others you just need to press a button to put the tent up. You’ll want to make sure to check this to ensure that you invest in the tent that’s right for your needs.

The Top 10 Beach Tent Reviews

1. Apontus Pop Up Changing Tent Cabana

This beach cabana is made with a stylish blue and white stripe polyester fabric. This fabric is heavy-duty and strong so any wind or natural elements won’t have a major effect on it. To put this cabana up you can use the steel poles that come with it to help stake it up. The poles are tall so you can easily stand up when inside the cabana.

Besides being used as a way to keep the hot summer sun off of you, it can also be converted into a private changing tent. This cabana weighs 18 lbs. and comes with a carrying case.

2. Lovin’ Summer Santorini Tent

This beach tent by Lovin’ Summer is made with a beautiful white and blue striped design. This design is printed on a soft yet heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric which also has a special UV blocker weaved into it. The fabric can protect you from up to 40 UPF so you aren’t overexposed to the sun’s UV rays.

This tent can be propped up with its 2 aluminum poles which you can rest the fabric over. You can then secure the tent to the ground with the ropes attached to it and the sand and grass pegs included. This product weighs 7.8 lbs. and comes with a carrying bag and rubber mallet

3. Lovin’ Summer South Beach Tent

The Lovin’ Summer South Beach Tent features a cotton canvas that has a beautiful beige and white striped design printed on it. This tent can be propped up with the 2 poles that come with this product and can be secured to the ground with the ropes woven into the fabric’s sides.

To help secure this tent even more, you can use the strong sand pegs that come with it to help prevent the wind from blowing it over. This tent is easy to install and only weighs 9 lbs. It also comes with a carrying bag you can use to transport it around.

4. Coleman DayTripper Tent

The Coleman DayTripper Tent is designed with a striking lime colored fabric. Besides its stylish design, this fabric is also made with a 50+ UPF protection to help prevent harmful UV rays from getting into the tent.

To secure this tent to the ground you can use the 3 poles, ground stakes, and pre-attached guy lines that come with it. These stakes are easy to install and will ensure that the tent doesn’t somehow blow away. To add extra protection, you can fill the storage pockets built into the side of the tent with heavy materials to make sure it stays secure on the ground.

On the inside of this tent you’ll find a fabric flooring to help protect you from the ground. This also makes it the best beach tent for toddlers as it can prevent them from crawling around in messy sand and dirt.

Also inside is a dry line which you can use to hang up wet clothes. You can zip the tent up with its front door for privacy and open up a window built into the back of it for extra ventilation.

5. Coleman Beach Canopy.

This beach canopy is made with a unique white and orange design. The fabric of this product is made of heavy-duty materials and has a UV Guard material built into it to help protect you from harmful UV rays. This material is also made with 2 roof vents to help keep air circulation constantly flowing through it.

To set this canopy up you can simply press the button on the set-up levers. This will pop the levers up so you can pull them apart and drape the fabric over it. In addition to these levers are 4 steel poles you can use to add extra support. This canopy comes with a carrying bag you can use to help transport it around.

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6. Comfort Boss Beach Tent

The Comfort Boss Beach Tent is made with a hot pink fabric and is built to be extra-large so you have plenty of space to relax in. This domed-shaped tent is easy to install and has heavy-duty fiberglass poles to help you prop it up and secure it to the ground.

There are plenty of features built into this tent. It has a floor fabric on the bottom to help keep things clean so you can relax on the tent’s floor. On the top of the tent is a flashlight hook so if you plan to camp out on the beach this can definitely come in handy.

Also built into this tent are 3 windows to help with air circulation and a door which you can zip up for privacy. This is also the best beach tent for babies because it can protect them from harmful sun rays and keep them safe in one location so they aren’t crawling around everywhere.

7. G4Free Cabana Tent

If you’re looking for the best beach tent for family, this pop-up cabana tent is perfect. It features a dazzling silver polyester nylon mesh fabric that’s designed to help protect you from a UV 50+ level. This fabric is breathable so it won’t be stuffy when you’re sitting inside it and is also stain resistant so if anything spills inside it the fabric won’t be ruined.

This tent has a 4 side ventilation and is quick to install and set up. To help keep it secure to the ground, you can fill the storage bags on the side of it up with sand. When it comes time to fold it away you can easily do so by simply pushing the tent’s poles together so they collapse.

8. Arcshell Beach Tent

The Arcshell Beach Tent is made with an extra-large design so you can easily move around in it and store plenty of things inside. This pop-up tent is made with a blue fabric that can be draped over the fiberglass poles that support this tent. The Arcshell Beach Tent is waterproof and ventilated so lounging inside it will be comfortable.

This domed-shaped tent comes with 6 stakes and sandbag pockets on the side to help keep it secure to the ground. To help protect you from any harmful UV rays, this tent is made with a special UPF 50+ coating.

9. RIJER Beach Tent

The RIJER Beach Tent is a pop-up model that is very easy to install and will make you stand out on the beach with its bright orange design. The fabric of this tent is waterproof and has plenty of ventilation so the interior won’t be hot and stuffy. It’s also made with a UV 50+ protection layer to help protect you from harmful UV rays.

To secure the tent to the ground you can use the stakes that come with it. These stakes are easy to install and stay securely in place. When it comes time to take it apart, you can easily do so and store it away in the carrying case that comes with it.

10. Easthills Outdoors Beach Tent

This beach tent is made with a very sleek design. Unlike many beach tents which are often domed shaped, this tent is curved in the front which gives you a way to be outdoors while still being able to relax safely inside the tent.

The fabric of this tent is made with a light yellow mesh material that has a UPF 50+ protection. It features a floor fabric on the front of the tent which you can lounge on. This fabric can eventually be lifted up and used as a front door for privacy.

The Easthills Outdoors Beach Tent is lightweight and waterproof and easy to install. It comes with a carrying case you can use to transport it around in.

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A day at the beach can be even more enjoyable now thanks to beach tents. There are plenty of tents available for you to use and all will help to keep the sun from burning you with their strong poles and fabric.

All of the models listed are perfect for everyone to use, including families and will help to protect you from the sweltering heat of the sun so you can have a relaxing beach trip. These products are simple to use and are something everyone who intends to take a trip to the beach sometime should definitely consider investing in.

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