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A good nights sleep is incredibly important for your well being. For some, it’s difficult to achieve this when you easily get hot at night and find it tricky to cool down. This is why bed fans have been invented with different features to help keep your body chilled and sleeping soundly throughout the night. In order to find one that’s perfect for you, you must first learn more about the different types of fans and what makes them the best for you to sleep with every night.

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Different Types of Bed Cooling Fans

Bed Cooling Fan

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Sleeping when it’s hot can make you feel sweaty and cause you to lose well-needed sleep. This is why there have been bed cooling fans designed to replace your air conditioning that fit perfectly in your bedroom.

Before you’re able to select the fan of your choice that will help you sleep easier and more soundly, while helping you maintain the proper temperature needed during sleep, you must first learn what different types of bed cooling fans exist to best explore your options.

Luckily, bed fans have been created to cool an entire room rather than just a section of your room.

  • Ceiling fans– These are probably the types of fans you may be the most familiar with, as you’ll find them hanging in and cooling most rooms. It can be found attached to your ceiling with several blades moving at a variety of different speeds to provide you with a cool and refreshing breeze.
  • Stand fans– With a variety of sizes, these fans contain a stand underneath that it rests on with blades that are large and powerful enough to keep you cool for a while. They come in different styles, so they can blow cool air throughout your room as they rest on the floor, or they can come in a smaller size and sit comfortably on your desk to cool you.
  • Window fans– Sometimes the air in your room can feel stale and like it’s lacking any freshness. This is when window fans can come in handy. They sit on your windowsill as they take in outside air and blow out fresh, cool air throughout the room.
  • Box fans– There’s nothing misleading about these fans as there’s a reason they’re called box fans. They are larger and take the shape of a square. These fans will use a grate to hold the blades inside and will sit on the floor to provide your entire room with the desired warmth you’re looking for.
  • Tower fans– This is another fan that looks just as it sounds. These are taller and narrower than most fans you’ll find. They rest on a stand, so they can easily sit on the floor anywhere in your room. Everything about this fan is skinny and thin, so it could work best in a room that doesn’t have too much space available for a thicker fan.

Common Bed Fan Features

Common Bed Fan Features

Everyone sleeps differently and prefers different temperatures while in slumber. I prefer my entire room to constantly be chilled and with air consistently blowing on me while I’m asleep. Others would rather it be a little less cool but with a hint of a breeze.

This is why there are various bed fans available to people with different sleep habits. So it’s important to acknowledge these features and keep them in mind when determining what’s right for you. Here a few key features to look for:

  • Amount of Airflow– There are some people who prefer large gusts of cool air while others want a light breeze. Sometimes, my taste varies throughout the night. To work with this, some fans will have several different speed airflow settings offered to match what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it.
  • Easy to Control– Some fans come with buttons right on the device, while others have more features, so they come with a remote to help you control the settings. This can make it a little easier for you at night when you’re too sleepy to get up and manually adjust the fan’s settings.
  • Proper Room Ventilation– If the air in your room feels like it lacks ventilation or is stuffy and uncomfortable, you may want to consider a fan that contains a reverse airflow option. It’ll take air from outside and create fresh air inside of your room.
  • Blades or No Blades– A lot of fans contain at least three or more blades that will rotate in whatever speed you desire in order to deliver you cool air. Most blades are protected with plastic or metal grating that helps the flow of the air stay consistent. Some newer fans, however, no longer contain blades which can be safer for homes that have any children or pets residing.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Fan

Bed Fan

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Bed fans are very skilled at keeping you cool, but there are factors more important than that to keep in mind when finding one that can provide you with the efficient cooling service you’re searching for. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for the bed fan of your dreams.

  • Size of your bedroom– Is your bedroom small and intimate or large and roomy? If you have a wider room, you’ll want a larger fan to cool the entire space. If it’s smaller, the best option could be to purchase a smaller sized fan. Additionally, if you have a tinier room with lower ceilings, a ceiling fan may not be meant to cool your room.
  • Cost of the Fan– Believe it or not, some fans are actually an investment and can cost a large chunk of change. Not surprisingly, the bigger the fan, the more expensive it will be. If you aren’t looking to spend a large portion of your budget on a bedroom fan, check out the smaller option. If cooling your room at night is extremely important to you, don’t be afraid to spend a large amount on bigger, stronger fans.
  • How Hot You Get at Night– Does air conditioning not provide you with enough coolness when sleeping at night? Then looking into powerful fans could be the best option for you. Try to search for fans that are known to cool a whole room with no problem so you can sleep cool and soundly.
  • The Amount of Outlets Available– Some fans operate differently than others. There are a few newer fans that don’t require cords that need to be plugged in but instead, run on a battery that needs to be charged at least every other night.  Then there are others that do need to be plugged to an electrical outlet in order to operate.

How Fans Cool You

How Fans Cool YouWhen I think about how a fan actually works, it seems like a mystery to me. How is the air it’s pushing out making the already existent air cool me so well? It’s more of your body doing the job rather than the fan. Your body feels hot, radiates energy, begins to sweat, and then the fan comes in to blow air on you that causes the sweat on your body to evaporate. The fan does its designated job by moving the air around in the room to make it evenly cool and in return results in you feeling cool and comfortable.

Best ways to cool a room with just a fan

Air conditioning is, of course, a simple solution to cooling your room. But it also costs more than just setting your fan out in your room and letting it do its thing. There are several helpful hacks to try but here are a few effective ways to make your fan fill the room with cool and refreshing air. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Keep your windows closed during the day to keep the air inside. This will help your air ventilate better, so it’ll become cooler at night. Then, before you go to sleep, open your window and turn on your fan. It will help the air circulate throughout the room.
  • Did you know that ceiling fans have different settings? If yours is moving counter-clockwise, that usually means it’s set to a summer setting. So it’s circulating the air in a different motion to ensure a cooler environment.
    Take some ice and place it in a bowl. Then set the bowl down in between your fan and yourself.
  • The fan will blow the coolness of the ice so it’ll hit you while you’re sleeping, creating a cool and breezy feeling while you’re asleep.

Best Bed Fans

After reviewing the above factors to look for in a bed fan, here the best options available that can provide you with a comfortable and cool nighttime rest.

Bedjet v2 Climate Comfort


  • This fan doesn’t just cool you down at night, but it also includes a heating function as well that has the ability to warm someone back up when it starts to feel too cold
  • It includes a wake-up setting that can replace most alarm systems with its own built-in alarm to wake you up at your desired time of day
  • It includes an aromatherapy diffuser that goes off throughout the night, so you can smell different aromatherapy scents to help maintain a calm slumber


  • It has Bluetooth capabilities that sometimes doesn’t seem to sync up with different devices such as androids or iPhones like it claims it’s able to
  • Their customer support doesn’t have flexible hours to voice complaints and also doesn’t provide different ways to contact them with any issues

Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


  • The air flow has the capability to move in several different directions providing different types of strong or smaller gusts of air that the user may desire. It contains three different speed settings for you to pick from.
  • It is quiet when it is blowing out air. This could help you stay asleep while still remaining cool and comfortable during your slumber at night.
  • It contains a five-year warranty, so if this fan is broken it can easily get fixed or replaced with a brand new one.


  • The front face of the fan has issues staying tightly secure on the fan, so picking it up and putting it back on may be a routine
  • This fan is smaller, so it doesn’t operate like larger fans by providing a large amount of circulation throughout the entire room



Check the price


  • This fan comes in two sizes that look to be made specifically for the size of the bed it’s cooling. One size is for a taller bed and bigger bed, while another is available for a bed that is smaller and closer to the ground. Both of these sizes are able to be adjusted accordingly
  • The bfan is able to deliver a large amount of cool air while also staying quiet, so a good night’s sleep may be in the cards for you with this fan
  • It points to different areas of your body so it’s not just cooling your head or the lower half of your body, but instead can provide coolness all over. It’s also a fan that blows under the covers


  • Since it’s bigger and blows larger amounts of air, it is a little pricier than most fans so it will be a bit more of an investment you’d be making on feeling cool every night
  • According to bfan reviews, it isn’t able to heat you at night like other bed fans, so it won’t help warm you up if it makes you feel too chilly

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence Stand Fan Oscillating Fan


  • This is a bed fan with a wireless remote with the fan so it’s easier to operate rather than having to manually adjust different fan settings
  • It has 5 different speeds it can operate at to blow different types of cool air on you while you are sleeping, including turbo speed
  • It contains a built-in timer that will either increase or decrease the flow of its air depending on how cool you’d like it to be or how energy efficient you’d like the fan to be as well


  • The durability isn’t very strong and lasting as it will begin to rust after owning and operating over a few years
  • Sometimes the weight of the fan can’t support the turbo which can cause the fan to fall down

Dyson Cool AM06 10 inch Air Multiplier Desk Fan


  • It doesn’t contain blades, so it’s safer to use than other fans if you’re in a house with children or animals
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain so you won’t need to worry about the upkeep
  • There is a sleep timer that can possibly replace your alarm system


  • Since it’s a smaller fan without blades, the air output isn’t as strong as a larger fan
  • It’s is made out of plastic so it doesn’t provide strong durability and high-quality performance of the fan


It’s important to pay attention to different qualities and features these fans provide so you can invest in a fan that makes you comfortable and cool throughout the night. This is why the Bedjet v2 Climate Comfort is the best option for strong airflow, best cooling abilities and a heating function that helps warm you up on the nights your feeling a little too cool.


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