TOP 5 Best Bluetooth Transceivers for Home Devices and Cars 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide


Bluetooth development has brought a sea change to the way we send and receive data, arming it with not only speed but also convenience. Take the Bluetooth transceivers, for example.

The transceivers concept means the Bluetooth devices can be used as a transmitter and a receiver at the same time. The mechanism behind that is a bit complicated to explain, so simply put, you will have two modes. The transmitter mode is to connect a non-Bluetooth device to a Bluetooth-enabled one like TV. In contrast, the other helps connect the Bluetooth-enabled to the non-Bluetooth device.

Thanks to such a flexible benefit, Bluetooth transceivers have become more prevalent in various types. Also, they are at different price ranges. This can result in great confusion when making a purchase decision.

No worry, here come 5 best Bluetooth Transceivers you can rely on.

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1. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transceiver – Best Rated

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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It is safe to say that the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transceiver is one of the best-selling transmitters/receivers on the market. This is due to the fact that this unit adopts the latest Bluetooth technology even when its price is around the level of those that do not.

About Bluetooth 5.0, it allows us to connect two host devices at a time by placing them within the range of 390 ft. More interestingly, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology also comes with a faster transmission that can reach all devices within a 30-feet radius. The aptX low latency will transmit the audio at the rate of 352 kbps while the latency is minimized to only 32 milliseconds. In the end, you can expect a CD-like and flag-free sound streaming.

With such a high performance above, the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transceiver is very affordable. What a deal!
Just so you know, this transceiver is only helpful if your devices support aptX. Otherwise, you will come across reduced audio quality and even annoying delays.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 adopted
  • Fast and wide-ranged transmission
  • Quality music streaming performance
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Required to connect to aptX devices
  • Short audio cable

2. Avantree Oasis Plus Certified aptX – Best Overall

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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The 2-in-1 TaoTronics transceiver seems good enough to meet your connecting requirements at an affordable price range. Nonetheless, there are still some latency issues remaining.

Thus, we will introduce you to the Avantree Oasis Plus. This is also a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and receiver, yet packed with some extra superb features, making it one amidst the most recommended products.

Avantree Oasis Plus Certified supports both aptX low-latency and aptX audio codec. As a result, you can still take the dual links as those of the TaoTronics when streaming audio to 2 aptX-low-latency speakers and headphones. And that is not at all the only axtX that The transceiver covers, it also works well with the newest Qualcomm aptX HD headphones to deliver a better-than-CD music streaming.

Compared to the TaoTronics device, the Avantree Oasis Plus Certified has an extra antenna at the back. Thanks to this, the transceiver will catch the audio signals more quickly, even when you are far away from the connected devices. In addition, the music stream is more fluent and clear.

The bypass output is also a worth-mentioning selling point. You can now set independent volume levels for the two headphones. This way, you possibly customize music just the way you like it and get the experience to go up a notch..

Nonetheless, what to improve is the lights on the top of the transceiver. They continuously blink, leading to a bit of annoyance, and they even eat quite an amount of batteries.


  • Packed with many adds-on functionalities
  • An improved transmission range with the antenna
  • Both aptX Low Latency and aptX HD support
  • Independent control over the devices’ volume


  • More expensive
  • The lights that keep blinking

3. Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM – Best for Vehicles

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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Besides getting Bluetooth Transceivers for home devices, some also need to have one on their vehicles to blast their favorite tune wirelessly or to receive hands-free calls while driving.

That time, the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver is under your fingertips.

Coming with an AUX-in port, this transceiver can be directly plugged into the car stereo’s port. In addition, the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM allows connecting to other non-Bluetooth sources such as iPod or smartphones. This means you can not only make use of the transceiver as music or call streaming tool, but it also works as a basic USB car charger to keep your phones in ready mode at any time.

The ease of use is another plus when you are in the car. All settings are well labeled, and there is even an LCD that is big enough to check from the driver’s seat. An adjustable arm is also included. All are reachable so that you can navigate the radio setup in a matter of seconds while fully concentrating on the driving.

While it is user-friendly in terms of control, the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM does not support great audio. Although the signal transmission is quick and powerful, you will still experience the static signal – especially when you listen to a lulling song.


  • Budget-friendly pricing tag
  • Easy to use with transparent settings
  • Versatile in used when plugged to your car
  • Additional voltmeter function
  • Quick and strong signal transmission


  • Not great audio
  • Bubbles under the LCD

4. Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 Bluetooth FM- Best Budget

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 Bluetooth FM is the alternative to Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM when it comes to a vehicle Bluetooth transceiver. The two are different in designs.

The Roav Smartcharge F0 presents all the essential features so that you can connect the device with your smartphone’s Bluetooth in a natural way. What to praise is that Anker offers a comprehensive instruction.

Accordingly, you just need to plug the transceiver to the car outlet before pairing it with the phone. After that, the broadcast and music will be directly transmitted to the car’s radio and play it to the speaker. Do not miss the fact that Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 has two USB ports to charge devices on the way quickly.

Even more interesting, all the excellent features come at an affordable price that you will not want to ignore.
The sound quality, however, is a bit of a let down since the bass is not productive. Not to mention, music might cut out sometimes in the middle.


  • Very cheap
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Dual USB ports available
  • Quick and robust signal transmission


  • Not rich bass
  • Sudden music cutout

5. Creative BT-W2 Portable Bluetooth Audio – Best Portable

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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Creative BT-W2 Portable Bluetooth Audio is the last on the list, but definitely not the least to mention. As the name and product image already reveal, this transceiver is very compact and convenient.

Specifically, the Create BT-W2 looks really like other USB connection devices that come in a fingernail size – 1x1x1 inches and 3.2 ounces we might add. With this particular shape, you can put this transceiver into your purse or pocket. When you need it, simply plug the transceiver into the device. One-step connection and the Create BT-W2 is ready to use. Even no charging is required.

Small as it is, this unit is packed with many interesting features. For example, you will get the aptX Low Latency to connect with aptX devices for smooth transmission. You even get a voice-back channel that sends your voice over Bluetooth to the transceiver. That way, you can enjoy the dodge gunfire or all in no time. You must invest in an extra mic, though.

The portability size is preferred. However, this transceiver still needs improvement. It is a pain in switching the audio sources. They will not connect unless you manually pair them up.


  • Small to transport wherever
  • Easy setup – just plug and play
  • Improved aptX Low Latency
  • Voice-back channel functionality


  • Extra pay on the mic
  • Low and manual pair of the audio sources

How to Choose Bluetooth Transceivers?

Buying a Bluetooth transceiver will no longer be difficult that much if you take notes of some following advice.
The devices you want to connect

Image source: LCBC Church

The connection options of home devices

Knowing one thing like the palm of your hand (or at least as much as you can) before buying is a rule of thumb. Thus, before you plan to purchase a Bluetooth transceiver, it is essential first to understand your devices.

For example, some televisions support both analog and digital output, while others do not. Thus, make sure you check the connection ports available on the devices, audio output types, as well as the transmission range well in advance.

Meanwhile, you can also get a Bluetooth transceiver for your cars to stream music or to receive a call hands-free. Then, you also need to look into the vehicles’ auxiliary outlet and center console.

The audio codec of Bluetooth transceivers

Next is how the Bluetooth transceivers will encode and decode the devices’ audio because it determines the quality, bandwidth, and, eventually, the latency of data transmission.
At least, the Bluetooth transceivers must support aptX or aptX Low Latency to avoid audio delay. If not, skip over those products.

The effective range

Also, take the operational range in your mind. The longer, the better.
The latest Bluetooth transceivers now are 5.0, meaning they can be anywhere within 160 to 390 ft. away from the connected devices of the same room or even a whole-small-home coverage.

The connectivity

Image source: Tmcnet

What to connect connect to Bluetooth devices

The connectivity is about the audio connection via mini-jack, RCA, or the USA. Still, it is also related to how the transceivers are powered by wall outlets, USB, or 12-volt batteries.

For instance, most Bluetooth transceivers have a USB charger to plug into the wall socket or their USB slot. Apart from that, some products have a stereo jack connection to connect to smartphones or so.

The ease of setup and operation

If you know about setting up electronic devices before, then you might have no problems getting the Bluetooth transceivers worked for your sakes.

Otherwise, you had better go for the plug-and-play Bluetooth transceivers.

In terms of operation, you do not necessarily need one with an abundance of features. However, still make sure that you buy something with a display interface so that you can read all options at a glance. Moreover, the transceivers must come with light indicators to indicate the codec type, transmission, power, etc.


Image source: REI Co-op

The transceivers can run on electricity or battery. The latter is more compact and portable. However, you need to make sure that the battery lasts for long period of time, or you have a charger nearby when you need it.

More excitingly, more advanced transceivers now feature an internal battery, which allows you to place them near your laptop or TV without being stuck with a long cord or charger.

Additional features

The transceivers might come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. However, they all share some standard features. For that reason, it will be a device’s bonus to have additional add-ons for a better experience

The audio sharing is recommended. With this, the fancy-speak is dual-link, meaning you can share the audio for two people. Nonetheless, you need to guarantee that the codec is possible dual-used.

We also suggest the bypass mode. This helps bypass the audio connection to the wireless source and then to the wired speakers.

Customer reviews

Rather than checking up on the specifications, it is more important to refer to online reviews before you end up with a purchase. The reviews, as you have read above, are good examples.


What is Bluetooth version 5.0?

As we mentioned earlier, The latest Bluetooth transceivers now are 5.0. This version is supposed to be uninterrupted and steady to connect to improve every listening experience.

The speed of Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as quick as the 4.2. Meanwhile, the transmission range is about 120m.

More importantly, the most significant improvement is that the Bluetooth transceiver 5.0 works excellently with the Internet of Things.

Can you use the transmitting and receiving modes simultaneously?

Unfortunately, no.

When the Bluetooth transceiver is in transmitting mode, the connected device will send signals to the headphones. In contrast, in the receiving mode, the device will transmit signals to the speakers.

However, you can buy the two transceivers and set one as the transmitter and the receiver, respectively. Then, it is possible to pair them together.

How many devices to connect to the transceiver?

Almost all Bluetooth transceivers can support seven simultaneous connections on a host device. Moreover, you can pair any number of devices as wished as long as they work as a wireless router.

Wrapping Up

Above are 5 Bluetooth transceivers at different prices and for various purposes. Whether you need Bluetooth for home devices or your cars, you can at least pick up a suitable choice.

In case you still do not know what to choose, we strongly recommend Avantree Oasis Plus. This transceiver comes along with many adds-on functionalities, as well as improved transmission range and capacity.


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