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Whether you’re attending an important event or are wanting to strut your stuff all day every day, one of your goals may be looking for a butt that seems more defined and shaped.

Butt inserts may be the right option for you. When it comes to finding the perfect pads for you, it takes more than just purchasing them quickly, then sticking them in your underwear.

You must first examine the different types of booty pads available to you and then decide from there the shape and fit that is right for you.

Two Different Types of Booty Pads

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When searching for the perfect ass pad, you’ll want to find one that provides you with both a realistic look and a long lasting level of comfort. Luckily, there are two different options available to choose from that can provide you with both of these desires. Examine both of these qualities and determine which seems like the best type of pad for you.

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The best lightweight option you may want to look into are foam butt pads. Not only are they lightweight, but they provide comfort for your booty throughout the whole day of wearing it. Since it’s a foam pad, the quality is comfortable and made with high-quality material.

These pads will meet the shape of your body and will provide a lighter style that will be comfortable to use during your nights out as well as days where you’re doing nothing but sitting on your booty all day.


If you’re looking for pads that move naturally with your butt, silicone butt pads are the way to go. They’re a little heavier than foam pads but will provide more of a natural look. Not only do these pads look the part but they feel like the real thing too.

So you shouldn’t have to worry about your pads being found out. Since the material is a little nicer and thicker than foam pads, it may be a little more expensive than them.

Which Insert Type to Use

Now that we’ve handled the importance of comfort, we should focus on what type of butt pad is the best and most effective material to use when it comes to inserting the pad: adhesive or non adhesive.


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These butt pads consist of backing that is sticky, so they’re able to stick to any part of your underwear, so no special type of underwear is needed with these. Once you stick them to the inside of your underwear, they are held in place and you should be free to go about your day with no worries.

These ass pads come with plastic on top of the backing so you’re able to place your butt pads in the proper position before officially sticking them to your underwear. Be extra careful in making sure your pads are evenly placed as the backing is very sticky.

A great benefit to utilizing these pads is they are reusable but run out of uses after approximately 50 washes.


These pads are also known as plain butt pads. They consist of a single pad that will make your butt look a little larger than normal. Unfortunately, these pads aren’t able to just be stuck in your underwear and then your butt easily looks plump and round with little effort.

These pads will need to be used with underwear that has pockets designed to insert the butt pad so it won’t easily fall out or look misshapen and crooked.

The booty pads are easy to remove and won’t move around while you’re active. Wherever the pockets in your underwear are located is where the butt pads will stay. These pads won’t need to be cleaned, but you may have to remove most of them, as they aren’t all machine washable.

What to Look For

When searching for butt pads that work the best for you, you’ll want to find some that flow well with your body and its style. There are various qualities to look for in different butt pads that you should keep in mind. Here are the two main things to focus on when it comes to finding pads that are perfect for your body:

Flattering Fit

You’ll want to find a butt pad that fits well with your body type. If you find one that looks disproportionate to your body, it may not be a flattering style for you to show off. This is because you probably haven’t quite found the pad that’s the right size for you.

This can cause the pads to look lopsided or fall out of place. You may want to try on a few different butt pads before you find one that blends well with your body type and shows off curves that look natural and appealing.


The best option for you may be to look for pads that will be easy to fix and adjust well with your body. You want to make sure your ass pads move along well with your body and won’t pop out of place and cause your booty to look lopsided or unattractive.

Cleaning Instructions

Owning a pair of butt pads isn’t as simple as purchasing them, wearing them when you want and storing them in the closet until the next use. When you’re using or cleaning butt pads, there are certain methods you need to first keep in mind. They require care and cleaning so you’re able to use them to their fullest advantage.


When removing these pads from your underwear, refrain from tearing the edges and don’t simply throw them in the washer with the rest of your clothes. Instead, you’ll want to hand wash them by running warm water and soap as you squeeze the pad and rinse out any remaining soap. Then you need to lay it out to dry. Once it has been cleaned and dried, be sure to store it laying flat and don’t fold it as this can crease and possibly damage the butt pads.


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Similar to the washing instructions for foam pads, don’t wash them in the machine. Instead, you’ll just rinse the pad with a light amount of water or dampen a towel and then wipe down the pad. Store them in a cool area away from any sharp objects or anything that can damage the overall shape of your pads.

Insertion Instructions

Not only is cleaning your pads important but knowing how to insert your pads can impact your decision in what type of butt pads are the best for you to wear. Insertion can vary depending on the type of pad you decide to use.

Non-Adhesive Pads

These pads are shaped with the outer shell being in the shape of a dome on one side and the other being flat and sticky. You will want to first take the pads and place them in the pockets of your specially made underwear then adjust them according to the shape and comfort of your butt to look proportionate and symmetrical.

Adhesive Pads

You want to make sure your butt pads are placed before you actually stick them to your booty. Take the butt pads before peeling the plastic off and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure your butt pads line up perfectly on your underwear and insinuate your butt the best. Then take the plastic off and confidently stick and wear the butt pads with pride. Pat the butt pad to ensure it will stay in place.

Product Reviews

Luckily, a lot of ass pads come with panties that are able to easily hold these pads in order for them to keep from feeling uncomfortable or out of place. Here are some of the best butt pads that are available to you.

1. Silot Women Butt Pads


  • This material is made to be breathable for your butt, so it shouldn’t be difficult for your butt to breathe in these pads
  • It molds to the shape of the body that is inside of it. If you purchase these, you won’t feel as if you’re being squeezed or smashed in this underwear and pad combo
  • The padding amount is just right and doesn’t look like there’s too much stuffing in the rear area


  • The shape of the butt pads was created purely for looking rather than touching. If you were to touch the butt pads, you would learn right away that they are in fact butt pads
  • It runs a little large, so if you are normally a medium size, think about ordering a small or extra small size

2.) Simple Fun Seamless Butt Lifter


  • These were created with a material that is soft and comfortable for your butt.
  • It fits and adjusts well to your body so you most likely won’t find it riding up in an unappealing and uncomfortable manner.
  • The pads are removable and can easily be cleaned


  • Sweat sometimes gets locked and trapped inside the butt pads, so the material isn’t as easily breathable as others
  • The sizing runs a little small, so when ordering you may want to order a size larger than what you’d normally order.

3. RosinKing Womens Hip Pad Underwear Silicone Butt Pads


  • These silicone pads are made of a soft gel that shouldn’t damage or harm your skin
  • The pads are able to detach and be removed when you need them out of the underwear but remain securely in place when actually wearing them
  • These don’t just make your butt look real, but they are successfully shaped like that as well


  • The fit can be a bit tight, so you may want to consider purchasing pads that run a bit larger in size
  • The pads conform a little better to pants such as jeans or leggings rather than dresses or skirts

4. Zhitunemi Women’s Shapewear


  • They shape to different types of clothing such as dresses or pants and don’t look lumpy or uneven in different clothes
  • The material is soft and comfortable and doesn’t give an itchy or unbreathable fabric feeling


  • These do run a little small, so they may feel tighter than most butt pads
  • This is available in different prints and colors, but they may end up looking a lot different than what you’ve originally ordered once they’ve been delivered

5. Joyshaper Butt Lifter Padded Panties Hip Enhancer


  • This is designed to not only lift the booty but it shapes it proportionally as well. Leaving your butt looking more defined and larger
  • Not only may you find their product to impress you, but their customer service is impressively around to help you if you don’t feel satisfied with their butt pads.


  • While it does have padding, it may lack enough to support a butt while it’s sitting in one place for long periods of time
  • It runs a little too and can appear to feel tight or misplaced on the rear

Where to Buy Butt Pads

These pads are available in different stores both online and in person. You can take a trip to Walmart to purchase a butt pad or order the pads of your choice from the comfort of your home by purchasing the butt pad products online.


When it comes to the right butt pad for you, this decision is one you’ll want to be careful with. This is why choosing a product like the Silot Women Butt Pads is the best option for you to go with.

Since you may be wearing these pads all day, you’ll want to pick pads that are breathable and fits well on your body without popping out of place. You also want to maintain a booty that looks full but not too full that it gives away the secret that it isn’t your real butt you’re sporting.

Finding a butt pad with traits such as the one created by Silot will help you build yourself a butt that doesn’t just look curvy, but helps build your confidence to the next level.


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