10 Best Clout Goggles: 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide


My guess is that most of us if not all, have come across the funny trending video of Denzel Curry where he is wearing white oval sunglasses and you can hear him saying those aren’t sunglasses. True to his statement, this isn’t just your ordinary sunglasses and they cannot even be compared to sunglasses.

Probably let’s just say that they just happen to have similar structure and lets not even talk about the similarity in appearance because this could be misleading. The white oval sunglasses are not sunglasses, they are clout goggles worn by mumble rapper as the urban dictionary would define them.


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Most vloggers will tell you that clouts have been in the market for a while now contrary to the assumption that they just came into the market recently. They can be found on Amazon. The surge of popularity that clout goggles have undergone is great and they have become more popular than ever.

Although most celebrities have been seen wearing clout goggles, Lil Yatchy glasses are the most notable of all. True too to the fact that Lil Yatchy was not the first to wear clout goggles, he is one that brought attention to these sunglasses when he dropped the summer hit song EP.

JUSLINK Bold Retro Oval Mod Thick Frame Sunglasses Round Lens Clout Goggles

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Even Lil Yatchy himself knows that Kurt Cobain was the first to be seen with clout goggles although by then they were not referred to us clout goggles rather they were just seen as all white glasses with black lenses.

Kurt Cobain clout goggles’ dating back to more than 20 years ago after his death have been flooding the market thanks to the mumble rappers who have played a key role in influencing and making the clout goggles’ popularity rise.


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When they came in the market first, plenty of stylish guys Nirvana diehards and a lot of folks have been wearing clout sunglasses and they sure had no clue of the provenance. In a short period of time, Cobain clout sunglasses have become a style favored by ideally famous rappers and the creative internet based types seeking after followers.

Among a particular subset of stylish guys, clout goggles have become ubiquitous similar to suede Chelsea boots, souvenir jackets, side-strip track pants and any other item center of men’s wear that is clogging most of Instagram influencers feed currently.


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However, clout goggles have become a trend and everyone from rappers to skateboarders to celebs is wearing them and am sure you do not want to be left behind but they are a number of things that you need to consider before you make a decision of purchasing or owning one.

Real clouts goggles

Most of us love owning things that are real. Real in the sense that we want to purchase things from the original producers not that the others are fake. Just that there is a thing or two about originality that is unexplainable. You can be sure that the real clout may cost you a bit as compared to the identical other options. Re-popularized by Lil Yatch, these pair of glasses offer a more stylistic punch that is serious.


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Nowadays, the sunglasses are not just limited to the popular and powerful figures in business or politics or music, they have been made available to the common man. With their changing status within the realm of streetwear, different companies have made them available in different variety. Although some of the verities that have been produced are seen to retain the original oval lenses that are oversized and white thick plastic frames, some have made this variety spectacular by bringing colored lenses and the frames are in different colors and styles.

Most companies will claim to offer the real clout goggles from Amazon and hence it is very difficult to single out one brand that offers the real clouts but you may be lucky to find a real clout goggles from the listed online store. This is not of much importance to many as they can find the exact same ones with identical features.

Factors to consider when purchasing clout goggles

When buying clouts, maybe from Amazon, you need to take some time through and get to know what you want and if it is going to fit your look. Am sure you do not want to be uncomfortable in something that has costed you, though I doubt you will be uncomfortable. There are probably a few things that you need to look into.

What is your style?

The world is full of different people who have different styles and perspectives on what to wear, what to eat, which genre of music to listen to and so on. Are you a Kurt Cabain’s or Nirvana’s fan? Purchasing a pair of clout sunglasses from Amazon could help you in feeling closer to your iconic rock band or even better still, its front man. It would do no harm in purchasing Kurt Cobain’s clout goggles if you are in love with mumble rappers, most of which have played a key role in the popularity of these goggles. Do you love your Maverick style and you are in search of shades to complement your style? The clout goggles would fit your bill perfectly.

Is it possible to rock them?

Some of us always take an extra keenness on how we look and you may be afraid that you may be the laughing stock of town for the next few days for just a simple mistake in your look that you may make. No need to worry, with clout glasses, you can pull any fashion trick here and the next thing you know you could have invented another new style in the market.

Additionally, you do not have to be a fashion guru or even if you are not interested in the provalence of these glasses, you can make a point of purchasing one and try them. Wearing clout goggles is one of the hottest trends currently and if you look around you will notice that even people that are far away from the world of mumble rapper and rock are just fitting in well with the clout goggles. You do not have to be just a follower of trends, you can also join others and you would be marveled enough to know that you are an initiator of trends.

UV protection

All clout goggles come with a sticker on the lenses that indicate the amount of UV they can block. The clouts are not just worn for stylish purposes; they can also be worn to protect you from the ultraviolet light that may harm your eyes. To ensure optimum protection, buy clout goggles that block both the UVB and UVA rays.

Where to buy clout goggles

The most popular place where most shoppers buy their clout goggles seems to be the various online stores and the most common being Amazon or Walmart. Other stores include eBay, Supremeshop, Urbanoutfitters and Pacsun. Most brand and retailers tend to post their products in this kind of platforms and hence it makes it easy for you to read customers reviews, compare prices and then you can shortlist a few pairs and then purchase the one that best fits you.

Faced with the challenges of choosing from which seller to buy from, we have gathered you a list of the top 10 best sellers in Amazon. Feel free to choose one of the listed sellers below.

10. Gejoy Clout Oval Goggles Retro Kurt Mod Thick Frame Round Lens Sunglasses Goggles Multicolor for Women Men

Want to look outstanding on any particular occasion? At Gejoy they make sure that you are definitely going to make heads turn the moment you wear this amazing clout glasses. Surprisingly enough, these pair of clout goggles are super cute and you can rock them with any pair of clothes you want to wear. It has a wide area of applications such as decorating, shopping, traveling and driving.

Outstanding features

  • It is made of composite lens and plastic frames.
  • You do not have to be stuck with one color has it offers multiple color choices that are red, yellow, orange, black, white, pink, blue and grey.
  • It is accompanied with a lens cloth to help you in cleaning any dirt including stains and grease in the lens.
  • Has a lens width of 1.97 inches, lens height of 1.57 inches and a temple length of 5.75 inches.

9. Elite glasses Clout Goggles Oval Mod Retro Thick Frame Rapper Hypebeast Eyewear Supreme Glasses Cool Sunglasses

Are you looking for a versatile pair of clout goggles? The Elite clout goggles are here for you. One of the best sunglasses that you will get when it comes to driving and you definitely look very stylish in it. The best of all is that you can still protect yourself from the UV rays while rocking this pair of sunglasses. You will not be disappointed with the quality the moment they arrive at your door-step.

Comes with a 30-day money guarantee and this means that you can return them if you feel they are not what you were looking for but you can be sure that the moment you wear this glasses returning them would be a dream that will never come true!

Outstanding features

  • Has a plastic frame with a poly-carbonated lens.
  • It is non-polarized.
  • Has a lens width of 2 inches and a lens height of 1.6 inches.
  • Has a UV protection of 400.
  • Comes with a fabric drawstring eyeglasses bag.
  • Available in multiple colors of black, blue, white and transparent

8. Gifiore Bold Retro Oval Mod Thick Frame Sunglasses Clout Goggles with Round Lens

Afraid that you face may look funny or may not look good in clout goggles? Gifiore offers the most supreme clout goggles that are suitable for all shapes of faces and it will depict its remarkable fashion on you.

This pair of glasses are environmentally friendly and are also shatterproof and are very durable. They also offer a 30-day money guarantee if your glasses are broken within that period or you can just return them with no reason.

Outstanding features

  • Made up of composite lens and plastic frame.
  • Protects your face from UV damage both for UVA and UVB
  • Has a lens width of 2 inches and a lens height of 1.7 inches.
  • Comes in multiple colors of black, red and checkered.
  • It is non-polarized.

7. OGclout THE ORIGINAL “Clout Goggles” 100% Authentic – HypeBeast Supreme Pure White

Looking for the real clout goggles? Search no further, at OGclout they offer the exact clout goggles that you have probably seen many mumblers rappers or even Lil Yatchy himself has been seen wearing. You can wear this large round thick frames with black/grey lenses casually or just for fun.

Do not be surprised with the many compliments that you will get from even strangers. The incredible look that this clout goggles will give you cannot be neglected by anyone. Just like the other sellers mentioned above, OGclouts gives you a 30-days money back guarantee.

Outstanding features

  • It is made up of resin frames and resin lens.
  • It is non-polarized.
  • Has a lens width of 2 inches.
  • UV400 protection.

6. Large mouth MOD Style Oval Sunglasses (White)

What is more worthy and elegant in clout less earth if not for this large mouth clout goggles? It is here that you will see a perfectly balanced and smooth clout goggle that will give you that celebrity look you have been wanting.

The day you walk on the streets wearing a pair of clout goggles from the large mouth is when you will realize how jealousy people can get. Do not be afraid of how jealousy people are going to get, get your gasses today and rock your world!

Outstanding features

  • Has a smoke lens.
  • Lens width of 2 inches.
  • UV400 protection against any UV damage.
  • Non- polarized.

5. LTDcommerce Clout Goggles and Clout Case HypeBeast Oval Sunglasses Mod Style Kurt Cobain(White)

Can rocking and initiating new trends get any better than this? Commonly worn by very prominent persons, LTDcommerce has made clout goggles available for you and me. What harm will it cost you to take your time and probably dress up like one of your iconic rock band or your favorite rapper?

The look that this pair of glasses is going to give you is beyond imagination as you will get to rock all of your clothing with just one pair of this clout goggles. You do not have to get jealousy because of the killer look your friend pulled with the clout googles when you can purchase yours here!

Outstanding features

  • It is made up of plastic frames and composite lens.
  • Non-polarized.
  • It has a lens width of 2 inches.

4. To ZeroUV Large Oversized Women’s Heart Shaped Sunglasses Cute Love Fashion Eyewear

Are you looking forward to winning hearts as you pass by this coming summer? Knowing how important a person appearance not only to the public but also for self confidence is, at zeroUV they make sure to boost your appearance and confidence with this supreme clout goggles.

You can be assured to get you money back after 30 days if you tend to think that they are not what you wanted and you also get a 90 days guarantee incase of any defects. What is stopping you from purchasing this incredible clout sunglasses?

Outstanding features

  • Made up of acetone frame and a polycarbonated lens.
  • Non-polarized.
  • Has a lens width of 2-inch and a lens height of 1.8-inch.
  • You will have a 100% protection against UVA and UVB.
  • For superior comfort, they have made them very lightweight.

3. FEISEDY Clout Goggles Kurt Cobain Sunglasses Retro Oval Women Sunglasses B2253

Looking to please your children or your friends or even yourself with quality clout goggles? Feisedy clout goggles got you covered. All you just need to do is make an order and the item will be delivered to your doorstep. Your kids will be hugging and clinging to you the moment they see this amazing clout googles.

It is always the dream of most kids if not all, to own a pair of clout goggles and there is nothing that will make them feel better if not by making their dreams come true. This smooth oval design sunglass will be bringing a comfort that is fresh each and every day.

Customers satisfaction is their main priority and hence they will offer you a 30 days’ money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

Outstanding features

  • It is made up of a resin frame and a resin lens.
  • It is non-polarized
  • It has a lens width of 2 inches and a lens height of 1.69 inches.
  • It will offer you protection against both UVA and UVB.

2. Livhò Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women Clout Goggles Plastic Frame

Are you in search of a friendly nose pad clout goggles? Livho clout goggles have all that you have been looking for. You do not have to worry about the sunglasses breaking has Livho clout goggles are made up using high quality materials and with an unbreakable frame.

With its flashy colored mirrored lenses and with its exquisite temples you will have no other option but to fall in love with them the moment you will set your eyes on them.

There is nothing that could prevent you from owning one of these pair of clout goggles, you just need to choose the colour of your choice and then make an order. Is one of the clout goggles that is environmentally and skin friendly item, has it made of elastic and is very light in weight.

Outstanding features

  • It is made up of a plastic frame and a composite lens.
  • It is non-polarized.
  • It has a lens width of 2.3 inches.
  • It will offer you a 100% protection against both UVA and UVB.
  • Available in multicolor of black, white and red.

1. JUSLINK Bold Retro Oval Mod Thick Frame Sunglasses Round Lens Clout Goggles

With the rising popularity of clout goggles, everyone is in dire search and is looking forward to owning one. Am sure you do not want to be left behind and that is why at Juslink, they will provide you with the most remarkable clout goggles that you have ever come across.

They know and understand how it feels to be unique and stand out in the crowd that has people with the same clout goggles that you have and hence they have taken extra keenness in their clout goggle. This clout goggles can be used in a wide range of areas and that includes taking a walk, driving and even swimming.

Nothing will beat the looks that this incredible sunglasses are going to offer you. Do not be surprised with the attention you will get as you walk along the streets.

Outstanding features.

  • It is made of a plastic frame and a composite lens.
  • It is non-polarized.
  • It has a lens width of 1.9 inches and a lens height of 1.6 inches.
  • It offers 100% protection against both UVA and UVB.

Although the debate of being sported with a pair of clout goggles could indicate your influence and how mumble rapper have been attracted to this sunglasses, clout goggles have been emerging one of the favorite meme folders for most people. Am sure you can’t miss seeing a clout meme as you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed.

Contrary to the assumptions that these clouts memes could be doing harm to the clout goggles market, they have made the clout goggles even more popular. Clout goggles have become one of the wardrobe items that is most respectable and the moment you wear it, you feel like you are wearing your aloofness and cynism in your sleeves.

This could be probably the reason why the once Cobain sunglasses have become the consumer’s favorite sunglasses in this current generation.


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