TOP 10 Best Cooling Neck Wrap: Reviews and Buying Guide


If you are finding a cooling neck wrap for outdoor activities under the hot weather of the summer, this post is right for you. Scroll down now!

Truth be told, despite being a small spot, the neck plays an important part in speedily cooling down your body temperature. Therefore, when you are able to keep your neck in cool temperature, it will help you to prevent the effect of scorching climate.

However, many people have applied inappropriate methods to protect their necks from the sunburn with improper cooling towels. In this article, we will provide you with a top list of best cooling neck wrap so that you can confidently deal with the hot temperature when participating in outdoor activities.

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1. Mission Cooling Neck Wrap 108007-Best For Tennis Player

Tennis is an outdoor sport that involves constant and vigorous movement. For this reason, in a short period of time, your body will heat up and result in heavy sweat, especially under hot weather. Therefore, this Mission Cooling Neck Wrap 108007 is made to quickly cool down your body, so you can have better performance.

As a matter of fact, this cooling neck wrap of Mission was used by one of the most famous tennis athletes in the world Serena Williams. Thus, its quality is unquestionable.

This Mission 108007 is made from high-end cooling fabric that is exclusively manufactured for Mission only, so you will have a thin and soft cooling neck wrap with ultra-lightweight. As a result, you can use this product for a long time without any irritation to your skin. Besides, this fabric wrap is certificated with UPF 50 to prevent up to 98% of UV rays affecting your skin.

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Furthermore, the 108007 neck wrap of Mission can be a useful side-kick in your tennis match whenever it is wet or dry. If you leave this one dry, it can effectively absorb the excessive amount of sweat your body releases.

On the contrary, when you soak this one in water, it can cool down up 30 degrees below average body temperature within 30 seconds. Plus, the wet Mission cooling wrap can be used constantly for 2 hours.

Moreover, this model comes with great versatility, and you can opt for more than 12 ways to utilize its function.

In addition, the neck wrap from Mission is designed in 6 different colors for you to match with your tennis outfit.

Despite these brilliant features above, this product still consists of a minor drawback. It has a fixed size, so it seems to be tight for some people to wear on their neck.


  • Exclusively high-quality fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Quick cooling
  • Versatility
  • Different colors


  • Comes in one size only

2. Tough Headwear Cooling Neck Gaiter-Best For Biking

When you are participating in trekking uphill bike routes with your friends, this cooling neck gaiter from Tough Headwear is a highly recommended accessory.

This piece of the gaiter is made from 89% polyester and 11% spandex, so it has a significant stretching ability to match your style and needs. Although being designed in one size only, this neck gaiter can conform with the neck shapes and sizes of almost every biker. Also, the product of Tough Headwear is suitable to fit under hats or helmets when you are cycling.

Furthermore, excellent materials altogether form an extremely lightweight product. You may even forget that you are wearing this wrap on your neck.

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Moreover, the cooling neck wrap of Tough Headwear is able to provide you with a cooling effect for the whole day. In specific, it can protect your neck from harmful UV rays with the UPF 50 rate. Particularly, in terms of protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays, this cooling gaiter is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Besides, by soaking this model in water for less than 10 seconds and wringing to remove moisture, it can bring you a fresh feeling and a focused mind to conquer long bike routes. Interestingly, the cooling effect can be repeatedly achieved as long as you follow these two steps.

What’s more, this product can be used for various purposes like a bandana, a balaclava, or a headcover, so one. There are more than 10 uses of this gaiter that you can opt for.

The disadvantage of this Tough Headwear Cooling Neck Gaiter is that it is not really decent when used as a mask. This product is not thick enough to prevent dust.


  • Skin Cancer Foundation approved
  • 89% polyester and 11% spandex
  • Fit under helmets and hats
  • Speedy cooling effect


  • Not recommended to be used as a mask

3. Arrusa Cooling Neck Gaiter-Best For Material

Sunburn on the neck is a nightmare to anyone taking part in outdoor activities. Yet, it is no longer a problem if you use this cooling neck gaiter from Arrusa. The reason is that this product is made with 85% ice silk and 15% spandex and rated SPF 400. By that we mean this Arrusa can block 100% Ultraviolet rays, your neck will be totally safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

Furthermore, the silky material enhance the elasticity and softness of the gaiter. Therefore this neck wrap won’t cause any irritation to your skin when you wear it. Plus, you can transform this Arrusa into many shapes for different use.

What’s more, this product possesses a wonderful sweat-absorbing ability to keep your body cool and dry under any weather condition. Along with this sweat-absorbing feature, the ice silk and spandex material can quickly dry the gaiter. Thus, you can have a pleasant sense of wearing.

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About the design of this wrap, Arrusa offers you with 8 different color choices. Hence, this one can be used as a fashionable item for both genders. Also, the ear hook design will prevent slipping if you transform this neck warp into a mask. However, the ear holes seem to be too small for someone.


  • 85% ice silk and 15% spandex to avoid 100% UV rays
  • Extremely soft and elastic
  • Quick-dry
  • Various color choices


  • Small ear holes

4. Your Choice Cooling Neck Wrap-Best For Versatility

In this post, of course, we just deliver to you the list of top 10 best cooling neck gaiter. Yet, if you want to spend money on a neck wrap that can serve more purposes than just protect your neck from sunburn and the scorching climate, this Your Choice Cooling Towel is your suitable model.

The product of Your Choice can be an optimal cooling neck wrap for any outdoor sport like running, cycling, golf, so on. What’s more, you can also use this model for non-sport activities like gardening, fishing, and outdoor working. Particularly, this towel can be a useful item to cool down the heat for people having a fever.

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So as to achieve such diverse purposes, the brand has manufactured this wonderful neck wrap with polyester ice cool fabric. Thanks to the premium material, this neck gaiter can instantly cool down the temperature of your body up to 30 degrees. Plus, it is super absorbent and hyper-evaporative to handle your excessive sweat while working out.

However, on the other side of the coin, the cooling effect of this Your Choice neck wrap can last for long.


  • Can be utilized for many purposes
  • Great material
  • Comes with PVC carrying bag or mesh cloth


  • Cooling effect is in short time

5. DARUNAXY Cooling Neck Wrap 4pack-Best For Budget

The 4pack cooling neck wrap from DARUNAXY is an appropriate option for people who want to buy high-quality neck wrap with affordable price.

Purchasing this pack of neck gaiter, you will definitely get a set of 4 different wraps with the price of a single product in other brands. Hence, you can save up a lot of money when going for such a reasonable wrap set like this. Furthermore, in case one of these wraps is worn out, you still have other 3 left as a substitution.

Plus, the DARUNAXY 4pack consists of 4 separate neck wraps with various colors instead of only one. As a result, you will stand a good chance of choosing a color that matches your workout outfit.

What’s more, these 4 cooling neck wraps of DARUNAXY made from cold sensitive fabirc can bring you the long-lasting cooling effect in a short period of time instantly. Also, these wraps are lightweight for you to wear on your neck without any unpleasant feeling.

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Besides, this set of wraps can maintain the softness and smoothness whether it is soaked into water or remains in the dry form. Therefore, wearing these DARUNAXY products on your neck for a long time won’t cause any skin irritation.

The disadvantage of these wraps is that they can be easily worn out because the fabric is not thick enough to resist damage.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth and soft
  • Instant cooling effect
  • 4 wraps with 4 colours


  • Easily worn out

6. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6602-Best For Hiking

Hiking is a sport that requires much time of moving, so participants need to reduce the weight of accompanied belongings to minimize the chance of fatigue. For this reason, a compact and lightweight item like this Ergodyne Chill-Its 6602 is an indispensable one when hiking in scorching climate. With only 6.2 ounces, this product can be put in any spot of your bag.

What’s more, the Chill-Its 6602 of Ergodyne is made from PVA. By that, we mean this neck wrap is able to maintain a significant amount of water, so it can keep the cool temperature of your body for a long time. According to the statistics from the company, this Ergodyne can keep the cooling effect for up to 4 hours with each soak.

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In addition, this Chill-Its 6602 can be reused for many times thanks to its machine washable feature. Hence, after a strenuous hike, you will face no difficulty in cleaning this neck wrap. Besides, the Ergodyne wrap is designed with 5 different colors so you can freely mix this model with your style.

Despite these excellent features, this Ergodyne Chill-Its 6602 has a downside. This model is quite rough, so it may cause skin irritation if wearing in dry mode for a long time.


  • Lightweight
  • PVA made
  • Long-lasting cooling effect
  • Compact package
  • Machine washable


  • Quite rough

7. Alfamo Cooling Towel-Best For Menopause

The foremost impression of this neck wrap is its bigger size than other regular models. In specific, this Alfamo cooling neck wrap comes in 47’’ in length and 14’’ in width, so you can tie this one easily for stable use.

What’s more, this cooling neck wrap of Alfamo is made from Softcool Extreme Material instead of PVA material. Thus, the product of Alfamo features a silky soft that is appropriate to the sensitive skin of women. Besides, after each soak, the cooling effect of this towel can last for about 3 hours, so women facing menopause can take advantage of this one to deal with their situation even while sleeping.

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Moreover, the Alfamo cooling wrap comes with nearly 20 different color options, more than any other cooling neck wrap on the market. Truth be told, women always want to put on the most impressive outfit, so these diverse colors of this cooling towel will definitely match their styles.

In addition, this neck wrap is packed in a reusable and compact pouch with a carabiner clip, and the whole item doesn’t take as much space as a bottle of water does. As a result, it is convenient to put in women handbag.

The downside of this product is that it is not really absorbent. Sometimes, the water may wet clothes and hair of women.


  • Softcool Extreme Material
  • Nearly 20 color choices
  • Compact
  • Long-lasting cooling effect


  • Not really absorbent

8. Ergodyne 6700CT Cooling Bandana-Best For Stylish Patterns

A cooling neck wrap is not only used to prevent sunburn on your neck, in some cases, but it can also be used as an accessory for you to express your style. This Ergodyne 6700CT Bandana is for people looking for a cooling neck wrap with colorful and impressive patterns.

The 6700CT of Ergodyne comes in 7 designs, but 2 of them are plain with the solid lime and solid blue. On the contrary, the 5 others feature a stylish and fashionable design that will help you to stand out while wearing this for outdoor activities.

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Apart from awesome designs, this 6700CT Cooling Bandana consists of remarkable features that found on other cooling neck wraps. Firstly, it can provide you with a long-lasting and instant cooling effect for about 4 hours.

Furthermore, the VPA material allows this product to be super absorbent and hyper-evaporative. As a result, you can use this neck wrap with considerable satisfaction.

However, this neck wrap is not silky as expected, it may chafe your neck if you wear this one for intense running.


  • Wonderful patterns
  • Hyper-evaporative and absorbent
  • Cooling effect can last for 4 hours


  • Not suitable for intense running

9. KOOLGATOR Cooling Neck Wrap-Best For Motorbiker

Wearing this KOOLGATOR on your neck while riding your motorbike, you can gain the attention of almost everyone. The cooling neck wrap from KOOLGATOR features 16 different colors with impressive patterns instead of plain color. Plus, these eye-catching designs are suitable for any gender.

As we all know, if a neck wrap is not tight enough, it may be slip out when you are riding your motorbike at high speed. However, KOOLGATOR solves this problem with the buttons to tighten the neck wrap for you.

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Furthermore, the product of KOOLGATOR ensures the softness, and breathability when you use it. Plus, this model can provide you with a whole-day cooling effect after a soak.
The drawback of this KOOLGATOR cooling neck wrap is that it takes up to 25 minutes to get fully hydrated.


  • Specially designed for motorbikes
  • Decent softness and breathability
  • Comfortable wearing


  • It takes much time to get hydrated

10. Greater Than > Cool Cooling Neck Wrap-Best Ice-evaporation Cooling Wrap

By putting some ice cubes into this wrap, you can regulate the temperature of your body with the evaporation of ice. This is the exclusive feature that makes the product of Greater Than > Cool unique.

Furthermore, you can adjust the cooling effect of this neck wrap according to the instruction from the company. In specific, the cooling rate will depend on the amount of ice and the position you place them.

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Moreover, this cooling neck wrap is straightforward to use and it can stay still on your neck with sticky patches. Besides, this model is designed with 3 different sizes to fit almost everyone.
The drawback of this Greater Than > Cool is the limited space inside the model for putting ice.


  • Unique cooling neck wrap
  • Adjustable cooling effect
  • Simple to use
  • 3 different sizes


  • Limited space for ice

Cooling Neck Wrap Buying Guide

Image source: PhotographVox

1. Material

This is the most important factor you should focus on when choosing a neck wrap. The reason is that the material will play an important role in creating appropriate softness, elasticity, and smoothness. If you choose a cooling neck wrap made from low-quality material, it may cause skin irritation in a long use.

Furthermore, the material decides the effectiveness of the cooling effect. To be exact, the material will allow the wrap to provide users with long-lasting and instant cooling effect or not.

2. Size And Weight

Size and weight, or the dimensions of the product will depend on the neck shape of each person.

3. Design

On the market, there are many models of cooling neck wraps. Therefore, you will stand a good chance of having many design options. A neck wrap, apart from cooling down your temperature and prevent sunburn, will serve as a stylish accessory for you to stand out.

4. Portability

Image source: European Commission

A cooling neck wrap is made for outdoor activities and sports, so it must be convenient to carry. Commonly, a neck wrap will be packed in a reusable pouch or bag for you to bring with.

5. Price

Because of the variety of brands, cooling neck wraps also come with different price ranges. However, remember that, you get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do Cooling Neck Wraps Work?

A cooling neck wrap will embrace your neck and prevent it from being affected by the harmful UV rays.

When being soaked in water, the wrap will take advantage of water evaporation to cool down your body temperature.

On the contrary, when being dry, the wrap will absorb sweat on your neck so that it won’t affect your performance.

2. How Long Does A Cooling Towel Last?

Commonly, a cooling towel will last up to 2 hours after being soaked into water. In some advanced models, it can be used up to 4 hours.

3. How To Use Cooling Neck Wrap?

Soak it thoroughly into water

Wring the neck wrap with vigorous force

Snap the wrap to activate the cooling effect

4. How To Clean Cooling Neck Wrap?

Some neck wrap models are washer-safe, so you can put them into the washing machine for cleaning. However, with other moderate models, you should wash them by hand, and placing them under the sunlight.

Bottom Lines

Image source: Blumberg Partnership

We have provided you with the top list of the best 10 cooling neck wrap. All of these models are the most optimal products in terms of quality, material, price, and design.

However, if we have to pick the best of the best, it will be the Mission Cooling Neck Wrap 108007. This cooling neck wrap is made from exclusively high-quality fabric. Also, it possesses a prominent versatility. Moreover, the model of Mission comes in different colors to match with your style.

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