TOP 10 Best Flip Chairs 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide


Trying to decorate your space, whether it’s your main home, a dorm room, or a vacation house needs a lot of creative thinking. Not only do you need to furnish the space for you and your main family unit, but you need to consider the possibility that you might have guests over at some point, as well.

That’s when you need to find pieces that serve multiple purposes. The Your Zone Flip Chair is an ideal piece of furniture to add to any space for extra accommodation potential.

Top 10 Flip Chairs of 2018

It’s always helpful to have options to compare and learn about the different features that may be available with different flip chairs. Check out your top 10 flip chair choices:

1. Your Zone Bed Flip Chair

The classic choice in the flip chair category is the Your Zone model. This chair is the one that set the tone for many others to follow. It will sit in your space as a fashionable and comfortable chair, made from ultra-suede, and before you know it, you can transform it into a comfortable crash spot for an unexpected guest.

Make your choice between grey, blue sapphire, or brown, and add this easy-to-use multipurpose chair to your set of furniture.

2. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed

If you like the idea of a flip chair for use in both your main space and when you travel, the Milliard sofa bed may be the option for you. It’s made of durable foam, which will keep your chair’s form in good shape for comfortable sitting, but also makes it light enough to carry for transport and road trips.

You’ll be ready to go as soon as you open your new chair, as it comes with a machine-washable cover for ultimate convenience.

3. LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress and Sofa

You can use the LUCID folding mattress both inside and outside for a variety of purposes. Whether you need an extra bed for guests, or simply want a soft spot for children to play outside, this chair will get the job done.

It can be arranged into a few different settings, making it a great alternative to a futon. You have the ability to choose between twin, twin XL, and full sizes, based on your needs.

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4. Magshion Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed

To bring a pop of color into your space while also adding comfort and ease of living, take a look at the Magshion Futon Furniture chair. Available in a wide range of bright colors, this sofa is made from sturdy foam and covered in a polyester cover.

Save some space with this chair, as you can sit on it while it’s against the wall or standing free in the middle of a room. Just make sure that you take care and clean the cover only by spot washing.

5. Magshion Futon Furniture Brand New Solid Color TriFold Bed

Another option from Magshion Futon Furniture, this model is twin size. If you’re thinking about giving your kids an extra seating space or adding an easy place for their friends to sleep over, this twin size chair is a smart choice.

Also available in a wide range of bright colors, children, teens, or even adults will feel like their furniture matches their personality! You can even allow your kids to design their own space, as the chair is light enough for them to move around on their own.

6. Best Choice Products Convertible Sleeper Chair Bed

Perhaps you have a need for a piece of convenient furniture, but your current design is super sleek. No need to worry, the Best Choice Products Sleeper Chair Bed is all black and will right in to any sleek or simply neat aesthetic.

The foam filling is covered with a very comfortable ultra-suede cover, and you can choose between 5 different bed positions for optimal flexibility. If you’re in the mood for a power nap, fold it all the way down and relax.

7. Giantex Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger

For a modern addition to your space, you might like the Giantex Fold Down Chair. It’s cool grey color and ultra-suede give a look of clean cut lines, without revealing the true purpose of the chair. When you want to, adjust it to four different arrangements, and enjoy your chair for different things.

Whether you want to use this chair for your home or for a student dorm, it will provide convenience and comfort. If you need to put it away for awhile, fold it down and store it in a closet.

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8. Futonfurnitures Black Sleeper Chair

The Futonfurnitures Black Sleeper Chair is a minimalistic, yet chic addition to any space. With a cover made from 100% polyester, the chair will be comfortable and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for use in spaces inhabited by children. The chair is filled with foam, to keep a nice form and make it easy to transport.

You have the choice between five different positions, ranging from chair to bed styles. Made in the USA, this black chair is a simple, yet comfortable pick.

9. Merax 4 Inch Memory Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed

When the aesthetic of your space has a more grounded and natural feel, the Merax folding mattress will add to the look with its soft linen upholstery fabric. This sofa bed is made to be transferred from room to room, as it is made with velcro fasteners upon folding and comfortable carrying handles.

The combination of memory foam and double stitching result in a strong piece of furniture that will withstand sleepover excitement while still providing a nice place to sleep.

10. Giantex Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger

Another option from Giantex, this model presents an option for the more modern-minded design fan. With two-toned designs, you can choose the color combination that fits your space and personality best.

You get optimal comfort, five different positions, and an easily transportable and storable piece of furniture that you will find multiple uses for. The buttons on this model add a nice touch to the aesthetic of your space, but be careful not to let any young ones pull them off!

Benefits of Choosing a Flip Chair

Flip chairs review

If you’re considering investing in a flip chair and wondering if it’s the right choice for you, take some time to think about the benefits you stand to experience. When you choose a flip chair, you will:

  • Save space: you will be able to use one piece of furniture for multiple purposes. This is especially important if you live in a small space like a dorm or apartment. (source)
  • Find a Multipurpose piece: your new chair will come in handy in a variety of situations. Since you can adjust the chair, you can use it for naps, regular sitting, as a play pad for children, and more.
  • Gain Decoration: flip chairs have a special look about them. They’re not the typical piece of furniture that you will see everywhere you go, so they can be a conversation starter.
  • Be able to travel with it: most flip chairs are made with light materials like foam, so if you’re heading on a camping trip or to a vacation house, you can bring your chair with you for extra comfort and seating space.
  • Have a comfortable guest option: not everyone has space for an extra guest bedroom, but air mattresses aren’t the most comfortable option. Flip chairs provide a firmer, more bed-like alternative for your guests to crash on.

Hopefully, these benefits have helped you move closer to a definitive decision about flip chairs.

Choosing the Right Flip Chair for You

bes flip chairs reviews

Before you invest in your new flip chair, be sure to think about a few features that will make the difference in your experience satisfaction. The important things to consider are:

  • Size: what size do you need and want your flip chair to be? There are flip chairs in a range of sizes from twin to full, with many other options.
  • Fabric: the exterior fabric of your chair is vital to consider, if you have children or pets. While suede may be attractive aesthetically, it may not be the right option if you think your cat or dog will be spending a lot of time on the chair!
  • Color: like any piece of furniture, your flip chair should represent your style. Look for one that comes in a color you love.
  • Price: most flip chairs are priced in a similar range, but there are, naturally, higher and lower ends to the scale.

Make a list with these features in mind, and you’ll be ready to find the right flip chair for you!


Having a flip chair is a practical choice, even if you just keep it as a piece of backup furniture. It will provide your guests with comfortable accommodations, and you may even find uses for it in your everyday life. This flexible, multipurpose piece of furniture has a place in your dorm or home!


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