Top 5 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks Reviews & Buying Guide


Everyone likes to be able to multitask because it gives them the opportunity to do things at the same time instead of waiting to do things one at a time. Being able to multitask comes in handy when you have to juggle a lot of things all at once. Sometimes things can get tiring and it doesn’t matter how simple or hard what we have to do is.

If you are an iPhone user, you know that there are a lot of functions you can enjoy on your iPhone. With the models they have today, you can either charge your phone or listen to music. You can’t do both–if you don’t own an airpod, that is.

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Apple is known to have advanced technology that everyone loves, so it would be a no brainer if you would want an iPhone alarm clock docks! This little device will come in handy when you want to do multiple things with your phone all at once. There are so many things you can do with these iPhone alarm clock docks and it can save you a lot of time.

iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

If you are wondering why an iPhone alarm clock dock is useful and which one you should get, then continue to read this article, so you can get an idea!

Here are a few products you can look through!

Top 5 Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks Reviews

DPNAO iPhone Alarm Clock

When you are looking for products for you phone, you need to first make sure that the model of your phone and the product you want is compatible. This DPNAO iPhone Alarm Clock is compatible with the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8Plus, 7, 7Plus, 6, 6S, and the 6Plus, so this product is well rounded.

With this iPhone alarm dock clock, you will be able to charge your phone quickly and set a sleep time and an alarm for when you need to wake up! This is one of the best iPhone dock alarm clocks.

iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio

If you want something personal, something that you can only use, then you would love the personal voice function on this iHome iBT232 Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio. You can connect your phone to this iHome and only by your voice will this device work. In case you need to wake up early and you need an alarm, this iPhone dock alarm clock  is great at maintaining the clock setting to make sure that you get up at your desired time.

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio

Are you a fan of wireless products where you do not need to use USB and plugs to get things working? I think you will find this Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio to your liking. If you have trouble waking up in the morning or you know you need extra time to sleep, this device has a snooze button, so when your alarm goes off, you can just hit that snooze button and get 9 extra minutes of sleep!

There is even a built in light unit that dims and you can adjust the brightness. You can even charge your phone without having to things about short circuits or temperature.

iHome iPLWBT5B Bluetooth Dual Alarm

Here is another iHome device that you can use in the comfort of your home and use your iPhone in multiple ways. Are you the type of person that forgets to charge their phone at night and wakes up in the morning to find your phone on low battery?

You do not have to worry about how long it will take for your phone to charge when you’re in a hurry to leave the house. With this iHome iPLWBT5B Bluetooth Dual Alarm you can charge your phone quickly with its triple charging capabilities! This is a great iPhone 6 alarm clock dock, and if you have this phone, what better way to put it to use!

Philips AJT3300/37 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

Although this is for both android and iPhone users, you have to admit that it’s pretty cool. There are multiple functions that you can use on this Philips AJT3300/37 Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock. You can wirelessly stream music through Bluetooth and there is even an Fm digital tuning, so you can find a radio station you would like to listen to.

If you need to answer a phone call, you don’t have to hold your phone and talk through this device with the built in microphone. This iPhone dock clock can come in handy with the many phone calls you get once you start getting busy throughout the day when you’re home.

Alternative to the iPhone Alarm Dock Clock

iPhone clock alarm dock

If you think that the iPhone alarm clock dock is something that you need because there isn’t anything else that you can use that will fit your needs, then you probably haven’t been looking hard enough. Don’t you think that an iPhone alarm clock dock is too specific for a phone? There are many alternatives to this particular product, and you can definitely find something similar that will work equally as good.

How about the Echo Dot? There are similar functions that you can use with this device that you can also use with the iPhone alarm clock dock. If you think that you need something better, you can definitely get an Echo!

The best thing about the Echo Dot is that it is a speaker with Alexa. There is already a cloud-based voice already installed that can help you out around your house and you are the one that the voice listens to when you ask it to do something.

Besides from you being able to connect your phone through Bluetooth with this device and listen to your own music, you can even listen to the radio. Your music will sound louder and the speaker is impeccable! You can set alarms, check the weather, and if you have a question and you want to know the answer quickly, you can just ask Alexa!

If you thought there isn’t more, then you are mistaken! You can turn on the lights from any part of your home with just the sound of your voice and Alexa will take care of the rest! If you are the kind of person that likes to relax all the time, then you’ve got yourself a winner!


There is so much you can do with an iPhone and if you are one of those people that loves everything Apple, then you have come to the right place! You will be able to use your phone without having to hold it all the time, and you can multitask and still do what you need to get done during the day when you are at home.

Hopefully, this review was able to help you get a better idea of what iPhone alarm clock dock works best for you!


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