TOP 10 Best Led Ring Light 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide


The necessity of having good lighting when taking pictures or recording videos cannot be neglected. It doesn’t matter whether you just enjoy doing this kind of activities for fun or you are a professional. We all like to view videos or picture of high quality but that’s not all. Imagine looking at a video of high quality but the subject of the video(you) is not well, this could be a total turn off! Knowing how important it is to lit the subject well, numerous led ring lights have been developed to solve this issue.

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Led ring light or fluorescent ring right?

As we all know there are two major ring lights. That is the led light and fluorescent light. You may have been in a dilemma to pick a choose from the two considering they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The major difference between the two is that fluorescent lights emit a green shade while the led lights supply a pink shade and are more directional as compared to the fluorescent light which is diffused. What to have that extra touch and feel in your videography or photography session?

Then whatever you are looking for is the Led ring light.

There are several features that make the led ring light outstand the fluorescent light. Below are some of the remarkable features that have made the led ring light to have widespread use.

  • Focusing on the details: The structural design of the led ring structure aid in focusing on the details of the video or the picture that are very essential in bringing out its beauty. This makes it possible to even take macro photographs while still maintaining the high quality of the photos.
  • Color effects: led ring lights allow for the changing of the bulbs hence creating multiple color effects as desired by the videographer or photographer.

Ring led lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be cheap or a little bit expensive depending on what you are looking for. The led ring right is designed for use in the studio, by your camera and there are also led ring lights for your phone.

best led ring light review

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Getting to pick the best-led ring light for your intended purpose can be a little stressful as the market is full of many led ring light and so some factors need to be put into consideration. These factors include:


The price of the led ring light for your camera or a led light for your phone is one of the foremost and primary factors that should be considered. As much as you may want to choose the best of all the led ring light of which most are expensive, am sure you don’t want to get worried about emptying your wallet completely. There are several affordable led ring light that you can purchase depending on the size of your pocket.

Type of use

Led ring lights are designed differently depending on where it will be used. Planning on talking great selfies? There are led ring selfie lights that are specifically designed to be used in talking your selfies to the next level. It is recommended that you purchase led ring light that can fit in your camera or tablet or phone depending on which one you would prefer to use your led ring light.


How compatible is the led ring light that you want to buy? Before you decide on buying any kind of led ring light you should consider checking if the led ring is compatible with your phone. Although most of the led ring lights are compatible with almost all smartphone and DSLR camera there are some which can only be used with certain devices and hence it would a waste of resources to buy something that you will not use.

What to consider when looking for a led ring light

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Most led ring light use power and hence need to be charged before use. After charging, the battery of most of this led light can last from 3hours to almost 10 hours. Depending on your schedule sometimes you may not find the time to keep charging them hence it is recommended that you purchase a led ring light that has long-lasting battery charge.


This sounds ridiculous, right? Though many may not consider this an essential factor when choosing a led ring light, it is one of the fundamental factors that should not be left out. Am sure you are not definitely going to take pictures or videos at one place and this means you will be moving from one place to another as this is what brings the beauty in those pictures and videos.

As it is the case for most videographers and photographers, this movement demands a led ring light that is light. This may depend on your intended use though there is no harm in carrying a heavy led ring light. It all depends on you. Am sure you don’t want to get tired before you even begin the actual process.

Availability of spare parts

Led ring light reviews

It is always advisable to check for the availability of the spare parts when purchasing any kind of products. Even before buying, the durability, price, and quality of the spare parts should be considered. Why would anyone want to buy poor quality led ring light because of its cheapness? As much as we have said not to purchase a led ring light beyond your pocket, it would be a waste to buy a poor quality led ring light and end up spending more on the replacement of spare parts.

Required accessories

Although most of the led ring lights can be mounted on the wall, there are some which require a stand. This could be another expense that will be incurred if you purchase a led ring light that requires extra accessory. Why not buy a led ring light that comes with an inbuilt stand? There is nothing to worry about since this inbuilt stands are very light so you can rest assured that tiredness will not be an excuse.

Chromatic deviations

Some led ring light needs to be used at a specific angle and using this led light at a different angle will result in errors such as chromatic deviation. This error will require extra energy and time to perfect on the videos or pictures using Photoshop to make changes in the errors.

Intensity setting

Some of us love to take pictures at low light intensity. Some led ring lights are limited to use a different light intensity. Why not fulfill your dream snaps by purchasing a led ring light with a wide aperture that will allow you to make changes on the intensity of the light?

Additional features

Feature such as bedding of the led ring can only be found in some of the led ring light. With this kind of led ring lights, you have a variety of option on how to use the led ring light depending on your videography or photography skills and you do not need to mount the led ring light on your phone or camera.

Here are some of the led ring that you should consider buying.

Neewer led ring light

Want a bright and powerful light that any light you are used to? The upgraded newer led ring light is becoming the power of lighting in professional photography. It is 18 inches and comes with other accessories such as an adjustable stand, a phone holder that is rotatable and there is also a shoe adaptor to hold your camera. For adjusting the colour temperature, there is a pair of filters and it also contains a Bluetooth remote. The light angle can be changed to your preference either higher or lower. With the Bluetooth remote you can pause videos or take pictures without necessarily touching your phone.


  • It has consistent lighting for your videos and images.
  • It is dimmable hence adjustment can be done depending on how you want it.
  • It’s relatively affordable.

Comes with accessories such as phone holder and it also contains a bag for storage of all the accessories.


  • The smartphone holders are not meant for phones which are big.
  • It may take some time before you adapt to the light as it is very bright and it is not good for your eyes.
  • Images taken using the newer led light show the light in your eyes

Photo doctor 18″ LED Video Ring Light with Mirror

Have you been looking for a customized led ring light? With this kind of led ring light, you will be able to differentiate the photo quality shot using it. The photo doctor led ring light is one of the few customized lights that comes with almost all the accessories you may have been looking for.

It includes a travel case and has a mirror attached to it. Amazingly you can return this led light if you don’t like it after purchasing it and your money will be fully refunded. The dimming range is impressive. No need to worry about tarnished photos as the photo doctor emits smoot light and eliminates the presence of shadows.


  • It has a mirror attached to it and other accessories.
  • There are guarantee and a refund on your money.
  • There is no shadow formed as it emits smooth light.
  • It is compatible with any DSLR camera and any smartphone. (best-led ring light for dslr)


  • Microscopes are not compatible with this kind of led ring light.

Diva Supanova led ring light

Are you a fashion and beauty YouTuber or Instagrammer or Blogger? For shooting or taking of videos for such purposes, accuracy and quality are very essential. With this in mind, the Diva Supa Nova led ring light has incorporated this in its features and hence it has become an option for many. In a different situation, this equipment is very reliable and you are assured of quality photos and videos. It has a kit that contains a diffusion cloth and a dimmable light of 5400K.


  • It contains a diffusion fabric
  • Has a wide stand that increases stability?
  • It is dimmable
  • It contains mounting equipment.
  • best led ring light for youtube


  • It could be a little bit tiring moving it around.
  • The price is a little bit high hence not affordable for many.

Qiaya led ring light

With the continuous smooth light provided by this led ring light, you can have no other option but to buy it. The 18 inches led ring light that is dimmable, provides perfect videos and pictures that are shadow free. in addition to this, the Qiaye led ring light is compatible with all types of smartphones and cameras. by use of the led light technology, it is very efficient in energy utilization and there Is no sound pollution. It also contains a travel bag.


  • The setting up and disassembling of the Qiaya is very easy.
  • Money refund is guaranteed.
  • It has mounting equipment.
  • The Qiaya does not overheat and hence it is can be easily touched and picked without the fear of being burnt.
  • It is very light and it contains a travel bag and easy can be transported around easily.
  • best led ring light for makeup


  • It is expensive compared to other led ring lights.
  • It does not have a stand.


Flashpoint led ring light

Looking for a portable and lightweight led ring light? The flash point could be a perfect match for you! This 13 inches led ring light emits a warm light that is evenly diffused and the possibilities of shadow in your video or photos are eliminated. With this the position of the camera does not need to be adjusted even when under the natural light has the right balance can be achieved using the led ring.


  • The output of heat and power is very low.
  • The Flashpoint is compatible with almost all phones and DSLR camera.
  • it is very portable and lightweight and comes with a travel bag and hence can be transported around so easily.
  • it contains a diffuser.
  • It is very dimmable and its dimming range is amazing.


  • Does not include a light stand
  • It is a little bit expensive


Limostudio led Ring light

Want to observe nature under a microscope without shadows that are annoying? With the AGG2203 from the Limostudio, has made this opportunity available for you and there is no point of wasting it. This led ring light is compatible with all most phones and DSLR camera.

This 12 inch led light comes with a fabric diffuser and is very light hence you can easily carry it around. Its setting up and usage are not as complicated as some of the led ring lights. You have a great range of intensities to choose from as it is very dimmable.


  • it is dimmable and hence provides a range of intensities to choose from.
  • Its set up and usage are very easy.
  • It includes a travel bag that is free.
  • It is compatible with all phones and light stands.


  • The light stand is not included.

EachShot Led Ring Light

For those who enjoy the effect of the even distribution of light in video and photos, this is the led ring light that is suitable for you. For one I do know that all of us enjoy the beauty that comes with this kind of effect and hence this is a led ring light that is well suited for those who want to take their videography or photography to a level that is more professional.

With this 18 inches led light that comes with 249 LEDs, you can be able to enjoy and share the incredible shots taken using the ES240 led ring from Eachshot.


  • Distribution of light is even and hence the there will be consistency in the photos or videos.
  • The enhancement of light is very great.
  • Does not overheat.
  • best led ring light for photography


  • It may a bit expensive.

UBeesize led ring light

Looking for a led ring light specifically for your phone? This led ring light is for your phone and has a stand that has two part and it has a clip that joins the two-part standard and hence making it very secure.

It has a smartphone holder which is very adjustable and is held by the shorter section of 14 inches and the other long stand section of 27 inches holds the ring. It is one of those versatile rings depending on what you want to use it for.


  • It is very light and hence can be carried around easily.
  • It comes with accessories such as a stand.
  • It doesn’t heat up as much.
  • Energy output is very low.


  • It can be shaky when pulled because of its lightweight.
  • There is the flickering of light when first turned on.

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light [Rechargeable Battery]

Want selfies that look flawless? With this led ring light photography becomes even more enjoyable and beautiful. Although there are several companies that manufacture such kind of led ring light, Auxiwa is one of the rare kinds that you wouldn’t want to miss the awesome experience that come with it

This led ring can be used on rear camera and you can also attach it to your laptop. No need to worry about scratches or marks that will be left after attaching it to your phone or tablet has the led ring contains soft pad foam.


  • Has a battery that’s long-lasting.
  • It can be clipped to all phone sizes.
  • Has more than 2 different brightness modes.
  • It has the capability of displaying more than 6 colours
  • It is very cheap


  • Its usage in the front camera is not good.
  • There is no warning given when it’s going to power off.


With a 95 color rendering index, the accuracy of colors is assured. It has a wide diameter of 19 inches and ensures that all the places are evenly lit. what harm would it do to lit your background and increase the beauty of the whole picture? The luminance control is adjustable from as 1%-100%.

Its reflectors emit light that is very soft compared to other led ring light. In addition to this, the Smith-Victor led ring light has an LCD screen that is digital and it allows you to have total control of how you want the temperature and color to be. It also contains a remote for wireless control.


  • Has brightness that is adjustable.
  • Has two diffusers.
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Lower energy output.


  • The power brick can get warm even when it is not in use.
  • The brightness is too high.
  • It is expensive.


Final Words

The market is full of led ring light that both of good quality and others which are of poor quality and they spoil in the long run or you will have to a lot of replacements. We all know how the desire to take perfect videos or photos with no shadow and shots of high quality has risen over the years but with all this choice available you may be scared which led ring, light can be trusted.

In our list, we have taken enough time and did deep research and read several reviews from customers before listing the products. Some of these led ring lights are which we have been using and hence you can trust us. With the given factors to consider before purchasing led ring lights, you can now then choose the led ring light that best fits your intended purpose.


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