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Cooking rotis may be a family tradition in your household passed on for years or even generations. Lots of people consider it a delicious meal that your friends or family look forward to eating regularly. The only problem some may find is the preparation of the meal. It can take a while to make the dough and then flatten it into the perfect roti shape. To make this process a little easier and more efficient, roti makers were designed.

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Features to Look For

roti maker reviews

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When searching for a roti maker that has been designed perfectly for you and your family or friends to enjoy, there are certain features that can make your life a little easier while cooking. Check out some of the features you’ll want to be aware of when shopping for a roti maker of your own.

Indication light

It can be common for a roti maker to heat at a high temperature fairly quickly. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the device is still on and heating up. This is why it’s helpful to have an off/on indicator light that notifies you if the machine is still active. There are also some roti makers than even include an additional feature with a heat limit. When this limit has been met, the machine will automatically shut off.

Size of the Griddle and What it Should be Made of

Before purchasing the roti maker of your choice, you’ll first want to properly determine what size you’d like your roti to be. Many people choose for their rotis to be around 8 to 10 inches, so try to find a roti maker with a griddle of that size. It should be made of aluminum in order to best balance the heat inside of the appliance. It’s not recommended to add oil in the maker when making rotis, so most of these machines are made to be nonstick.

The Body Should be Shockproof

Roti Makers

In order to ensure safety while making your roti, you want to make sure the appliance is shockproof. This means if the machine starts to go on the fritz by experiencing malfunctions of the voltage or the circuits seem to be shot at all, the body will become shockproof so the electrical problems can’t reach you while you’re cooking.

Non-Heating Handle

When you’re cooking your roti, the temperature will, of course, start to rise and get hotter as you continue making your food. Normally, this heat can move to the handle of the appliance you’re using to cook. With the roti maker, you purchase, make sure the handle keeps from heating up by finding a roti maker that has a non-heating handle to keep you from getting burned while making your meal.

Adjustable Temperature Knob

As you’re cooking, you may not want to cook in one temperature the entire time you’re preparing the meal. This is why you may want to search for a temperature knob that is easily adjustable and contains different types of temperatures based on how exactly you’d like your roti to be made.

What is a roti maker/How does it work

What is a roti maker

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Roti makers, also commonly referred to as chapati makers, are devices that are either automatic or electronic. They assist you in making rotis in a quicker and simpler manner so you don’t have to take too much time and energy out of yourself and your day to create a flavorful roti.

Dry flour is put in the maker, then various types of heat and pressure are added to the flour which makes it start to extend. It gets hotter quickly which helps the dough easily become a round roti that you can then transition to a stove to complete the roti meal.

Why is it useful?

I had a thought when looking at different roti makers. For years, people have been making rotis by hand without any type of automatic or electronic assistance, why would people start using these products to make this food for them? When a roti is being made, it takes a tireless effort to take the dough ball and spread it out to form the perfect round dough circle.

Constantly rolling and unrolling the dough to make it as flat as possible is painful on a person’s joints and bones. Since this is a traditional dish commonly made by Indian mothers, they are making them often and using a lot of their joints and muscles to always roll the dough.

This can cause eventual damage to their bodies. This is why using a roti maker could help prevent this pain from forming while also giving them more time to engage in other activities as well.

Steps to Using a Roti Maker

Steps to Using a Roti Maker

  1. Prepare the fresh dough, making it fresher than normal so it can taste better once it comes out of the maker. Make the dough softer and stickier than you usually make it
  2. Set the dough aside after you’ve made it and don’t cook it in the roti maker for approximately an hour. Make sure it’s sitting somewhere that is room temperature
  3. Roll the dough into atta balls and add a tiny bit of oil to them to keep them from sticking to the roti maker and from sticking to your hands
  4. Eat them as soon as you can. If you thought you’d be able to save this roti for later or take to lunch with you the next day, this wouldn’t be correct. Once a roti has been created in the maker, it causes them to harden a lot quicker than normal, so it won’t be as soft as it was when it first came out of the maker.

Are There Advantages to Using Roti Makers?

There are several different positive aspects to look at when choosing to purchase and use a roti maker. It’s, of course, quicker than making them by hand but there are also other possible benefits to using this appliance.

  • Have Control and Ability to Work on Numerous projects– Now that you’re not just spending your time rolling and unrolling the dough and focusing all your energy on that one thing, you can work on other projects. With this machine, you could have the potential to pop the dough in and do laundry or prepare another side for the meal.
  • The Roti Quality is Raised– After you’ve made the dough yourself and inserted it into the machine, you’ve essentially already gotten one step quicker to making a roti that will automatically be made softer and easier than normal. You won’t have to worry about accidentally messing up the rolls or roti while hand making them.
  • Less of a Mess– Getting extra dough on your hands while rolling and preparing is sticky and stressful. You no longer have to worry about this if you were to purchase a roti maker. It has the potential to flatten the dough itself and keeps the mess and stress off your hands.

Best Ways to Make and Cook the Dough

When making your roti, it’s easy to wonder how much pressure and dough to apply in order to make the best roti or chapati.

  • For thinner rotis: Apply more pressure to the dough being made in the roti, but make it with a less amount of dough
  • For thicker rotis: Apply more dough to the roti and then be sure to add less pressure once you’ve placed them inside of the roti maker
  • Keep dough from sticking: Most of the dough added to a roti maker usually doesn’t have any issues sticking to the inside of the machine’s lid as most of these makers are made with nonstick features added. To be safe, you can also add a tiny bit of oil to your dough before placing it inside of the roti maker.

Top 5 Roti Makers

When picking the right roti maker for you, it’s best to focus on the machine that is capable of making your dough as flat and soft as you desire. Some of the best roti makers don’t work only as a roti maker but instead can operate as a crepe maker, tortilla press, or anything else that has the best function to help with flattening bread.

Below are some of the best roti makers found online or in stores:

Rotimatic – Automatic Roti Maker Machine


  • This machine can make dry flour turn into puffy, yet soft dough just by placing the dough inside the machine. The dough is made into a roti in approximately 90 seconds.
  • The dough is measured, kneaded, mixed and dispensed to create the roti of your choice
  • You can adjust both the thickness and oil levels of each roti it makes


  • The customer service isn’t very speedy at responding if you were to find an issue with the performance of this machine
  • After using the machine for a little while, the screws may tend to fall out of it a few times before, during or after cooking

Crepe Maker Machine


  • This includes a light indicator built in to alert you when the dough is at just the right temperature needed to create the perfect roti
  • Contains a wooden spatula and batter spreader that can possibly help you flatten your dough to create a flat and softer roti. It also helps you lift the roti off the griddle without worrying about burning yourself
  • It’s compact and smaller, so it could be easier to travel with if you ever wanted to cook dinner for a friend over at their house


  • This appliance doesn’t come with specific instructions, so it may need to be figured out on your own or by visiting youtube to learn more
  • The griddle takes a little longer to heat up than other roti makers

Victoria TOR-003 Cast Iron Tortilla Press


  • Contains heavy-duty iron that makes pressing down on the dough easier and more efficient when making a roti
  • Has oil included inside of the griddle to keep the pan from sticking to your dough as the roti is made
  • The handle attached to the press is unheated so you can use and touch it as much needed without the fear of getting burned


  • It creates smaller portions of rotis than other presses normally make as it takes a little longer to flatten your dough ball
  • The dough comes out thicker than other roti makers create. So if you crave thin rotis, this may not be the best product to go after

Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Tortilla, Roti, and Flatbread Maker


  • The handle is tough and made to withstand a lot of weight or pressure placed on top of this handle
  • This can handle creating roties that are around 8 to 10 inches wide
  • The dough may come out even if it is rotated a good amount of times while cooking on this press


  • The handle needs to be installed manually when it first arrives to your home, so you may need to make sure you are installing it properly on your appliance
  • Even though it is a durable product, it is also heavy. So traveling to cook meals for friends maybe a little bit more difficult as it isn’t quite as compact as you may expect

Favy Roti Maker


  • This roti maker is shock proof, so you shouldn’t have any problems with the electricity in the appliance getting out of hand and harming you
  • It comes with a demo CD which could come in handy to help you learn how to best utilize this product
  • The grill comes with a nonstick feature, so you won’t have to worry about oiling up your dough unless you desire to oil it up yourself


  • The customer service is difficult to get a hold of for most, so you may have trouble reaching anyone quickly if you do see a problem
  • The outside metal does heat pretty quickly, so you may need to watch out and stay alert when your roti is cooking to prevent burning yourself


After examining the necessary features and functions needed to purchase the perfect rotary maker for you, it may be clear that the Rotimatic Auto Roti Maker machine could be the perfect fit. With features like quickly making large portions into round dough flat in a short amount of time and getting the dough automatically measured, kneaded and mixed, this product could be the impressive tool you need to make the best rotis.


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