Top 10 Best Shoe Glue 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide


Having invested a substantial amount of money in your kicks, maintaining them is only necessary. However, due to the toughness of some terrain, the boots may get torn and thus calling for repair. With counterfeit shoe glues, you are bound to re-do the process a countless number of times and also, you risk compromising the quality of the shoe.

However, if you wish to fix your shoe permanently while retaining its original look, you may consider having the best glue for shoes at your service. With the high number of shoe adhesives in the market; however, getting a quality shoe repair glue may prove to be a daunting task.

To ensure that you can get the best glue for your shoes, we delved deeper to determine the glue that would go best with different shoe material.

How to choose shoe glue for shoes: factors to consider

How to choose shoe glue for shoes: factors to consider

Before investing your money in any shoe adhesive, there are a lot of factors to consider. Among this, the material of your shoe should be the place to start. Given the different composition of various glue for shoes, applying the wrong adhesive may cause damage to your boot.


To avoid ruining your hard earned shoes, ensure that the adhesive is designed for your shoe material thus enjoying quality service without causing your shoe any harm. By choosing the right shoe glue, you can get a stronger bond hence a longer duration of time without the need for re-application.

Clamping time

Next, you ought to consider the clamping time for your glue. By choosing a fast clamping adhesive, you can repair your shoes and rock them without necessarily having to wait for a long duration of time. However, it is vital to note that fast clamping adhesives may cost more than their slow-acting counterparts.

Surfaces you intend to apply the adhesive on

For outstanding results, you should consider the area of your shoe that you plan to fix. For instance, if the sole is detached from a part of your shoe, you will require a different shoe glue to clamp the pieces together. However, you may opt for rubber glue as it clamps multiple surfaces together for longer durations of time.

Effect of the glue on your shoe

Among the various impacts associated with glue for boots is bleaching of your shoe. With the wrong type of adhesive, you risk staining your footwear, therefore, making it unsuitable for specific events. To ensure that you don’t become a victim to this, go for a shoe glue that is cruelty-free therefore ensuring that no harm reaches you or your shoes.


As opposed to popular belief, high prices do not necessarily mean a product is the best in the market. To rip the most benefit from your money, compare the best glue for your shoes before settling on one. By doing this, you will realize that there are cheap shoe glues that serve the same purpose as their costlier counterparts.

Water-proof ability and heat resistance

Worst case scenario, you apply glue on your shoes, only for it to be undone after a rainy evening. To avoid this, ensure that your adhesive can withstand all tests of time, therefore, enabling you to rock your shoes regardless of the weather.

How to apply glue on shoes

How to apply glue on shoes

Having picked the right adhesive for your shoe, you are left with the task of applying glue on your shoe. If wrongly done, you may cause damage to your shoes or even have to redo the application of adhesive now and then.

If you wish to apply glue in the right way on your shoe, the following steps are crucial to follow.

1. Thoroughly clean the area you want to apply glue ensuring that there are no pebbles left. While at this, scrub your shoe well to remove any oil from the surface and also to make the surface a bit rough.

By doing this, you increase the surface for the glue to clamp thus achieving a stronger bond. However, before proceeding, ensure you give your shoe adequate time to dry as wetness may hinder the performance of glue.

2. Apply the adhesive onto the desired surface ensuring that the layers are even and thin. On the other hand, if you wish to do thicker layers of glue, apply each coat at intervals of five hours giving each ample time to dry off.

After applying the glue, press the surfaces onto each other tightly to ensure each part is in contact with the other.

3. After clamping the surfaces to each other, give the glue enough time to dry thus avoiding any damage to the bond. Roughly give the shoe up to two days before wearing it.

Before rocking your shoes on; however, it is advisable to check the area for any spaces to ensure you don’t leave any chance for tear and wear.

Top ten glue for shoes reviews

Having learned how shoe glue works and factors to consider before buying glue for your boots, we can now delve into the best shoe glues available in the market.

Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue

For leather materials, Aleene’s glue for shoes excels in patching torn areas. The adhesive is designed in a manner that it is cruelty-free therefore causing no allergic reactions or stain your shoe. Another useful feature is that the glue dries off fast, thus, making it easy to apply as many coats as you wish.

Additionally, this proves the best glue for suede shoes as it does not cause any damage to suede shoes. The fast-drying ability of the shoe is great because it allows you to repair shoes and wear them within a short duration.

To witness the best results, apply just enough glue on your surface avoiding unnecessary bulges.

Surprisingly, this glue comes at a pocket-friendly price that ensures you rip maximum benefit from your investment. Overall, this glue remains my personal best glue for leather and thus the ideal adhesive for patching leather surfaces.

Since it comes at a low price, you can enjoy quality service without using surpass amounts of money.

Freesole Shoe Boot and Repair Adhesive

Given the harsh terrain, shoe soles are subjected to; you need a glue for boots that withstands the test of time. The Freesole shoe repair adhesive sticks surface for longer durations of time; therefore, offering you more extended service. Due to this feature, the Gear aid glue for shoes is my personal favorite for rubber soles.

Another feature that makes Freesole glue stand out is its water resistance and heat resistance. I appreciate these features as they don’t limit you on areas you can trek with your shoes or even hinder washing of shoes. Unlike its counterparts, this glue is flexible and permanent; hence can withstand harsh conditions and prevent the shoe from wearing out.

If you are having trouble fixing your sports shoes, you should consider this glue as it is tough on surfaces and thus allows you to play hard without having to fear of tears. When opening the seal, be keen as the spout can be damaged when excess force is applied.

Another striking feature with this adhesive is the precision tip applicator. I appreciate this feature as it enables you to apply glue on the seams of your shoe without spilling the glue on other areas. Also, ensure that you apply enough glue for the soles to avoid easy wearing out.

To keep it from going hard, store in a cool place after use.

Gorilla Clear Glue


As the name suggests, this glue is persistent and withstands various tests of time without succumbing. Due to its toughness, this might be the right glue for people in search of glue for all shoes. Given its crystal clear design, the glue can be applied to your shoe and retain its original look.

Unlike its counterparts, this adhesive does not foam and thus does not stain your shoe or spill on areas you did not intend to apply. However, this glue does not do well with frequent soaks, and as such, it is advisable to use on items that rarely come in contact with water.

Overall, this is a highly resistant glue that dries off fast; thus the best remedy for a shoe with wornout soles. On the downside, this adhesive does not offer as much flexibility; therefore, it may cause slight stiffness on applied areas.

For longer duration of service, tighten the bottle after every use to avoid drying of the glue. In the case that you intend to fix glass and textile surfaces, this glue performs an excellent task.

To prevent discomfort, apply little amounts of glue on your surfaces, therefore, enjoying service without compromising on flexibility.

Glue Masters Shoe & Wood Adhesive

When it comes to glue for sneakers, glue master is an exciting choice. With extended shelf life and quality composition, this adhesive not only attaches torn out parts but also allows flexibility.

Also, this glue dries clean therefore making it suitable on any color of shoes. However, ensure that you do not over apply this glue as it may spill to other areas, therefore, appearing messy.

To enable fast application, this glue dries off within a short duration of time; therefore, it does not limit you in your footwear choices. Another great feature is viscosity; due to its high viscosity, the glue can be applied in little amounts to achieve strong bonds. However, it is vital to note that this glue works best on non-porous surfaces.

To avoid spillage, the bottle features a well-built spout that allows for precise application. The tip is also great as it ensures smooth flow of the adhesive without clogging.

The glue is backed with a money-back guarantee that allows you to return it within two months if it does not address your needs.

Shoe Goo repair and protective coating

This might be a great choice if you are looking for cricket shoe glue. Due to its versatility, the adhesive withstands the activity involved in the court without tearing or compromising flexibility.

Also, the glue is waterproof and thus does not wear out if one plays in wet conditions. Due to the ability to withstand wet conditions, Shoe goo ranks as my favorite glue for snow boots as it ensures that your hikes are not cut short by frequent wearing out of boots.

Aside from its function on outer soles, this shoe glue is best for fixing the insole in place. Since it is designed in a cruelty-free design, it does not cause harm to your shoe or spark allergies on your body. However, it is advisable to cover your hands when applying this glue as it can be quite messy if spilled.

To ensure that surfaces do not stain, this glue for shoe repair dries off clean therefore retaining the original look of your shoe. If you wish to get the best glue for affordable prices, shoe goo is an adhesive that must cross your bucket list.

Rockler Cyanoacrylate Quick-Set Medium Adhesive

The Rockler shoe glue is among the adhesives for boots that assure fast, strong bonds on a wide array of materials. If you are looking to repair your shoes and use them within a short period, you ought to put this glue into consideration.

To ensure that you have an easy time putting glue into seams on your shoe, the glue bottle features a tipped jet that allows for precise application without spillage. Due to the airtight cap, you expect no clogging with this shoe glue therefore easy application after every use.

Additionally, the glue can be used on both suede and leather shoes as it is cruelty-free and therefore does not cause staining. Also, if you are looking for an adhesive that does not cause allergic reactions, it is wise to consider this glue.

Apart from excelling as a glue for shoes, Rockler doubles as a glue for glass, metal, and wood hence an adhesive you should consider in DIY projects.  Owing to its ability to cater to multiple projects, this is my personal best glue if you intend to have one paste to handle all household tasks.

Capezio Instant Jet Glue

This glue for shoe repair is perhaps the cheapest shoe glue in the market. However, the quality of this glue can be rivaled by few adhesives in the market which are a bit costlier.

Due to the resilience, this should be the go-to glue for dance shoes. If you intend to have your fixed surfaces without staining, this shoe glue works best. To ensure that you can put glue on surfaces without spilling the glue bottle is fitted with a pointed jet. The jet ensures precise application of adhesive, therefore, fixing even the smallest raptures on your shoes.

If you intend to apply glue on your shoes and rock them on within a short duration of time, this glue sets in seconds, therefore, letting you carry on with your tasks with no friction. Additionally, Capezio does not hinder flexibility, thus assuring maximum comfort of your feet.

To fix shoes, you need little glue as the glue has excellent viscosity. Owing to this fact, you get to use your glue sparingly and achieve the best results.

Twin-Pack of Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive


Compared to all bonding agents, Fabri-Tac shows the most resilience. For easy application, the glue bottle comes with an applicator tip which enables you to get tiny spots on your shoes. This glue dries off fast and dries clear.

If you are looking for the best glue for fabric, you should consider this glue given its cruelty-free nature and great adhesive power. Once it has dried off, the adhesive can be washed and does not wear out.

This glue also provides for flexibility once dry hence ensuring you enjoy flexibility similar to when your shoe was new. To avoid clogging of the tip, keep this glue in a cool place with its tip tightened.

Provided that you are working on non-porous surfaces, this glue can be used on several materials.

Tuff Toe Boot Heavy Duty Protector Guard Shoe Repair Glue

If you want to fix your work boots once and for all, Tuff toe is my favorite shoe glue. The glue bottle is designed with a tip that enables easy application thus ensuring neat use without spillage.

Also, this glue for shoe soles ensures that your shoe withstands the challenges of rough terrains without wearing out.  The glue is designed in a waterproof fire resistant nature that ensures it does not wear out when subjected to heat or frequent washing.

If you want a multipurpose shoe glue, the Tuff toe works great on all surfaces as it is cruelty-free therefore does not lead to staining of your boots. A testament to its quality, this adhesive is backed with a money back guarantee if the results are not satisfying. Additionally, this product is friendly to your skin, thus, ensuring that you do not struggle with allergies.

For optimal results, consult the guide that comes with this product, therefore, getting quality service from your glue.

Fastik Instant Shoe Repair


Fastik instant shoe repair exhibits unrivalled resilience. The fast-drying glue for shoe repair ensures that you have your shoes ready within shorter time limits. To reduce the struggle of applying adhesive on shoes, the glue comes with a brush.

As a result, you can reach the deepest parts of your shoe seams, therefore, treating every rapture without making a mess.

Additionally, if you wish to enjoy the best glue for low prices, Fastik ensures you get quality service without spending a lot of money.

Final recommendation

Overall, getting the best glue for your shoe is vital in getting quality service. Depending on the need, the above-listed adhesives offer you a natural duration of work within an affordable price range. To rip the most benefit from your glue, ensure that you apply the glue right.

If you are looking for an all rounded glue, consider getting the gorilla shoe glue as it is designed to work on many surfaces without compromising on quality.

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