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With the hot days of summer upon us, many often run their air conditioners or use fans. While this isn’t bad, sometimes these are always the best options. For instance, if there’s no electricity, you can’t use them at all. They also can cause your energy bill to skyrocket, especially if you keep them running often. Because of this, it’s ideal to consider using an alternative. One great alternative to consider is solar powered fans.

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Solar fans are not only energy-efficient, but very affordable. Unlike traditional fans, they can run without the need for batteries or electric making them perfect for those who want to save some money or want to be more eco-friendly. This article will explore more behind these devices, how they can help you, and the top 10 solar powered fans on the market today.

TOP rated solar powered Fans

What is a Solar Panel?

What is a Solar Panel

A solar panel is a device designed to absorb sun rays. Each panel is covered in solar cells which collect photons from the sun. Eventually, these photons lose their electrons which are then converted into electric energy. By having multiple panels together (known as modules), the solar panel can collect quite a bit of these photons which can generate more electric power for you.

What are Solar Panels Made of?

Each solar panel is made up of photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are usually constructed out of silicon which is covered in a positive and negative layer. This way, it will be able to absorb enough energy to be able to convert it into electricity. In other words, it works just like a battery, except it needs the sun in order to run and create energy.

What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy taken from the sun. This is usually in the form of photons which is a particle that contains electromagnetic radiation. Scientists have found that this radiation can be converted into good, such as natural and renewable energy.

How Does a Solar Panel Create Electricity?

After the panels have collected enough sun rays, they will use a DC electric method to convert them. DC (direct current) energy encourages the photons collected to flow around a circuit. This circuit is placed inside the solar panel and encourages the electrons to move around until they hit it.

However, some solar panels might also use AC (alternating current) energy. This form causes the electrons to basically push and pull away from each other in different directions. Eventually, this creates enough energy to produce electricity.

What is a Solar Powered Fan?

What is a Solar Powered Fan

A solar powered fan is a device that uses solar panels to run. Depending on the model, the fan will either have the panels built into them or need to be installed separately. When the sun hits the solar panel connected to the fan, it will cause the blades to start running. There are also a few models which might include a battery option which will let you insert batteries if you prefer not to use the solar panel option.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, a solar powered fan is connected to a solar panel. When placed in the sun, the solar panel starts to collect heat. This heat is then converted into energy which causes the fan’s blades to start moving. Eventually, the solar panel will collect enough heat to make the fan run quickly to help completely cool the space you have it in.

Do Solar Panels Actually Work?

Solar Panels

While solar panels are a popular thing to use today, some might be a little skeptical as to if they actually work. Will they provide you with enough electricity for your needs? The answer to this is yes. Solar panels do work and provide quite a bit of electric energy. The amount they provide for you though will depend on the size and amount of your panels. For instance, if you have one small solar panel it won’t provide you with as much electric as multiple large ones will. However, they still work well no matter what type or size of solar panel you decide to get.

Types of Solar Panels

There are three major types of solar panels. Each of these range in their features and benefits.


This type of solar panel is known for its high performance and aesthetic looks. However, it tends to be very pricey. Because of this, solar powered fans that use this type of panel might work better, but will come at a much higher cost.



Another common type of solar panel is polycrystalline. This type is an affordable option, but isn’t the most durable and doesn’t always work the best compared to monocrystalline panels. Just as with monocrystalline, polycrystalline solar panels are usually constructed out of silicon wafers.


The last major type of solar panel is a thin-film one. A thin-film solar panel is extremely portable and lightweight. It makes it a popular option to use with solar powered fans. However, it’s not always the most powerful. Unlike monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, this type of solar panel is made out of cadmium telluride which is a very thin film.

Some thin-film solar panels will be made of amorphous silicon, which is similar to monocrystalline and polycrystalline. However, these silicon pieces are a mixture of other particles as well rather than being solid silicon.

The Benefits of Using a Solar Powered Outdoor Fans

Solar Powered Outdoor Fans

There are many benefits that come with using a solar powered fan. Below are some you’ll find if you decide to use them.

They are Eco-Friendly

Solar powered fans use solar panels to run. Due to this, it’s a very environmentally-friendly option because it won’t require electricity to run. This makes it great for those who want to help conserve energy or want to save a few bucks.

They Can Save You Money

Because solar powered fans use solar panels in order to run, this makes them very energy-efficient. Because of this, it can help to save you money because it won’t require you to use electricity which could otherwise make your electric bills skyrocket. In fact, numerous studies have been done which show that using solar panels can save you thousands of dollars each year. This makes them perfect for those who are looking for ways to help save some money.

They Can Save You Money

They Work Quickly

While many might think that plugging a fan in works better than having to wait for the sun to hit the solar panels, this isn’t so. In fact, solar powered fans work just as quickly as regular fans. As soon as it senses sunlight, the fan will get to work quickly cooling the area down.

They are Quiet

Some might be a little skeptical as to whether solar powered fans would run quietly, but they do. Because of this, they are perfect to use in homes and other spaces where you want things to run quietly.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Solar Powered Fan

Shopping for a Solar Powered Fan

Before buying a solar powered fan, there are a few things you’ll want to look for to make sure you invest in the right product. Below are some important aspects to keep in mind.

The Size

An important thing to consider is the size of your solar powered fan. These devices range in their sizes. Depending on your needs, you might need a small or large size. For instance, if you want something for your desk, a small model might be ideal. On the other hand, a larger model is good if you want something to cool down an entire room. Because of this, it’s important to carefully consider the size of the solar powered fan you want to use.

How Quietly it Runs

While these products usually run very quietly, some might be a little louder than others. Because of this, it’s important to consider your needs regarding this aspect. If you prefer a fan that makes no noise at all, make sure that it’s ultra-quiet before you invest in it.

If It’s Portable

It’s Portable

If you’d like to carry a fan around with you, or want to be able to move it sometimes, make sure it’s portable. Some fans might need to be installed, and once they are, can’t be moved again. On the other hand, some fans might come with handles so you can easily transport them around. So, if you’d like to keep a solar powered fan with you, make sure you can do so without hassles.

The Design

While the design of the fan might not seem like such a big deal, it can be. If you invest in a fan that has a design you don’t like, it might make it an eyesore. It might also not match the space you plan to use it in. Because of this, it’s a good idea to consider the design of the fan to ensure it works well for you and the space you plan to keep it in.

If There are Heat Vents

Because these devices might collect a lot of heat, it could cause them to get very hot. If this heat can’t escape from the fan, it might cause it to overheat. This could end up leading to the fan getting very hot and breaking. To help prevent this, it’s a good idea to check to see if there are heat vents. These will allow the heat to escape without problems so you don’t need to worry about your new fan breaking.

The Price

Who Should Use a Solar Powered Fan

Another thing to consider is the price of the fan. This will vary depending on the model itself. For instance, smaller models are usually cheaper while larger ones tend to be a little pricier. On the other hand, some models might be a little expensive because of the many features they offer. For instance, a few might work as a flashlight while others might help to capture bugs from the air. Because of this, carefully check the price of the fan and consider whether or not a large investment will be worth it.

If You Need to Install it

For some solar powered fans, you might need to install them. This is especially so if you plan to use a solar powered attic fan or solar powered vent fan. Sometimes this process can be a little tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. You need to make sure that the fan fits perfectly in the spot you intend to keep it in and that the solar panel, while connected to the fan, is in a good sunny spot to collect sun rays. Because of this, if you prefer not to have to worry about installing anything, make sure the fan you invest in doesn’t require you to do so. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a solar powered fan that is not only difficult to use, but might not work well for your needs.

If it’s Versatile

versatile solar powered fan

Some of these products work not only as a fan, but as a flashlight, radio, and MP3 player. This makes them very versatile and will prevent you from having to carry all these products around at once. However, keep in mind that not all products have these features. Instead, some might just be a solar powered fan. If you prefer to have a versatile solar powered fan, make sure it has these features.

Why You Need to Use It

This might sound a little strange, but it’s important to fully consider why you need your fan. For instance, do you need a fan to cool you down while you’re exploring the great outdoors? Do you need a fan to keep your room cool? By considering aspects such as these, you can be sure you’ll find the right fan for your needs. Otherwise, the fan might end up being more of a hassle than help.

How to Take Care of Your Solar Powered Fans for Home

Solar Powered Fans for Home

To help ensure your solar powered fan stays durable, you’ll want to make sure to take good care of it. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Clean the Panels Off

While most fans are not waterproof, the solar panels usually are. Because they will be placed outdoors, the panels might collect dirt, dust, and other particles. This will not only make the panel look unsightly, but could cause the panels to be blocked which would prohibit them from working well. To help prevent this, it’s a good idea to occasionally wipe the solar panels off. This can be done with a damp or dry cloth.

Store it in a Safe Space

If you leave your fan out, it could end up becoming damaged in some way. For instance, someone might accidentally bump against it or some natural element might end up destroying it. Because of this, make sure to keep your solar powered fan in a safe spot when you’re not using it. This can include a drawer (if it’s small enough) or in a closet where it won’t be accidentally damaged.

solar power

Don’t Overrun It

While these products usually come with a long battery life, they might not always work very well if you keep them on continuously without a break. This means if you keep it running on a high level for many hours, it might end up wearing down the solar panels or motor inside it. While this doesn’t mean it will immediately break, it could lead to it not working well in the future. To prevent this, make sure to give it a break from running every now and then. By doing so, it will help it to conserve energy while staying in the best shape possible.

Keep it Away from Water

Solar panels are usually waterproof, however, the fan part of it is not. If water reaches it, it will end up seeping into its interior where it could end up breaking its motor. Because of this, you want to make sure to keep your fan away from water at all times, including when you clean off your solar panel. This will help to prevent it from becoming damaged so it can last you for many years.

Who Should Use a Solar Powered Fan?

eco-friendly fan

So, who should use a solar powered fan? The answer is anyone who wants to save money and be eco-friendly. These fans don’t require you to use an electric outlet which means you just need to place the solar panel outside and wait for the sun to hit it. They also won’t overheat despite the sun shining brightly on them. In addition to this, they help to prevent the creation of greenhouse gases which can pollute the air and cause a dangerous carbon footprint.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gases absorb radiation and then emits its energy into a thermal infrared range. The Earth contains a handful of different greenhouse gases, which range from carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone. These gases trap heat inside Earth which prevents it from escaping. Eventually, it can lead to heavy pollution and other dangerous environmental factors.

Our Top Three Picks

fan using solar power

Below are our top three picks. While all of the products listed in this article work well and come with great benefits, these are some of the best because of their versatility and durability.

Our Top Pick: Toogoo Rechargeable Solar Fan and Lamp

Our pick for the best solar powered fan is the Toogoo Rechargeable Solar Fan and Lamp. Not only is this product durable, but it’s extremely versatile as well. It works not only as a fan, but as a table lamp and flashlight as well. It can work for up to 12 hours on a full charge and can even be used to charge your phone with its USB port.

Our Runner-Up Pick: Hereta Outdoor Solar Fan

The Hereta Outdoor Solar Fan is our runner-up pick. While a little pricey, it comes in a sleek green color and can work as a radio, MP3 player, fan, and table lamp. It runs quietly and can work for up to seven hours on a full charge. It’s also very durable.

Our Budget-Friendly Pick: Creazy Camping Solar Fan Hat

If you’re looking for a unique yet affordable solar powered fan, you might want to consider our budget pick, the Creazy Camping Solar Fan Hat. This comfortable hat comes in a few color options and has a small solar powered fan built into its visor. This makes it perfect for those who want to a solar power fan for camping.

The Top 10 Best Solar Powered Fans

Solar Ventilator Green Energy Fan

The Solar Ventilator Green Energy Fan comes with a fan and solar panel. This 5W black fan measures four-inches wide and comes with a 23-inch cord. The solar panel that comes with this fan measures a few inches wide and connects to the fan to help it run. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for small spaces and is a good solar powered tent fan. The fan is waterproof so if a little water accidentally splashes against it there’s no need to worry.


  • It’s durable.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s energy-efficient.


  • It’s not the most compact when the solar panel is attached to it.
  • It might not create a powerful stream of wind.

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Ansee Solar Camping Fan

The Ansee Solar Camping Fan is a very compact option that comes in a stylish blue and white design. Besides working as a high wind fan, this product also serves as a table lamp and flashlight. You can adjust between these settings with the dial at the bottom of the fan.

There is a handle on the top of the fan which makes it very portable. There are also adjustable brackets at the bottom of the fan which you can use to adjust the angle of the wind. The solar panel is built inside the fan so you don’t need to worry about having to connect it yourself.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s a portable option.
  • It works quietly.


  • While its compactness might be ideal for some, it might not be the best if you want a fan to cool a large area down.
  • It works for up to an hour before the panel needs to be recharged.

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Eco-Worthy Solar Powered Attic Fan

If you’re on the search for a solar powered fan to use in your attic or garage, you’ll want to check out this model by Eco-Worthy. This solar powered exhaust fan runs on 25W and is designed for a gable roof vent. This fan connects to a 30W solar panel with a 16 ft. cable that comes with it.

When the sun hits the solar panel, it will activate its brushless motor so it runs. This motor will ensure that the fan runs quietly and is able to run even on cloudy days thanks to its low voltage which helps it to conserve energy. The solar panel is foldable so you adjust it as necessary to fit a certain space. This product also comes with mounting brackets and an installation guide.


  • It’s an energy-efficient choice.
  • It’s durable.
  • It runs quietly.


  • It’s a pricey option.
  • It sometimes works slowly.
  • The installation might be a little difficult.

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Toogoo Rechargeable Solar Fan and Lamp

The Toogoo Rechargeable Solar Fan and Lamp is a versatile choice that’s perfect for outdoor adventures. This portable solar fan comes in a blue design and works as a fan, a table lamp, and a flashlight. There are six LED lights built into this device and the brightness can be adjusted with a small switch on the bottom.

You can also use this switch to change through the different settings. The fan is built into the top of the fan and can be adjusted to blow at various angles. This product can be charged up to 500 times and will work for up to 12 hours on a full charge.


  • It’s an affordable choice
  • It can be used to charge your phone thanks to a USB port on the side.
  • It’s compact.


  • The fan might not be the most powerful.

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Senreal Solar Fan

The Senreal Solar Fan is a portable ceiling fan that you can transport around and use in places such as motorhomes and sailboats. This 12V solar powered fan comes with a variety of unique settings. One of note is its anti-mosquito feature which lets it remove any bugs that might be flying around it.

There is an on/off switch on the bottom and there is a port where you can connect the fan to a solar panel. In addition to this, there is a timer you can use to adjust how long this solar powered greenhouse fan runs. This product comes with a 100-inch cord and can be taken apart when necessary.


  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It runs quietly.
  • You can take it apart.


  • It comes with red and black cables which might be a bit of an eyesore.
  • It’s not the most durable.

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Yosooo Mini Solar Fan

The Yosooo Mini Solar Fan measures eight inches long and is constructed out of a black metal frame. It runs on 5.2W and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fan comes with a solar panel which you can connect to it so the fan runs. While this solar powered window fan is not waterproof, the solar panel is.

The fan features heat vents to help prevent overheating and also has a 360-degree rotation so you can adjust the wind direction as necessary. This product also comes with a USB cord you can use to charge the fan up when you don’t have the solar panel on hand or connect it to a device such as a laptop.


  • It’s a small solar fan.
  • It has safety features to prevent overheating.
  • The fan is adjustable.


  • It’s a little pricey.
  • It’s not very durable.

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Nuzamas Solar Panel Fan

This outdoor autocool solar powered fan by Nuzamas runs on 3.5W and is made out of black metal. This fan is connected to a small six-inch solar panel which activates the fan. This product runs quietly is ideal for a small space and has an adjustable wind rotation. There is also a USB port on the side which you can use to charge it up if you don’t have your solar panel on hand.


  • It’s portable.
  • It’s compact.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • It doesn’t run for very long before needing to be charged back up again.
  • It’s not the most powerful.

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Hereta Outdoor Solar Fan

The Hereta Outdoor Solar Fan comes in a stylish green design and is a very versatile solar powered fan option. Not only does it work as a fan, but as a radio, MP3 player, table lamp, and phone charger. It has 26 LED lights built into it and five powerful blades that will create a strong rush of air when you turn the fan on.

To adjust between these settings, there are buttons on the front you can use. The solar panel of this product is located on the top of the device and needs to be opened up so the sun rays can fully reach it. This product can run for up to seven hours on a full charge.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s durable.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It comes with many settings.


  • It’s a little pricey.

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Stylooc Solar Fan for Cars

If you’re looking for a way to help get rid of strong smells in your car, this solar fan by Stylooc is ideal. The fan comes in a white design and works as an exhaust fan to help remove odors from your vehicle. There is a solar panel on the back of the fan which you need to place in the sun so the fans are activated. There are also buttons on the front which you can use to adjust the settings of this exhaust fan. This product is compact and runs on 2.4V.


  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • The installation might be a little difficult.
  • It’s not the most powerful.

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Creazy Camping Solar Fan Hat

This unique solar powered fan is built into a hat! Coming in color options such as black and blue, this solar fan hat is made out of a comfortable cotton material and features a small fan built into the visor. This solar powered fan hat is activated with a small solar panel also built into the visor.

This makes it ideal for those who want to be outdoors but want to make sure they stay cool. Despite having a fan and solar panel built into the hat, it’s still very comfortable to wear and these items won’t get in your way.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes in a few different color options.


  • It might take a bit of time before there is enough energy from the solar panel so the fan runs.

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FAQs About Solar Powered Fans

FAQs About Solar Powered Fans

How Can I Find the Right Solar Powered Fan for My Needs?

The best way to find the right solar powered fan for your needs is to use the information mentioned above in mind. You’ll also want to carefully check the description and features of each model to ensure it works well for you.

Do I Need to Plug Them In or Use Batteries?

For many solar powered fans, you don’t need to worry about plugging them in. This is because they only need the sun’s energy in order to run. However, some will come with cables and battery compartments you can use. This way, if you’re in an area where there might not be a lot of sun or don’t want to risk there not being enough stores energy, you can plug the fan in or use batteries with it. However, not all fans come with these features. So, if you prefer to have a backup cable or battery compartment, be sure to check that the fan comes with these options.

Are They Easy to Transport?

Easy to Transport

Some fans will be easy to transport while others will not be. This all depends on the type of fan you decide to invest in. For instance, if you want a large one for a room, it might not be the best to carry around. On the other hand, you’ll find compact fans with handles which will make this job a bit easier.

Can the Fans Be Adjusted?

Most of these fans can be adjusted so they blow air in a certain direction. They are usually connected to a lever of some sort which allows this movement. Some might be able to turn in all directions while others might only be able to move up and down or side to side.

Do They Come Pre-Charged?

They don’t usually come pre-charged. Because of this, once you receive your fan, you’ll need to put it out in the sun for a bit before it starts working. While this will take patience, it will eventually start to work.

Do They Blow Strong Air Currents?

well-built solar panel

Most of the time these fans will blow strong air in the area you place it in which can help it to cool it down quickly. However, this strength will really depend on the solar panel it’s connected to. As mentioned above, there are various types of solar panels which work faster and better than others. So, if you want a strong air current, you’ll need to make sure the fan you buy comes with a well-built solar panel.

Where is the Best Place to Put My Solar Powered Fan?

The best spot to place your solar powered fan is in a very sunny area. This way, sunlight is able to easily reach the solar panel which can encourage it to work faster. If you place it in a shady area, the fan won’t work well because it doesn’t have enough sunlight to make it run.

Do Solar Panels Really Help Save Money?

Solar panels reviews

Hearing that solar panels can help you to save money can oftentimes be too good to be true. However, this isn’t the case. Solar panels really can help you to save money. This is because they prevent you from having to use electric from an electric company which often has high rates. Instead, you’ll collect natural energy from the sun which will then be converted into electricity for your home. This can help to save you thousands of dollars each year. It can also help to prevent you from having to rely on power companies for electricity.

Are There Any Downsides That Come with Using a Solar Powered Fan?

Solar powered fans come with plenty of benefits, but there are a few things you need to consider. The first is that they need sunlight in order to run. If you don’t place it in a well-lit area, the fan might not run very well. Also, a solar powered fan might not be as powerful as a traditional fan. This is because it will take some time for the panels to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. Because of this, you’ll need to be patient when it comes to waiting for it to run.

Are They Safe to Use?

Yes, solar powered fans are very safe to use. You won’t have to worry about them overheating or causing sparks, common problems traditional fans often have.


Solar powered fans are a great device to have on hand if you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to help cool yourself down. In addition to being an eco-friendly option, they can also help to save you a lot of money. Each of these fans come in various designs which means everyone will be able to find something that matches their taste. If you’re on the search for a solar-powered fan, definitely keep our top 10 picks in mind, including our best three options. They’re not only durable but come with plenty of great features as well.


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