TOP 8 Best Tractor Sprinklers 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide


A quality tractor sprinkler is a key to a healthy lawn. Besides its great help in watering the plants, a tractor sprinkler can also be used to deal with pests running rampant in your garden. Still, choosing a high-performance sprinkler that best suits your lawn can be a daunting task. Let’s just have your homework done right here. This list consists of the top 8 best tractor sprinkler systems that will leverage your lawn’s health

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Top 8 Best Tractor Sprinklers

1. Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain 818653-1001 – Best Brand Reliability

Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain

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Nelson Traveling Sprinkler is hands down a must-include recommendation for the best tractor sprinkler. If you need a tried and trusted tool, this traveling sprinkler is right up your alley.

This tractor sprinkler comes with a comprehensive package including adjustable spray arms, auto-shut-off ramp, and three-speed settings. All the basic features of a quality garden sprinkler are present on this Nelson 818653-1001.
However, one downside of this traveling sprinkler is that the water conservation feature may not be up to your expectation. The system moves slowly and consumes quite a deal of water, making it suitable for high-demanding
watering jobs.


  • Positive brand image
  • Comprehensive package
  • Basic and reliable features


  • Water-consuming

2. Orbit Tractor Sprinkler 58322 – Best Easy-to-Use Tractor Sprinkler

Orbit Tractor Sprinkler 58322

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Orbit Tractor Sprinkler 58322 is a great starting place for anyone having no prior experience in setting a watering system for their garden. This self-propelled sprinkler enables you to adjust the speed and coverage area with no challenge involved.

It has the options for low, high, and neutral stationary speed. The coverage can also be set from 15 feet to 55 feet, giving users more maneuverability during the operation.

Orbit Tractor Sprinkler 58322 does not limit itself to any type of lawn. And as it is highly flexible, you can set it up for all plant types. However, the surface materials are plastic, reducing its lifespan over the long run.


  • Great maneuverability
  • Highly adjustable
  • Versatile for almost all lawns


  • Not durable plastic materials

3. Farm & Ranch Traveling Sprinkler – Best Self-Propelling Tractor Sprinkler

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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Farm & Ranch Traveling Sprinkler is a helpful tool to save your time and effort on a watering system. With its advanced self-propelling mechanism, it offers consistent watering quality in the long term.

This tractor sprinkler is also one of the ideal options for large gardens with water-demanding plants. For any gardening enthusiasts looking for a reliable heavy-duty watering system, this sprinkler should be on the shopping list.

The only disadvantage is that the rotational watering system gets stuck sometimes, missing out on a few angles during its operation. For some users, this sprinkler may need a longer time to finish the job, which also
translates into higher water consumption.


  • Set-and-forget mechanism
  • Consistent performances
  • Suitable for big gardens with high water requirements


  • Not sprinkling in all angles

4. Gardening Supplies RainTrain Cast Iron Tractor Sprinkler – Best Sturdy Design

Gardening Supplies RainTrain Cast Iron Tractor Sprinkler

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Gardening Supplies RainTrain Cast Iron Tractor Sprinkler is another worth-recommending lawn sprinkler option to eyeballing on. Its cast-iron materials are tested and proven to be more durable than other ordinary sprinkler models.

This Gardening Supplies tractor sprinkler is most cut out for heavy-duty watering on small to medium lawns. And with a robust design, it can be your long-term companion in your gardening toolkit. Even though the wheels are not designed for all-angle movement, this is more of a minor inconvenience when considering its value of money.

Overall, the Gardening Supplies RainTrain Tractor Sprinkler is still a helpful watering tool that makes you feel confident about every penny spent.


  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Effective for all small-medium gardens
  • Secure assembly


  • Wheels are not suitable for all terrains.

5. Melnor Lawn Traveling Sprinkler – Best Minimal Design

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This lawn rescue tractor sprinkler is designed with simplicity in mind. The assembly is straightforward, which will save your time for the maintenance work.

Melnor is not really a popular brand on the market, but its penetration strategy is impressive. By covering up to 16,500 square feet, this tractor stands out from the competitors when considering the watering area.

The minimal design comes with a compromise. The paint fades quite quickly, but if you don’t mind its look, that won’t be a problem at all.


  • Simple construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide coverage area


  • Fast-fading paint

6. Orbit Cast Iron Traveling Sprinkler #27918 – Best Affordable Tractor Sprinkler

Orbit Cast Iron Traveling Sprinkler #27918

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Orbit Cast Iron Traveling Sprinkler #27918 is an appealing deal for those looking for a watering tool on a budget. However, this tractor sprinkler is not manufactured for large-scale watering projects. Homeowners with humble gardens will then have more interest in this sprinkler.

The Orbit #27918 sprinkler runs smoothly on all terrains. Despite having most of its wheel materials as plastic, the cast iron body will help reduce the unwanted divergence while operating.


  • Suitable for small lawns
  • Won’t hurt your wallet
  • Durable Orbit-quality wheels


  • Not for heavy-duty watering

7. Underhill T-400 Tracker Traveling Sprinkler – Best New and Promising Brand

Underhill T-400 Tracker Traveling Sprinkler

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It’s fair to say that the Underhill T-400 Tracker is an unsung hero in the competition of the best tractor sprinklers. Despite being quite new in the market, this sprinkler has gained increasing popularity thanks to its strong positioning.

The Underhill T-400 Tracker Traveling Sprinkler is most used for athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, and other areas that are too costly to be set up with an underground watering system. So if you are doing service out of landscape watering, this tractor sprinkler is the go-to option.

As it is made for large-scale projects, the Underhill T-400 Tracker Traveling Sprinkler offers variable settings to control speed and water pressure. However, it is not expected to be used for rough terrains, which is, in fact, understandable because of its product concept.


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Economical alternative to the underground irrigation system
  • Variable speed control


  • Wheels only work well on a flat surface.

8. John Deere 4010J Traveling Sprinkler Green – Best Stable Movement

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John Deer Sprinkler is one of the best tractor sprinklers that can spray water within 13,500 square feet. The most worth-buying feature on this sprinkler is its wheels. The large rear wheels are designed to maintain the stability, even wet surfaces after a heavy rain won’t be a challenge with it.

The auto shut-off ramp on John Deere 4010J Traveling Sprinkler works like a clock. There won’t be much attention involved in getting it going. The ramp ends spraying water smoothly, giving more balance to the movement of the entire system.

One note for using the John Deere 4010J – adjust the nozzles to be horizontal for best results. This sprinkler can’t go too tight of a corner; instead, it usually blasts around in a circle.


  • Specially designed wheels for better stability
  • Ability to move on wet surfaces
  • Smooth auto shut-off ramp


  • Not good at spraying at sharp angles

Tractor Sprinkler Buying Guide

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Understanding Tractor Sprinkler Mechanism

Tractor sprinklers have no longer been something new to gardening technology. It is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to water a large scale of the lawn.

These sprinklers remove the need to carry a garden hose, trying to water every corner of your plant space. Ever picture yourself watering the entire lawn this way? Backache and exhausted legs are what will come after. The best part about tractor sprinklers is that they don’t require any gasoline or electricity source for power.

The basic concept of a tractor sprinkler is using water pressure to power the transmissions. And when referring to tractor sprinkler, such other names as traveling sprinklers or walking sprinklers are the same thing.

The most worth-mentioning components of a tractor sprinkler are wheels, arms, and a hose. The rule of thumb is that water flows through the hose, increases its pressure, then flies out through the arms.

As the arms are normally curved, they help build up the force when the water is flowing inside, thrusting it out at an angle. Some tractor sprinklers come with a bent in reverse directions, enabling the system to sprinkle water rotationally.

Also, when the arms spin, they rotate the worm gears, which results in the transmission. Depending on your personal preference, you can then adjust the speed of the watering system. Finally, the tractor sprinkler will turn off by itself when the ramp prevents water from getting through.

Choosing The Best Tractor Sprinkler

Lawn sprinkler tractors are flooding the market, and you probably don’t want to be lured into shiny objects. These following considerations will facilitate your buying decision.


Different lawns may come in different sizes and features; there’s no need to copy your neighbor’s tractor sprinkler. Instead, scrutinize your own expected coverage area for your watering system.

All popular tractor sprinklers provide their estimated coverage area in their product details. Make sure the number you are looking for is consistent with your yard size.

Choosing the befitting area will help reduce water waste while focusing the transmissions on what really matters. Too small or too big coverage is equally ineffective.


Your willingness to pay pays an important role when it comes to finalizing your buying decision. We all want a convenient tool, but at the end of the day, we want it to be a real deal as well.

There are many cheap alternatives on the market, but Chinese knock-offs should never be on the list. However, if efficiency is what you prioritize, a higher initial investment will definitely be worth it.

Plant Type

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Understanding the watering frequency and amount for your plants will help you choose a suitable coverage area and water volume. Both under-feeding and overfeeding should be avoided.

Each plant has a different watering need; that’s why it’s crucial to be thoughtful about the watering requirements. This will also decide how much effort you need to put into when it comes to setting up the tractor sprinkler.


If you want a system that will stand the test of time, the material should then be the top priority. The most recommended material for a tractor sprinkler is metallic. As compared to plastic or hybrids, metal undoubtedly provides more reliability and durability.

With that being said, plastic and hybrids have their own edges. They are more affordable and adjustable. Many sprinkler manufacturers are also advancing their technology to soothe the compromise in material quality.


When it comes to a tractor sprinkler’s performance, it’s essential to look at the brand reliability, operating mechanism, and product dimensions. Some brands are more prevalent than others, and they are more favored for all good reasons. Research the brand will help you come up with a tried and trusted product that will be your long-term companion in gardening.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

Image source: Halcagroup

Most tractor sprinklers go on and off automatically. Still, you want them to be easy to start with and integrate into your lawn. Some related worth-noticing features are the warranty and maintenance policies.

Go through the manufacturer’s policies, and notice what defects will and will not be covered, what the serviceable parts are, and how long the free maintenance period lasts. These policies are an add-on value to the whole package, making the overall deal more or less appealing.


Hose, ramp, worm gear, arms, rain sensors, wheels, everything should be put into serious consideration. The watering system has in it dozens of components. And the best way to know if the system works is to look at how it is assembled.


Choosing a tractor sprinkler won’t be a headache if you know what you should be looking for in a quality watering system. We just walked through the buying guide and the recommended list of top 8 best tractor sprinkler options for your buying consideration.

Revise your preference and align it to each product’s pros and cons; you will have your own answer. A word of advice, it’s always a safe choice to go for the Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain 818653-1001. Speed, performance, durability, and ease of use, this sprinkler ticks all the boxes.


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