TOP 10 Best USB Microscope 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide


USB microscope is now a familiar name to students and researchers in the sciences field. But these guys not only work well for scientific projects, but also for some collecting hobby and jobs that require fine detail.

In the market now, there are different options of USB microscope of many ranges and prices.
So, what is the best USB microscope for your purpose? Let’s find out:

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Top 10 Best USB Microscopes

1. Celestron 44308 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro – Best for Hobbyist Users

USB microscope from Celestron

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The first option that we are going to show you is a handheld USB microscope from Celestron. This model 44308 is introduced as a highly compatible unit with a maximum magnification of 200x and fits best for stamps and coins collectors.

Celestron 44308 is a low-powered unit that works great for 3D sample observation. With that 5MP sensor, VGA-quality video display, and a reasonable price, this Celestron will be a perfect choice for hobbyist users!


  • Durable
  • Features and compatibility suits hobbyist users
  • Can be adjusted by just one hand
  • 5MP sensor for high-quality images


  • Thin depth of field

2. Jiusion Wireless USB Digital Handheld Microscope – Best Affordable Microscope for Students

wireless USB microscope

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In case you do not know, Jiusion is a small brand from China. Its wireless USB microscope is a good, affordable choice for kids or students who are currently working on their science projects.

Compared to its pretty reasonable price, this Jiusion magnification is really incredible – with a range from 40x up to 1000x! The microscope also features eight built-in LED and metal stand for an easier operation.


  • Wireless connection
  • Incredible magnification for the price
  • Great for student’s research and study
  • Highly compatible with many devices
  • Really cheap!


  • Useless mini-size DVD

3. AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf Binocular Microscope – Best Mid-range Microscope With Superior Magnification


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In case you need a microscope with much higher fineness for your real science project, you might want to look at a higher range unit.

AmScope has a B120C-E1 model, a mid-range USB microscope, which looks pretty similar to a full-size one!
This model is much more expensive than the Jiusion above. Its quality is definitely worth the pay: Its maximum magnification is 2500x, featuring a binocular head and multiple other applications for research purposes!


  • Great magnification of up to 2500x
  • Sturdy built with high-quality material
  • Many useful additional features to help with professional researching


  • A bit expensive for non-professional use

4. Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera – Best for Work Requiring Fine Detail

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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There are many jobs such as repairing watches, checking jewelry and circuit boards, or performing fine details on woodcraft; they all require a suitable scope to make them less burdensome.

This Opti-Tekscope USB microscope is definitely the one for that case! With a reasonable price, this aluminum unit has a high-quality zooming of 200x to help us see every detail on the sample. Moreover, we can easily adjust the
LED lights to get the optimum illumination while working!


  • Good-quality
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum body
  • Great camera and picture quality
  • Easy light adjustment

5. Sunnywoo SUNS004001P USB Digital Microscope – Best for Tight-budget Users


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So, are you on a really tight budget?

Are you looking for a small yet educational gift for your niece’s incoming birthday?

Well, we pretty sure that this Sunnywoo will be the best choice for you! With the price of only about twenty bucks, this little guy is super easy to set up and operate! Its magnification is not too small, in the opposite, it’s relatively big – up to 1000x.

Surprise, right? That should be the specification of a mid-range unit or above, not a twenty-buck USB microscope! It can last for a long time, too, so it would be a good choice for any tight-budget users who want to start some
microscopic projects.


  • Super cheap!
  • Last for a long time
  • Easy to use and install
  • Make en excellent educational gift


  • No customer support

6. Facamword Wireless Digital Microscope – Best Wireless Microscope with Incredible Zoom Quality

Facamword wireless microscope

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The Facamword wireless microscope is one of the most highly-rated 50$-and-under choice on the market. It can zoom in to the sample to a maximum of 1000x magnification, yet can display all the images in 1080P quality!

That must be why this little guy preferred by so many users when talking about zoom quality. This wireless Facamword also comes with eight adjustable LED lights so that you can get more illumination focused on your sample.


  • Great value for money
  • Impressive zooming quality
  • Wireless connection

7. AOLOX 1000x Handheld Digital Microscope – Best Low-cost Learning Tool for Kids

AOLUX handheld USB microscope

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By now, you must know that a USB microscope is used not only in science projects but also as a learning kit for children or small students.

So the question here is: is there a more affordable that you can get for your kids at home?
Well yes, for example, this AOLOX handheld USB microscope. This twenty-buck-around has almost every features that a full-size need: lighting LED, standing base, and 1000x magnification!


  • Low-priced
  • A great educational tool for kids and students
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Not so good picture quality

8. Learning Resources Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope – Best Fun & Educational Toys

Learning Resouces

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Learning Resources is a small brand that specializes in making kids’ toys and game models. All of their products are adorably budget-friendly and practical for us parents!

For instance, this USB microscope from Learning Resouces is a little blue scanning egg that works to intrigue your kids to explore more about the microscopic world. A great educational deal, to sum up!


  • Budget-friendly learning toy
  • Great to teach your kids the first steps into science
  • Really easy to use


  • More like a toy than a serious microscope

9. Fantronics Wireless Digital Microscope – Best for Exploring

Avantree HDLP-TB101-GRY Laptop Bed Table

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We have a Learning Resources’ model for kids’ exploration, but how about us?

The Fantronics is an overall good wireless microscope model, which works pretty well for our exploration needs. Although it cannot serve for higher-demanding jobs, this model would work well if you just want to explore more about the microscopic world around where you live!


  • Wireless connection available
  • Cheap
  • Flexible arm

Need more info?

10. Dino-Lite AM7115MZT USB Digital Microscope – Best High-end Microscope

Dino-Lite AM7115MZT digital microscope

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We do not mean to shock you or exaggerate anything, but this Dino-Lite is much more expensive than all the items above: it costs about one thousand dollars!

But we can swear you: this Dino-Lite AM7115MZT digital microscope would be worth every penny you paid! Inside this model is various high-end technology to help with scientific research, so why don’t you try it out right now?


  • Astounding image resolution
  • High-end software
  • Useful features for professional use
  • Scroll lock for constant and stable using
  • MicroTouch sensor for simple image capturing
  • Polarized light


  • Really expensive – ain’t no good choice for amateurs

Buying Guide

Image source: Best reviewer

Nowadays, USB microscopes have become more and more popular among scientists and research students. They are a simple and affordable tool that allows us to see deep into the microscopic world.

We are now able to explore the sample’s microscopic images and store them directly on our computer. By connecting the microscope to our computer through the USB port, those images and information will be saved for insight experiments and analysis.

So how can we amateur researchers know which types of USB microscopes that we need?

Well, there are certain features that you should prioritize when choosing a USB microscope. Let’s see:

Magnification & Image Resolution

The two most important specifications of a USB microscope are its magnification and the display resolution.
Here magnification means how big your microscope can zoom into the specimens. In regular, a USB microscope comes with maximum magnification from 200x to 1000x, which is enough to look inside cells and see large bacteria.

Display resolution is exactly how the images and videos are played on your computer. For example, 640 x 480 is a relatively low-quality display for old microscopes; microscopes these days have a resolution of about 1080P with 20 to 30 fps.

So, you’d better get a microscope with the highest magnification and resolution as possible since it can give you a clearer view. Yet a higher-quality image display typically means a more costly price, so look at your budget before deciding the maximum display that you need.

Software & Compatible

Image source: Vectorstock

After getting all those high-resolution images and videos, you will need some sorts of software to transmit and saved all those information for further study.

All USB microscopes on the market are developed with software that makes them compatible with our devices’ operating systems (OS). The microscope’s chip and camera sensors will work with our OS to capture, collect, and manage the pictures.

Computer compatibility is essential. It would be frustrating if you find out that your microscope cannot connect to your computer or work appropriately on your OS after purchasing it.

To avoid this situation, you should specify which device and OS you would use to store data and ask the seller if that microscope is compatible with it.

Up-to-date USB microscopes are originally compatible with Window 10’s application. So if you are not so good at technology, like some of our friends, these guys will require you no more installation to connect with the microscope. And do not buy models that have their software on a CD! Laptops these days are getting rid of the CD driver for a slimmer design.

Moreover, some USB microscopes even emitted all the physical connections by integrating wireless capabilities. You simply need to plug the USB into an adapter, which is connected with the computer by Wifi or Bluetooth.


Almost all USB microscopes currently on the market are designed in a customer-friendly way that is simple and easy to operate.

Maybe it’s most complicated operation is to install the software required on the computer to get data. But this is not a big problem because it can only bother low-tech users.

On the microscope, you would be able to select the image settings like magnification and storage location.
We recommend you try this at the shop and ask the seller everything you don’t understand about the setup. In case you purchasing this online, you should read the user’s manual carefully, since everything about the setting should be covered in there!

Also, USB microscopes with wireless connection might sound easier to operate, but that is not for sure. Wireless connection is more convenient, of course, but it is more likely for technical issues to happen. Those problems also varied massively because it involves internet issues here too.

Power & Illumination

Image source: Texas Instruments

In a USB microscope, the USB port is not only used to transmit data but also to connect to the power source. It depends on the user’s objective that the microscope’s power source would vary. For instance, a student’s USB microscope would require relatively less power than a scientific unit.

Regularly, your microscope’s power would decide the range of magnification, resolution, also its illumination and price! Some high-end microscopes are battery powered so that it can be used in low-powered situations.

A microscope illumination’s capability varies massively with the model’s quality. A good microscope needs both high maximum brightness and great adjustability.

Design & Portability

In regular, most USB microscopes are highly portable models compared to their chunky siblings.

A USB microscope should be able to fit inside your tote or backpack and go with you to the laboratory. Even if you go outside, with fewer connecting options and no sockets, your portable microscope should be working properly.

Besides, the high-end USB microscopes that we talked about before, which are battery-powered, have superior portability over other models! Since they have long-lasting power, they can function for a long time to serve in remote or crisis areas.


It depends on your needs that you choose the best USB microscope for yourself.

If you are a professional researcher, the high-end Dino-Lite will be the best USB microscope for you. Meanwhile, a more affordable option like Celestron would be much more suitable for students who are currently working on their projects.

Yet, to sum up, the AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf Binocular Microscope is the one that wins our heart! With the price of the only haft of the Dino-Lite, high-quality display, and many impressive features, this is the must-have USB microscope for everybody!


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