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Watches have been around longer than cell phones have been, so we should give it the respect it deserves and buy them. They have been around long enough to tell us the time when only the sun could have many many years ago.

Since the first watch in 1770, which was a self-winding watch was invented, there has been many changes to the design and how it operates. The first “automatic” watch was invented in 1923 and since then watches has been a great piece of clothing that people wear all the time. However, now that cell phones have been invented, there is no need for watches anymore, since our phones can tell us the time digitally. Some people may think that watches are useless, but there are many uses for them, even to this day.

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If you don’t want to give your preteen or 13-year-old a phone right away, you can give them nice fashionable watches they can wear when they are out. This way, they would know the time when they come out from school and if you require them to tell you what time they came home, they will be able to.

Watches for Teenagers

There are some things you should think about when you’re looking for a watch for your teenager.

The Pros of Your Teenager Wearing a Watch

Here are some pros of your teenager wearing a watch:

  • If they do not have a phone, they can still know the time and see whether they are early to school or not.
  • They won’t get distracted with their phones if they check the time on their phones.
  • They can be a little stylish while still being a teenager.
  • There’s a lot of watches to choose from and they can even have a few to match their outfits.

The Cons of Your Teenager Wearing a Watch

Cons follows the pros of anything and it is important to not only focus on the pros but as well as the cons. Here are some cons of your teenager wearing a watch:

  • They can get distracted in class.
  • Some schools do not allow children to wear any kind of jewelry to school, so you might find that your teenager may have to take off their watch before they go inside of their school building.
  • Wearing a watch can  get uncomfortable if it is worn too tight on your teenagers wrist.
  • A watch can look too bulky depending on the watch you get for your teenager.

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What to Look  for When You Are Looking for Watches for Your Teenager

What you should remember before you pick out a watch for your teenager is that this item is not for you, so you have to think about your teenager and what she likes. If you don’t think she’ll like the watch you picked up, then it is safe to say that you shouldn’t get it. There is nothing wrong with your teenager having a different taste in clothes or jewelry than you, but you should always keep in mind what they like.

Here are a few things you can remember:

Is it fashionable?

While some schools do not allow students of their school to wear jewelry or any items that is not apart of their dress code, there are some schools that will allow your teenager to wear watches. If this is the case, find a watch that is fashionable and is pretty. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should look like something that is trendy.

Does it match your teenagers personality?

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A lot of girls do not like heavy things on their wrists. Some girls love to dress up, while others like to keep it simple. Do you know which one your daughter is? If your daughter loves to dress up, then she might like something that is flashy and bright, something that is chic and stylish. However, if your teenager likes to keep it simple, they might not like anything that is flashy or big. Something small would do the trick.

Would they be able to see the time?

This is important because if your teenager can’t see the numbers on the watch, then they won’t be able to know what time it is. If your teenager has no problems with their eyesight, then you can get them a watch that has big or small numbers. However, if your teenager wears glasses or has problems with their eyesight, then it would be safe to get them a watch that has at least medium-sized numbers.

Top 5 Best Watches for Teen Girls Reviews

Here are a few watches you can look through to see which one you would like to get for your teenage daughter or if you need inspiration to know what kind of what you should get her.

Tonnier Watches Resin Super Soft Band

This is for the teenage girl who knows she is unique and loves herself just the way she is! If your teenage daughter considers herself to be unique, you can get her this Tonnier Resin Super Soft Band that she would love. The design of this watch is space-like. It looks like the nebula and has many beautiful colors. The great thing about this watch is that it uses environmental protection rubber material. This watch for teenagers is a great gift you can give to your own teenage daughter to let her know that being unique is never a problem.

Kids Digital Sport Watch

It is always good to know what your daughter’s style consists of because there will become a time where she doesn’t like what you may get her if your taste is different from hers. If you know that your daughter loves to be outside and she’s very active and loves to play sports, then look no further. You can get your daughter this Kids Digital Sport Watch that they will love. This watch has a very outdoorsy style to it and your teenager will be comfortable wearing it. The watch is also waterproof, so messing it up will be difficult, especially with water. This watch for teenage girls just might do the trick and be a great gift for your daughter.

Zeiger Easy Read Wrist Kids Watch

Do you have a tween in your home who loves jewelry or anything cute? Why not get them this Zeiger Easy Read Wrist Watch. This watch has a cute floral pattern with bright colors that your tween will love. This watch for tween girls is water resistant; however, it should not be worn in the shower or submerged into water.

HODO Kids 50M Waterproof LED Sports Digital Watch

There is nothing wrong with giving your teenage daughter something that a boy would wear. At the end of the day all that matters is if your teenager loves what you give her and whether she would wear it or not. If you teenage daughter considers herself to be a little bit of a tomboy, then you can get her this HODO Kids 50M Waterproof LED Sports Digital Watch. When it is dark outside this watch lights up with an LED light function that is built in the watch, so your teenager will be able to see the time in the dark. THe material of this watch is soft and durable, so this watch can last your daughter a long time. This is a great teenage girl watch for your daughter.

CdyBox Leather Band Watches

There is nothing wrong with giving any kind of gift to your teenager that may be a little different, but who says different isn’t a good thing. This CdyBox Leather band Watch is very unique with the numbers being in roman numerals. You won’t be giving your teenage daughter just one watch, but this watch comes in a pack of ten. Your daughter will be able to give her friends watches as well! You can get this watch for teenage girls in 2019 if you want to give your daughter something fresh.

Where You Can Get Watches for Teenage Girls

You can get watches for you teenage girl in stores like Macy’s, JCPenny, Kohls, Target, and even Walmart. Most all name brand stores that sells clothes sells jewelry. If you do not want your teenager to find out what you are getting, you can order watches online on Amazon if you want to keep is a surprise!


When you are shopping for your teenage girl, what you want to remember is that they are teenagers, so what you like may be vastly different from what they think is fashionable and what they care about.

Hopefully, you’ve found this review enlightening and you are able to make a decision on what you want to get for your teenage daughter!


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