TOP 10 Best Bike Cup Holders 2020: Reviews And Buying Guide


Are you tired of your drink falling down when you are cycling? Or do you find it difficult to place the bottle firmly on your bike? Then, what you need is a cup holder.

Our article today will reveal the top 10 best bike cup holders that will definitely surprise you! Let’s scroll down to find out!


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In-depth Reviews of the Top 10 Best Bike Cup Holders

1. Ciro 50411 Drink Holder

Ciro 50411 Drink Holder

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Coming in 2 color options of black and chrome, the Ciro 50411 Drink Holder gives itself an attractive look. Besides, it also has many cool features that are worth appreciating.

First of all, the total weight of this bike cup holder is only 1 lb. This means it is lightweight enough to be used for both home and office purposes.

Along with that, the unit is made of tough neoprene rubber and plated with chrome, which makes it much more resistant to harsh weather conditions. Also, this material enables the holder to adhere easily to fabrics, preventing it from falling down when you are cycling.

Last but not least, thanks to the contoured rubber net, your cup is guaranteed to be held absolutely securely. Besides, this net does contribute to the prevention of scratches if your cup happens to fall down.
Still, the rubber keeps the cup in place so well that some users find it difficult to get a drink out of this holder.


  • Lightweight
  • Neoprene rubber
  • Contoured rubber net


  • Quite difficult to get the drink out

2. Ram Mounts Drink Holder RAM-B132R

Ram Mounts Drink Holder RAM-B132R

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Ram Mounts is a manufacturer that takes the quality of its products seriously. Thus, you will be assured of every product’s quality this brand offers. And the Ram Mounts Drink Holder RAM-B132R is not an exception.

This cup holder for bikes is a perfect choice for a wide range of water containers. To be more specific, it is compatible with any bottles, mugs, cans, or cups as long as it is about 2.5 – 3.5 inches in diameter.

In addition, it is constructed from marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite, which are durable and reliable materials, even in the most demanding conditions. Besides, the powder coating gives the product a longer lifespan. Most interestingly, the brand does offer a lifetime warranty for any faults that belong to the manufacturer.

Still, the screw that attaches the holder to the ball base sometimes falls off when you are riding fast. Thus, please check the screw before any rides.


  • Suitable for many water containers
  • Longer-lasting
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The screw sometimes falls off.

3. Lexin LX-C300 Motorcycle Cup Holder

Lexin LX-C300 Motorcycle Cup Holder

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If you are looking for a cup holder for a cruiser bike, then the Lexin LX-C300 Motorcycle Cup Holder is a perfect choice!

This cup holder is plated with chrome, which can increase the hardness of the holder, making it last longer. It is also able to resist corrosion and give the holder a shiny and smooth surface, helping you clean it easier.
Furthermore, the holder is applied with attractive rings. These rings fit well with almost all types of water containers of 2.7 inches in diameter. Also, it features a “gear” design basket to grasp more sturdily to prevent your drink from falling down.

In addition, it has a 360-degree swivel ball design. This means the installation is easier and quicker. Besides, this design makes it go well with any handlebar within ⅞ inches diameter.
The minor drawback is that the holder grasps so tight that it smashes the rubber mount ball and cuts it.


  • Chrome plating
  • “Gear” design basket
  • 360-degree swivel ball design


  • The holder grasps so tight.

4. Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Handlebar Mount

Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Handlebar Mount

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Kruzer Kaddy is a trustworthy provider of motorcycle accessories, from kits like bar mount clamps to separate tools like travel cups or cup holders. And the Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Handlebar Mount is a superior product proving the brand’s reputation and product quality.

There are 2 insulated liners in the holder to make it accommodate many size containers. You will no longer worry about your water container not fitting with the holder.

What is more, this cup holder is for rigid or pivot positioning. To be more specific, thanks to the reversible mounting stud, the water container is held firmly and vertically to keep the drink from spilling.

Plus, it is installed with a chrome-plated bracket that is sturdy and long-lasting. Besides, this bracket is detachable for easier cleaning.

Nevertheless, the screw sometimes comes loose and you should check it frequently.


  • 2 insulated liners
  • Reversible mounting stud
  • Chrome-plated bracket


  • The screw sometimes comes loose.

5. Kuryakyn 1480 Motorcycle Drink Holder

Kuryakyn 1480 Motorcycle Drink Holder

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Here is another high-quality product we would like to introduce to you! It is the Kuryakyn 1480 Motorcycle Drink Holder!

At first glance, you may find that most of its pieces are constructed from chrome. This makes the holder blends in with your bike, which gives the whole bike a smooth look.

Moreover, it features “fingers” that make your cup holder grasp firmly onto numerous sized containers and keep the drink from spilling out.

Along with that, the overall weight is only 1.8 lbs, giving it the title of one of the lightest cup holders on the list.

However, to install this cup holder, the socket set with ratchet is required, which is not included in the package.


  • Smooth look
  • Fits numerous sized containers
  • Lightweight


  • Not include socket set with ratchet

6. Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar

Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar

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At first glance, you may find this Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar looks quite similar to the previous cup holder. In fact, it is! There is only a small difference between these two versions.

This cup holder also has “fingers” like the Kuryakyn 1482. In fact, this feature provides tighter grasp to your drink, preventing it from falling down.

In addition, it features a mesh basket. This means your drink will be protected safe and sound without being damaged or dented.

The only difference is that this is much lighter than the Kuryakyn 1482. Its total weight is only 1.35 lbs.
However, the package does not come with the set of hex wrenches to install this cup holder.


  • “Fingers” for firm grasping
  • Mesh basket
  • Lightweight


  • Not include set of hex wrenches

7. Barefoot Willies Cool Rider CR125 Cup Holder

Barefoot Willies Cool Rider CR125 Cup Holder

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This Barefoot Willies Cool Rider CR125 Cup Holder is one of the oldest cup holders on this list. It has been on the market for more than 15 years but is still a favorite product of many users.

No matter what types of containers the holder is grasping, even it is a bottle of water or a fast-food cup, the holder guarantees a secure grasp without letting the drink rotate or fall down.

Furthermore, it has a black and shiny finish. This gives itself a beautiful appearance that attracts the attention of many people.

For greater insurance, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on this cup holder. Then, if there is any fault that belongs to the manufacturer, you can make a replacement for free.
Still, compared to other cup holders, this one is slightly bigger, which is not suitable for small containers.


  • Firm grasping
  • Attractive look
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for small containers

8. Cruiser Candy Bicycle Drink Holder

Cruiser Candy Bicycle Drink Holder

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Now, if you are looking for a gift for your children, but still don’t know what to buy. Then, this Cruiser Candy Bicycle Drink Holder can be a good choice!

It features cute artificial flowers of 5 color options, which are green, blue, purple, pink, and yellow. This cup holder is definitely a decoration on the bikes of your kids.

Besides, it can hold securely water containers within 3 inches diameter. Moreover, it is also a good place to store personal stuff like wallets, keys, or phones.

Additionally, the holder is easy to install with just one screw. You will not have to waste time reading the instructions anymore.

As stated above, this is only suitable for containers of less than 3 inches in diameter. This means any larger containers will not fit in with this cup holder.


  • 5 color options
  • Storing personal stuff
  • Easy installation


  • Not suitable for large containers

9. Kruzer Kaddy 600 Kustom Kaddy

Kruzer Kaddy 600 Kustom Kaddy

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We can’t help but introducing the products of Kruzer Kuddy. It is a trusted brand on the market. And this Kruzer Kaddy 600 Kustom Kaddy is not an exception.

Like any other Kruzer Kaddy cup holders, this one also features the reversible mounting system. This system acts as a tool for rigid and pivot positioning, keeping your drink in place.

Plus, it is plated with chrome for extra hardness. The outside surface of the holder is wrapped with leather for a smoother appearance.

It features a bolt to make itself grasp more firmly. In fact, this bolt does meet the standard of America for health guarantee.

However, it can’t fit well with the big handlebar.


  • Reversible mounting system
  • Leather wrap
  • American standard bolt


  • Not suitable with fat handlebar

10. Hide & Drink Handlebar Cup Holder

Hide & Drink Handlebar Cup Holder

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The last product we would like to introduce to you today is the Hide & Drink Handlebar Cup Holder.

This cup holder is especially a perfect choice for those who are fond of vintage styles. It is wrapped with leather and finished with black for a basic and modern look.

What is more, it features insulated liners that can keep your drink warmer or colder for a longer time. This is attributed to the leather wrapping that helps to maintain the temperature of your beverage.

Besides, it can go well with almost any type of handlebar. Even it acts as an X name power bike cup holder or a motorcycle cup holder, it can do its best.

Nevertheless, the leather layer can wear away after some time of use. You may need to spray a layer of leather protector to make it last longer.


  • Vintage-style
  • Maintains the temperature of your drink
  • Goes well with many handlebars


  • The leather layer wears away.

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Cup Holder

Image source: Alibaba

Type of Water Containers

This is one of the most important factors that determine your cup holder. What you need to do is to measure the circumference of your water containers.

Some cup holders can go well with large bottles, while others fit in with small ones. Thus, it is essential to take the circumference and pick a cup holder that fits with that circumference.

You do not want your drink to fall down while you are riding, do you?


Like the previous factor, this is important, as well. This factor is determined by your handlebar.

If your bike cup holder handlebar is thin, then look for a cup holder that can fit in well with it. Otherwise, you may find your cup holder rotating while you are cycling.


Image source: Aliexpress

The material usually refers to the amount of time you want to maintain the temperature of your drink. To be more specific, some cup holders can’t keep the drink hot or cold for a long period of time, while others can.

You should look for a cup holder that is wrapped with leather. The leather layer will reduce the temperature transmitted into the environment.


Of all the TOP 10 Best Bike Cup Holders, the most outstanding product is the Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar. It can grasp your drink firmly without letting it spill out or fall down.

Besides, there is a mesh basket to prevent your beverage from damage or dent. Last, of all, it is one of the most lightweight cup holders on the market.

Hopefully, through our article today, you can find out more about cup holders and know how to pick a good one.

Now, it’s your turn to pick your own cup holder! Good luck!


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