Bloomframe Window Reviews. Transformable Designs to Improve Your Home Utility


When designing buildings, one of the most important elements is always the windows. They play a vital role in the overall aesthetic of the building, and also make a big impact on the way people experience their time in the building. A building with no windows is nothing short of scary and sad!

While you may be accustomed to the standard window types and structures, the fact is, times are progressing, and windows need to follow suit. Have you ever imagined a window that shifted into a balcony with the push of a button? That’s right, the future is here, and it arrived with the Bloomframe window.

What is the Bloomframe Window?

Seriously, the Bloomframe window is one that can turn itself into a balcony. Think of the architecture possibilities. This innovative window is the first of its kind, which means that there’s really nothing to compare it to. That doesn’t matter much, as it has already moved from prototype to reality in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the product’s creators are based.

The Bloomframe window has ushered in a new era in urban planning. In areas where it was once impossible to find an apartment with outdoor space, the Bloomframe window will be able to step in and open up a world of new options.

Adding to the convenience of the Bloomframe window, it is operated by just a push of one button, which automatically opens the window, transforming it into a balcony within 60 seconds. The addition of these windows to apartments will provide people with extra light, air and space.

Bloomframe Window Balcony USA

Bloomframe Window concept

Good news for American fans of the Bloomframe, the first showcase in New York City is on its way and being prepared. Before you know it, you too will have the option of having one of these windows in your apartment.

If you choose to install a Bloomframe window in your apartment, you will have a choice of three sizes:

  • 1700mm (width) x 2400mm (height)
  • 2300mm (width) x 2400mm (height)
  • 3000mm (width) x 2400mm (height)

These choices in size make the installation potentially possible for more people! If you choose the largest Bloomframe window, you will the recipient of 3 meters squared of extra floor space when you open it into a balcony.

The design of the Bloomframe window is meant to prevent any potential danger or accidents, as you need to use both hands for the opening and closing processes, and you must wait until the balcony is fully opened to step onto it.

Bloomframe Window

Keep in mind that it is better to leave your Bloomframe window closed during bad weather, such as rain, but if water does happen to fill the balcony, it will not come inside, as the threshold is equipped with a gutter for drainage.

The designers of the Bloomframe window have thought about your total safety and convenience, so there is no need to worry about what you will do in the case of a power outage. You can operate the closing and opening of the Bloomframe window manually, in emergency situations.

Inclusion is vital everywhere in the world, and the Bloomframe window ensures that everyone can enjoy what it brings to the home, with its threshold making it accessible for people with disabilities. If you’re wondering about standing on window glass, you’re not alone.

The glazing used on the Bloomframe window is not considered as standard flooring, but there are options to add adhesive tapes or printed glazing to avoid slipping.

Check out the Bloomframe window for yourself:

Bloomframe Price

There’s no doubt about what your next question is. How much does an amazing innovation in architecture and technology run for? The truth is, the jury isn’t all in on this inquiry. While there are various rumors floating around, claiming that the pricing of the Bloomframe window ranges anywhere from $11,500 to $14,500, there is no company confirmation for these figures.

If you really want to learn how much installing one of these windows would cost you, then you will need to contact the company directly.

Bloomframe Pros and Cons

Before you get carried away and start breaking out the blueprints to try and redesign your whole apartment to fit a Bloomframe window, you should consider the pros and cons.


  • Creates extra space for city apartments.
  • Will bring light and air into the apartment.
  • Outdoor space becomes an option for all urban dwellers.
  • Designed with convenience and safety in mind.
  • Accessible for wheelchairs and other disabilities.
  • Aesthetically simple, sleek and pleasing to the eye.
  • Suitable for installation and use for private homes, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, and cruise ships.
  • Emergency manual override.
  • Will continue functioning when raining.
  • Anti-slipping options available for balcony floor.


  • Does not fall into everyone’s price range.
  • Only 3 size options, so far.
  • Cannot customize balcony depth.

Take your time weighing the pros and cons before researching how to add a Bloomframe window to your home or business.


The Bloomframe window is still in its early stages throughout the world, however, it shows great promise in modernizing and enhancing urban planning and living. Even if you don’t add a Bloomframe window to your home or business, it’s definitely worth seeking one out just to experience the innovation. Welcome to the future!

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