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Mornings are a fairly stressful time for me. I’m not a fan of waking up early, so I consider it more of a hassle when I’m forced to wake up early to heat up my car in the winter. I normally have to do this because the heater built into my car isn’t very efficient at making my car warm up quickly while driving.

Luckily, portable car heaters have been invented to help out with this issue. I no longer have to get up earlier to heat up my car since a portable car heater can do that for me. It makes me feel safer and more comfortable knowing I’m warm and snug as I travel in my car.

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The Car Defogger and Heater is one of the best heaters I’ve found that can effectively get this job done. It works to heat up my entire car in order to help it run better and not freeze up. I don’t know what I would do if my car broke down on the way to work due to being too cold to operate.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Portable Car Heater

No one likes to deal with the stress of driving a car that isn’t quite warmed up yet. There are times though when you’re needing to get to a location quickly, so you don’t have time to warm it up. This is when a portable car heater may come in handy for you. It can easily warm up quickly and efficiently to make your car ride warmer to it doesn’t freeze up throughout your drive.

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If your car’s heater takes an excessive amount of time to warm up your car, this could be a good option for you to try. All you’ll need to do is turn it on then head to your desired destination. Most portable car heaters were made specifically for cars and smaller spaces.

If you’re traveling with a large group of people or are in a big space, it may be more difficult for you to warm that entire area up. You may want to consider only purchasing a portable car heater if you’re the only one that needs the large amount of heat.

There are a few factors you’ll need to take into consideration when purchasing this product:

  • How much space you need to heat up- Car heaters are known to heat up certain smaller areas in the car. If the space is too large, it may not be able to heat up much of it
  • The energy-efficiency of the heater- try to figure out how easily it kicks on or off in order to keep it from overheating while saving energy
  • Noise of the heater- If it’s too loud, this may be disturbing to listen to throughout your car ride
  • How Quick It Starts Warming The Area- If you need your car heater to kick in automatically, you’ll want to find one that is quick and efficient when heating up

Car Defogger and Heater

This car heater is known to be very easy to travel with and many claim it heats up shortly after being plugged in. On the product itself you’ll find a design that claims to heat you up quickly.

They believe it can heat your car up within a minute after starting the machine up. It says that it specializes in keeping your car’s engine from breaking down due to being too cold to operate.

The Car Defogger and Heater is known to lead the market in the portable car heater world. It’s smaller than most others so you shouldn’t have any issues transporting it from car to car if needed. It also claims to be multifunctional, so you may be able to easily switch it over to cooling mode as well.

It plugs right into the cigar lighter, so you shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing an extra cable for this machine. It’s made from a material that is known to be fairly high-quality. It can also be used when camping as this product suggests it’s compact for this type of travel.

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  • This is a very multifunctional machine. Any frost you find on your windshield can be cleared off with the defrost feature included. If the car becomes too hot, it should have a feature built in that can transport the room to a cooler temperature.
  • It’s made from copper material that can make it emit a large amount of heated air in spaces that are both wide and large
  • It’s available in a travel size that can easily be picked up, moved around and stored in different areas
  • It claims to be very simple to install and will start right up at the push of a button
  • There is a thermostat built into the machine. You should be able to easily adjust the machine to reach your desired temperature


  • Since this is available in a travel size, it’s known to be quite small. This means it can’t push out a lot of air all at once and could take a little longer for your whole area to become warm
  • It’s known to be multifunctional, so it can switch from hot to cool. It can sometimes take it a while to heat up after it’s been on cool mode
  • It isn’t able to be used longer than 10 minutes at a time or else the car can become too hot

Defrost Feature

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I get easily irritated when I climb inside of my cold car after my car heater is on to find my windows still frosted. That’s why I believe this defrost feature can really come in handy. It works to keep the windows from no longer containing frost on them. So you don’t have to sit their and wait for a while.

Frosted or frozen windows are a huge hassle and can become very hazardous if you’re trying to get around and can’t even see where you’re going. Without a defroster, you can become impatient waiting for your car’s defroster to work and can drive into oncoming traffic if you can’t see anything.

Multi-vented Heater

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When you’re warming up a car, you want the air to travel in large portions all at once. With the multi-vents on this portable heater, this is what it should be able to do. If the heat was only traveling through one vent, it would take longer to exit the machine and circulate. The larger amount of vents make the car become warmer more quickly.

The warmth can keep your car’s engine from freezing and further causing your car to break down. I always get stressed out that this may happen to my engine since I’m always in too much of a hurry to wait for my car to warm up. With a quick portable car heater, I wouldn’t have to wait as long.

Small Travel Size

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This product is known to be a little smaller than most. I enjoy this because I keep a lot of other items stored in my car. This can take up little to no room, which makes it nicer to store as well. Finding a new place to put this product may not be as difficult since it can easily be squeezed into a smaller area.

If you are unexpectedly needing to ride in a different car for the day that’s having issues heating up, this can make your life a little easier. You can grab this small car heater and easily place it in a new car. This makes it so you won’t have to worry about the other car you’re travelling in breaking down from freezing.

Easy Installation

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When I’m trying to get somewhere quickly and need my car to quickly heat up, I’d like it to plug right in so I can get where I’m going easily. Since this product will just easily plug right into your cigar lighter, it can be extremely quick and efficient.

It’s nice knowing I don’t have to stress about plugging in any excess cords. If it had any extra cords that were difficult to plug in, the car heater could easily break from the cord accidentally getting tugged. If it breaks, the heater could damage other parts of the car. It would also keep the heater from working and the car could quickly freeze up again to dangerous temperatures.

Thermostat Built In

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It’s easy to decide how hot or cold you want the machine to be with the thermostat inside of it. You should be able to easily turn it on and change it to the desired temperature of choice. With this thermostat feature, it can make it harder for the machine to heat up too much.

If it were to rise to high temperatures, your car could run the risk of getting too hot and you as the passenger could overheat. If the heater were to fall over, it could dangerously catch the car on fire if it’s too hot. This is why a built-in thermostat could really come in handy for you.

Different Alternatives To Try

There are other portable heaters that are available for you to test out and use to your advantage. Most of them are very similar to this defogger and heater as they share a lot of the same important features.

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AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

This heater is smaller than the original car defogger and heater. Since it’s smaller, most people believe it to be easier to travel with than most other heaters. This makes it easier for it to be transported from one car or the other. It can be set up easily when you’ve hopped into another car and are on the move.

It also claims to contain certain material to keep it from tipping over while the car is in motion. This is an important feature to have as a heater that has tipped over has the ability to catch a car on fire if it’s hot enough.

Since it’s smaller, this heater should mainly only be used by one person in a smaller space. It doesn’t seem to have the capabilities to heat more than one person in a larger area.

You can learn more about the product here.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This heater acts more like a space heater than a car heater. Because of this, it’s known to heat up larger rooms with bigger amounts of air. This heater is better for more groups of people who need to receive a large amount of heat quickly.

If your car’s heat goes out entirely, this would be your best bet to have. It doesn’t completely replace your car’s built-in heater, but the amount of heat it gives off is fairly close. This makes it more comfortable for you and one other person to travel in a car together.

Check out the product here.

Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater

This heater is smaller but can still exude a large amount of air that you don’t ordinarily see in the car defogger and heater product. It’s smaller and looks as if it may not heat up a room very well. When turned on, though it’s known to act as a space heater and can heat up large parts of a room.

This can be used for people who need their whole area to be heated up. This personal space heater differs from the main car heater and defogger as it has a built-in timer. This time works to shut off as soon as it gets to hot. This is important as a heater that is too warm can be damaging to you and your car.

You can find more about the product here.


This portable car defogger and heater can be known as a literal lifesaver if used properly. It can help keep your car from becoming too cold to function. So you won’t be left stranded on the side of the road if it breaks down. This can help make your life so much easier as it will quickly warm up your car, making your life a little easier and warmer.

You can check this available product and its features out here.


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