TOP 10 Best Child Wrist Leash 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


Children are always moving around, always trying to see new things, always exploring. As a result of this, they tend to stray from their parents. This article will give more info about, and the 10 best examples of, one way to keep children safe and close: Wrist Leashes.

TOP 10 Best Child Wrist Leash 2020

What are child leashes?

Child leashes are, as the name implies, leashes for your child. There are two big variants of the child leash, both of which are connected to the parent’s wrist. The first type is the harness. It slips around your child’s chest kind of like a special backpack and is then attached to your wrist by a flexible leash.

They can sometimes be used as an actual backpack at the same time, and come with leashes in different lengths. The second type of child leash is one that goes from the child’s wrist to the parent’s wrist. These are generally more restraining and less easy to use for the child, but at the same time teach the child about teamwork and cooperation, which they require to be used comfortably.

Why use a child leash?

Of course, the first question when talking about wrist leashes for your kid is, ‘Why would I need to put a leash on my kid?’ Well, the answers, since there are multiple, are simple. First of all, to keep your child close to you. You don’t want them getting too far ahead or behind of you, or even worse, out of your sight, do you? You want to have them near.

‘But why do I have to restrict my kid’s movements to keep them close?’ you could then ask. Well, to keep them safe of course! A parent’s worst fear is that something would happen to their kids, and these leashes exist to keep your children safe, and make sure you don’t have to worry about anything happening to them! Imagine crossing a busy road, or walking in a crowd of people, and knowing that your kid is safely attached to you!

What to look for when buying a child leash?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are different types of leashes, each with its own pro’s and con’s. That’s why it’s imperative for you to know in what kinds of different situations you’re going to be using your brand new child leash. Will you use it on hikes in forests and mountains? In busy cities or while crossing lots of big streets?

When walking your child to and from school? Depending on the situation, you’ll want a different kind of leash. For example, a harness that double-functions as a backpack and with a detachable leash is perfect for taking children to school, while a wrist-to-wrist leash might be more suitable when having your kid walking next to you while crossing a busy and dangerous road, for example.

What to look for when buying a child leash

A second thing to pay attention to is, of course, the material. For wrist-to-wrist leashes, it’s important that the string holding the wristbands together is sturdy but also still flexible and that the inside lining of the cuffs is soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

When choosing a harness, there are other things to consider such as how comfortable the harness itself is, whether it will fit your child, how hard it would be for your child to escape the harness, and whether or not you can use the harness as a backpack as well.

Of course, one of the most important factors to add to your checklist when buying a leash for your child is the length of the wire. Of course, this matters for both wrist-to-wrist leashes as well as harnesses.

The debate around child leashes

If you’re looking into buying a leash for your child, you’ve definitely read up on the debate that’s been going on since forever between people pro-leashing and contra-leashing. Both sides have their arguments, most of which are correct, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your child leash. The biggest arguments contra-leashers have are that it looks humiliating for the child, and is a lazy thing to do as a parent.

Now let is talk about both those arguments, starting with the humiliation aspect. Do you really want to give up the chance to keep your child safe, simply because of how it looks? Maybe it looks slightly weird, or different, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. If it works -which it does- it doesn’t matter how it looks. The same thing goes for the second argument, the “lazy parent”.

Not all children are easy to handle or teach. In the case of a really active, explorative, or excited child, leashes are the best way to keep your child safe, despite how it makes you look as a parent. And this article will list the 10 best options!

The Leashes Reviews

1. SIUONI Child Harness With Leash

SIUONI Child Harness With Leash

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The SIUONI harnesses, which come with leashes, are some of the more simple yet effective leashes on this list. The harness is as simple as they come, consisting of straps over the shoulders and one strap on the chest. This strap on the chest, however, is quite easy to open with a button to press. This means that, if your child is creative, they could -hypothetically- figure out how to get out of the harness.

But on the other side, the biggest thing about the SIUONI harnesses is that they have cute -and cool- designs, with moving wings on the back. They ship in different versions as well, such as a bee, a chicken and a bat, making it so that your child can choose whichever one they like best and will love wearing the harness. The leash itself is 150 centimeters long (60 inches), making it great for crowed places!

2. Accmor Child Harness With Leash

Accmor Child Harness With Leash

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The Accmor Harness, which looks quite a bit like the SIUONI -shaped like an animal with the same layout of straps- but the biggest difference is in the leashes. The Accmor also comes with a normal leash, like the SIUONI, but it ships with a stretchable, Eteel wire as a second leash. This wire stretches to 2,5 meters, making it a better option for walks in forests or parks, for example, where your child might want more freedom to explore and run away while the chances of it disappearing out of sight is lower.

It also attaches to the parent’s wrist, eliminating the need to hold the leash yourself! The leash is also attached to the harness in a different way from the SIUONI, namely with a slightly stronger mechanism. We’re not saying that the mechanism in the SIUONI isn’t strong enough, far from that even, but it has to be mentioned that the Accmor is slightly sturdier.

3. Toddler Safety Wrist Leash and Harness (2in1)

Toddler Safety Wrist Leash and Harness 2in1

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This entry on our list is perhaps the most special and different leash of all. To begin with, it’s just like the two harnesses we mentioned earlier, except that it’s made of a softer material. This makes it more comfortable to wear. The harness can only be opened with a key as well, meaning it can’t be opened by the child -or a stranger-! It also only comes with a wrist leash for the parent, meaning no needing to hold the leash! But where it really is different, is that it can also be turned into a wrist-to-wrist leash.

The harness can be changed into a comfortable wristband/cuff made especially for toddlers, being soft and breathable! This makes it a great leash to use in all possible situations. Note: When using the wrist-to-wrist leash, it might not be a great idea to suddenly yank your child out of harm’s way with full force, since it might cause some harm to their shoulder!

4. Toddler Watterproof Backpack With Leash

Toddler Watterproof Backpack With Leash

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This backpack is mostly just that: A backpack. It’s spacy, big, and comfortable to wear. It’s got soft yet sturdy straps only around the shoulders like all normal backpacks -so no chest strap- and is made out of breathable materials. It ships in a load of different, cute designs, so that your child will definitely find one which it likes!

Where it fits in this list, though, is the little ring at the bottom of the backpack, as well as the leash that comes with it. The leash can be attached to the little ring with a simple mechanism, making it really simple to remove. This makes this leash the perfect backpack and leash combination to take your child to school with! When you reach the school, simply remove the leash and let your child enter school with their fancy backpack!

5. Toddler 2in1 Leash for Walking

Toddler 2in1 Leash for Walking

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This entry on our list is mostly the same as the Toddler Safety Wrist Leash and Harness (2in1) we spoke about earlier. It’s durable, comes with a harness that can be turned into a comfortable to wear wristband, and has a wrist strap for the parent’s wrist so they don’t have to hold the leash in their hand. The biggest difference is that this one ships with a strong and elastic wire which is reflective.

This makes it a great way to make sure drivers on dark roads see your child and you. The wires are visible in darkness when light shines on it from a whopping 20 meters away! The chain is 2 meters long, also making it perfect for places with less people where your child might want a bit more freedom!

6. Goldbug Animal Safety Harness

Goldbug Animal Safety Harness

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The Goldbug animal safety harness does two things. First of all it functions as a perfectly fine safety harness for your child, complete with leash and everything. The leash is made of a durable but less comfortable material however, and does not come with a wrist strap. This makes it so the parent will have to hold the leash themselves, although it can be turned around the wrist to make it function as a wrist leash.

Also note, the leash is extremely short. This might make it even more uncomfortable to use for the parent. But the reason you should use this one is the fact that it’s cute. It comes in the shape of an animal “hugging” your child, making them feel safe as well as be safe. Also, it functions as a teeny tiny backpack as well. Don’t expect to put any water bottles in it, but your wallet or your keys can perfectly fit!

7. Toddler Backpack with Anti-Lost Harness

Toddler Backpack with Anti-Lost Harness

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This is another backpack which double-functions as a safety harness. It looks cute, with the print of a small dragon on it, and is big enough to fit a water bottle and lunch, making it a great backpack for your child to take to school. Like the backpack we mentioned earlier, the leash that comes with it is attached to a ring at the bottom and is easy to remove or attach.

This means you can easily remove and replace it when taking your child to or from school. The leash is 1.1 meter long, which is pretty short, but might be perfect for smaller children!

8. JiePai Toddler Animal Backpack

JiePai Toddler Animal Backpack

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This backpack, yet again, functions as a normal backpack as well as a harness. It’s got thicker straps than the other backpacks on this list, making it more comfortable for your little one to wear, and is bigger than the other backpacks on this list. This makes it a better option for children who are slightly older and need to carry more things to school with them, or just children who like or need more things with them.

They ship in multiple prints such as sporty animals or a rocket ship. The leash which accompanies the backpack is again attached to a small ring at the bottom of the backpack with a simple to remove mechanism, making it perfect to take your child to school with! The backpack is also waterproof, meaning it can still be used perfectly fine in rainy weather!

9. Anti Lost Wrist Link with Lock

Anti Lost Wrist Link with Lock

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This is the first of two wrist-to-wrist leashes on our list. It consists of two comfortable, soft, easy-to-wear cuffs, linked together by a strong, durable, stretching steel wire. They are attached to a 360-degree rotating mechanism so the wire won’t get tangled or limit movement space. The child’s cuff is slightly complicated to close, however, but this also makes it really hard for the child to “escape”.

It has to be closed with Velcro’s, then with a buckle, and then with a lock. The key to the lock is attached to the parent’s cuff, meaning the child can only be released from the cuff if the parent unlocks it.

10. Betertek Anti Lost Wrist Link

Betertek Anti Lost Wrist Link

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The Betertek anti lost wrist link is the second wrist-to-wrist leash on this list, as well as the last one we’ll be discussing here. It functions a lot like the one we mentioned earlier, consisting of two wrist cuffs linked by a stretching, strong and flexible steel wire. They are free-moving, and attached to 360-degree rotating mechanisms as to not complicate movement or entangle the wire.

The biggest difference between the Betertek anti lost wrist link and the one we talked about earlier, is that while the first one was closed with a complicated mechanism opened with a key, this one is opened by a magnetic lock. The opening magnet is placed inside the parent’s cuff, with the same result: Only the parent’s cuff can open the child’s cuff. It’s one of the safest, as well as easiest mechanism we have on this list.


After having reviewed these 10 child leashes, we can say that there are definitely three winners here, one in each category. To begin with the wrist-to-wrist leashes, we can simply say that the Betertek Anti Lost Wrist Link is the better option of the two. It’s easier to open and close, and looks slightly more comfortable than the alternative Anti Lost Wrist Link with Lock.

For the harnesses, we could state that the Accmor Harness with Leash is the easiest to use, as well as sturdiest and safest option. It’s not easy for the child to “escape,” looks nice, and is simple to use. If you want one with a backpack, however, the JiePai is the best option. It’s bigger, has a longer leash, and is just as easy in usage as all the other backpacks on the list. Happy walking with your child, and keep safe!


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