Top 10 Of The Best Cooling Hats For Summer And Buyer’s Guide


Do you ever wonder, how can cooling hat keep you fresh and comfortable all day long?

The answer lies in its cooling by evaporation design. Cooling hats are all made of breathable material, which has numerous tiny holes for water to vapor, thus reduce the body temperature.

Have you realized the magic behind this cooling system yet?

The more you sweat, the fresher you feel! Because the cooling hat will make the sweat evaporate along with your body heat. So what are you waiting for? Come with us to top 10 of the best cooling hats for a hot summer day right below!

Top 10 Best Cooling Hats For Summer

Best Cooling Hat Reviews

1. Ontel B07TYGCVX6 Arctic Hat – Best For Outdoor Activities

Arctic Hat - Best For Outdoor Activities

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To begin with the reviews, we want to introduce you to the famous Arctic Hat that you might already see on the TV.

But first, what is an Arctic Hat?

It is a sun hat that makes use of evaporative cooling technology and sunlight-reflection material. The manufacture claim this hat can reduce the temperature to 20° lower than the surrounding and offer 99% coverage from harmful sun rays.

That is such a big declaration! Let’s look through some product details to see why they can say that.

The Ontel Arctic Hat is an evaporative cooling hat. What does that mean? It means that you need to wet the hat to make it work (of course it will still work when dry, but much less effective).

Made of strong and lightweight material with ventilation design, this hat can keep you fresh and comfortable during all-day-long activities! You can take it with you to the camping place, or when you go fishing, lie down on the sunny beach, etc. It could become your new reliable friend!

One little bothersome of this cooling hat is that it can not be washed in the washing machine. You need to do that by hand, and we all know somebody who does not want to put their hands on the laundry, right?


  • UV absorption.
  • Sunlight reflection to reduce heat.
  • Evaporate cooling design for the best experience.
  • Large hat brim for both neck and face coverage.


  • Require handwash.

2. MISSION 106001 Performance Cooling Hat – Editor’s Choice Lightweight Sun Cap

MISSION is a well-known name in the headwear industry. They have a variety of cooling hats for customers to choose for their outdoor summer day.

But the one we are talking about now is the MISSION 106001 Performance Cooling Hat – a potential product which is highly rated in both men’s sun hats and sport launchpad category.

This MISSION cooling hat is extremely light – only 4 ounces! You might think: That’s meaningless, all hats are light. You just need a smaller hat.

Performance Cooling Hat - Editor’s Choice Lightweight Sun Cap

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Well, that’s not true. MISSION does not reduce the weight of the hat by lessening the material but changing its structure. The super-wicking fabric also offers quick sweat absorption and evaporating.

Moreover, its chemical-free cooling technology activated when soaking the hat in water helps ensure the temperature-modification throughout the day while blocking users from harmful sun rays.

The product comes in six colors, and one size fits all. That is probably why some female buyers feedback that it is a little bit large for their heads.


  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • All-day cooling effect.


  • A little too big for smaller head

3. Ergodyne Chill-Its 8935CT Cooling Ranger Hat – Editor’s Choice Working Hat

Here is another affordable cooling hat that ranks over 100 in Men’s Sun Hat category!

The Ergodyne Chill-Its Cooling Ranger Hat is extremely lightweight and noticeable in its neon green color. This neon-green fabric is ANSI certified polyester for the best heat and light reflection. Besides, its wide brim can cover both your face and your neck from the harmful sunlight.

Do you find out the most suitable application for the remarkable appearance of this ranger hat?

Carhartt Men’s Face Mask

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Bingo! It is for road and railway workers!

The hot and humid summer air is the enemy of any workers who have to do tough work all day long. This cooling hat uses evaporating technology to help the worker reduce fatigue, stay cool and comfortable, so that boosts their productivity.

The Ergodyne is highly rated for its value for money. These cooling hats for men are definitely worthy investments for a safe and comfy sunny working day. But you should choose one size bigger than your head measurement due to its non-stretchy fabric.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Great cooling under heat stress


  • A bit small for big head users (Tip: buy bigger size)

4. Columbia Bora Bora II Booney Hat – Editor’s Choice High-quality Sun Hat

Carhartt Men’s Face Mask

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Are you looking for the most high-quality cooling hat?

There is an option here for you: The Columbia Bora Bora II Booney Hat. It is just about $20 but ranks the #1 best seller in the fishing hat category! Let’s find out why.

The Columbia Unisex cooling hat is made of 100% nylon poplin, an excellent sweat-wicking fabric. It also features advanced technology to protect the user from harsh sunlight and destructive UV rays.

Here are some noticeable details of the technology they use:

This Columbia Bora Bora II has a wide brim of UPF 50 fabric in Omni-Shade high-tech for extra protection of sunburn and skin damage.  And the Omni-Wick high-quality wicking fabric help moves sweat from the skin to the hat, which then quickly vanish, leaving you with the pleasantly dry feeling.

Besides, this hat features an adjustable chin strap for all size fitting. But its booney shape also comes with a disadvantage: it becomes floppy and flimsy when it is not on your head.

But do you know what is best?

This hat has been rampaging in a lot of category rankings! #2 in women’s cooling hat, #1 in fishing hats, and #60 for man’s hat! So why are you hesitating?


  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Multiple colors choice


  • Some say that the hat can be floppy and flimsy

5. LETHMIK Heatstroke Protection Cooling Hat – Used For Outdoor Picnic Or Fishing

Does this hat look familiar to you?

Obviously yes, this hat looks 90% similar to the Arctic Hat we were talking about above!

Actually, they are not very much different from each other. The LETHMIK Heatstroke and the Ontel Arctic Hat both use the evaporating technology to keep customers dry and cool under the hot sunlight. That is why we also call them evaporative cooling hats.

Heatstroke Protection Cooling Hat - Used For Outdoor Picnic Or Fishing

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These hats are made of durable knitted nylon fabric, which is suitable for long-last outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, or fishing. They are able to keep you cool and refresh for hours with no worry about sunburn and skin damage.

The LETHMIK claims to offer buyers high-quality products at a reasonable price. But this Heatstroke Protection Hat’s fabric is a bit thin and weak, so watch carefully or it will fly away!



  • Somewhat small and thin

6. Xianful Hydro Cooling Sun Hat – Best Affordable Reflective Sun Hat

We know what you are thinking. “Another shining sun hat?”.

Yes, but much cheaper. This Xianful Hydro Cooling Sun Hat is only half the price of products in the same class.

But that does not mean that it would be any less efficient. The Xianful also features the lightweight evaporative nylon material, cooling liners, coating in a shiny layer that reflects most of the sunlight coming toward you.

Cooling Sun Hat - Best Affordable Reflective Sun Hat

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Just like any of the other brothers, the Xianful Hydro Cooling Sun Hat has a unisex design, which is convenient for various outdoor activities such as picnic, hiking, boating, camping, vacation on the beach, etc.

One noticeable drawback of this Xianful sun hat is its measurement. It is not recommended for big head users due to its tight fit and non-elastic material.


  • Affordable
  • Heatstroke resistant
  • Great cooling effect


  • Tight fit

7. Wipkal 2 Pieces New Cooling Hat – Editor’s Choice 2 Pcs Pack Sun Hat

Do you wonder why you would need two hats of the same material?

Sometimes when you go camping, you bring the booney hat with you. But then your son suddenly feels like running and asks you to run with him.

So, running in a boonie hat?

Of course not! Luckily, you also have a sun cap that arrived with the boonie from your Wipkal two pieces package order. These two are nearly identical to the hat of a more famous brand. But do you know the difference?

We got two pieces for the same cost order of one piece without much quality reduction. Two pieces of the Wipkal are also made sunlight reflective material, feature breathable, and evaporating structure to cool down the heat.

Wipkal 2 Pieces New Cooling Hat - Editor’s Choice 2 Pcs Pack Sun Hat

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This hat combo is not widely known, maybe because people think that “why do I need two hats when I only have one head?”. So you will not see many reviews online for reference.

But if you are wondering about buying a boonie hat for extra neck coverage, or a sun cap for easier outdoor exercises; we highly recommend you to take this combo for real experience.


  • Low-cost
  • Foldable and waterproof
  • Work great under the sun


  • Few reviews for evaluation

8. Aussie Chiller Baseball Style Cooling Hat – Editor’s Choice High-end Cooling Cap

Are you fed up with shiny sun hats?

Here is a bold choice for you: The Aussie Chiller Baseball Cooling Hat. It only comes in two colors: Ivory and Tan, with the cost that doubles ordinary cooling hat’s price!

But we can show you that the price tag is totally worth it!

Not to mention its high-end, compact, solid look, this Aussie Chiller also features an outstanding perforated design that allows quick evaporation and instant cooling effect. Besides, this design helps the cap capable of blocking harmful UV rays and heat from sunlight.

Aussie Chiller Baseball Style Cooling Hat - Editor’s Choice High-end Cooling Cap

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This baseball-style cooling hat is made of a rich, soft, and light chamois material, and an adjustable velcro strap for a width modification. You can wash it in the washing machine without worrying about the deformed shape or shrink.

The Aussie Chiller works best with chill water. It is recommended to be used as a cold evaporating towel. You can bring it along to anywhere: to the golf, fishing spot, or to the beach, etc.


  • Fashionable design
  • High-end chamois fabric
  • Long-lasting cooling result


  • High-priced

#9: Mission 106102-P Cooling Bucket Hat – Best For Your Long Trip

Here we have another cooling hat from MISSION: The 106102-P Bucket Hat – Real Tree Version

The MISSION Bucket Hat has a unique appearance compared to its brother in the market. Made of 100% polyester to promote rapid drying, this hat also features the significant chemical-free and evaporating technology of MISSION company.

This bucket hat is designed to fit snug onto your head for maximum comfort. Besides, the fabric structure inside the hat offers immediate cooling results when wetted with water. But this tight fit fabric also makes it uncomfortable for big head users.

No products found.

No products found.

In case you do not know:

MISSION has constantly been working with professional athletes and experts in the field to improving their final products. Their cooling accessories have kept a lot of pro players being cool during intense practice or competition.

MISSION’s new HydroActive cooling technology promises to give the best thermoregulation, which means that it will be able to instantly cools the body temperature, keeping you at your best state.

Yet not all of us are professional athletes; we just need a comfortable cooling hat for our long trip outside. And this is the perfect bucket hat for that!


  • Durable
  • Cool and unique pattern
  • Tested by the pro


  • Snug fit makes it uncomfortable for big head users

10. MISSION 109356 Cooling Hat – Editor’s Choice Versatile Sun Cap

Do you know the saying: Save the best for the last?

Yes, we are doing that now! This MISSION navy cooling hat will be the most versatile cooling cap that you have ever seen. Its professional look is suitable for all outdoor activities, from the company tennis match to a picnic with your family.

Let’s take a look at what buyers used this hat for: gardening, car tailgating, golf with friends, backyard barbeque, jogging, holidays on the beach, boating on the lake, etc. Such an endless usages list!

Cooling Hat - Editor’s Choice Versatile Sun Cap

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Made of 100% polyester which is machine washable to save user’s cleaning time, this hat can be enabled instantly in 3 steps: soak in the water, wring then snap. For reuse, just wet it again and snap.

Keeps cool for hours: It stays cool for up to 2 hours so that you can comfortably stay active longer. To reactivate, just re-wet and snap.

Though this MISSION hat should be activated by wetting with water, some say that it works better when it is dry because wet cap makes them feel uncomfortable.


  • Durable fabric
  • Professional look
  • Versatile uses


  • Uncomfortable when wetted

How to Choose A Good Cooling Hat

How to Choose A Good Cooling Hat

There are certain aspects you need to think of when buying a new cooling hat for your working day or vacation. Here is some question you might want to answer in order to find out which is the best sun hat for yourself:

How wide to you want the brim to be?

So first, do you want a wide-brim hat or a baseball cap?

A wide-brim hat offers extra coverage of both face and neck so that you do not need to worry about sunburn when working under the sun for the whole day.

Meanwhile, the baseball cap can just protect your face from the harmful sun rays, leaving your neck and the lower part around your chin uncover.

So it depends on how you would use the hat that you should pick the suitable hat brim for yourself.

Which fabric to choose?

A good cooling fabric is the one that features great sunlight protection and air ventilation. Sun hats can be made of polyester or nylon poplin or any other strong yet breathable material.

When choosing a reliable cooling hat, you should also see if it is machine washable or not. Fabric that required handwash usually worn out sooner and easier than machine washable one.

And if your head is a bit oversize, you should avoid non-stretchy material. For the undersize or young user,  velcro closure will probably solve the problem.

Some Final Words

Do you interested in any product of the top 10 best cooling hats for a hot and humid summer day above? Remember to read both our reviews and the user’s guide for the best knowledge when purchasing your new cooling hat!

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to comment below. We will try to reach out to you in the fastest time.

Thank you for reading!


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