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If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, especially during the summer, you probably bring some devices along to help keep you cool. Personally, I tend to bring along fans and other similar devices. While these can be helpful, they aren’t always the most convenient.

Because of this, I turned to solar powered fan hats. These devices feature a solar powered fan built into the visor of the hat. This article will explore more behind one solar powered fan that you could invest in, the Creazy Camping Hat. To find out more about how it works and the benefits it comes with, you’ll want to keep reading.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Powered Fan

A solar camping hat helps to keep you cool without you needing to transport a device around. Because of this, it’s ideal for those who want an energy-efficient way to cool down without having to carrying something around to do so. However, if you prefer not to rely on solar power for relief, you might instead want to consider investing in a portable fan or mister.

Before you invest in a solar powered hat fan, it’s important you consider a few things.

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How Powerful the Fan Is

It’s very important to make sure the fan is powerful in order for it to cool you down. If the fan doesn’t have a strong solar panel or motor, it will not work well at keeping you cool. Because of this, make sure to carefully look at the motor of the fan in the hat as well as the construction of the solar panel.

How Comfortable the Hat is to Wear

You’ll also want to make sure the hat is comfortable to wear. Some comfortable materials to look for include cotton and polyester. This way, you can be sure that the hat will be easy to wear for a long period of time. Otherwise, it could end up being a nuisance to wear.

If it Can Be Adjusted

While many hats come in one size, not all can be adjusted. This can make it a bit difficult for some to wear. Due to this, make sure that the solar fan hat you invest in comes with an adjustable strap so it fits you well.

Creazy Camping Hat

The Creazy Camping Hat is made of cotton and features a built-in solar panel and fan on the hat’s visor. This fan can be turned on or off with the help of a switch in the hat. This hat comes in two different color options and is adjustable thanks to a strap on the back of it.


  • It comes in different color choices.
  • It’s comfortable to wear.
  • The hat is adjustable.


  • The fan might not work well for some activities.
  • It doesn’t work in dark or cloudy conditions.
  • It might take a few minutes before the fan starts to work.

Features & Benefits

Despite its simplicity, the Creazy Camping Hat comes with many interesting features and benefits. Below are some you’ll find if you decide to invest in this solar camping hat.

It Comes in Two Color Choices

It Has Two Color Choices

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One benefit about the Creazy Camping Hat is that it comes in two color options: black and blue. Both of these options are made of vibrant fabric which helps this product to keep its color for a long period of time, even if you use it for heavy-duty usage. This is unlike many similar products which tend to be made of cheap fabric that fades over time.

It’s Durable

It is Durable

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This camping fan hat is extremely durable. The cotton fabric it’s made of is sewn with tight stitches which help to ensure that even with heavy usage, the hat will last for many years. This thick stitching will also prevent it from tearing easily which is a common problem with flimsy hats.

In addition to this thick stitching, the hat also is made of breathable materials. This way, if you sweat when wearing the hat, it won’t soak into the fabric. Over time, this can fade the fabric which can affect the durability of the hat. Thankfully though, that isn’t the case with this solar fan hat.

It’s Affordable

It’s Affordable

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Another feature about this camping hat is that it’s affordable. However, despite its affordability, the hat is still durable and designed to last you for many years. This is often unheard for a product that comes at this price as most items either aren’t made of durable materials or only work for a few tries before breaking.

It’s a Unique Way to Help Keep You Cool

It is a powerful solar fan

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While many solar fans either need to be attached or connected to something, this product allows you to wear it! The hat can be worn normally, but in the visor of the hat is a small yet powerful solar fan. There is a solar panel built into the front of the hat which is connected to the fan. As you wear the hat in the sun, the solar panel will collect energy and send it to the fan. This will make it run and blow air on your face. There is also a small switch next to the solar panel which allows you to turn the solar panel on or off. This in return will turn the fan on or off. This way, you can be in control of when the fan works.

It’s also a unique option as you have to do absolutely nothing in order for it to run. Compared to similar products which require you to turn the device on/off or check it to make sure there’s enough power stored away, this hat does everything for you. This makes it perfect for those who want a solar fan to use, but don’t want to do much work with it.

It Can Be Adjusted

While this product comes in one size, there is a strap in the back that allows you to adjust the hat as necessary. This means it can easily fit all head sizes, including children. To help ensure the strap stays in place once adjusted, there is a small piece of velcro sewn into the hat. Because it can be adjusted to stay secure to your head, it also makes this product ideal to use for many activities, such as tennis, hiking, cycling, and golf without fear of it flying off.

It’s Comfortable to Wear

It is comfortable to wear

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Another benefit of the Creazy Camping Hat is that it’s comfortable to wear. Despite it having a solar fan built into the front of it, this doesn’t compromise its comfortableness. Because of this, you’ll be able to easily wear this hat with comfort. The cotton material it’s made of is also very soft which will help the hat to rest snugly against your head.

It Requires No Batteries in Order to Run

Unlike some other products which require batteries as well to help the solar fan run, this product requires none. It solely runs on solar power making it ideal for those who don’t want to worry about having to also invest in batteries for the hat to run. This also makes it good for those who are adamant about using only solar power for eco-friendly reasons to use.

The Fan is Strong

Despite being built into a hat, this fan is extremely strong. While a mini fan, it is connected to a small solar panel that is made of high-quality materials. Because of this, it can collect and send out strong bursts of energy to help the fan run well. However, keep in mind this hat only works when it’s sunny. Using it in dark or cloudy conditions won’t let the solar panel collect enough energy to make the fan run. So while it might not work well in these conditions, it does work powerfully when it’s sunny outside.


For those who might not want to use a camping solar-powered hat, you might instead consider the following alternatives.

GOODSOZ Outdoor Solar Fan

This outdoor solar fan by GOODSOZ features a 10W fan that is connected to a solar panel that works to help it quickly cool the area it’s in down. This product also works with a USB cord.

  • The solar panel is waterproof.
  • It’s not as compact compared to the Creazy Camping Hat.
  • It works quickly.

This product is ideal for those who might want something a bit more powerful than the Creazy Camping Hat. It can also connect to other devices thanks to its USB cord.


The OPOLAR Desk Fan runs on batteries and measures 9 inches wide. It comes with two speed settings and is also adjustable. The fan can run for up to 9 hours on a full battery. This fan can be cleaned off safely with a damp cloth.

  • It’s not solar powered.
  • It comes with different speed settings.
  • The fan can be connected to a USB cord.

While not solar powered, this option runs just as powerfully as the Creazy Camping Fan. It can run for up to 9 hours and is also adjustable.

Odoland LED Light and Fan

The Odoland LED Light and Fan can be hung from the ceiling thanks to its durable hook. The light built into this product features 18 LED beads that can run for up to 37 hours. The fan of this product comes with two products.
Odoland LED Light and Fan

  • This product runs on batteries, not solar power.
  • It’s versatile.
  • It comes with many features, such as different speed settings and an adjustable fan head.

This product is ideal for those who want something simple yet powerful to use. It’s not only versatile, but comes with many helpful features. It also is lightweight and durable.


A solar-powered hat is perfect to use if you don’t want to have to carry a solar powered fan around to help keep you cool. The Creazy Camping Hat is ideal to invest in as it not only is durable but can help to keep you cool while you’re outdoors. If you’re interested in learning even more information about the Creazy Camping Hat, you can click here.


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