Top Best Crystal Water Bottles 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide


Gone are days when water bottles were just pocket reservoirs for just storing water and getting hydrated on the go. Human nature has made its business to always try and make life simpler but really, more complicated also.

Crystal water bottles are now among the big leagues of simple complications. They are pretty much just water bottles but go a long way in their appeal and even health properties. Pricey glass bottles with beautiful crystals locked into the bottom, these water bottles are just as miraculous as they transform typical H2O into a healing elixir.


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This report discusses how these bottles work their miracle and some of the best crystal elixir water bottles you can find.

Not only are they becoming a fast-growing trend to replacing those disposable plastic containers with classy, sparkly glass, but they are also becoming a statement. You are sure to expect eyes prying at your $100 crystal elixir. Yes, $100. These miracle-working containers are not so cheap to buy also. According to many users, they are apparently worth every penny.

A Whitney Curry from Texas blogged about how her days changed from being a total disappointment to almost a hundred percent productive. I don’t know about that success rating but considering the multitude confessions, I would not pass it as just product marketing either.


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If something works for you and you are willing to continue financing its supply, then go for it. As for crystal water bottles, it would be safe to add that it does not require as much repurchasing. Therefore, if it could mean that a hundred-dollar setback could mean an endless supply of health juice, then maybe that is not such a bad investment. They can be found without a struggle from Amazon.

These bottles are gorgeous to look at. In any case, up to eighty percent of people do things for the love of utilizing a product they like. This ultimately means that more people stay hydrated from buying such pretty bottles. However, before we burst into a water-bottle-shopping frenzy, let’s talk about the crystals that actually do the work. It’s always important to fully understand a product before actually considering to buy it.


These naturally, beautifully colored rocks occur naturally on the earth surface and have been used all over the word for a lot of various functions for centuries. One of these functions was their healing properties and ability to emit various emotions and feelings. When worn, either as jewelry, in a tote bag or in your pocket, they are said to induce different reactions to your body.


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Amethyst, for example, gives one extra clarity to a task at hand or an unclear matter. So, for those people who have problems handing in their assignments on time, this is how you need to be taking your water. In an Amethyst crystal-infused water bottle.

Rose quartz, brings out love in people. This one could come in handy in a romantic picnic and you had to stay hydrated. I could picture these ones getting sold out on valentine’s day. For the artists and DIY type of people, I would prescribe Carnelian Sparks to bring out that creativity.

However, not all these crystals are as good and useful as you have heard. Therefore, you have to do your research into the kind of crystal you’re consuming. Some of these pretty stones contain extremely toxic chemicals that could prove fatal if ingested.


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There is no given scientific way to tell whether a crystal has magic powers, to begin with, it is a matter of faith and what works for you. I believe that if it should work for you it has to ensure you stay alive, therefore.

Spiritual lifestyle blogger Jess Carlson recommends to first experimenting with commonly known and used crystals first like rose quartz, jade, and amethyst. Other crystals like Selenite and Himalayan salt dissolve in water. Crystals can be helpful to a person, but only from the outside of their bodies.

Therefore, dissolved crystals in your system could be a serious hazard risk to your health and wellbeing. Safe crystals that are safe to put in drinking water need to be less than seven on the Mohs Hardness scale. This scale tells how hard a crystal is, how resistant to scratching and how dissolvable it is in water.

Best crystal-infused water bottles

Since we are now basically bottling beliefs, it would be useful to mind how they come presented.

There are so many types of such water bottles already being manufactured for sale. Some are just simple hand-made crafts while there are factory processed ones. Of course, they vary in a lot of aspects, including price, aesthetics, durability, design, shape, color and efficiency.

Thus, in this report, we will look at a couple of brands like Bewater, Vitajuwel, Elixir to go, Glacce, Zura and so on. Some come with detachable crystals, others with openable bottom caps to replace or add crystals, others have their crystals in covered compartments while others have theirs getting into contact with water.

Others have pods that can be interchanged while there are those with fixed pods. You could even get some that came with individual gem pods to swap crystals. Here are ten of my best crystal water bottles.

Top 8 Best Crystal Water Bottles

Bewater Crystal Water Bottle

Bewater is a brand that makes crystal elixir water bottles. They have two primary designs, one that is made of Tritan plastic and the other is made of glass. The prior has a sealed detachable chamber where the crystals are contained while the latter has its gemstones in a sealed pod that you can change or remove completely.

The key feature in both their designs is the lack of contact between the crystals and the water. The energy from crystals can pass through any medium and thus the pods do not restrict it from being transferred to water despite the barrier.

The crystals do not need to come into direct contact for them to perform their task and no contact ultimately means no risk in poisoning from the toxic chemicals in some gems. You can find them on Amazon.

Bewater makes water bottles with a varying range of crystals furthermore. These crystals are categorized into four categories. These are; Bejoy, Belove, Bemagic, and Bepower. They are grouped according to their functionality.

The Bejoy kind brings out the jovial side of people and makes them more conscious of their environment. It is a great choice to find a particular gem for inducing happiness in different circumstances.

Belove gems keep you in touch with your compassionate side, Bemagic offers peace of mind and finally, Bepower is all about harnessing your inner strength and greatness.

In the Bepower range, there is, for example, Bevitality, which contains Red Jasper, Magnesite and rock crystal. Such a combination creates vitality as Red Jasper is associated with exertion and strength while Magnesite promotes relaxation thus a balance is met.

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  • Bewater offers pretty fast services. According to their reviews, delivery takes not more than five days depending on your location.
  • Postage is also free.
  • The design of the bottle is quite pleasing. It is very easy to clean and fill with water.
  • It is also quite comfortable to hold and not very bulky either.
  • It holds 650ml of water which is just enough to carry when on the move.
  • It is quite safe to use as crystals do not come into contact with the water.
  • It is not as expensive as other crystal-infused water bottles in the market.
  • You can very easily switch to other crystals as the bottles allow for you to detach the pods for storing gems.
  • They have a wide range of crystals.
  • As its lid is screw off, it is rather difficult to use it while involved in an activity requiring hands. This also increases the likelihood of spilling its content while unscrewing the lid.
  • It’s not easy to carry around since it does not have a carry handle.
  • Some people disagree with the fact that the crystals are contained in a separate chamber and that that doesn’t make the water an actual elixir.

Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle

These bottles are very versatile in that you could any of your own crystals depending on your liking. It is the first crystal elixir water bottle that allows you to safely introduce any stones and turn your drinking water into an elixir.

It does not require you to buy other separate gempods or entire bottle when you feel like making a change to your results. You are not limited to the few stones that can be safely immersed in water for drinking. You can get it easily from Amazon It is possible owing to the fact that the crystal chamber is kept separated by a wall of glass from the water.

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  • The price for one covers for the bottle, one set of gemstones and a protective sleeve.
  • You can add any other crystal you desire or swap them to your liking.
  • It is easy to carry around as it has a handle on the sleeve.
  • Elixir to go ensures the water you are consuming is a hundred percent safe for drinking as crystals do not come into contact with drinking water.


  • It faces the same skepticism as previous bottle brands as some do not actually consider it an elixir if the crystals were not actually submerged in the water.
  • Also, they would have been easier to use on the go if they had spouts. However, their lids also screw off, thus making it difficult when only one hand is needed to drink water.

Glacce Crystal Water Bottle

Glacce crystal water bottles are clear glass vessels. They infuse drinking water with “magical healing crystals”. The crystal is shaped so that it looks really sleek and elegant in the water bottle. These bottles are made so that the crystal suspends in the water while held in place to a component fixed at the bottom of the bottle.

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The crystal is fully exposed and thus gets into direct contact with the water. This, therefore, implies that you cannot use just any gems for this bottle. Only specified crystals are safe to use while drinking out of a Glacce bottle. Luckily, they have quite a number of different varieties. Your dream to get this can be achieved through Amazon.

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  • Glacce has a variety of safe crystals to choose from.
  • The crystals are detachable and hence allow for a swap or removal.
  • The aesthetics put into Glacce bottles is something to be amazed. The way the crystals are shaped and carefully fitted, to the quality of glass is just top class.
  • Glacce manufacture crystal water bottles that actually have the crystal and water coming into contact. This, of course, is a win for the staunch crystal power believers.


  • It is not safe to use all crystals. The danger of ingesting others like Selenite that dissolves in water is obviously pretty high due to the exposure it’s subjected to the drinking water.
  • They are quite expensive to buy compared to other crystal-infused water bottles like Bewater.

Zura Crystal Water Bottle

When it comes to bottling the precious, sacred energy of the earth absorbed and trapped inside crystals for drinking, Zura from Amazon is not very far behind in the game.

As crystals take centuries to form, they have stored that energy in their molecules that are always on constant vibration. This vibration is what charges the water. Zura has done an outstanding job on their bottles to ensure that energy gets transferred efficiently to the drinking water.

The crystal is only held in place by the base which screws off and completely exposed to the water.

They hold 18 oz of water, not too much, not too little. Just right for running an errand while getting hydrated with healing, protective and harmonizing water. Zura crystal water bottles are also BPA free. They are crafted at high standards enabling them to withstand extreme shock or shattering.

The crystals are held in place at the bottom of the bottle by a removable base. The whole thing looks really fancy with the stainless steel used for various parts like the lid and crystal base.

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  • Zura crystal water bottles are BPA free. This is a toxic chemical found in plastics and resins that alters with one’s hormones.
  • They are dishwasher safe. The only part that needs handwashing is the crystal base only.
  • Zura bottles have removable crystal bases. This is to allow for interchanging through the four different crystals to choose from.
  • They come with a protective nylon sleeve for free.


  • They only have four crystals to choose from.
  • The crystal gets into contact with water thus limiting choices of crystals.
  • The bottle only holds 550 ml of water. This can be a limiting factor to people who have a lot of water during their daily activities.

Bottom line

Crystal-infused water bottles are slowly becoming a growing trend. Owning one of these health-on-the-go pitchers could actually be a good thing for you. It could set you back a couple of dollars but in the end, it may be just what you needed for those slow days or blue moments that you just can’t brush off with a smile.

Just do your research on what it is you need for you and go ahead to add that rose quarts be water bottle to your cart the next time you feel like some love is fading away.

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  1. Great information. water is the majority of our body but we never focus much on it. I have been using Alkaline water and Crystal infused water bottles for a few months and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing this information!

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