10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees: What Is The Best For Cozy And Amazing Christmas?


Are you looking for the best fiber optic Christmas Trees? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, you can find out a suitable product for yourself.

Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Do you recognize that the most important holiday of this winter is coming? It’s Christmas! When you are here, chances are you want to buy the best fiber optic Christmas trees, right? So, you must consider some essential features to make the right decision. Your Christmas tree should fit in where you put it. Answer the following questions:

  • Is it a large or small space?
  • How much can you spend on a Christmas tree?
  • How is the theme?

After having answers in your mind, you can pick up one from my list below:

What Are Fiber Optic Christmas Trees?

The fiber optic Christmas trees are decorative items for Christmas day.

Specifically, they have strands of pure glass or a plastic tube surrounded by a reflective coating. Light will go into the end of the strand to light into your room.

Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Based on the demands of most users, we choose the top 10 best fiber optic Christmas trees available on the market below. Whether you like a tabletop fiber optic Christmas tree or a bigger tree for more attractive, you can find out an appropriate unit on this list:

1. Best Choice Products SKY1954 – The best decorations

Best Choice Products Christmas Pine Tree

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Do you sick of the traditional fiber optic Christmas trees? They come with similar decorations, for example, golden or white lights placed and tangled in leaves and branches.

So, The Best Choice Products is your cup of tea.

The decorations of this tree are different from others available on the market. Instead of the white and gold lights, you can beautify your house with multi-color lights.

Moreover, thanks to 8 different light sequences and 3 brightness settings, you can adjust a suitable level of lighting to fit your space and preference.

Besides, this gorgeous tree is also designed with other distinct details:

Its unique design allows you to set up quickly. What you need to do is assemble two sections and use the attached decorations. Then, dismantle all when not in use.

The manufacturer provides its customers with a durable, foldable iron base to keep the tree balanced and supported. Thus, there is no need to worry about it falling accidentally.

In particular, there is a step-by-step guide to help you set up this Christmas tree quickly and accurately.

Unluckily, there isn’t any preset to allow the lights to revert to your preferred settings automatically.


  • User-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Colorful


  • Doesn’t have a remote

If you are interested in pretty little decorations, you shouldn’t skip this tree. It will give your house a fantastic look at Christmas.

2. National Tree SZOX7-100L-48 – The most stylish item

National Tree SZOX7-100L-48 - the most stylish item

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Although it measures only 48” high and 27” diameter, the National Tree SZOX7-100L-48 will make your room more stylish and beautiful thanks to the lighted multi-colored ball ornaments.

Furthermore, the bright ever-changing lights surely bring your kids a lot of fun and exciting moments on Christmas day.

Unlike other simple bases, the gold column base not only plays a vital role in keeping the tree stable but also is one of the highlights of the whole tree. Combine this feature with the gold star in the top, and a bulb operation from the base and your tree will truly shine bright.

As advertised, you can use this item indoor only. It is small and lightweight so putting it outdoor may lead to the winds blow it down.


  • Effortless and quick setup
  • Packaged well


  • Very soft white noise from the base

The whole tree is a stylish design. Let’s add this model into your house for a modern look.

3. Goplus Prelit Christmas Tree – The highest tree

Goplus Prelit Christmas Tree

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This vast and tall fiber optic Christmas tree (7ft) suits a large room.

Moreover, if you care about the environment, this is a perfect choice because of the eco-friendly materials. Meanwhile, high-quality PVC material gives your tree more natural looks.

This tree comes with 7 different colors of LED lights and 8 flash modes so that you can enjoy 8 different animations for exciting moments.

Despite the plastic cover on the end of the stand, the body of the Goplus Christmas tree stand is made from metal. Thus, no matter how rough your floor is, its solid metal stand can keep the whole Christmas tree stable all the time.

The electrodeless LED lights work with less energy, so you don’t have to worry about the increased electricity bills. And it’s okay to use it for a long time.

Is this tree a suitable option for first-time users?

Yes, it’s because you can set up this Christmas tree in a few steps only.

What you have to do is straighten out the branches to put them and the stand together.

A small drawback is that the colored LEDs are visible on the lower part only. Therefore, if you want a whole colorful tree, you should add colored lighting to the upper part.


  • Easy-to-understand instruction
  • Adjustable lighting


  • Expensive

Do you have a big place to put your Christmas tree? So, Goplus Prelit Christmas Tree should be your top choice. It can light up a massive room.

4. HOMCOM 02-0782 – The multitude of size choices

HOMCOM 02-0782

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HOMCOM 02-0782 has four choices of size:

4′ foot tall Christmas tree is the smallest one, fitting in small rooms of your kids, while 5′ foot tall Christmas tree is an ideal choice for teenager rooms. You can buy a 6′ or 7′ foot tall tree to decorate your living room and bedroom as well.

Here is the best feature for busy workers:

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on installation because of the pre-installed LED lights of multi-colors.

The product comes with several flashing light functions, especially, the twinkling lights – the favorite thing of children. You can put it in any room, even place the tree outside.

Like others, this Christmas tree also has a sturdy metal base to keep it upright.

Though it is an artificial Christmas tree, its look is very natural for an authentic feel at Christmas.

However, for some people, the LED lights are too bright.


  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Simple to store
  • Long lifespan
  • Lightweight


  • No plug

Buying HOMCOM 02-0782, you don’t have to worry about the size. There is a suitable option for your room, for sure.

5. National Tree SZEX7-100L-36-1 – The smallest Christmas tree

National Tree SZEX7-100L-36-1

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If you want to decorate your small room on Christmas day, this tree is a perfect option in terms of size. With a compact design, you can still expect that it brings a genuine Christmas vibe.

The regular height suits indoor display only, and it is colorful enough to beautify your room.

National Tree SZEX7-100L-36-1 comes with beautiful decorations such as a single bulb from the base, several bright ever-changing lights, and decorative gold items. You can either beautify your room with these things or use the simple tree only. Both ways can light up your whole room.

Note that the tree tends to produce a loud noise during operation. If you want to get rid of this thing, you must turn it off for a while before turning on again.


  • Good customer service
  • Sturdy
  • Reasonable


  • Not a top star

This is a small but so bright Christmas tree. You can put this piece of the decorative item anywhere to light up space.

6. Holiday Time 0104X01-Z11D – The densest Christmas tree

Holiday Time 0104X01-Z11D

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In spite of only 32 inches in height and 17 inches in width, this Christmas tree is the densest one.

There are 83 optic tips and continuously-change multi-color animations. Thus, when turning it on, the tree will shine as the sparkling stars on the sky. We believe that it can bring a vivid and cheerful festive atmosphere for your family.

Because of the small size, you can put it anywhere: your home, dorm rooms, even offices.

The dual-use power allows you to use a standard plug or USB, which is a convenient feature we appreciate.

When it comes to inconvenience, this Christmas tree isn’t designed with a turn on or off switch. So, it requires more effort on your end to unplug when turning on or off.


  • Colorful
  • Reasonable


  • Not including a star in the box

Though this design seems small and simple, it is so bright and pretty. Your kids will love it for sure.

7. Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree – The best durability

Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree

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This is another high tree (7ft) on this list. Many people think that a massive height can easily cause unexpected accidents. However, this is not the case of Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree because it has the anti-crush capacity. It can keep your tree in place safely without crushing.

Apart from the durability, this Christmas tree also has other outstanding features:

It is designed with the low-voltage and energy-efficient LED lights. Therefore, you can use it for a long time without soaring your electricity bills.

Can this product create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere at Christmas?

Yes, of course.

When turning on, the 6 different color lights will create a vibrant look, and even the 8 flash modes make it more attractive.

Here is the good news for environmentalists:

This tree is made from eco-friendly material. Meanwhile, the PVC material of the blades helps it look more real.

When it comes to the stand, while the metal part keeps the whole tree stable, the plastic part on one end will protect your floor from scratches.

The top star isn’t removable. Thus, whether you love it or not, it’s still there.


  • Adjustable lighting
  • Straightforward to set up


  • Pretty expensive

If your top priority is durability and safety, we strongly recommend Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree because of its anti-crush capacity, and other great features.

8. Goplus CM20527 – The cheapest product

Goplus CM20527 - The cheapest product

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The highlight of Goplus CM20527 is the price. At a reasonable price, you will have the most outstanding features of all products above.

It has different sizes to fit in different places.

Though other products also have decorations, you may fall in love with the beautiful and well-decorated items of this Christmas tree. The combination of the snow ornaments and pre-installed LED lights creates a warm atmosphere of the festival. These different-colors lights bring a lot of fun since they change automatically.

Moreover, this item doesn’t require your time for assembling lights because they are pre-installed.

It is not ideal for putting this tree outside if the ground is wet. And it can blow away when the winds are over 5-10mph due to under the 10-pound weight.


  • Lifelike dense look
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to store and set up
  • Beautiful


  • Hard to control the intensity of the lights

If you have a tight budget but want to find out a good-quality Christmas tree, here is it. Don’t let the price fool you.

9. HOLIDAY PEAK 302861 – The best safety

Holiday Peak 302861 - The best safety

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The package includes a UL-listed adapter, which makes sure that you won’t get electrocuted when touching. If your family has kids, this should be the top priority since it will keep them from unexpected accidents.

What is more, this is also a dazzling Christmas tree because of its unique and attractive decorations. The combination of gorgeous ball ornaments and built-in lights creates a festive look and atmosphere immediately after turning on.

Even in the daytime, when you don’t turn on the lights, this HOLIDAY PEAK 302861 is still very lovely thanks to the gorgeous ball ornaments.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the lovely top star, which makes the whole Christmas tree more brighter.

For us, the base of this item is so fantastic with the cute details of the Christmas tree. Plus, it also offers a stable spot to put it on any surface firmly.

There isn’t any option to pick up a flashing mode or speed.


  • Pretty tree
  • Great size for most rooms


  • Blink lights

HOLIDAY PEAK 302861 is the perfect combination of safety and beauty. Are these what you are looking for? If yes, pick up immediately.

10. Belleze 048-XMT-2130 – The best overall

Belleze 048-XMT-2130 - The best overall

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With the overall dimensions of 42” (L) x 42” (W) x 84” (H), Belleze Artificial is another 7-feet Christmas tree, which suits large spaces like your home or office. Despite its height, the design is ultra-slim. So, it’s okay to use it in a small house or apartment as well.

The unique design combined with snow ornaments will turn your room into a cozy and romantic place.

In spite of a large size, it only takes you a few minutes to assemble. What you have to do is to mount branches into a hinged branch construction.

Like other products, this Christmas tree comes with a sturdy metal base, which keeps the whole tree in place safely.

As we mentioned, this tree has an ultra-slim design, so it’s a bit wobbly. However, you can fix this problem quickly.


  • Beautiful look
  • Bright fiber optics


  • Not good customer service

For us, this is a worthy investment because you will have outstanding features at a reasonable price.

What to Look for When Buying A Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

How to choose the best fiber optic Christmas tree

What to Look for When Buying A Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Many people think that the design plays a critical role in purchasing a Christmas tree, but in fact, it’s very easy to make a mistake when judging from external factors. The 3 following aspects will let you know what the proper choice is:


When it comes to this aspect, you need to consider where you want to put it: your home, office, or apartment.


If you want to put the tree in your house, you should invest in a standard size. However, for outdoor decoration, we strongly recommend y a larger size tree.

In case your house has swings for trees in the backyard, you just need to add an extra big Christmas tree, you have a wonderful space on Christmas day.


If you have a lot of money, it’s okay to make a considerable investment. But, for a tight budget, you can still find out a suitable, beautiful Christmas tree on our list. Don’t waste your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the best fiber optic Christmas trees

Frequently Asked Questions about the best fiber optic Christmas trees

We got the common questions below from readers via our email. Are they what you are looking for as well? Find out your own problem or just read to learn more about fiber optic Christmas trees.

Now, let’s discover:

Q1: Are fiber optic Christmas trees safe?

Yes, it’s because fiber optic Christmas tree only lights without giving out heat. Even you can cover a fiber optic Christmas tree with cotton strands to simulate snow without worry about a fire hazard.

Q2: How long do fiber optic Christmas trees last?

Typically, a fiber optic Christmas tree can last a 200.000 hours of use.

Q3: Can fiber optic trees be used outside?

You can use some fiber optic trees outside. But, keep in mind to refer to product information from the manufacturer to make sure that you are allowed.

Normally, your Christmas tree must be durable without the risk of bursting into flames. Remember to consider the durability of your additional decorations as well. It’s better to choose a stable model with to put outside because winds can blow the tree away and break the glass ornaments.

Merry Christmas!

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Merry Christmas

For us, we like Best Choice Products SKY1954 because their decorations are so cute. Furthermore, it is also simple for us (the first-time users) to use, set up, and store.

Have you chosen the best fiber optic Christmas trees for your own? Why do you purchase it? Please tell me the reasons and your Christmas experiences with this tree. Has your family got wonderful moments? Also, if you know other beautiful and suitable choices to add to this list, don’t forget to leave your comment in the section below.


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