Top 8 Best Friendship Lamp Review: Long Distance Relationship Gift [Updated]


Is there anyone, whether a friend or relative, that you haven’t been able to see for some time because of the distance between you? Modern life has given us the opportunity to travel longer distances and even live in societies other than the ones we come from originally.

While this part of globalization is special and grants us many chances we would not otherwise have, it comes with a difficulty, as well. Being separated from the people we love is emotionally challenging.

Friendship Lamp Buying Guide 2018-2019

What is a Friendship Lamp?

A friendship lamp is a unique device that connects with another similar lamp and lights up when it is touched. Because they use a Wi-Fi setup, when one person touches their lamp, the lamp that is connected to it will light up at the same time.

Beyond Technology

We often explain away the difficulties of being separated from our loved ones by distance using technology as a buffer. With social media and internet access, everyone you love is just a click away. While this may be true, the type of connection we participate in using social media and other digital means like email is limited.

What is missing exactly?

Friendship lamps

It’s the feeling of energetic connection and human touch (1). When you are in a long-distance relationship, whether it’s platonic, familial, or romantic, touch is one the first things you realize is missing. The simple act of hugging suddenly seems more important when it’s no longer an option.

What if there was another way besides digital communication to know that your loved one was thinking of you?

Imagine the ability to know when you’re loved one is thinking of you and the ability to tell them that you’re thinking of them, all without email, messaging, or social media! An instant message sent in a more intimate manner.

You’re in luck! There is such a means of communication, and it comes in the form of a long distance touch lamp. With a friendship touch lamp, you will be able to send and receive communications from your loved ones. The best part is that touch is the means of communicating and that energy is transmitted using colored lamps!

Types of Friendship Lamps

You’ll find a variety of different long distance friendship lamps you can choose from. One type is a LED lamp. This lamp will emit multiple different colors so you have a wide selection to choose from.

The other main type of friendship lamp is a regular soft white lamp. These will emit a yellowish or white glow which you can usually adjust with a dimmer. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant type of friendship lamp to invest in, this might be a good type to check out.

Where to Find These Products

These products can be found in many different places. You can find them at stores, but you can find a wider selection online, especially friendship lamps amazon selection.

The Benefits of Using Friendship Lamps

There are many benefits that come with using friendship lamps. Below are a few you’ll discover with them.

They are Perfect for Long-Distance Friendships

One of the best things about friendship lamps is that they help long-distance friends (or those in long-distance relationships) to stay connected. Because the lamps are connected to each other, when one friend touches the lamp, the other lamp will automatically turn on. This will help you to keep your special connection even when you’re miles away from each other.

They are Easy to Set-Up

Another great benefit about friendship lamps is that they are easy to set-up. To set it up, you need to turn the lamp on and then connect it to your Wi-Fi. You both need to make sure to do this in order for it to work.

You can usually do this with the cord that comes with the lamp so you don’t need to worry about having a laborious set-up. After connecting the lamps to Wi-Fi, you both should be ready to use your lamps!

Keep in mind though of whether or not you bought your lamps together in a set or separately. If you bought them separately, you’ll need to go to the lamp’s website in order to activate the lamps together.

They are Affordable

A friendship lamp is also a very affordable product so you can easily invest in it. Despite their high-end look, they are very budget-friendly so you can buy a set without worrying about breaking the bank.

They Come in a Variety of Designs

If you and your friend have a specific design scheme in mind, you can easily find it with a friendship lamp. You’ll find a variety of designs available you can choose from that are trendy and colorful or something a bit more simple and formal. No matter what your taste, you can find the right style that matches your needs.

You Can Use Them Outside

When many people hear “lamps,” they think of a product that can only be used indoors. However, because many friendship lamps run on rechargeable batteries, you can bring them outdoors. This means you can plan fun trips with your friend and take the lamp along with you so it’s as if they are right there with you!

What to Look for in a Friendship Lamp

Before you buy a friendship lamp, there are a few things you’ll want to check for. Below are a few important aspects to keep in mind.

The Design

As mentioned above, friendship lamps come in a variety of styles. Because of this, it’s important to consider the design you and your friend want beforehand. Otherwise, you might end up buying a lamp that might look nice but doesn’t really make your personality.

The Touch Sensors

Most of these lamps work with touch sensors. While these are meant to help make using it easier, sometimes these don’t always work as well as they should. For instance, the sensor might be a little too sensitive and quickly move through the settings.

Other times, the sensor might not sense you touching it which could make it difficult to use the lamp. You’ll want to see how easy it is to adjust the settings on the lamp with the touch sensors to make sure your lamp isn’t a hassle to use.

The Light Colors

Friendship lamps come with numerous light colors so it’s important to check to see if they are colors you enjoy. Many of the best friendship lamps come with a variety of colors, like soft white and an RGB spectrum which can emit colors like yellow and purple.

If There are Bluetooth Speakers

Some lamp models will also serve as Bluetooth speakers. This means your lamp will not only work as a light, but as a music playing device as well! You and your friend will be able to play your favorite music together with this feature making it a great thing to look for in a friendship lamp model.

If There’s a Dimming Feature

Sometimes the lights can be a little too bright, especially if you plan to use your lamp at night. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check to see if there’s a dimming feature. This way, you can adjust the intensity of the light colors to your preferences.

If it Can Be Used Outdoors

Some lamps can be used outdoors, so you can keep your lamp with you at all times. If this sounds like something interesting to you, check to see if the model you’re considering buying has this feature.

Filimin: Long Distance Touch Light

The Filimin Long Distance Touch Light is an invention that is connecting separated friends, lovers, and family members with a sweet message by light. When you invest in this long distance friendship lamp, you will be opening a channel of instant connection with someone you love.

The Filimin lamp has a sleek and beautiful design, which looks like tiled stained glass. It is a piece that will fit well into any style aesthetic and enhance the environment. The possibilities of using this friendship lamp for communication are endless, as you can buy one for yourself and gift one to each member of your family that you’re separated from!

How will you send your message to your loved one? It’s simple. All you need to do is touch your lamp! When you touch your lamp, it will light up and glow in one of hundreds of colors, and at the same moment, your loved one’s lamp will glow as well. Your message will be received.

When your loved one sees their lamp light up, they will know that you are thinking of them, which is sure to bring a smile to their face. It doesn’t stop there, however. They can send you an immediate response, letting you know they’ve received your message by touching their lamp!

Long Distance Relationship lamps

The Filimin lamp is 8-inches in height and 5-inches in length. It’s a calming and charming touch to any space. The lamp is corded and uses 3 watts. The base and frame of the lamp are black, while the lamp itself is a frosted white. Your lamp will remain in its original frosted white state until you touch it, or you receive a message of love from someone else, at which point it will glow. Each lamp costs $$ and they make unique and touching gifts.

This simple form of communication will touch the hearts of you and your loved ones. Without the need for technology or even words, messages of love can be passed between you. To add a bit of warmth, color, and joy to your life and the life of your loved ones, invest in the Filimin lamp.

This friendship lamp will enhance the quality of your relationships and the aesthetic of your environment. Let love illuminate your life!

Friendship Lamp Reviews

Kainuoa Table Lamp

This lamp by Kainuoa features a sleek and compact design. It serves as both a light and Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music with it. The light modes built into this lamp will give your room a soft glow and also have a dimmable feature so you can adjust the lighting level as needed. This lamp comes with three different light modes you can choose from.

To adjust the lighting or settings, you can use the touch control built into this model. This control is located on the base of the lamp. You can simply touch the bottom of it to change settings or to turn the lamp on or off.

This compact model can run for up to 8 hours on its rechargeable battery. When it comes time to charge it back up, you can use the Micro USB cord that comes with it. Keep in mind that this lamp does tend to make beeping sounds when you adjust the settings.

Aukey Table Lamp

If you’re looking for good long distance friendship touch lamps, this model is a great one to consider. The Aukey Table Lamp features a variety of different color choices you can use. You’ll find warm white brightness level as well as a color changing RGB (red, green, blue) you can use.

The lamp has adaptable modes so you can easily adjust the brightness levels of the color you decide to shine. To adjust the colors or to turn the power settings, you can use its 360-degree control base. However, be careful when touching this base as it can be very sensitive and quickly change through settings. This model comes with an AC adapter you can use to charge it up.

Zhoppy Night Light

This friendship lamp by Zhoppy is an easy and portable model to invest in. The lamp features LED lights that come in 7 different colors: light blue, purple, green, red, blue, dark green, and yellow. You can adjust the brightness of these colors or turn the lamp on/off which its touch sensors located inside its mesh. This product can run for up to 10 hours on its rechargeable battery before needing to be charged back up again. You can use the AUX-In jack in the back to help charge it back up when needed.

The Zhoppy Night Light can also work as Bluetooth speakers and emit a great sound, although sometimes the volume can be a little difficult to adjust. If you have a specific piece of music you’d like to play, you can insert a memory card in the bottom of the lamp. In addition to being used indoors, you can also safely take this lamp outdoors.

Kmashi Touch Lamp

The Kmashi Touch Lamp is an affordable model that comes with many helpful features. This LED light comes with a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 30 hours. You can use the Micro USB charging cord that comes with this product to charge it back up when necessary.

This lamp also emits a 2800K to 3100K light spectrum and you can choose between a soft white glow to bolder colors like red, green, and blue. If you want to alternate between the colors, you can use the auto-cycle color change feature which will do this automatically for you.

Built around the lamp are touch sensors which you can use to adjust the settings, such as the light brightness and power. This compact and lightweight model can also be used outdoors without problems.

YSD Touch Lamp

The YSD Touch Lamp features a large mesh top and a trendy wooden base. It features a 360-degree touch feature so you can touch any area on the lamp to change its settings. The lamp comes with a soft white light color and red, green, blue, yellow, and pink options you can choose from.

You can adjust the brightness of these colors with its dimming features. This compact model can run for up to 10 hours on its rechargeable battery. When you need to charge it back up, you can use the USB cord that comes with it.

Elecstars Touch Lamp

This lamp by Elecstars comes with two color modes you can use. One of the modes will turn the light on so it has a soft white glow. The other mode allows you to turn on the LED color selection so you can choose from red, green, purple, blue, yellow, and pink color options. You can adjust the colors with the touch sensor built into the lamp.

In addition to working as a lamp, this model also can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi or use the AUX-In jack in the back to plug in a different device.

You can adjust the volume and song selection with the buttons built into the front of this model. This product also has voice prompts so you can turn the music on or off or adjust the volume. The Elecstars Touch Lamp runs for 10 hours on a full battery.

MLGB Table Lamp

The MLGB Table Lap is a unique model designed with a retro look. It can connect to your Wi-Fi so you can control the device remotely. You can also control this lamp with Alexa and use voice control to activate certain settings or to turn it on or off. This model comes with hundreds of LED color options you can choose from as well as a dimmable feature so you can adjust the color intensity as needed. The lamp also has a timer built into it which you can set so the lamp turns off or on at a certain time.

You can buy this lamp in a two-pack so you can keep one and give to your friend. However, this model does require a smart bulb in order to work.


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