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Is there anyone, whether a friend or relative, that you haven’t been able to see for some time because of the distance between you? Modern life has given us the opportunity to travel longer distances and even live in societies other than the ones we come from originally.

While this part of globalization is special and grants us many chances we would not otherwise have, it comes with a difficulty, as well. Being separated from the people we love is emotionally challenging.

Beyond Technology

We often explain away the difficulties of being separated from our loved ones by distance using technology as a buffer. With social media and internet access, everyone you love is just a click away. While this may be true, the type of connection we participate in using social media and other digital means like email is limited.

What is missing exactly?

Friendship lamps

It’s the feeling of energetic connection and human touch (1). When you are in a long-distance relationship, whether it’s platonic, familial, or romantic, touch is one the first things you realize is missing. The simple act of hugging suddenly seems more important when it’s no longer an option.

What if there was another way besides digital communication to know that your loved one was thinking of you?

Imagine the ability to know when you’re loved one is thinking of you and the ability to tell them that you’re thinking of them, all without email, messaging, or social media! An instant message sent in a more intimate manner.

You’re in luck! There is such a means of communication, and it comes in the form of a long distance touch lamp. With a friendship touch lamp, you will be able to send and receive communications from your loved ones. The best part is that touch is the means of communicating and that energy is transmitted using colored lamps!

Filimin: Long Distance Touch Light

The Filimin Long Distance Touch Light is an invention that is connecting separated friends, lovers, and family members with a sweet message by light. When you invest in this long distance friendship lamp, you will be opening a channel of instant connection with someone you love.

The Filimin lamp has a sleek and beautiful design, which looks like tiled stained glass. It is a piece that will fit well into any style aesthetic and enhance the environment. The possibilities of using this friendship lamp for communication are endless, as you can buy one for yourself and gift one to each member of your family that you’re separated from!

How will you send your message to your loved one? It’s simple. All you need to do is touch your lamp! When you touch your lamp, it will light up and glow in one of hundreds of colors, and at the same moment, your loved one’s lamp will glow as well. Your message will be received.

When your loved one sees their lamp light up, they will know that you are thinking of them, which is sure to bring a smile to their face. It doesn’t stop there, however. They can send you an immediate response, letting you know they’ve received your message by touching their lamp!

Long Distance Relationship lamps

The Filimin lamp is 8-inches in height and 5-inches in length. It’s a calming and charming touch to any space. The lamp is corded and uses 3 watts. The base and frame of the lamp are black, while the lamp itself is a frosted white. Your lamp will remain in its original frosted white state until you touch it, or you receive a message of love from someone else, at which point it will glow. Each lamp costs $$ and they make unique and touching gifts.

This simple form of communication will touch the hearts of you and your loved ones. Without the need for technology or even words, messages of love can be passed between you. To add a bit of warmth, color, and joy to your life and the life of your loved ones, invest in the Filimin lamp.

This friendship lamp will enhance the quality of your relationships and the aesthetic of your environment. Let love illuminate your life!


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