TOP 10 Best Inflatable Pet Collars 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


Anyone who owns a pet has been there: The cutie had surgery, or a wound, or anything, really, that said pet would love to scratch, but shouldn’t. We’ve all seen how many pets hate the fabled “cones of shame”, so in this article, we’re presenting an alternative: Inflatable Pet Collars!

What are inflatable pet collars?

Inflatable pet collars are, as the name suggests, collars for your pet that are supposed to be inflated. They are an alternative to the Elizabethan Collars which so many pets hate wearing, also often called cones of shame or E-collars.

The purpose of these cones is to make sure your beloved pet doesn’t scratch or bite or lick a wounded part of their body, or one which has recently undergone surgery.

What are inflatable pet collars

They keep the wounds clean and prevent the pet from disturbing the healing process these injuries or surgery marks need to heal. But most dogs and cats, as well as pet owners, hate the cones. That’s why people started coming up with all sorts of different alternative ideas.

The best one of these alternative methods is by far the inflatable collar, which is more comfortable to wear, doesn’t look as weird or shameful, and isn’t hated by the pets as much.

Why do pets -and their owners- hate Elizabethan Collars?

The biggest reason why pets don’t like E-collars is that they can’t see outside of the cone. It limits their vision and, in some cases, might make them anxious, scared, or uncomfortable. There are, however, other reasons as well. Another reason why pets don’t like Elizabethan collars is that, for some -generally smaller- dogs, it limits their eating.

The cone is too big or long, which makes it impossible for the dog to reach the food in their bowls. In such cases, pet owners often have to remove the cone whenever the pet wants to eat, supervise the animal as they are eating, and then put the cone back on them when they’re done.

It’s not just annoying for the pets themselves, because it takes away part of their freedom, but also for the pet owner who has to make sure the dog isn’t scratching their wounds as they’re eating.

A third reason why pet owners and not necessarily pets themselves dislike the Elizabethan collars is how they look. Let’s admit, E-collars don’t look very nice, comfortable, cute, or even respectful. They look like punishment, and that’s not the way we want our pets to look -or feel, as far as we know-.

So what alternatives are there to Elizabethan Collars?

What is a Elizabethan_collar 2

There are three main alternatives to E-collars. Recovery suits, Neck braces, and Inflatable collars. Let’s start off with the recovery suits. These are basically tight-fitting full-body suits for your dog, usually made of light and breathable materials. They cover the whole body of your pet, preventing them from biting or scratching wounds while keeping their head and sight completely free.

They might, however, restrict movement. Also, some dogs might not like being put in a full-body suit because they could conceive it as “restrictive”, “tight” or “too closed off”. They’re useful in certain situations and for certain dogs, but definitely not all situations or dogs.

The second alternative is a neck brace. These are similar to neck braces for humans, as they slip around your dog’s neck and restrict its movements. Now, these are useful and do what they’re supposed to do, of course, but have you ever worn a neck brace yourself? They’re uncomfortable, restrictive, and omnipresent. With that, we mean that you’ll always feel it, no matter what.

You won’t get used to it being there, and will constantly be reminded of your situation. It’s the same for dogs or cats. These neck braces limit the movement the pet’s head and neck can make, making them not very comfortable.

Yes, they’re safe, and no, they don’t restrict the eyesight like a normal Elizabethan collar would, but they’re still far from perfect. “So what is the perfect option then?” you might ask. Well, inflatable collars. These collars, which are basically soft balloons that fit around your pet’s neck, are a more comfortable alternative to the other options listed above.

They don’t feel as restrictive because they aren’t as restrictive, they don’t interfere with eating or eyesight, and unlike the other alternatives to Elizabethan collars, they don’t look like medical tools. They simply look like cute balloon-collars you put around your pet’s neck! And in this article, we’ll be discussing our top 10 picks for the best Inflatable Pet Collars!

The 10 Best Inflatable Pet Collars reviews

BooBooLoon Inflatable Recovery Collar

The BooBooLoon inflatable recovery collar is a very basic type of alternative for the Elizabethan collar, as well as the product that sparked the idea for all the other inflatable collars you’ll see in this list. It’s often called the predecessor of other brand’s collars such as the KONG E-collars and the Total Pet Health inflatable collars, both of which we’ll talk about later in this article, but is also still a viable way to keep your pet’s wounds healing, even now.

It resembles a kind of floatie, which young children often put around their arms or waists when first learning how to swim. It’s made of a similar, but more comfortable to wear material, and fits around your dog’s neck to restrict its biting or scratching capabilities, while still being loose enough as to not restrict movement too much. It exists for small dogs, large dogs, and cats!

BooBooLoon Inflatable Recovery Collar

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I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

The I-PET inflatable collars, available for both dogs and cats, is the next entry on this list. In nature, most of the collars in this list will be an upgraded version of the BooBooLoon, as this one is. It’s kind of the same, except that the “floatie device” is here put inside of a soft, comfortable cover.

The air tube can be removed from the bag so the bag can be washed whenever it gets dirty, which is great for people whose dogs or cats enjoy rolling around in the mud after a good rainfall! It’s also got a special “inner ring” through which the dog or cat’s everyday collar fits, which might make your pet even more comfortable in their new collar! After all, we all like having something we know when in new situations, don’t we?

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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AK KYC Inflatable Pet Collar

The AK KYC looks more like the usual “cone of shame” than the other devices on this list, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad entry. Just like most of the collars on this list, it consists of an air tube inserted in a soft and comfortable cover. This cover, however, isn’t shaped like the usual floatie device we’re describing for most of the collars on this list.

This one is shaped like the Elizabethan collar. And yes, that does mean it restricts the pet’s vision, although not as much as a normal E-collar would, since the AK KYC inflatable collar is less long.

That means that, depending on the type of pet you have, it probably also won’t interfere with their eating! On top of all that, it’s more comfortable and softer than the usual E-collar. The air tube can, again, be removed so the cover can be washed, as well!

PAWISE Inflatable Protective Collar

The PAWISE inflatable collar ships in different sizes, fit for all types of dogs as well as cats. It consists of an air tube inserted into a soft, plushy cover, which can be removed for washing. It is closed with a strap, and an extra inner tube fits your pet’s normal collar that they wear every other day.

It’s one of the more comfortable-looking versions on our list. It doesn’t restrict your pet’s vision, as it allows 180 degree views, nor does it block your beloved furbaby’s muzzle or mouth, meaning they can still eat without being bothered by the collar! It is adjustable as well, meaning you’re not stuck with just small, medium or large. You can finetune it to your dog’s size!

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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Dog Cone Collar 3-Pack

These inflatable collars, which ship in a pack of three -one of each size, being small, medium, and large- are mainly like the other ones on this list. They’re comfortable to wear for the dog -or cat- and are simple to put on or remove, with a Velcro strap.

They’re made of soft cushion material, and don’t restrict the pet’s vision nor eating capabilities. On top of it being shipped in a pack of all three sizes, the straps which are used to shut the collar are also adjustable, meaning these collars will fit any dog of any size! Also, let us add that these, for some reason, look cuter and softer than the other ones on this list!

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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Petseek Cat and Small Dog Collar

Now, this one is different from all the other collars on this list in that it is not an inflatable one. Don’t worry though, it does the exact same thing, looks the exact same way, and works exactly the same as the inflatable collars on this list. “So what’s different about it then?” you could ask. Well, the other collars on this list are, as we mentioned, inflatable, meaning they work with air.

The Petseek is filled with cotton. It’s smaller than the other collars, making it a perfect choice for cats or smaller dogs. It does ship in larger sizes, but even these larger sizes are generally quite small.

They don’t block the vision, nor make it difficult for you pet to eat. Also -and we just have to mention this- they come with a cute flamingo print on them! Your pet won’t just be healing, they’ll look fabulous while doing so!

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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GoodBoy Recovery Inflatable Donut

The GoodBoy Recovery Inflatable Donut Collar is special, and different from other inflatable entries on this list. Not because its build-up is different, or because it works in a different way, but because of its color.

All other inflatable options are blue -except for the Petseek, which is not inflatable, and the BooBooLoon, which is simply a predecessor to the others-, but the GoodBoy Recovery Donut is… drumroll… gray! In the way of how it works, it’s the same as the other entries.

It consists of an air tube inside a soft and comfortable cover, which can be removed from the tube for washing; is closed with an adjustable Velcro strap; and doesn’t restrict the vision nor eating of your pet.

It ships in four sizes instead of 3, so some extra measuring might be required for you to really find the one suited for your dog’s neck, but like we said earlier, the biggest thing about this one is that it’s not blue.

Blue is one of the most liked colors in the world, yes, but some people might not want to put a blue color around their pet’s neck. For those people, the GoodBoy is a perfect option!

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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Pet Link Inflatable Dog Collar

The Pet Link inflatable dog collars are yet another good option, and alternative to the Elizabethan collar. Like all other entries on this list, it ships in multiple sizes and has an adjustable length, and is blue as well, just like the other collars.

It can, just like most other ones, also fit your beloved pet’s usual every-day collar inside, to make the pet feel a bit more comfortable, safe, or at home in their new inflatable recovery collar. It’s comfortable and soft to wear, but the air tubes can not be removed, making it harder to wash the Pet Link compared to other collars. The sizes it ships in vary from extra small to extra large, meaning you’ll definitely find one that fits your pet!

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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KONG Cloud E-Collar

We mentioned the KONG Cloud E-Collar earlier, when saying that the BooBooLoon is its predecessor, and we meant it. Where the BooBooLoon is simple yet effective, the KONG Cloud is sturdier and comfier, as well as better looking. KONG is also one of the most well-known brands in the inflatable collar-industry, and has countless good reviews to back it up -not unlike most other entries on this list though-.

Just like with the other collars, the air tube can be removed for easy washing; it doesn’t restrict the vision or eating capabilities, and the pet’s usual collar can be inserted into the inflatable collar to make them feel safer and more at home. It ships in different sizes, making it usable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, as well as -large- cats.

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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Total Pet Health Inflatable Dog Collar

Just like KONG, Total Pet was mentioned earlier in this article. Also just like KONG, Total Pet Health is one of the better-known brands for inflatable collars. They are often named together with KONG, and work in a similar way.

However, unlike other collars on this list, the Total Pet Health Inflatable Dog Collar is not made of a soft material, but of a sturdier, yet still very comfortable plastic, similar to the floaties we mentioned earlier.

The inner air tube is not removable, but the collar can be washed as a whole, removing the need for a removable air tube. Like most other entries, the Total Pet Health doesn’t restrict vision or eating, and is easily removed or put on your pet. It ships in different sizes as well, meaning it can be used on any size of pet.

I-PET Inflatable Dog Collar

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After having read this article, you’re sure to have realized by now that most of these inflatable dog collars are inter useable. This means that not a single one is better or less good than the others. It really all depends on your preferences in size, color, and material.

One thing we can say, however, is that if, for some reason, you have multiple pets of different sizes who need a cone or inflatable dog collar at the same time, the 3-Pack we mentioned in this article is your best option. Apart from that, really, just choose whichever one works best for you and your pet.

However, we can recommend the KONG and the Total Pet Health collars, since they are generally seen as the market leaders in inflatable pet collars. Now go hug that furry, four-legged child of yours, and take care!

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