Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool for Adults You Can Find Right Now


Are you looking for a new inflatable pool for adults? Well, there are plenty of choices for you.

On the market, you can see various products from different brands, in different sizes and prices. This will make choosing a model to buy a challenging task.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool for Adults

With that in mind, you have compiled a list of the best products you can find right now. But to get started, we will have a look at how an inflatable pool may benefit you and which properties you should understand when picking one.

Read on and enjoy your summer!

enjoy summer with Inflatable Pool for Adults

Benefits of inflatable pools


It might cost you around $20,000 if you decide to build a traditional inground pool or a few thousand for a permanent aboveground one. Meanwhile, a good inflatable pool just costs a few hundred dollars.

Easy setting up process

It can take you many hours to set up a typical aboveground pool, while you can inflate and fill an inflatable pool in just an hour.

Easy for storage and moving

As you may guess, an inflatable pool is fairly lightweight. It’s a piece of cake to empty and move the pool around your house. If your home is a rental one, inflatable pools are an incredible, even sometimes only, choice as you can take it whenever you move. When you don’t need it anymore, for example, in the winter, you can deflate and put it in your shed or garage.

Easy to maintain and clean

The materials that make inflatable pools require nothing special to clean. Usually, you just wipe it with water and be done with it, making it an eco-friendly product.

eco-friendly inflatable pools

Factors to consider

There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before buying an inflatable pool.


This is indeed crucial for families with many people.

Remember to check the size of the pool, usually right on the product page. The manufacturers often give an approximation of how many adults and children their pools can accommodate, as well.

You will usually see these types of pools:

  • Around 3ft (diameter): small pools for up to 2 kids
  • From 5 to 6 ft: mid-size pool for one adult and a few children
  • Up to 20 ft or above: large pool for an entire family with multiple adults and kids

Another reason why you must understand the pool’s size is to see if it will fit your yard. Some models are big and bulky, requiring a lot of space for setting up. So if your conditions do not permit this, opt for a smaller pool.

Benefits of inflatable pools


The depth is also important information, depending on who will use it.

If you just want a pool strictly only for adults, they just pick a depth that is most comfortable for you.

When you intend to let your kids play in the water with you, remember to check whether it is too deep for them since a pool can pose the same risk as other traditional pools.

But also keep in mind that kids grow as well! When they get bigger and bigger, smaller pools will become unsuitable.


The location and ground affect how you choose a pool.

Ideally, you should place it on a smooth, even, solid surfaces and avoid uneven ones. The rough grounds can bring safety risk to the pool and people in it, especially for heavy activities.

But there are many models made from durable materials that can endure such conditions.

Inflatable Pool for Adults


They will determine how stable and durable the pool is.

The high-grade models often have a combination of rubber and PVC. Even for greater durability, the manufacturers can stack multiple layers of PVC to make it more sturdy.

Inflation mechanism

There are different methods of inflating a swimming pool.

Often the manufacturers will pack an electrical pump in the package, so you don’t need to spend extra time finding one for yourself, which is sometimes a frustrating task. Some products, on the other hand, only come with a foot pump.

If you are not satisfied with it, an additional pump is needed. Many customers will find themselves in luck if they already have a pump for their air beds or car tires since they can use them for pumping the pool.

But in case there is no pump in your hand, well, it’s shopping time.

You must look for a pump that is strong enough and compatible with your newly-bought pool at the same time. It also needs to fill the pool in a short period of time.

You won’t want to let your kids wait so long before they can jump into the water!


Inflatable pools come with different price tags, depending on the build quality, materials, accessories, and size.

A smaller pool with low-quality materials may cost under $50. But some large high-end models made of rubber and high-quality PVC may bear a price tag from $200 to $400.

Top 10 best inflatable pools for adults

1. Intex Easy Set Pool 8ft X 30in with Filter Pump

Intex Easy Set Pool 8ft X 30in with Filter Pump

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The setting up process is incredibly easy for this 8ft X 30in pool from Intex. You just need to spread it out on a surface, inflate the ring, and then fill the pool with water. After that, it’s ready for your family’s swimming actions.

It also has a filter pump, which you can easy to install as well. The wall, made of PVC plastic, is tough enough so that you do not need to worry about breaking it. After enjoying your time in the water, you can use the drain plug to release it into the garden without wasting it.

The equipped dual suction outlets improve the water circulation while the hydro aeration technology can filter out all the particles, making sure that the pool is in great condition. You will also have a feeling that the water is fresher due to the produced negative ions.


  • Easy installation process
  • Inflatable rim
  • Spacious


  • No included ladder

2. Intex 57190EP Family Lounge Pool, 6x20x20

Intex 57190EP Family Lounge Pool, 6x20x20

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This model is another product from Intex that we recommend, but this time for entire family usage. The 57190EP B01E0W4L58 has a blue color, which your kids can find familiar like they are in the middle of the ocean.

The pool is spacious enough so your entire family can get in to enjoy some freshwater in the summer. It has a bench lounger to improve the experience further. You can place two air chambers and two cup holders thanks to the dual design, bringing convenience for outdoor users.

The air valves are well-made, so you can inflate and deflate easily. This inflatable pool is also durable and extremely long-lasting due to the tough 13-gauge construction.


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for four people
  • Backrests included


  • Not ideal for use on soft surfaces such as sand and mud
  • Not for kids under 3

3. Bestway H2OGO! Two-In-One Wide Inflatable Family Outdoor Pool

Bestway H2OGO! Two-In-One Wide Inflatable Family Outdoor Pool

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This outdoor pool from Bestway comes with a wide build, making it an incredible choice for your entire family. The high-grade build-quality ensures ultimate tear-resistance and durability. You will have an enjoyable outdoor experience with the slide combo of this dual pool.

The two cup holders will make sure that your family can have convenient and comfortable moments in your garden. The sturdy vinyl material, which is pre-tested in Bestway’s lab, offers great durability. This is also the reason why the H2OGO! can serve you for several years of outdoor relaxation.

The walls of this Bestway model is extra-wide, bringing reliable performance and durability. The included repair patches are another thoughtful touch from the manufacturer. You now can fix the pool by yourself if necessary.


  • Suitable for adults and kids alike
  • Dual pool design
  • Have a slide combo
  • Including cup holders and a bench


  • The slide taking up a large space in the kids’ area
  • No water filtration system

4. Intex 28125EH 10ft X 30in Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

Intex 28125EH 10ft X 30in Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

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This Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool from Intex is an ideal choice for those who want a nearly real pool experience but don’t want to spend too much money and time on the purchase and maintenance, which usually adds up much for a typical above-ground pool.

This model is large enough for your entire family. The Ocean Reef lineup has two versions, one with the filter pump and one without. We recommend the filter pump version to make sure that your pool water is clear and clean every time. This is really worth the cost difference.

The capacity of the pool itself is 1018 gallons. After relaxing, bathing, and having fun with your family, if you want to drain so much water quickly, then this Ocean Reef model is for you. You can connect the drain plug with your garden hose, and they will do the job.

This Intex family pool has PVC sidewalls, which are laminated to improve the durability.

The outlet fittings can improve the water circulation to provide clearer and more hygienic water.

Now comes the important part that sets it apart from the rest – the filter pump. Operating at the 120V current, it can pump up to 330 gallons of water per hour. Besides that, just like the whole pool, it’s also very easy to install.

With the pump, just attach the hoses, and you can have fresh, clear, and clean water for your family. And for the pool, the entire setup process may take up just 10 minutes. You will need to inflate only the top rings.


  • Has instructions under DVD form
  • Sturdy laminated PVC walls
  • Clean water with the outlet fittings
  • Spacious


  • High price tag
  • No ladder included

5. Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

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Intex is well-known for making good above ground pools at reasonable prices. And the Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set is one of them.

This pool is suitable for those who are looking for a simple way to swim in their gardens without spending too much time or effort. Thanks to the no-frame approach, it is easy for you to set up the whole pool. You just need to inflate the pool’s rim, put the pool where you want, and fill the water.

This model is different from other products in this Intex lineup since there is no supportive framing made from steel bars. Instead, you can inflate it around the rim then fill it with water. The walls will grow to support the water when it is filling the pool.

For families seeking a non-burdensome option for their summer relaxation, this 18ft x 48in Easy Set pool is for you.


  • Simple and easy installation process
  • Ladder included
  • Quick preparation
  • DVD instructions included
  • Suitable for slightly uneven, bumpier grounds (thanks to the no-frame design)


  • Not for soft surfaces such as mud or sand
  • Only 42-inch maximum water height

6. Sable Inflatable Pool

Sable Inflatable Pool

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This inflatable model brings an easy-set and convenient design, making it suitable for your entire family.

Coming with a bench to provide more comfort, it has a sturdy PVC build, giving it a first-rate performance. The construction is 50% thicker than those of previous models, which you can take advantage of for your outdoor entertainment and parties. This long-lasting build ensures years of enjoyment, even in the harshest conditions.

Another strong point is the simple setup process. You only need to inflate the pool then fill it with water.

You won’t need to worry about the health and safety of your children thanks to the non-toxic, chemical-free construction. To bring an incredible swimming experience, Sable equips it with the dual-drain water outlets. Thanks to this, you can have a speedy and convenient drainage process.

The built-in lounge will add more comfort and ensure better performance, as well.


  • Large enough for your entire family
  • High build quality
  • Drain quickly
  • Chemical-free


  • Costly

7. Intex Relax And Keep Cool 57191WL Swim Center Family Lounge Pool

Intex Relax And Keep Cool 57191WL Swim Center Family Lounge Pool

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If you are finding an inflatable pool where your family can relax, you may want to consider the Intex 57191WL.

This model is large enough for up to 4 adults. You can stretch out comfortably without annoying other people. And of course, the kids will also have a lot of space to play too. This is a great place for in-house summer entertainment.

With the built-in headrests, seats, cup holders, you will have full experience in it without the need to go out for water. This is very convenient, considering it is a budget model at around $70.

But on the flip side, the material, unlike other models we have reviewed above, is not the sturdiest one. So you may need to be careful about the load it can endure. And the water height maybe not deep enough for you to swim.


  • Cheap
  • Spacious for even four adults
  • Built-in seats, headrests, cup holders


  • Shallow water level
  • Tend to break apart after a few years

8. OlarHike 85″ X 22″ Inflatable Swimming Pool

OlarHike 85 X 22 Inflatable Swimming Pool

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With a water capacity of 400 gallons, this inflatable pool is very spacious, even for many adults and children.

Your kids will have a memorable time relaxing inside this pool in the summer. The wall materials are safe, even for those with allergic conditions. This will free your mind if you have any safety concerns about your kids playing in the water.

Not only does it protect your health, but these materials are also sturdy for all your activities. The design is ergonomic, making sure that it can ensure heavy load from many people without tearing up.

Do you worry about the warranty? If yes, consider this model!

OlarHike provides a 2-year period of replacement if any issues happen.


  • One of the largest pool in this review
  • Safe and sturdy materials
  • Ergonomic


  • Can’t keep air for a long time

9. Intex Easy Set 12ft x 30in Round Pool Set

Intex Easy Set 12ft x 30in Round Pool Set

This Intex pool’s capacity is enough for four adults so parents and kids can both play and have a wonderful time together.

The setup process is not different from other models. You just need to roll it out on the ground and then inflate the top ring. Under 10 minutes, you can fill up 80% of its entire 1485-gallon capacity, one of the largest models for families.

Equipped with a dual suction pump, you will have water with ore hygiene and clarity thanks to the improved water circulation. When needed, the drainage is also trouble-free. Just connect it with your garden hose and be done with it.

You can also get all these detailed guidelines in the instructional DVD, which is included in the package.


  • Improved water circulation for greater filtration
  • Quick setup time
  • Sturdy laminated PVC walls


  • The pump might not last as long as the pool.
  • Need extra tool and accessories to maintain and clean

10. Bestway Fast Set 10′ x 30″ Above Ground Pool Set

Bestway Fast Set 10 x 30 Above Ground Pool Set

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This model is from the Fast Set lineup of Bestway. It may not have the popularity of other competitors like Intex, but it will surprise you with what you get in such an affordable price.

The lining is made from heavy-duty PVC, which has the ability to hold up to 961 gallons. This is more than enough for a 5-people family, including parents and their kids.

But as you may expect from an affordable option, it comes with some issues.

The pump is weaker than those of other models. This might lead to a long waiting time before your family can finally swim in it. The top ring also tends to fall from its place, another problem you may find annoying.

The included filter can process up to 330 gallons per hour, an acceptable number for a cheap model. There is no ladder, but it is not that big of a problem since you won’t need that much for such a small model anyway.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up and maintain


  • Weak pump


Coming to this point, you have known that choosing an inflatable pool for adults is not easy at all. You must check the size, depth, materials, pump, and the price before you can have the best decision possible.

As you can see, there are various products from reputable brands you can trust to spend your money. They offer different capacities at different price ranges. But we believe that if you stick with our buying guide, you will definitely have the best inflatable pool for adults for yourself.


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