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As you prepare for winter to approach, you have to get ready to endure a lot of cold, winter mornings. This means you’ll need to face a lot of drives in the ice and snow. I know I hate it in the mornings when I wake up, late for work, and realize my car is freezing. I spend the rest of the morning waiting to warm up my car, making me even later to work.

This is why I decided to buy a portable car heater. It starts to heat up my car so my whole ride to work is warmer. It keeps me feeling toasty without worrying about whether or not my car will quit working due to the increasingly cold temperatures. Most portable car heaters will easily fit inside of the car and start emitting hot air quickly, with very little work.

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I found that with the Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater. It turned on fairly quickly when I needed it to warm me up. It’s also smaller, so I was able to take this heater into work with me right after using it in the car. It constantly worked to keep me both safe and warm throughout my entire day on my drive and at work.

Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater Review

This personal heater is smaller and more compact. This may make it easier for you to carry around with you to new places in or outside of the car. Not only is it smaller in size, but the compact personal heater is also energy efficient. This can help prevent you from wasting any type of energy and can be very good for the environment.

It’s not known to be a top car heater specifically because it’s mainly known as a space heater. This can still be helpful for you to use though, as it can heat up different areas not just inside of the home but throughout the interior of your car as well.

This may be a great heater for you if you’re primarily looking for a machine to heat only yourself up in smaller spaces. This car heater is known to be great with just one person to heat and doesn’t require any assembly. They claim that all you need to do is take it out of the box and it should be ready to use when you need it.

Lasko Model 100 Personal Space Heater


  • It has a heater and a fan. In case the area you’re heating becomes too hot, you should easily be able to switch it to cool fairly quickly
  • One of its safety features is the ability to shut off if it gets too heated or warm. This can make you feel a little more comfortable and secure while driving
  • This personal space heater arrives in the box completely assembled for you already
  • The Lasko Model contains fairly lower power usage so you won’t use it for too long. This feature can be helpful for the environment


  • It requires a large portion of cleaning. This is due to the fact that may get clogged fairly easy as you use it. So you may want to have some special cleaning products on hand before using it too often.
  • When turning on the heating function, it’s been known to spit out fewer amounts of heat that don’t travel or circulate well around the area. This may make you feel less heat throughout the car.
  • Since it’s energy-efficient and kicks on and off quickly, you may have troubles with it shutting off randomly throughout its use.

Fan and Heater Built In

Sometimes when using a personal heater, it seems to complete its job too well. This means the heater can often get too hot, which may result in getting burned. With this personal space heater, you most likely won’t have to worry about this. This heater contains a fan that is built-in.

The fan will turn on as soon as you’re feeling too hot or warm after using the machine. If it gets too hot in the car after a while from the machine spewing out too much hot air, this can get uncomfortable or even painful. Which is why it’s so nice to have a fan built into the machine and ready to make the air a little bit cooler again.

Lasko Model 100

Shuts Off Automatically When It’s Too Hot

Sometimes the excess heat can be unbearable to stand when you’re driving. This is why it’s helpful if a portable car heater has a feature that will shut off if the machine is becoming way too hot. It’s extremely helpful for the machine to shut off when it’s too hot and it becomes uncomfortable.

It’s also helpful though when the car heater shuts off on its own when no one is around. If you’re driving and arrive at your destination, it can be easy to forget to shut the heater off. If the heater stays on for long periods of time, it can damage your car severely. This is why you should look for a heater like this that shuts off after it’s been on for too long.

Arrives Already Assembled

In the past, one of the biggest hassles in receiving anything in the mail is the assembly process. I hate taking an excessive amount of time to assemble the different pieces into object.  It takes up a lot of energy and time out of my day. Luckily, this personal space heater has the ability to make my life a little easier by requiring little to no assembly at all. The only thing I needed to do was take it out of the box and then plug it in. After doing this, the heater was good to go.

That’s why you may enjoy this space heater. It comes right out of the box ready to plug into your car and easily get it started. If you purchase this product ready to go, you’ll spend more time using it rather than getting it set up and put together. You’ll want it to be ready quickly so you can heat your car faster.


When other car heaters or space heaters become too hot, it can result in harming either your car or the people inside of it. This is why you should consider purchasing a space or car heater that will shut off when it’s been running for too long. It’ll work to keep you feeling safe in the car with no worries of whether or not it’ll overheat and cause your car to break down.

Lasko Model 100 Heater

It’s also great that this personal space heater shuts off quickly because this means it’s energy-efficient. An energy-efficient space heater can help you save the Earth in such a simple way. It can also be helpful for the times where you’re in a rush and need to exit your car quickly, forgetting to turn the car heater off. Once this happens, you won’t have to worry about harming the car or the environment.

Different Alternatives To Try

There are other portable heaters that are available for you to test out and use to your advantage. Most of them are very similar to this defogger and heater as they share a lot of the same important features.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

This heater is smaller than the original car defogger and heater. Since it’s smaller, most people believe it to be easier to travel with than most other heaters. This makes it easier for it to be transported from one car or the other. It can be set up easily when you’ve hopped into another car and are on the move.

It also claims to contain certain material to keep it from tipping over while the car is in motion. This is an important feature to have as a heater that has tipped over has the ability to catch a car on fire if it’s hot enough.

Since it’s smaller, this heater should mainly only be used by one person in a smaller space. It doesn’t seem to have the capabilities to heat more than one person in a larger area.

You can learn more about the product here.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This heater acts more like a space heater than a car heater. Because of this, it’s known to heat up larger rooms with bigger amounts of air. This heater is better for more groups of people who need to receive a large amount of heat quickly.

If your car’s heat goes out entirely, this would be your best bet to have. It doesn’t completely replace your car’s built-in heater, but the amount of heat it gives off is fairly close. This makes it more comfortable for you and one other person to travel in a car together.

Check out the product here.

Car Defogger and Heater

This is known as one of the more popular car defogger and heaters to test out. Not only does it heat up the car you’re driving in, but it also claims to have a feature that removes all the fog inside your car. This can be very helpful if you’re in a rush early in the mornings and don’t have time for your car’s defrost to warm up.

This defogger and heater is also featured in a compact size. Which may make it easier to transport and travel around with if you need to move from one car to the other. It also claims to be multifunctional. This means that it has the power to be switched over from heating to cooling fairly quickly. This may be a nice feature for you if you ever become too hot in the car.

You can learn more about the product here.


This personal space heater is known as a very useful item to have with you. It’ll work to help keep your car heated, but won’t let it overheat so you can still feel protected inside of your car. This space heater is also compact and easy to store and move from area to area. This can make your life a lot easier as you’ll no longer need to lug it around uncomfortably as you move it to different cars.

You can check this available product and its features out here.


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