TOP 5 Best Low Profile Window Air Conditioner 2020: Reviews and Buying Guides


If you are looking for the best low profile window air conditioner for your house, this post is right for you. Scroll down and check it out!

Air conditioner is becoming an indispensable equipment in our life, especially when the climate is getting hotter than ever. However, not everyone can afford a spacious place to install a normal-sized air conditioner.

For this reason, low profile window air conditioner is invented to keep the cool temperature in your place while saving up much space. In this article, we will provide with the top list of the best low profile window air conditioner on the market so that you won’t be deceived into buying low-quality products. Let’s start!

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TOP 5 Best Low Profile Window Air Conditioners-An In-depth Review

1. LG LW6017R Window Air Conditioner-The Best Overall

The window air conditioner from LG will be an efficient-cost item in your house with its reasonable price. Also, the LW6017R can cover a large area of 260 square feet despite its compact size. Although this LG air conditioner is powerful, it won’t cost you a huge sum of money to operate thanks to the energy-saving feature.

Additionally, this low profile window air conditioner offers you with 3 modes of fan speed and 3 modes of cooling speed. Therefore, you can opt for the most optimal temperature choice, easily deal with the scorching climate in the summer.

Another prominent feature of this 6000 BTU low profile conditioner is its quiet sound while being in use. In specific, the LW6017R just creates a 52 dBa noise level that won’t interfere with your sleep.

Furthermore, this LG AC air conditioner has its vent designed with an upward-pointing position. This factor makes the product of LG different from other air conditioners that consist of vent placed in the position toward your room. The advantage of an upward-pointing-vent air conditioner has over other models is that the cooling air won’t be forced to blow directly to your body.

The reason is that when you are sleeping, the temperature of your body will be reduced. If the air is pushed straightly to you, you may get cold or sore throat. This feature seems to be minor, but it expresses the user-friendly characteristic of the LG LW6017R low profile window air conditioner.

Moreover, the compact and lightweight design will assist you in installing this model with ease. With nearly 40 pounds, the machine is effortless to be carried and set up. Plus, you will be provided with an exclusive installation kit from LG. As a result, this low profile air conditioner can be assembled by anyone.

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Apart from the easy installation, the low profile window air conditioner of LG is straightforward to use. Thanks to the remote control, you can have a hold over the machine from any location in your place.

Despite these remarkable features, this LG LW6017R still has a minor drawback. The sticky substance of the adhesive strip may irritate you when you assemble the machine.


  • Adjustable cooling-speed and fan-speed
  • Quiet
  • Energy-saving
  • Upward-pointing vent
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The adhesive strip is too sticky

2. Friedrich CP05G10P Window Air Conditioner-The Runner-up

The CP05G10P from Friedrich is another brilliant product in the Chill Series. In this line of Friedrich air conditioner, you will have a chance to experience every feature of a high-end Kuhl models with an affordable price.

Now, let’s have a look at the cooling capacity of this low profile air conditioner. This Friedrich is equipped with 5200 BTUs of cooling power. As a result, the CP05G10P can efficiently keeping the cool temperature in a 150-square-feet room. If you are living in a moderate-sized apartment, this air conditioner is capable of completely delivering fresh air to every corner of your house.

Furthermore, this CP05G10P won’t take up much of your living space because you can install this one on the windows. Therefore, you can make use of the spare space near the windows.

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Besides, the installation of this low profile conditioner is straightforward. To be exact, the AC of Friedrich consists of a slide-out chassis, so it is convenient for users to set up the machine. Plus, the power cord of this model is so flexible that it can be operated on both lateral sides of the AC front.

Moreover, the louvres of this machine can automatically adjust their direction to left and right side in the cooling process. Hence, it can spread the cool air to almost anywhere.

More interestingly, the window AC of Friedrich consists of the Money Saver mode. This function helps you reduce your electricity bills. When you activate this feature, in cooling mode, only the fans are generated.

The downside of this machine is its rattling sound made by the front panel. Consequently, it can be a disturbance if you place this one near your bedroom or working corner.


  • 5200 BTUs
  • Covering 150 square feet
  • Compact
  • Flexible louvers
  • Money Saver mode


  • Noisy

3. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series-The Quietest Low Profile Window AC

Low profile window air conditioner is the machine usually installed in a moderate area because of its compact design. Therefore, to avoid disturbing activities of users, a low profile AC must be quiet. Here, we would like to introduce the Haier ESAQ406P to you, and it deserves to be one of the quietest window AC.

According to actual dB measurement from other a user using the dB-measurement app on his smartphones, the machine of Haier generated barely any irritating sound during its operation. In specific, within the 3 feet range, the sound of the fan was measured at only 46 dB, whereas when he spoke to his phone in daily-conversation voice, the dB is 71.

From the elementary experiment above, you can see how silent the ESAQ406P is. Installing this low profile AC in your house or office, you can complete every task without being disturbed.

Apart from the exceptionally quiet operation, this model comprises of other decent features. First and foremost, this Haier is manufactured with 6050 BTU cooling power so that it can utterly release cool air for a 250 square feet apartment.

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No products found.

Moreover, this product is rated at 11.2 EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) level. If you don’t know, the EER figure is calculated by the Cooling Output divided by the Total Energy Usage. Therefore, the AC of Haier can economize electricity while giving wonderful efficiency.

What’s more, in this model, you can adjust 4 different modes for using. In specific, they are Cool, Fan, Dehumidify, and Energy Saver.

With all these prominent features, the Haier ESAQ406P seems to be a perfect one. However, the only barrier customers have to face when deciding to buy this one is its high price.


  • Extremely quiet
  • 11.2 EER
  • 6050 BTU cooling power
  • 4 modes of use


  • High price

4. Frigidaire FFRE0633S1 6000 BTU AC-Best For Economization

If you want to opt for a low profile window air conditioner that suits your tight budget, the FFRE0633S1 from Frigidaire will be your optimal choice.

The Frigidaire FFRE0633S1 can cool down the temperature in a 250 square feet room with ease thanks to the 6000 BTUs cooling capacity. Besides, you can choose three different fan directions so that the fresh air will be evenly distributed to any spot in the room.

Furthermore, the EER figure of this machine is 12.2 EER, even better than the Haier ESAQ406P above, thus it can save up much of the money you have to pay for the electricity bills. Plus, since you will be given a manual and a remote control, operating this model is simple and convenient.

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Moreover, the window air conditioner of Frigidaire offers you with 4 different modes of use: Energy Save, Dry Mode, Sleep Mode, and Timer. Particularly, if you turn off the AC and then restart it, this Frigidaire can still remember the mode you set previously.

Everything has its good and bad sides, so does this model. When being activated at the High setting for quick cooling, this machine may create a loud noise.


  • Simple installation
  • 6000 BTUs
  • 12.2 EER
  • 4 modes of use


  • May create loud noise when functioning at High setting

5. hOmeLabs Window Mounted Air Conditioner-The Best For Installation Kit

Installing electric equipment has never been an easy task with an amateur person. Yet, the hOmeLabs brings customers with a window mounted air conditioner that can be simply set up by anyone. Also, the extra components will guarantee your safety when using this AC.

To provide customers with utmost comfort in choosing the right fit and proper installation for the machine, hOmeLabs offers them with a wonderful set of start-up kit. It includes window seal foam, side panel leaf covers, a support bracket, and a thorough installation guide.

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Plus, you will get a backflow drainage to avoid your house or the motor from being soaked by the water. Therefore, apart from the pleasant cooling experience, hOmeLabs brings you the complete safety. In addition, in the package of this window mounted air conditioner, you will find a 6-foot long cord for straightforward plugging into the wall.

Moreover, the AC of hOmeLabs consists of a reusable filter. Hence, you can clean this part by dipping it into warm water or wash it with dish soap. What’s more, the cooling function of this model can be adjusted in 7 different modes. With this various temperature setting, you can quickly cool down the temperature in the room within less than 15 minutes.

The downside of this machine is that it doesn’t have a remote control. You have to set the temperature via 2 dials control.


  • Outstanding installation kit
  • 7 temp modes
  • Reusable filter
  • 11.1 EER


  • No remote control

Low Profile Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Image source: Youtube

1. Choose The BTU Suitable For The Area

BTU of a low profile window AC will play a crucial part in deciding how large area the model can cover. Below is the table of approximate houses or rooms area with the proper BTU.

150 square feet

5000 BTU

300 square feet

7000 BTU

400 square feet

9000 BTU

550 square feet

12000 BTU

1000 square feet

18000 BTU

1500 square feet

24000 BTU

2000 square feet

29000 BTU

2. Noise Of The Product

Commonly, the window air conditioner creates noisy loud. The reason is that the machine must comprise of both the compressor and the motor inside to guarantee the compact design and easy installation.

So as to minimize the irritating sound of a low profile air conditioner, you have to focus on some notices below:
Make sure that you properly install it

Choosing a sturdy window sill and other supporting parts for placing the AC, so you can avoid the rattling sound

3. Energy Rating

Image source: Mini Review Africa

You should opt for air conditioners that are rated with Energy-Star because this certification can be seen as an affirmation for the energy efficiency of the product. However, some really outstanding window ACs haven’t been rated with Energy-Star yet. For this reason, you can rely on the specifications from the factory to choose the most optimal model.

4. Using Modes

The more using modes an AC has, the more adequate cooling effect it offers. If you have an air conditioner with various modes of use, you can adjust it up to your need. Besides, you will be able to quickly cool the house down by modifying the temperature.

5. Thermostat

The function of a thermostat is to automatically keep the temperature of the AC at a specific temperature. When the temperature exceeds your need, the thermostat will shut itself down and then restart to attain the needed temperature. Therefore, an AC with a thermostat will help you to save up much of the money for electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image source: Selling Energy

1. Is It Ok To Run A Window Air Conditioner 24/7?

Leaving a window air conditioner on 24/7 will depend on the power and capacity of the model. However, almost every machine can run the whole day. The only thing you have to consider is how much you are willing to pay for the consumption fees.

2. What Happens If You Don’t Put A Window Air Conditioner In The Window?

A window air conditioner has to be put in the window, or else your house will be soaked in water from the machine.

3. What Size Room Will A 6000 BTU Air Conditioner Cool?

150 to 250 square feet

Bottom Lines

We have provided you with the top list of the best low profile window air conditioner. All of these products are the most effective ones in terms of quality, design, installation, and BTU. Yet, if we have to choose the best of the best, it will be the LG LW6017R Window Air Conditioner.

The reason for our choice is that the model of LG has adjustable cooling-speed and fan-speed. Besides, it is quiet and energy-saving. Moreover, it has an intelligent design with an upward-pointing vent that is good for your health. Lastly, this AC is durable with corrosion-resistant feature.

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