Mr. Heater MH4GC Golf Cart Heater Reviews


I love the look of snow outside my window, but I don’t like it on or near my car. I especially don’t enjoy driving in it. Usually, when it’s snowing, I’m incredibly cold in my car the whole entire drive. This is because I’m waiting for an excessive amount of time for my car’s heater to finally kick on and blow hot air out at me.

I got tired of waiting, so I decided to purchase a portable car heater. This became incredibly useful for me during my drives. It works to keep me feeling very snug and warm as I wait for the heater of my car to finally come on and blow heat throughout my entire car. This helps warm the whole car up so it doesn’t break down due to an incredibly low temperature.

I’m the only one in my car that needs to be heated. Because of this, I realized that all I needed to make myself feel warmer and more comfortable on my car rides was a small portable heater. This is why I bought the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater. It can easily heat me up in a short amount of time and gives me warmth until my car eventually turns on and warms me up for the rest of my drive.

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Mr. Heater MH4GC Golf Cart Heater Reviews

This car heater has been specifically made for golf carts but can also be used to efficiently heat cars as well. When trying out this heater, you may notice that for a smaller machine, it can still warm up different sections throughout your body to keep them warmer during your drive.

This portable car heater can also be operated by using batteries rather than needing to be plugged into the car. Because of this, it may be easier to get it started and working throughout your entire car ride. There is also a handle featured on the machine itself. This can make it a lot simpler to hang it in the desired area of your car.

This golf cart heater isn’t one of the most popular car heaters since it was originally made to heat up your car. Many have found that they are impressed with this product though, as it can work to efficiently heat a car up as well as it can heat a golf cart.

Golf Cart Heater Pros and Cons


  • This golf cart heater is smaller than the rest but is still known to spew large amounts of hot air out to fill up various portions of the car.
  • It uses batteries rather than being plugged into the car. You can take it anywhere due to its size and use it to warm you up for the length of the battery life, which is approximately 5 hours
  • The handle on the machine makes it very simple to mount on the inside of your car and can be taken off when desired as well


  •  This product takes a longer period of time than most other portable car heaters. You may be spending your time waiting for it to eventually warm up and finally produce hot air.
  • While driving, you may experience your golf cart heaters shut off every once in a while when there are certain twists, turns or bumps found on the road
  • Though it does emit a lot of air for a small heater, it won’t give off as much air as other heaters since it isn’t as large as the others.

Small But Mighty

Golf Cart Heater Preview

 This portable golf cart heater is smaller than a lot of other car heaters you may purchase. This is because a lot of people will use this heater specifically for a golf cart rather than for a whole car Despite its compact size, it can still spit out a large portion of hot air if you are only needing the hot air in smaller areas.

While you’re driving, it can be more convenient for you to feel smaller portions of hot air in one area of your car rather than the whole car. If the whole car heats up and becomes increasingly warm, it can become way too hot and unbearable for you to stand while driving in your car. This is why you may want a smaller golf cart heater to provide you smaller portions of heat.

Longlasting Batteries

 Sometimes when you try to plugin your car heater, it can be hard to do this if there are other items plugged in your car as well. You’ll be forced to move everything around to make room for your heater to be added. This can be crowded and difficult to handle.

If this is the case for you, then this Mr. Heater Golf Cart heater could be great for you to use instead. It requires batteries rather than being plugged into your car. This can make it a lot easier to use and the batteries will also help keep it lasting longer. You should be able to recharge the batteries often. You’ll then notice that the machine will heat your up for around 5 hours.

Easy to Grip Handle

 This golf cart heater contains a handle that makes moving it between cars very simple. It attaches and detaches easily to different areas of your car so it can conveniently hang from your air vent, mirror, etc.

Having a car heater that is very simple to transport can become very efficient for you as you’re attempting to move it around as you use it to heat various areas. The handle itself is also comfortable to grip so you won’t feel any discomfort as you move it around from location to location.

Different Alternatives To Try

 There are other portable heaters that are available for you to test out and use to your advantage. Most of them are very similar to this heater as they share a lot of the same important features.

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

This heater is smaller than the original car defogger and heater. Since it’s smaller, most people believe it to be easier to travel with than most other heaters. This makes it easier for it to be transported from one car or the other. It can be set up easily when you’ve hopped into another car and are on the move.

It also claims to contain certain material to keep it from tipping over while the car is in motion. This is an important feature to have as a heater that has tipped over has the ability to catch a car on fire if it’s hot enough.

Since it’s smaller, this heater should mainly only be used by one person in a smaller space. It doesn’t seem to have the capabilities to heat more than one person in a larger area.

You can learn more about the product here.

1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This heater acts more like a space heater than a car heater. Because of this, it’s known to heat up larger rooms with bigger amounts of air. This heater is better for more groups of people who need to receive a large amount of heat quickly.

If your car’s heat goes out entirely, this would be your best bet to have. It doesn’t completely replace your car’s built-in heater, but the amount of heat it gives off is fairly close. This makes it more comfortable for you and one other person to travel in a car together.

Check out the product here.

Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater

This heater is smaller but can still exude a large amount of air that you don’t ordinarily see in the car defogger and heater product. It’s smaller and looks as if it may not heat up a room very well. When turned on, though it’s known to act as a space heater and can heat up large parts of a room.

This can be used for people who need their whole area to be heated up. This personal space heater differs from the main car heater and defogger as it has a built-in timer. This time works to shut off as soon as it gets to hot. This is important as a heater that is too warm can be damaging to you and your car.

You can find more about the product here.


Golf Cart Heater

 Though it’s smaller than most, people find a lot of comforts using this Mr. Heater MH4GC Golf Cart Heater. It works to stay safely compact and safe inside of the car without a chance of falling over and overheating the inside of the car. This may make you feel safer and more secure while you’re driving. You’ll also be able to easily grab this golf cart heater and go as you transition it from a golf cart to a car.


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