TOP 10 Best platform bed with storage 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide


Are you looking to buy a platform bed for your living space? If so, you’ll find that there are many choices you can select from. This article will explore more behind what these products are and the top 10 best platform beds with storage you can invest in. Keep reading to learn some helpful shopping tips to keep in mind and our selection of the top choices on the market today.

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a specially designed bed that is raised up off of the ground with a rectangular frame to give a unique aesthetic look. It supports the mattress on top of it usually with wooden slates lined horizontally across the bed frame. It also sometimes features special compartments on the bottom of it which allow you to store things away in them without taking away from the appealing of the bed’s design.

The Benefits of Platform Beds

While it might not seem like it, platform beds come with plenty of benefits.

They Come in Many Sizes

platform bed size

You’ll find that platform beds come in a variety of sizes. You’ll find everything from a queen platform bed with storage to a king platform bed with storage. So, no matter what size you need you can be sure you’ll be able to find it with a platform bed.

They’re Quiet

Because these beds support mattresses with wooden slats, resting on them can be much quieter compared to other bed types. This is due to their being no springs creaking

They’re Stylish

platform bed with storage

Platform beds come in plenty of different sizes so you can find the one that best fits your needs. Better yet, they don’t need bed skirts which are usually necessary for other bed types. You’ll also find that their designs come in everyone from plain to legless to give a floating look to the bed.

They’re Affordable

These beds are extremely affordable making them perfect for those on a budget. Even with all of their different sizes and styles, they are not as expensive as other bed types which is ideal for many.

What to Look for When Buying a Platform Bed

What to Look for When Buying a Platform Bed

There are plenty of things you need to look for before investing in a platform bed. Below are some of the most important things.


A bed that isn’t secure is one you definitely don’t want to invest in. When shopping for a platform bed, look closely at how it is made. Are the materials many of heavy-duty wood or metal? Does the paint seem like it might chip off easily? Is it easy to scratch? All of these questions will allow you to see whether the platform bed you’re interested in will fit your needs.

Amount of Storage

the best bed platform with storage

The amount of storage under the bed is another important thing to consider. Depending on your needs, you might need a little bit of space to store your things or a lot. If you’re someone who doesn’t intend to store much under their bed, you won’t have to worry about looking for large drawers.

However, if you plan to store quite of bit of stuff in the bed, you’ll want to look for large drawers and ensure you have a good amount of them you can use.

Sometimes these beds will also come with a wrap-around storage, meaning that there are bookshelves or side cabinets connected to the bed. These types of platform beds are another great style to consider investing in as they will give you plenty of storage.

The Price

Platforms can run to be a little pricey, but they shouldn’t be overly expensive. As mentioned above, they are affordable, but the larger the size the most money it will cost. So, carefully consider what size you need. Also, if you want extra storage or features with your bed, it will more than likely cost a bit more as well.

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The Top 10 Platform Beds with Storage Reviewed by GadgetsLiving

1. Parisot Storage Bed

This Parisot Storage Bed comes in a full size and is made with a stylish wood exterior. This wood exterior is both scratch and waterproof so there’s no need to worry about it damaging or staining easily. On the bottom of the bed you’ll find 6 different compartments you can store your stuff in.

You’ll find open shelves and drawers that are not only helpful for storing items such as sheets away but give a unique design to this bed. This product measures 86.6 x 59.1 x 31.1 inches and weighs about 130 lbs. However, keep in mind that the assembly of this product can be a little difficult so you might need to have some professional help.

2.DHP Maven Upholstered Platform Bed

DHP Maven Upholstered Platform Bed

The DHP Maven storage bed is made with a faux leather covering that comes in color choices such as black and gray. It features a Bentwood slat system which is meant to help ensure that the mattress lies evenly on the platform bed. On the bottom, you’ll find larger drawers on the sides which you can use to store items in.

This product is extremely affordable yet made with a high-quality design and materials. It comes in sizes twin, full, and queen. While it’s a durable model, the assembly might be a little tough to do so you’ll have to pay close attention to the direction to ensure it’s put together correctly.

3. DHP Rose Upholstered Platform Bed

This platform bed is a very stylish and contemporary model. It features upholstery that comes in colors like black, gray, and tan. This bed has 24 curved wooden slats that slightly curve to help support the mattress better when it rests on them. There is also a metal rail that goes down the middle of the slats to ensure everything stays secure.

The DHP Rose Platform Bed lies close to the ground and has 4 large storage drawers – two of which are on each side of the bed. This model comes in sizes twin, full, and queen and weighs about 87 lbs. It has a quick assembly which is ideal for many, but isn’t the most durable model.

4. South Shore Gramercy

South Shore Gramercy platform bed

The South Shore Gramercy is a very affordable model that comes in styles such as laminated natural maple, black, and chocolate. It can be used with both a full and queen size mattress and doesn’t need to be paired with a box spring mattress. The style of this mattress gives this bed a floating look which is a unique design.

It has 2 drawers altogether built into it, one on each side of the bed, and are located at the front side of the bed. This platform bed can also be used with a headboard to give it a more stylish look. However, keep in mind this bed is very heavy so moving it around and assembling it might be a little bit of a hassle.

5. South Shore Ottoman Storage

This platform bed features a unique design as instead of exterior drawers, the entire mattress flips up 60 degrees to reveal storage underneath the bed. The mattress is supported by heavy-duty straps which have a metal rod running down the middle of them to keep the mattress secure.

You can then grab the end of the bed with a small strap sewn into it to lift the mattress up. This bed can be used with a headboard and comes with a frame that’s coated with a sleek black design. However, this bed can be very heavy and requires at least 2 people to install.

6. Prepac Storage Bed

This Prepac Storage Bed is made with a classy espresso wood finish. It features 6 drawers altogether with 3 drawers on each side of the bed. These drawers are big and measure 19 inches deep so you’ll be able to fit a lot of items inside each of them. To support the mattress, this bed has a few wooden slats that run vertically.

This means this platform doesn’t require a box spring. This affordable model is also very lightweight and quiet so it won’t make noises when you rest on it or be difficult to move around. The one thing to keep in mind about this model though is that it isn’t the most durable. Sometimes the wooden slats can slightly bend and crack.

7. Costar Home Furnishings Storage Bed

The Costar Home Furnishings Storage Bed is an extremely affordable option making it ideal for those who are on a budget. It’s made with a sleek gun smoke finish to give a beautiful look to its pine wood and features 4 drawers, 2 drawers which are on each side of the bed.

These drawers also feature metal handles which add a beautiful finish to them and are large enough to hold many items inside. The Costar Home Furnishings Storage Bed is quite durable and lightweight so it can withstand quite a bit of usage and is easy to move around and assemble without hassles.

8. Prepac Twin Storage Bed

The Prepac Twin Storage Bed is a Twin size bed that has a stunning espresso finish. It has a few wooden slats running vertically on it to help support your mattress. It has 3 drawers which can be installed on either side of the bed and run length-wide so you have plenty of space to store items in.

These drawers are fitted with pulls on the bottom which you can use to pull them out. This stylish platform bed doesn’t require a box spring and is very easy to assemble although it’s not necessarily the most durable option on the market.

9. Peredia-Rice Woodworking Platform Storage Bed

This platform bed with storage is very pricey, but is a beautiful handmade piece. It’s designed to look shabby chic and is coated with a stunning white finish. It features horizontal slats on the bottom which are used to help hold the mattress secure when you place it on them and so it doesn’t slip around.

There are 4 drawers on the bottom of this bed and 2 drawers are on each side of the bed. It also has a headboard and side tables built into it which give you extra space. This bed is made to be durable so you can be sure it will last you for a long time.

10. Prepac Monterey King Storage Bed

The Prepac Monterey King Storage Bed is made with a cherry finish and features 6 drawers built into the bottom of it with 3 drawers on each side of it. These drawers have special pulls on them you can use to open them and measure 18 inches deep so you have plenty of space to store items away in.

It features wooden slats in the middle of it to help keep your mattress secure and also has a headboard that comes with it. This headboard provides extra storage with its many compartments.

Two things to keep in mind about this model is that the finish might be a little darker than some might like and it can be a little heavy so it could be difficult for some to move around and assemble on their own.


Platform beds are not only aesthetically pleasing but often come with built-in storage you can use to store bedsheets and other items away in. They come in many different designs and sizes so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

The information above should help you be able to easily choose the platform bed with storage that’s right for you and the top 10 selections mentioned are some of the best picks on the market today you should definitely consider looking at. Thank for reading,  please share with us your thoughts!

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