Pop it Pal: A Pimple Popping Simulator [Treading 2018]


If you like the sensation of popping pimples, the truth is you’re not alone. This activity is something that we all do in the privacy of our homes without anyone else around, but lately, the gratification that comes along with it has become a popular topic of conversation.

Between the endless videos of dermatologists popping pimples and the freer speech about the topic, it was only a matter of time before someone packaged it for pure pleasure. Meet the Pop it Pal.

What is the Pop it Pal?

You must be wondering what the Pop it Pal could possibly be, and letting your imagination run wild with speculation. Chances are, you’ve imagined what it is, and it’s just as satisfying as you would hope!

The Pop it Pal is a silicone toy which allows you to spend as much time as you want living the experience of your favorite secret habit, popping pimples. Skin picking and popping pimples has a reputation for being a ‘bad’ or ‘dirty’ habit, but in reality, it’s an obsession shared by many people.

The Pop it Pal is a toy which has started gaining steam as the new fidget spinner, keeping people busy and meeting their popping needs.

Pop it Pal: What Do You Get?

pop it pal what do you get

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The Pop it Pal is available in two ‘skin’ tones, peach and brown. Each Pop it Pal measures in at 4 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch. It’s small enough to hold comfortably in your hands but large enough to provide you with a feeling of popping gratification.

As soon as you get your Pop it Pal in the mail, you will be able to take it out of the package and get popping, as there are 15 pimples loaded, ready, and waiting for you. The best part about the Pop it Pal is that it can be reloaded time and time again for endless popping enjoyment.

With your initial order of the Peach or Brown Pop it Pal, you will receive:

  • The Pop it Pal itself.
  • One bottle of pimple puss refill.
  • One tool to use for refilling the pimples.

The makers of Pop it Pal ensure a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means if you don’t find your popping experience to be pleasing, you can return your Pop it Pal for a full refund.

Anyone living in the United States will have their Pop it Pal shipped for free, but keep in mind that high volume means you may have to wait up to 6 weeks for your order. International orders will be subject to shipping charges, and may take up to 9 weeks to arrive.

Once you become the owner of your very own Pop it Pal, you can purchase separate pimple puss refills at any time to keep your zits loaded and ready for popping!

Pop it Pal Pimple: The Beginnings

The Pop it Pal was invented by a married couple. With all the rage about popping pimples and watching pimples being popped, the creators realized there was a market for a unique product.

Both husband and wife share the pimple popping obsession, but it was the wife who spoke up first about the idea to create a toy that would bring the pleasure of watching pimple popping videos to your fingertips.

She mentioned the idea on a drive one day, and her husband believed she was onto something. The couple spent the next year brainstorming about the toy’s potential design and figuring out how they could make their dream a reality. The rest is history!

Benefits of Using the Pop it Pal

Perhaps you’re asking yourself just what you will get out of investing in a Pop it Pal. Well, it really depends on how you choose to look at the toy. There are a few potential benefits to using the Pop it Pal:

Reduce damage to the skin of habitual pickers.

Think about it. If you’re someone who cannot resist the chance to pop a pimple anytime you see it on your face, you probably know that it can result in worsening the pimple, or even leaving scars on your skin. The Pop it Pal provides an alternative which will provide relief in the form of the same sensation.

Keep your hands busy.

Some people have a need to be doing something with their hands at all times. The fidget spinner was a good option for this dilemma, and the Pop it Pal is another strong choice.

Are you seeing the Pop it Pal from a different perspective yet? Both adults and children stand to benefit from keeping a Pop it Pal handy!

Pop it Pal’s Contribution to Charity

kqhak2If you need a bit more of a push to invest in a Pop it Pal of your own, consider that you will be contributing an important line of charity, as well. The creators of the Pop it Pal have a daughter who started the ‘Kidz Against Bullying’ movement at the tender age of ten.

Six years after the creation of the movement, their daughter is still actively fighting to spread awareness about the problem of bullying. The creators of Pop it Pal were inspired by their daughter’s work and dedication, which is why they have decided to donate a portion of each Pop it Sale to charities supporting kindness and the anti-bullying movement.

So, your purchase of the Pop it Pal will help to take a stand against bullying, as well as satisfying your popping needs.

Pop it Pal Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can orders be canceled?

A: You can cancel your order of the Pop it Pal or its refills, as long as your order has not yet shipped. All you need to do is email the distributors with your receipt, order number, and name, and your cancellation will be processed. The creators of Pop it Pal specify that they cannot authorize cancellations from unauthorized third party sellers.

Q: What if I want a refund?

A: The Pop it Pal comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not in love with the product, send it back within 30 days, and you will receive a full refund. Along with sending the product back, you must send an email with your receipt, order number, and name.

Q: How long will I wait for my refund?

A: After requesting a refund, you will need to wait 5-10 days for the money to appear in your bank account.


If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new toy or item that will bring your enjoyment and help you pass the time, you may want to consider the Pop it Pal. There’s no shame in loving the feeling and look of popping pimples, it’s a common obsession. Join the community of people using the Pop it Pal to satisfy their urges!


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