TOP 6 Best Reverse Folding Umbrellas 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide


You have been rained on at least once in your life and hence you bought an umbrella. Luckily innovation has introduced a classy umbrella. Do not overthink it, it is just an umbrella like the normal ones you are used to except that it opens and closes in reverse making it a better umbrella. This new umbrella is known as the reverse folding umbrella.

The Reverse folding umbrella really saves you from getting wet. For example when entering your car when it is still raining, you have to fold your umbrella outside your car to enter. You will likely get wet before getting in the car and also the umbrella is soaked with water which will drip in your car, or worse, on your office documents on the car seat. What is the point of an umbrella if it damages your items? Now the reverse folding umbrella is the best because it gives you an opportunity to fold it while getting in the car without being rained on.

reversed umbrella

It is also difficult to get out of the car with a classic umbrella without being rained on. But gladly, you will no longer be rained on with the innovation of the reverse folding umbrella, as it folds in the smallest spaces to keep you and your belongings dry. The reverse folding umbrella also makes it possible to leave the car without getting wet.. Using an umbrella in a crowd is difficult, but when opening or unfolding the reverse folding umbrella, you will avoid poking people in the eye. The reverse folding umbrella performs excellently since it is designed with more spokes than older umbrellas for strong winds

The Reverse folding umbrella is made from high quality aluminum, a double layer canopy and water repellent coating which is really affordable despite the technology used to manufacture it. The reversing folding umbrella stops you and your wooden finish floors from getting wet. You do not have to worry about messy drips all over the car and house.

benefits of reversed umbrella

The pros of the reverse folding umbrellas include:

  • It is a drip free and convenient umbrella, as the reverse folding umbrella retains moisture that would otherwise spill onto your floor when closed. It keeps the wet part of the umbrella inside when closed, so your belongings do not get dripped on after getting in the house or car.
  • It is durable and windproof, and the design of the reverse folding umbrellas is more advanced which is immune to wind.
  • Reverse folding umbrella is easy to use and it has a free hand technology which helps you be comfortable when walking while using your cellphone or when carrying a baby.
  • It is safe to use in a crowd.

The cons of the reverse folding umbrella include:

  • If the water is not drained out after using the umbrella, while it will not spill water after coming out of the rain, it will spill out later when you are using it another time.
  • The reverse folding umbrella is not small. It is larger, so if you are used to small umbrellas which you can carry in your handbag, then it will be difficult for you to carry the reversing folding umbrella.
  • The reverse folding umbrella reviews from people who have had the chance to use it say that the free hand technology it comes with really helps, especially for mothers who are carrying a child, or if your both hands are full with something else like a cup of coffee and your bag.

Since the reverse folding umbrella was invented, there have been many types that have been manufactured. They include:

1. Car reverse umbrella for wind and rain protection-double layer.

It is a self-standing and double layer car inverse umbrella. This one has been designed and decorated with two colors each side which is red and black. It has a special feature that comes with it which allows self-standing, so you do not have to worry about where to hang it after you fold it. Also, you do not have to worry about dripping water since it is made of water repellent coated layer. So, you just have to find a place in the house that is convenient.


  • When opening and closing the umbrella, you will not get the seat or your pants wet. When closing the umbrella, water will stay inside and the outside will remain dry and keep you safe. It is convenient to put on the seat so you never bother the people near you.
  • Handle-hands-free for holding baby, mobile, briefcase and also you do not have to worry where to put it, as it has a Plain cap-self-standing.
  • You do not have to worry about stormy rainy season, as the umbrella is windproof and stormproof to decrease wind pressure.

2. Rainlax inverted umbrella double layer windproof UV protection

It is a multi-usage car reverse umbrella perfect for ladies who love pink and black. This particular umbrella is usable in many seasons because it is made with a double layer design and durable materials. If it is raining, the umbrella will remain clean and dry after getting soaked with rain water. When it is snowy it is possible to use it to avoid being covered by snow, or you may use it to cover yourself when it is too hot to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays.


  • This umbrella is made with durable materials including a water repellent pongee fabric, a breathable double layer canopy and smooth top, which was created with high quality electroplated steel shaft and premium resin reinforced fiberglass ribs.
  • It has a practical design that enables it to stand up totally on it’s own when closed.
  • You do not have to worry about getting the seat or floor wet. Also, if you happen to be in a crowd,in a subway, or waiting for the bus, then worry not because you will not make others wet. The reverse folding umbrella effectively avoids the drip permeation which happens on layer fabric umbrellas.

3. Alink reverse folding double layer inside out outdoor rain away car umbrella

Well this umbrella is beautifully made with a black newspaper style car inverse umbrella. It is made of pongee cloth, which strong and long-lasting because of the eight fiber bones and a carbon fiber stick with a C-shaped handle.


  • This one lets you carry your suitcase and even after folding it, you can use the handle to hang it on the wall and it can also self-stand.
  • The canopy is very wide and protects you well and, though it is large, it is not cumbersome.

4. Glamore Creative Cars Reverse Umbrella Double Layer

This is the perfect umbrella for traveling. It is a black and red medium size car inverted umbrella. This is different from others because the button is not on the bottom, instead, you need to open it from the top.


  • 1. It is easy to open from the top rather than the bottom.
  • 2. Easy to place and drip free
  • 3. It is convenient to use: lets you hassle less “in reverse” folding; no more getting wet before entering or exiting a car or building

5. Aweoods Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Cars Reversible Umbrella

It is a double layer galaxy car reverse umbrella. It has an inside-out design which prevents water from dripping at your house. You just fold it upward and not even a drop of water will split on the ground. This particular reverse folding umbrella is made from double black electric ribs and pongee cloth.


  • It comes with a new inverted design, the inside-out design prevents water from dripping and keeps floors and cars dry.
  • It is easy to store, as it stands up on its own which is ideal for when you have nowhere to prop up your umbrella.

6. Double Layer Cars Reverse Umbrella

This reversed folding umbrella comes at a large size of 23 inches with an 8 ribs structure. It is a large umbrella, which covers two people at the same time. It is designed with starry sky ultraviolet protective car reverse so you can use it in rain and daylight too.


  • Durably windproof.
  • Inside out umbrella. You only have to use one button to easily open this inverted umbrella.

Well, your satisfaction with the reversed folding umbrella is guaranteed. The Reverse folding umbrella fits every gender, whether you get one for yourself or get it as a gift for a loved one. There are more than 20 different design to choose from.


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