Roccbox Review: The Best Backyard Pizza Ovens


Most of us often enjoy eating pizza, I know I do. While it’s convenient to go to a restaurant to get some fresh pizza or order takeout, there’s something about the taste of a homemade pizza that’s appealing.

For many people though making a pizza at home is either impossible or too much work. However, the good news is that there’s a way for everyone to make a delicious pizza at home thanks to the Roccbox Pizza Oven.

This Roccbox review will highlight how this incredible oven can help you cook a tasty homemade pizza.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Backyard Pizza Oven

A backyard pizza oven is a perfect tool to help you cook a delicious homemade pizza. If you’re someone who wants to cook fresh food, but in an easy way, this is a great cooking tool you’ll want to check out.

However, there are a few things you need to consider and keep in mind before investing in a backyard pizza oven.

Pizza Prepping Times

These tools are great for cooking pizza, but before you’re able to do so you need to spend some time making and preparing the pizza dough and covering it with toppings. If you don’t feel like you would have time to prepare your pizza, then this product might not be the best thing for you to invest in.

Roccbox reviews

How Versatile It Is

Believe it or not, pizza ovens nowadays not only cook pizza, but many other types of food as well. If you’re someone looking to get the best deal for your money, you want to make sure to check to see just how versatile the pizza oven is.

Can it cook meat? What about vegetables? It’s important to consider and look for cooking features such as these to make sure you can use your pizza oven with other foods. This can also help to save you time because you won’t have to prep a grill or other cooking utensils to cook certain food items.

How It Cooks the Food

There are a few different ways that pizza ovens can cook food. You’ll often find choices such as wood or gas, and both add a unique flavor to the food you’re cooking. Because of this, it’s important to pay close attention to how a pizza oven cooks your food to make sure it does so in a way you like.

The Roccbox Backyard Pizza Oven Reviews

This pizza oven is specially designed to help you not only cook mouthwatering pizzas but many other foods as well. It is a compact and portable option so you can use it practically anywhere you’d like to.

It’s one of the newer pizza oven models on the market today so it incorporates quite a bit of modern design and technology to help make using it easier. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking, you’ll definitely want to check this pizza oven model out.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend much time prepping and cooking foods, then this might not be the best product for you to invest in.

The Benefits of Roccbox

  • It comes with many recipes that you can use with it.
  • To help remove the pizza from the oven, you can use the anti-stick pizza peel that comes with it.
  • This oven comes with a Hopper tool. This tool will help you to safely open the slot on the front of the oven to put the pizza and food in. The Hopper can also work as a bottle opener.

The disadvantages of Roccbox

  • It only comes in 2 designs, so if you’re looking for a wide variety of color and design options, you won’t find them with this product.
  • It might be a little difficult to cook certain recipes in this oven that are different from the recipes included with this model. This is due to the color coding on its temperature gauge which matches to this pizza oven’s recipes. So, you might need to estimate a little to find the right cooking temperature.
  • This oven is a little expensive.

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Features and Benefits

There are plenty of amazing features and benefits this pizza oven has. Below are a few of them that this product offers.

It’s Portable and Lightweight

This pizza oven is portable which makes it easy to move around to different places. For instance, if you want to use it on your deck, you can easily do so. If you want to use it on a picnic table out in the middle of your backyard, you can do so as well.

No matter where you want to cook and enjoy your pizza, this oven will work to help make it easy and simple. At only 44 lbs., it’s pretty lightweight compared to other pizza oven models which can make it easy for many people to transport it around. However, while it might be lightweight for many, this also might be a little heavy for some.

It’s Made with a Sleek Design

While it only comes with 2 designs, they are both unique and sleek. You have the choice between a green or gray housing for your pizza oven. On the side, you’ll find the oven’s thermometer which you can use to keep track of the current cooking temperatures.

Roccbox reviews design

image via: roccbox

Underneath this oven are metal stands which help to prop the oven up so any hot air can flow out of it. These stands will also help to prevent any surface the oven is set on from melting or burning due to hot temperatures.

The inside of this oven is just as well thought out as the exterior. Inside you’ll find a stone flooring which is designed to help keep warm temperatures inside the oven but without causing any overheating. The stone is also where you can place your pizza to cook and will work to give your pizza a mouthwatering crunchy crust.

It Can Reach Hot Temperatures

This pizza oven can get very hot! In fact, it can go up to a sizzling 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes! This high temperature will ensure that any food you put inside the oven is fully cooked.

Because of the hot temperatures, this oven can reach, the housing is made with a silicone material. This silicone covering is a safety feature designed to help prevent you from accidentally burning yourself on the oven when using it.

The Thermometer is Color Coded

Roccbox hermometer is Color Coded

If you decide to make any recipes that come with this pizza oven, you’ll find that they are color coded. You can use this to match the color of the recipe to a color on the thermometer to help ensure you cook your foods at the right temperatures.

This color coding feature can make having to cook foods much easier because you won’t have to worry about trying to guess the right temperature for your food.

It Comes With 2 Burners

One unique feature of this pizza oven is that it has 2 burners that you can attach to the back of it. One burner is a gas one.

This burner is an easy option to help quickly cook your food. You can adjust how much gas you want to be emitted into the oven with the oven’s temperature adjuster.

Roccox Wood and Gas Burner

Image via: unfinishedman

After turning it to your desired temperature, this gas burner will then emit a strong flame through a metal opening at its top. The other burner is a wood one. While it’s a little more intricate compared to the gas burner, the wood burner will give your food a smoky flavor.

Keep in mind that the wood burner gets to be very hot. This burner is a little bigger compared to the gas one and has an extremely powerful flame to ensure that your food is completely cooked.

To use this burner, you can just turn it on, and then place a few pieces of wood in a special compartment on its side. The wood will then start to smoke and flavor your food.

It Can Cook Foods Other Than Pizza

This pizza oven can also cook other types of foods. For instance, if you’d like to cook some hamburgers in it, you can easily do so. You can even add a tasty smoky flavor to the meat as well with the wood burner. You can cook any foods like this on the grill pan inside the oven.

Because of this helpful feature, it’s a very versatile product which makes it perfect for those who enjoy cooking many different types of food and for those who want a unique pizza oven.

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It Comes With a Pizza Peel

Roccbox-pizza-peelAs mentioned earlier, this pizza oven comes with a heavy-duty pizza peel. This pizza peel is made with an aluminum handle that won’t get hot when you use the peel in the oven so you can safely hold it. The peel also has flour grates in it which will help any excess flour to be removed so the finished pizza crust isn’t covered in it.


The front part of it is designed with a special lip which will work to help safely remove the pizza from the oven without breaking it. This lip can also help to keep the interior of the oven clean because it will prevent any crust or pieces of the pizza from sticking to the stone inside.

Social Proof

I know, the Roccbox Pizza Oven probably sounds too good to be true. However, there are plenty of customers who have tried this pizza oven out and seem to be very pleased and satisfied with it. Here are a few reviews to help show that this oven is the real deal.

Alternative Options

Still not convinced that the Roccbox is the right pizza oven for you? If so, there are a few other options you can consider.

1. Uuni 3 Portable Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is made with a stainless steel design and features a chimney clip on the front of it. This clip will help to remove air from the oven to prevent the interior from overheating.

This pizza oven will quickly warm up within 10 minutes of being turned on. To cook your pizza, this oven uses wood pellets which makes it a great option for those who enjoy a smoky flavor with their food.

Roccbox vs Uuni 2

  • It comes with a stone and peel you can use.
  • The price is much lower compared to the Roccbox model.

Disadvantages of Uuni 2

  • It’s made with a stainless steel construction which might end up getting a little hot.
  • It doesn’t come with a gas burner.

So, if you’re looking for a more affordable pizza oven option and want to enjoy a delicious smoky flavor with your food, you’ll definitely want to check out this model.

2. Blackstone Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is made with a sturdy steel design and can cook your pizza within 2-3 minutes. The stone inside rotates which will help the oven to evenly cook it. To turn this product on, you can press a button on the front of it which will ignite a flame inside. This oven can also run on batteries.

  • Blackstone vs. Roccbox Pizza Oven
  • The Blackstone oven is a more affordable option compared to the Roccbox.
  • It has a built-in rotisserie.

Disadvantages of  Blackstone Pizza Oven

  • It’s not as compact and portable as the Roccbox.

This model is ideal for those who want an affordable pizza oven option, but also one that comes with some unique features. The Blackstone pizza oven is easy to use and is quick when cooking your food.

3. Mr. Pizza GOT1509M

This pizza oven is coated in a durable red porcelain housing. It uses a stainless steel burner to help make sure your pizza is cooked well. This model comes with a non-stick pizza stone which will help you to easily remove your pizza from it.

Mr. Pizza GOT1509M vs. Roccbox Pizza Oven

  • It’s less expensive compared to the Roccbox.
  • It can be opened up and used as a grill.

Disadvantages of  Mr. Pizza GOT1509M

  • This model needs a LP gas tank in order to run.

This Mr. Pizza oven is perfect for those who enjoy making homemade pizza. It’s made with a beautiful red housing and can even work as a grill. If you want a versatile product that’s affordable, this is definitely one model you’ll want to check out.


Instead of going out and buying a pizza, you can just use the Roccbox Pizza Oven. This cooking utensil is perfect to help make fresh pizza at home and can even cook other things like vegetables and meat. If you’re looking for a versatile cooking product that gives you many helpful cooking options and one that can make cooking much easier, you’ll definitely want to check this product out. To learn more about the Roccbox, you can click here.

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