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Samsung smartphones are well-known about its quality and top-notch technology. With 21.2% in the mobile market share worldwide, Samsung is the biggest company in manufacturing smartphones. Among many models produced by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy J7, and Samsung Galaxy S8 are received a lot of attention from customers as both of them have been supported by many new technologies.

A person who does not have much knowledge of engineering and technology will feel confused with the jargon words in the manufacturer’s description. If you are in this difficult situation, you are in the right place.

This article will divide into two main parts. First, we will show you some criteria to choose a smart which satisfies your using purposes. Second, we will use these criteria to reviews and compare all features of both Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy S8

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How to choose a smartphone?

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There are many criteria to choose a high-quality smartphone which is the fittest product to your daily use. However, here is 6 important parts of a smartphone that you need to consider.


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The performance of a smartphone will reflect on how fast it is. A cell phone equipped with a good chipset and processor will ensure your phone work smoothly with multi-tasks


The battery is the source providing energy for a cell phone working. A battery with a large capacity will ensure the phone works for a long time. Depending on how much time you use your phone in a day, you could choose the fittest cell phone with your daily use. Normally, a good battery is that it has sufficient energy that you could use in a day.


Storage capacity will show you how much data you could store on your smartphone. If you tend to store much data such as your images, audio records, or working documents, a large storage capacity should be considered. Make sure that you always have enough memory to ensure the phone works properly. We recommend a good smartphone should have at least 32GB internal memory.


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There are two features that you should consider to choose a smartphone having a good display. First, you have to concern about the screen size as it will show how big your phone is. A large screen will satisfy you with entertainment like watching a movie or playing games, but it is hard to carry. The second feature is the screen’s resolution. The higher resolution, the better quality images, and videos shown on your screen.


If you like taking the photo to save your moment or simply using it for your work, the camera needs to be taken a look before buying a smartphone. A smartphone equipped high-resolution camera would give you beautiful images and videos.


Ram is an instant memory to hold the data. A large RAM in a smartphone will allow you to open many applications at the same time without any slow down or restart application again. It is the reason why most of the high price smartphones usually have large RAM storage.

Compare Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy S8

In this section, we will compare Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 with the key features mentioned above. However, to give you an overall view of two products, we will start with the general features, then the key features and other features.

1. General features

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Overall, Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, both use the Android operating system, have the dual sim, GSM+GSM, and are equipped with 4G technology.

However, the big difference between the two products is that Samsung Galaxy S8 is engineered with quick charging while Samsung Galaxy J7 does have this function. Therefore, the time of charging the battery between the two products will be different. Samsung Galaxy S8 needs around 80 minutes to fully charge its battery from 0% whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 needs at least 140 minutes.

Moreover, with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S8, users could open their phone quickly without entering a password. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy J7 does not support this excellent function.

2. Key features


Generally, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a good performance. Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890 chipset in this product gives CPU works 4 times faster than Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580 chipset in Samsung Galaxy J7.

Another thing is that Samsung Galaxy S8 has 4GB RAM which supports users open many applications together without lag or sluggish working. However, the RAM storage is only 1GB in Samsung Galaxy J7


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Two products are installed with a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3000mAh. However, the battery in Samsung Galaxy J7 can be replaceable by users when it is unluckily broken while Samsung Galaxy S8 should need a service order to replace.

Due to the small screen, the battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 could maintain the phone work up to 22 hours. A fully charged battery will keep the phone working well for at least one or two days before getting drained. The number for Samsung Galaxy J7 is 18 hours, 4 hours lower than Samsung Galaxy S8.


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5MP front camera is set up on both phones. It meets the basic requirements of daily use. The resolution of the rear camera on Samsung Galaxy J7 is a little bit better than Samsung Galaxy S8 with 13Mp and 12MP respectively. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy J7 has a LED flash that helps you to take a picture even at night.

Although Samsung Galaxy S8 does not support a LED flash, it still has excellent functions that Samsung Galaxy J7 does not contain. First, it is the phase-detection technology that helps camera autofocus when you take a photo or record a video. Optical Image Stabilisation is also a stellar point this phone as it promises less blurry images and smoother video.


The display is one of the very important features that we need to take a look at. A high-quality display produces great experience in daily use. The display of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy J7 have used Super AMOLED technology which provides high-quality images and videos.

However, the screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy S8 (1440 x 2560 pixels) is higher than that of Samsung Galaxy J7 which has resolution 720 x 1280 pixels.

Also, Samsung Galaxy S8 is supported by Corning Gorilla Glass v4 technology to protect the screen while this function does not present in Samsung Galaxy J7.

Despite not having a high-quality screen like Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy J7 (5.5 inches) has a screen size larger than Samsung Galaxy S8 (5.1 inches).


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Samsung Galaxy J7 has 16GB internal memory. After setting up the operating system and other functions, users have 11.6GB free memory to use. It is very limited storage if you frequently to store your images or videos on your phone. A solution is that expand the memory but it maximizes to 128GB only.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy S8 has large storage with 32GB internal memory. The user available storage is up to 24.4 GB to use. An upgrade memory could reach 256GB memory. It means you have plenty of memory to use.

Network connectivity

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Both phones have Wi-Fi 802.11 technology to support it connect the internet with wifi. Bluetooth connection is also equipped in two smartphones. Also, they have USB connectivity which permits to connect the phones with other devices. GPS is also available in two models.

However, the near-field communication is only integrated into Samsung Galaxy S8. Therefore, you could easily share your data with other phones and other devices.

The SIM size is also a big difference between the two models. While Samsung Galaxy J7 uses micro-SIM, Samsung Galaxy S8 uses the nano-SIM.

3. Other features


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Samsung Galaxy J7 supports FM radio for users to listen to it when they are strolling or driving. Unfortunately, this function does not contain in Samsung Galaxy S8.

3.5 mm audio jack is integrated into both models which are compatible with many earphones in the market. Moreover, loudspeaker gives you a good experience when you watch videos, listen to music, or make a video call.


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Both smartphones have three color options with black, gold, white. It is also clear to say that both of phone is a lightweight product. However, Samsung Galaxy S8 looks handier as its dimensions and weight are lower than Samsung Galaxy J7.


Because of equipping many new technologies, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a price higher than that of Samsung Galaxy J7, 650$ compared with 200$. With 3 times higher in the price, you should consider thoroughly before deciding to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy J7.


It is obvious to say that Samsung Galaxy S8 has better technologies and functions than Samsung Galaxy J7. Depending on your basic use, you should choose which one is best fitted for you. If your daily use is only to make a phone call, listen to music, or surf the website sometimes, you don’t need to burn your money on an expensive cell phone like Samsung Galaxy S8 because Samsung Galaxy J7 could satisfy you quite well. However, if you are a person who loves experiencing new technologies, Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the best choice.


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