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These days, there are many technological gadgets that can help you while you’re driving. The only challenge is being able to use them safely. The easy answer to this problem is to mount your devices on the dashboard so you can see them and use without having to remove your eyes from the road.

This creates another issue, however, which is damage to your car’s dashboard. Many devices are designed with suction cups for dashboard mounting, but they aren’t designed with the dashboard in mind. That’s where sticky gel pads come in.

What is a Sticky Gel Pad?

Best Sticky Gel Pad

A sticky gel pad will help you solve the problem of keeping your dashboard in prime shape even if you need to place devices with suction cups. Sticky gel pads are designed using forms of adhesion which are safe for long-term use on your dashboard.

Once you have placed a sticky gel pad on your dashboard, you will be able to attach any devices you want without worrying about the state of your car. There is no residue left, and you will not need to worry about whether or not you’re legally allowed to mount things on your windshield.

Benefits of Using Sticky Gel Pads

Sticky Gel Pad for Ipads

Maybe it sounds like a very simple product, but using a sticky gel pad in your car will bring many benefits. If you choose to take your car care to the next level and use a sticky gel pad for your dashboard, here is what you have to gain:

  • A smooth and sturdy place to mount devices with suction cups.
  • Protection for your dashboard with an adhesive pad which leaves no residue.
  • Assurance that you are not violating laws about mounting devices on the windshield.
  • Ability to stick on a curved dashboard in a position most convenient for your needs.
  • More reliable than trying to use a suction cup mounter during summer months.

If you’re not sure what purpose a sticky gel pad would serve in your car, consider the following devices which you would be able to mount:

  • GPS.
  • Mobile phone holder.
  • Camera holder.
  • Music players and speakers.

You have a lot to gain from using sticky gel pads in your car. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are designed to be semi-permanent. This means that you will need to replace them after some time, as eventually, the adhesion will wear off. The affordable price of stick gel pads makes this necessity for replacement practical.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Sticky Gel Pad For Phone

While you’re thinking about how you can keep your dashboard and windshield in good shape, you might as well consider how you can maintain your whole car.

Here are a few simple tips (1) to follow to keep your car’s interior neat:

  • Use protective creams to keep the interior of your car looking like new. These creams can be found at hardware stores and are designed to protect the plastic parts of your interior.
  • Use a handheld vacuum to keep up with general cleaning inside your car. This is a quick and easy way to prevent your car from becoming dusty and dirty. You can even use it to suck up the loose change that has fallen under your seats.
  • Practice stain control. If something is spilled in your car, deal with it as soon as possible. Keep a car interior cleaning product in your trunk so that you can wipe up spills and stains on the spot.
  • Keep a small trash bin in your car. You can find super small bins made specifically for use in the car, or if you prefer, you can just keep an extra plastic bag handy. It will make cleanup much faster in the long run.

Stick Gel Pad Review: Top 5 Choices

Now that you’ve learned more about how sticky gel pads can help you keep the interior of your car in its best shape, check out your top 5 choices:

iOttie Reusable Dashboard Pad

iOttie Reusable Dashboard Pad

The iOttie sticky gel dashboard pad is your number one choice when it comes to mounting devices in your car. This pad is simple to install and can be reused unlike many other sticky gel pads. The iOttie is a pad you can rinse and leave to air dry, then you can adjust its position on the dashboard. This makes the pad super flexible in that it can be used in more than one car.

If you have any iOttie dashboard mounts for smartphones, then this is the pad you want, as it is compatible with all iOttie mounts. This pad is designed with a semi-permanent acrylic tape which provides a solid base for all devices mounted on it. While you will be able to stick it to a curved dashboard, it will work best on a flat and smooth surface.

Arkon 90mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards

Arkon 90mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards

The Arkon adhesive mounting disk will work with any 80mm windshield suction pad, making it a great option that you will be able to use with many devices. This pad is compatible specifically with both Garmin and TomTom GPS mounting pedestals, as well. This pad will stick very strongly to your dashboard, so it’s important to use an adhesive remover when you’re ready to take it off.

As with all adhesives, this pad will be difficult to mount in very humid and hot weather, and will work best in mild climates. This pad is universal and will stick well to all dashboards.

TomTom Adhesive Disk (2-pk.)

TomTom Adhesive Disk (2-pk.)

If you have any TomTom mounting devices, then you may want to consider investing in this adhesive pad. You get 2 disks at an extremely affordable price, so you can mount them in two cars or simply have a backup disk for replacement. This pad is made with an extra gentle adhesive to ensure that no damage is done to your dashboard.

Once you stick your TomTom disk to your dashboard, you will find that it stays attached and your mounted devices will be well supported. If you stick this pad to your dashboard during mild weather, it will remain usable in the humid weather.

APPS2Car Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk

APPS2Car Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk

The APPS2Car mounting disks provide the solid foundation you will need to mount suction cup devices to your dashboard. This pack of 3 disks will keep you covered for a while when replacements are needed. These pads are designed with 3M foam adhesive, making them flexible for mounting on textured and curved surfaces.

To have the best results with these pads, allow the adhesive to set for at least 3 hours before mounting a suction cup device. Remember, these pads are for one-time use, so once you remove one, you will need to replace it.

AccessoryBasics Lots off 2 Pack Adhesive Mounting Disk

AccessoryBasics Lots off 2 Pack Adhesive Mounting Disk

The Accessory Basics pads are another option that use 3M foam adhesive for dashboard mounting purposes. This means that you can place them on curved dashboards with ease. These pads work well with Garmin mounting pedestals along with many other brands.

The adhesive on these pads is very strong, which is why Accessory Basics provides you with 3 alcohol pads to help you remove them when the time comes.


If you have been mounting your suction cup devices to your car’s windshield, the time has come to increase convenience and protect your car’s interior. Invest in sticky gel pads and you will see how this affordable and simple product can change the way you treat your car.


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