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If you’re like me, car fumes can be not only annoying to deal with but can make you feel nauseous as well. While there are air fresheners you can invest in to help mask the smell, they don’t always work well at hiding them and could even make the odors worse.

Because of this, it might be ideal to invest in a solar fan, like the Stylooc Car Solar Fan. This car fan not only works to help cool you down while in the car, but it filters through the air to quickly remove smells in your vehicle. To find out more about it, you’ll want to keep reading.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Powered Fan

A solar fan will work to keep a space cool without the use of electricity. This can often save you money as it’s an energy-efficient option. However, if you don’t want to rely on solar power for cool air, you might instead consider looking at tradition electric fans.

If you’re planning to buy a solar-powered fan, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

Its Size

One thing to consider is the size of the fan. If the fan is too small or big, it might not work well for your needs. Because of this, it’s important to consider the size of the fan to make sure it will fit well in the space you plan to use it in.

Its Power

You’ll also want to check the power of the solar fan. A weak fan will take quite a bit of time to cool the area down. If it’s not strong enough, it might not even cool the space down at all. To help prevent investing in a fan such as this, make sure it’s built with a powerful motor.

Its Durability

Another thing to keep in mind is the solar fan’s durability. A fan that is flimsy or made of cheap materials will break easily. This means you might end up having to invest in a new fan. Some materials to look for are thick plastic pieces and metal.

Stylooc Car Solar Fan

The Stylooc Car Solar Fan comes in a stylish white design and features three fans built into the front of it. These fans can be controlled with the buttons situated below them.

While it mainly runs on solar power, this fan can also run on battery power. This product works well in small cars and can quickly remove odors, such as fumes, from your vehicle.


  • It’s compact.
  • It works quickly at filtering the air in your car.
  • The fan can run on both solar and battery power.


  • It’s not the most durable.
  • It might take a bit of time for it to fully charge.
  • The adhesive strips that come with might not hold the fan very well depending on your car.

Features & Benefits

This solar fan by Stylooc comes with many interesting features and benefits. Below are some you’ll find if you decide to invest in it.

It’s Affordable


It’s Affordable

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A great benefit of the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is that it’s affordable. Some similar products tend to be a little pricey, and might not come with many features or work well.

However, this car solar fan by Stylooc comes at an affordable price. Despite its price, this product is made of high-quality materials, so you can be sure that your investment will be well worth it.

It Can Reduce Smells in Your Car

Another benefit of using the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is that it can reduce smells in your car. In fact, this car system works as a ventilator which helps to sort through the air in your air.

By doing so, it can remove odors and particles and emit fresh air. It also helps to significantly decrease the smell of smoke and car fumes that tend to linger around in vehicles.

It’s Easy to Use and Install


It Can Reduce Smells in Your Car

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You’ll also find that the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is very easy to use and install. It features buttons on the front which are easy to access. These buttons allow you to turn each of its three fans on or off. There is also a small button on the side that lets you turn on its solar energy capabilities.

In addition to this, the car solar fan is also very easy to install in your car. To do so, you just need to hang the fan’s solar vent on the side of one of the windows. Make sure the vent (which has the solar panel built into it) is facing toward the sun to ensure it is able to collect enough energy for the fan.

Once you do this, you can then place adhesive strips that come with this fan on your dashboard. After doing so, secure the fan on these strips. Once you make sure the fan is secure, you can turn it on and let it get to work!

It’s Compact

Another feature about the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is that it’s compact. This product measures only 9 x 6.3 x 3.2 inches so it won’t take up much space in your car.

This compactness also helps to prevent it from obstructing your view when you drive. If you want to remove the car solar fan, you can easily store it away without it taking up much space.

The Solar Fan Can Also Run on Batteries


The Solar Fan Can Also Run on Batteries

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In addition to running on solar power, the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is also able to run on batteries. On the bottom of the fan, you’ll find a small compartment that fits two batteries. This feature can be very helpful if your solar fan wasn’t able to collect enough energy during the day, or because you might be in a dark, rainy environment.

You’ll be able to switch between solar power or battery power with the small button built into the front of the solar fan.

It Comes with Three Fans


It Comes with Three Fans

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This solar fan comes with three powerful fans built into the front of it. These fans can be adjusted with the switches built into the front as well. Each fan has its own switch, so you can run one, two, or all three at once.

This gives you the option to choose how much air the fans work to filter. It also helps you to conserve energy if you find that the fan might not be fully charged up yet.

The Fan Works Well for Small Cars


The Fan Works Well for Small Cars

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If you have a small car, this solar fan will work well at helping to remove and filter through odors in it. Because of its compact size, it will fit snugly inside your vehicle. In addition to this, the fan will work quickly at providing you with fresh air. This can be a very helpful benefit for those who want their car to smell good within a few minutes.

However, this doesn’t mean it won’t work in large cars. While it might take a little bit of time for it to work (due to the large space), the Stylooc Car Solar Fan can help to sort through odors and even cool down space significantly. This can be very beneficial during the summer when most car interiors can reach scorching temperatures.

It Can Limit the Amount of Air Conditioning You Use

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While most people enjoy cranking up their AC during the hot months of the year, many often forget that this device can use up a lot of your gas and battery power. However, you can use the Stylooc Car Solar Fan instead to help conserve gas and energy as it only requires solar power to run.


If you’re not quite sure whether or not the Stylooc Car Solar Fan is the right product for you, you might instead consider the three following alternatives.

ShareTime Mini Ventilator

The ShareTime Mini Ventilator runs on 10W and is designed to be used in many different areas, such as dog houses and greenhouses. The fan is connected to a solar panel via USB cord. When running, this ventilator is very quiet and is energy-efficient.

  • It can’t be used in cars like the Stylooc Car Solar Fan can.
  • It’s quiet.
  • It comes with a clip so you can secure it to a surface.

This product is ideal for those who want a solar fan to use, but not necessarily in their car. It’s not only quiet when running, but works quickly to help cool down space. It also comes with a clip to help keep it secure. Check out the product: Solar Panel Powered Fan Mini Ventilator for Greenhouse Pet Dog Chicken House...


The OPOLAR Mini Fan is very compact and runs on batteries. This product is rechargeable and has an LED light built into it. The fan features three wind speed options and can work up to 13 hours on a full battery. It can also connect to your smart device via a USB cord.

  • It doesn’t run on solar power.
  • It has three powerful speed settings.
  • It also functions as a light.

If you’re not quite sure whether solar power might be right for you, you might instead consider this product. It runs on batteries but is also energy-efficient. In addition to running as a fan, this product also works as a light making it a versatile option.

O2COOL Misting Fan

The O2COOL Misting Fan is an option that allows you to carry it around with you. This portable fan not only works to help cool you down but also sprays mist on you. The fan holds up to 1,000 mists per bottle before it needs to be refilled with water again.

  • It’s not a solar-powered option.
  • This product comes in numerous color options.
  • It not only works as a fan but mister as well.

If you’re on the search for a portable fan to carry around with you, this option is ideal. It will not only work at cooling you down but provide you with a refreshing mist.


The Stylooc Car Solar Solar Fan is a good addition to add to your vehicle if you’d like to cut down on your air conditioning. It also works to help filter through fumes in your car which aren’t only unpleasant, but unhealthy as well.

If you’re on the search for a solar fan to use in your car, definitely consider this product. It’s not only compact but works well at saving you money. If you’d like to learn more about this product, you can click here.


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