The Neck Hammock Reviews 2018: Relieve Pain in Just 10 Minutes?


Many people suffer from neck pain or tense muscles. The answer to most of this pain today is to have injections done or take medicine to help relieve it. However, this isn’t always the best thing to do. I know that having to take medicine just to help stop pain can not only be daunting but is also not the healthiest option.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to help with this that doesn’t require a prescription and tends to work just as well, maybe even better, than medicine. This article will highlight the Neck Hammock and how it can help you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Neck Support Device

The neck hammock reviews

If you’re suffering from neck and back pain or find yourself trying to search for a natural way to relieve yourself from headaches, the Neck Hammock is something you want to try out.

However, these neck support products often require you to lie down on the ground and incline your head a bit in order to work. If this is something that doesn’t sound ideal for you, it’s best to look elsewhere for relief, like a physical therapist.

If you are someone who thinks this could help you a lot, that’s great! But keep in mind that there are some things you need to consider before buying one of them. Below are some of these key things to consider.


It’s extremely important to check how durable the support is. A fabric or material that is too soft and light could end up ripping easily or could even end up not being able to support your weight when you lean back on it. So, to prevent having to invest in a new model and any possible injuries, check the durability of it.

How Comfortable It Is

Comfort is crucial when it comes to these products. You’ll have to lean back and rest your head and neck in them and a neck support that is not comfortable to use will not get the job done properly and could even cause more pain to your body. You’ll want to look for padding around the interior of them to ensure that you can rest comfortably in it.

How It Can Help Body Pain

The neck hammock simple to use

Many products claim they can help with relieving intense pain, but these claims aren’t always true. You’ll want to be sure to check just how the neck hammock will relieve you of pain to ensure that it isn’t making false claims. Otherwise, your current pain might only end up getting worse.

The Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock is a uniquely designed product that is intended to help relieve not only neck pain, but improve posture, muscle aches, and even headaches. It’s made with a soft black fabric and can be attached to a door handle where it will hang.

This inexpensive product will get to work quickly and you’ll start to see results within 10 minutes! While it might not seem like it, the Neck Hammock amazon will work to help intervertebral spacing so blood flow can improve. This in return will help to relieve pain and aches quickly so you can get back to doing the things you love pain-free.


  • It works quickly.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s affordable.


  • You have to hang it off of something in order for it to work.
  • It might not be the most comfortable for some.
  • You have to lie on the ground to use it.

Features and Benefits

The Neck Hammock is packed with plenty of features and benefits, many which are praised in Neck Hammock reviews. Below are some of the helpful ways this product can help relieve you of neck pain and how it can be used almost anywhere.

It Works Quickly

Surprisingly, this small hammock gets to work quickly. In fact, you’ll be able to start seeing results within 10 minutes! This is because you’re resting your head immediately on the sling which helps to start increasing blood flow.

The Neck Hammock will start to stretch your neck and spine to help open up intervertebral space in your neck and back which might be causing you to feel lethargic and pain. With this, you’ll start to feel more energetic even after having only used it once.

It’s Portable and Comes With a Traveling Bag

Unlike many other models, the Neck Hammock can be transported around and used almost anywhere. So, you’ll be able to use it when on vacations or even when at the office, as long as you have something to hang it off of. Because of this, it makes it extremely beneficial to invest in.

The neck hammock comes With a Traveling Bag

If you do decide to take it around you can use the traveling bag comes with it to store it away. This bag is made out of a stretchable spandex and drawstrings which will help to keep the entire product snug inside until you need to use it.

It’s Easy to Use

The Neck Hammock is simple to use. All you need to do is wrap the product’s handle around a door handle (or similar object), close the door (or secure it tightly to any other object you’re using), lie on the floor, and rest your head in its cradle. This is simple and might even seem like it wouldn’t work well because it’s so easy, but it does.

An Eye Mask Comes With It

The neck hammock-An Eye Mask

If you’d like to take a quick nap with your neck hammock you can use the eye mask that comes with this model. You can slip it over your eyes to help block out the light and doze off while the neck hammock works on your body.

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It Can Help With Other Body Pain

Besides relieving neck pain, this hammock can help relieve aches and pain in many other parts of your body as well. If you tend to suffer from extremely painful tension headaches this product can help you. If you often find yourself having muscles spasms this hammock can help as well.

relieve aches and pain

In addition, it can help reduce stress, improve your sleep, and even correct your posture. This is all thanks to it lining your spine up correctly and helping to improve blood flow. It also helps to improve and heal nerve damage that could be causing you to feel pressure and other irritating symptoms.

It’s Durable and Comfortable

The Neck Hammock is comfortable to rest your head in and might seem like it would rip easily, but it’s quite durable. You’ll be able to safely recline in it without fear of it somehow ripping or snapping off.

The Neck Hammock’s interior (where you rest your head) is lined with a soft padding which will help to keep your head secure. This padding acts like a pillow so you can snooze away while resting in it.

The neck hammock Durable and Comfortable

At a quick glance it might also seem like it might be difficult to breathe in it due to its slight angle. However, this isn’t the case. Breathing is in no way impacted which is unlike some similar models which end up leaving you short of breath sometimes due to their inclination.

You Can Use It Often

Some similar products can only be used every so often to prevent possible pain from occurring. However, with the Neck Hammock, you’ll be able to lie down and relax in it as much as you want. There are no side-effects you have to be worried about if you use it too much which makes it a helpful option to use.

It’s Affordable

Medication and many other neck support products can run at high prices. This product though is an affordable option so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you invest in it. While it’s affordable don’t be skeptical about its quality. It’s made just as well as other similar products and works the same way – it just comes at a much better price.

You Can Use the Calm App With It

The neck hammock Calm app

A unique benefit that comes with this product is that you can use the helpful Calm app with it. This app is specially designed to help you relax your body and work on breathing exercises to reduce stress and tension.

It’s Washable

Accidentally stain the fabric with sweat? No worries. This fabric can be safely hand-washed and won’t shrink or mold if you want to clean it off.

Alternative neck pain relieve Products to The Neck Hammock

Still not convinced the Neck Hammock is right for you? If so, you have a few other options you can choose from. Below are 3 alternative products you can try.

MAX Hero Neck Support

The MAX Hero Neck Support is made with a soft blue padding which works to curve around your head and neck to help support them. This device is designed to help with spine alignment which could be causing your pain and in less than 5-15 minutes you’ll start to see results. This product can also be practically anywhere so you can use it when driving or watching TV

The Neck Hammock vs. MAX Hero Neck Support

+ You don’t have to hang it up in order to use it.
+ It’s compact.
+ It works quickly.
– It might not be the most comfortable.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to relieve your pain and something that is easy to use, definitely check this product out. You’ll be able to use it on the go and can easily store it away when needed.

Ohuhu Neck Traction Device

The Ohuhu Neck Traction Device is an inflatable neck support you can use to help keep your neck aligned to decrease pain and improve your posture. To use this product you simply just have to wrap it around your neck and use the air pump connected to it to pump it up. This support is covered in a flannel fabric so it won’t be uncomfortable to wrap around your neck.

The Neck Hammock vs. Ohuhu Neck Traction Device

+ It’s portable and can be used anywhere.
+ It comes in a universal size.
– You have to use it a few times before you begin to see results.

If you’re looking for a large and easy-to-use device this is one model you’ll want to consider. While you might need to use it a few times before you start to see results, it’s comfortable to wear and will help to keep your neck aligned to heal any pain and posture problems.

Benepom Neck Support Device

The Benepom Neck Support is a c-shaped device which you can rest your head and upper neck in to help keep them aligned and relieve any pain or problems you might have with them. This blue colored device is made with soft materials which will help to support your neck but at the same time make it feel as if you’re resting on a pillow.

The Neck Hammock vs. Benepom Neck Support Device

+ It’s comfortable.
+ It only takes 10 minutes for it to start relieving pain.
– It’s a little expensive.

If you want to improve your posture or quickly relieve neck and back pain, definitely check this model out. While it’s a little more expensive compared to other models, you’ll be investing in a comfortable device that will work to quickly heal your shoulder and neck pain.


Trying to improve your posture or heal shoulder/neck pain without the use of medicine or therapy can be difficult. While there are solutions, they often are expensive and sometimes don’t work very well. However, with the Neck Hammock, you’ll be able to not only quickly help relieve these problems, but at an affordable price and in a natural way. If this sounds like a product you feel could help you, click here to check out more about it.


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