Top 10 Best Tree Swings for the Best Safety


The other day, one of our readers sent an email asking us to write an article on tree swings. The reason why was that they made a DIY tree swing for their kids. Long story short, that kid had a bruised butt for several days.

Look, DIY is fun, and you can learn a lot in the process too. However, there are things you shouldn’t DIY because of the safety issue. Tree swings are one of them.

We will be touching on some popularly asked topics on tree swings in this article as well as giving you an honest review on the best tree swings out there.

Are Tree Swings Safe?

The cold hard truth is that tree swings are not safe. There have been two accidents on the newspaper thus far involving kids who tragically died due to tree swings accident.

However, the tree swings in both cases were the DIY type. While adults wouldn’t have much safety issue with swings like this, children are usually unable to foresee possible dangers. That’s why it is very important that you purchase proper child tree swings from manufacturers. These tree swings have been designed to ensure safety for your children.

Are Tree Swings Safe

Entanglement, falling, strangle, and other possible causes for the accident have been taken into consideration during the making of these tree swings. Even the manual instruction would give a detailed instruction on which tree branch to choose to prevent tragedy from happening. Things like these are benign to the adults but extremely deadly to children.

As such, a final, more refined and precise answer to this question would be: the DIY tree swings you make are most likely not safe for your children. However, most, if not all, proper tree swings designed professionally are safe, even without adult supervision.

Top 10 Tree Swings for the Best Safety

Our Pick of the Top 10 Best Tree Swings

Following the above discussion on the safety of tree swings, below is a list of reviewed tree swings that we have tested.

1. Swinging Monkey Products – Winner

Swinging Monkey Products - Winner

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Just as the name suggests, this swing has been designed for the kids to swing and go crazy like a monkey. That’s why you can generally expect it to be able to endure some serious wild swinging from the kids and still remain intact.

How? That’s all thanks to the 40” diameter tire swing, 900D Oxford fabric, 400lb weight capacity and most importantly its being ASTM and CPSIA approved. What does any of this mean? Well, some of the aspects will be answered in the FAQ section below. So, please keep reading.

The only thing that I will explain here would be the 900D Oxford fabric. The D here stands for denier, which is a measurement unit for weight by the fineness of silk, rayon, or nylon. The number before it is a number of the production bag. There are 300D, 600D, 900D and 1000D. The greater the number, the more durable that fabric would be.

That’s why you can expect the durability of this swing, which is made from a 900D Oxford fabric, to be quite decent. Regardless, the instruction manual might be a bit confusing even though the assembly itself really isn’t bad at all.


  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • Weather-resistant
  • Very durable
  • ASTM and CPSIA approved
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable


  • Confusing manual

2. Royal Oak giant 40-inch swinging saucer – Runner up

Royal Oak giant 40-inch swinging saucer - Runner up

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First and foremost, some brief mentions on the specs for those who are interested. The Royal Oak giant swinging saucer is also 900D Oxford fabric, ASTM and CPSIA approved and also steel framed. It is also one of the best kid tree swings due to those specs.

The installation is relatively easy that even a pregnant woman can solo with ease. The swing can handle a lot of wild swinging from the kids and wouldn’t rip easily. However, what we really like about this product is the extremely fast responses from Royal Oak.

In case your kids do manage to rip the swing apart, Royal Oak will send you either a replacement for the part or the entire swing free-of-charge.

Sturdy, easy-to-assemble and most importantly, a highly responsive company? There is just no reason to say no to their products. Nonetheless, we do feel that the rope of the swing could be a bit longer. It is generally preferable for child tree swings to be a bit closer to the ground just in case of a falling accident.

Truth be told, we probably just have a tree with a branch that is way too high. But if you have a tree with lower branches, this is the ideal option.


  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • Weather-resistant
  • ASTM and CPSIA approved
  • Sturdy
  • Great customer service


  • Short straps

3. Sorbus Spinner Swing – Best for budget

Sorbus Spinner Swing - Best for budget

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For folks, who are looking for a budget-friendly swing for your kids while not willing to compromise quality, Sorbus Spinner Swing is your best choice.

The swing can handle up to 220 lbs without many issues. It is designed like a spider-web for heavy-duty purposes and to tank whatever damage your kids can throw. The rope is woven nylon material, and the frame is steel tube. Those are the reasons why the Sorbus is still very durable despite the low price tag.

We have tested the product for a couple of months now, and it is still in great shape after some serious swinging from the craziest kids we could find.

A small tip for folks who would like to prevent the rusting problem would be to avoid water. That means you should take it off when it rains or keep it away from the garden sprinklers. The wrap around the metal frame has holes, and that’s why water can enter easily, causing the metal to rust.

Also, swinging on the Sorbus would probably feel less comfortable due to web design.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Heavy duty
  • Sturdy
  • Metal framed


  • Avoid water to prevent rusting

4. Laegendary 60 inch flying saucer hammock – Best for kids party

No, we did not misspell the brand name, and yes that is a 60-inch tree swing we are recommending. The swing is slightly more expensive than the other products on the list, but it is worth every penny.

The swing is extremely durable and able to hold up to 600 lbs with ease. Also, it comes with 2 tree straps, 2 carabiners and a swivel. Those are basically everything you may need to install a swing that’s about to take some serious swinging forces.

If you have a bunch of monkeys at home and would like to ensure their safety, go with Laegendary. The product was designed with safety as the main focus. That’s why you will find thicker foam padding added as an extra layer of protection and comfort as well as reinforced seat stitching for even more durability.

Another thing worth mentioning would be the excellent customer service. They are very responsive with any queries you may have (and those that we had), and always ready to send you a replacement in case of faulty parts.


  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Foam padding for comfort
  • Reinforced seat stitching for durability
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not very budget-friendly

5. Wonderview Tree Swing – Best outdoor

Wonderview Tree Swing - Best outdoor

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The Wonderview tree swing is made with 900D Oxford polyester, so you can rest assured that it has resistance to water and UV light to a certain extent. Durability against swinging forces wouldn’t be an issue either.

The frame is also made out of steel for extra sturdiness, and padded with EVA foam for extra safety. Essentially, the Wonderview is very suitable for outdoor activities, but why not general use as a swing?

Well, it would have been so, if only the Wonderview were ASTM and CPSIA approved. Although high-quality fabric and steel frame contributes to durability, a tree swing for children needs more than that. That’s why the ASTM and CPSIA standards are there to ensure integrity and safety.

Nonetheless, if the swing is not abused intentionally, the overall durability is still very decent for outdoor activities given the mentioned attributes.

Also, the content description is a little bit confusing. Information from merchant indicates ropes and straps are included, but the instruction manual says otherwise.


  • Water and UV resistant
  • Durable
  • 600lbs capacity
  • Easy install
  • Portable


  • Confusing package content description
  • Not ASTM and CPSIA approved

6. Hanging Tree Swing – Best for treehouse

Hanging Tree Swing - Best for treehouse

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To be honest, when we first tested this tent, most of us felt like a kid again. The swing comes with a tent house for enclosed space. And this was the thing that most of us always wanted as kids. A space of your own so to speak. That’s why we decided to put this tent on the list.

The tent is made out of 210D Oxford, so it is water-resistant. Though that does not mean you can use it under the rain since the tent is not air-tight. That’s why water will leak inside the tent. By the way, a bit of moist or fog wouldn’t be an issue.

The swing is, once again, made out of 910D Oxford fabric for additional weather resistance and durability.

The tent is perfect to be a treehouse for the kids. It would turn anywhere into a playground for them. However, we wouldn’t recommend having more than 2 kids swinging wildly on it. Although the tent was able to handle 2 adults sitting on it, there was some strange sound when they swung around.


  • Enclosed space for privacy
  • Rain cover
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of padding
  • 600lb capacity
  • Easy assembly


  • Doesn’t handle swinging force well
  • Not suitable in the rainy or snowy weather

7. Paceearth Tree Swing – Best for birthday gift

Paceearth Tree Swing - Best for birthday gift

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In terms of quality, the Paceearth tree swing is essentially on par with most of the other swings on this list. However, the reason we think it is best as a birthday gift is because it comes with gift wrapping paper.

The specs are quite similar to others too. The swing is made with 900D Oxford fabric (which is pretty standard at this point). So, there are no worries about it not being water and UV resistant. In addition, the swing is also ASTM approved, so that’s another boost in product safety and integrity.

Another thing that is worth mentioning would be the sturdy hook. We examined it closely, and the hook felt like it would even be adequate as climbing clear.

The only flaw for this swing would be that it is not CPSIA approved like the rest on the lists. Still, it really isn’t much of a problem.


  • Comes with gift wrap
  • ASTM approved
  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • Weather-resistant


  • Not CPSIA approved

8. Trekassy Tree Swing – Best for weight capacity

Trekassy Tree Swing - Best for weight capacity

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The Trekassy tree swing by far has the best weight capacity we have seen, and it does live up to the claim. The 700 lbs weight capacity is possible all thanks to the highly durable stainless steel carabiner and heavy-duty straps. On top of that, you get an extra pack for that incredible strap. Quite a bargain.

Other than that, the tree swing also meets other standards on the market such as 900D oxford fabric for the weather resistance.

The cons for this bad boy? Well, firstly, the manual instruction could use some serious improvement. Secondly, the product is not marked as ASTM and CPSIA approved for ease of mind.


  • 700 lbs weight capacity
  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • 2 packs of straps (extra)
  • Stainless steel carabiner
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extra-long hanging ropes


  • Manual instruction could use some improvement
  • Not ASTM and CPSIA approved

9. M & M Sales Enterprises  – Best as a chair replacement

M &amp; M Sales Enterprises </strong><strong> - Best as a chair replacement

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As usual, the standard specs will be mentioned first. The M & M tree swing is made with 600D Oxford fabric, so there is resistance to water for some ease of mind. The rope is adjustable so that it can be hung on most tree branches at any height.

Now, that’s done, let’s get on the part which we liked the most about this M & M tree swing. We know it is supposed to be a tree swing for kids, but we found that it was a great replacement as a sofa for your kids as well. The design of the swing seat is able to let your spine comfortably laid out. It almost felt like a hammock rather than a tree swing for kids.

Moreover, the swing is also decently affordable. Get this wing instead of paying several hundred bucks for a sofa, or something that your kid might not end up using that much.

It looks playful and decorative enough to be a piece of interior for the room while also very functional.

However, the swing require one small modification with the rope. While assembling the swing, we found that the rope was a pull-through knots. This is not the type of knot pattern that we would recommend for swing, especially for kids.

Thus, it would be better to tie the knot using the figure 8 pattern. It is firmer and much tighter to ensure the rope would not come loose even if your kids swing like crazy on it.


  • 600D Oxford fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy and comfortable seat


  • The knot pattern require modification

10. Super Deal Saucer – best bang for bucks

Super Deal Saucer - best bang for bucks

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Let’s start with the cons first, because one of the pros justifies it all. The Super Deal swing is not ASTM nor CPSIA approved. The swing is made with 600D Oxford polyester. Although the polyester fabric gives it a huge boost in water resistance, it is still 600D, which is a lesser digit compared to the 900D Oxford fabric.

Additionally, assembling the Super Deal can be a bit too difficult. It took two adults to put them together. So, good luck to single mothers out there.

Alright, here is the pro that justifies it all. The product has a lifetime warranty. Simply use your warranty for any faults, though you may not get a chance as the product is actually quite decent. It might take several adults to use every ounce of strength on swinging before the saucer starts to give out.

Another pro that justifies all the drawbacks would be the extreme affordability. The swing is indeed a super deal (pun intended). The durability is quite impressive for a low price tag like that.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Corrosion protection
  • UV resistant
  • Very affordable


  • Might be hard to assemble alone
  • Not ASTM, nor CPSIA approved

How To Choose A Good Tree Swing

The best tree swing is always the one that suits your budget while also meets the main requirements of your intended use. The intended uses could range from outdoor uses, indoor playground for kids, camping, beach, backyard and etc.

That would lead us to some of the more relevant requirements. These are the factors you should consider for the above-mentioned uses such as:

  • Weight capacity
  • Weather resistance (fabric type)
  • Satisfactory of relevant standards (ASTM or CPISA) 
  • Budget

For instance, folks looking to use the tree swing for a camping trip might need to prioritize on fabric type. The reason is that fabric type the requirement that is most closely related to weather resistance. Weight capacity would not be as relevant here since there wouldn’t be 10 or 20 kids jumping onto the swing.

Instead, you would be more worried if the humid weather, sunlight or other environmental factors might wear out the swing. On the contrary, weight capacity would be more critical if the swing is to be shared between different kids for obvious reasons.

Below are also some Frequently Asked Questions regarding choosing the best tree swing.


How do you secure a swing to a tree?

To secure a swing to a tree, the most important thing would be to choose a tree branch with a diameter of at least 200mm and hang the straps on. Should you have a swing with hooks or carabiner, ensure the tree branch is not cracking where the bolt is. The rest is to make sure you follow the manual instructions for your specific tree swing.

How do you hang a tree swing without a tree?

Basically, you need a metal frame or anything else that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your kids and some good quality straps. Then proceed to hang the swing with the strap onto the metal frame and voila! You don’t need a tree anymore.

How do you build a tree swing between two trees?

Get two reliable straps or ropes and connect them together between the two trees to sort of make frame-like structure. Then you can proceed to hang the swing to it. Remember to test the stability of the swing before letting your monkeys go wild on it.

Is my tree strong enough for a swing?

Most trees are strong enough for a swing. The reason is that a tree is generally much denser and heavier than human beings. They generally have no issue enduring the pressures of several humans, let alone kids.

Wrapping up

Here you go, that should be enough information on kid tree swings that you might need. Remember the products on our list are all professionally designed tree swings.

That’s why you just need to consider other factors that come into play during your decision making. Anyway, thank you for reading the review, and if you have a specific question, please do post them in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good day, folks.


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