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Everyone who follows technology and is conversant with the use of spy cams gadgets, robotics, Game consoles and time travel science, slightly knows that VR is the paramount shift in technology today.

The latest on the virtual world trending right now is the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) possibility of a supplement reality in offering a fascinatating space for people with disabilities to explore places and perform actions that may otherwise proof impossible or difficult.

However, we know patents don’t necessarily represent something that is guaranteed to make it to the market, so this might remain only an idea. However, if such an idea were to come to reality, and who says it won’t; whether on its own or as a basis of something more robust, it could proof to be a godsend for anyone with permanent or temporal impaired movement!

One VR Headset coming out in the spring of 2019 with outstanding features is the Oculus Questand the Oculus Rift 2. Nevertheless, the latest Virtual Reality headset trending however, after WMR is the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headset.

Over the years, Samsung has owned the reputation on the edge when it comes to adopting new technologies. They stepped into the VR space, with a VR Gear in 2005, back then it was good and inexpensive that it allows users to attach their galaxy smartphones to enjoy VR.

It has gone to a number of modifications and the current model supports the latest flagships smartphones. This is why the Gear VR is the least rated VR device out there. Gear VR is a snap-on wireless affordable way of turning your Samsung galaxy phone into a capable basic virtual reality headset.

virtual reality trends to watch out for in 2019

In years later, it has become impressive. The new VR Headsets works great with the Galaxy S8 Plus, S7, 7 edge, 6 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Note 6. It comes with a micro USB and USB C-Adapters. One thing to note is that the new QVR is not aiming to replace the high-end VR hardware, but to make the VR experience affordable and free.

The Oculus Rift headset is an advance modification of older 2005 versions that were since gradually developed with specs. The Oculus Rift was introduced to the market in 2012 and later was acquired by Facebook. After 3 years of intense development and number of prototypes, the Rift was launched in March 2016.

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has been marketing the windows mixed reality platform for a while now. It promises cheaper headsets with different varieties to choose from big names like Samsung, dell, Hp, Accer and many more with various controllers made from different manufacturers also.

It also has an inside out tracking, which eliminates the need for additional set-ups and some in-house VR heavyweight titles like HAYLO coming into these headsets. Its platform integration with steam has given more way open to the selection of games, apps, and 4D animations already found in Microsoft stores all over the globe.

In comparism to the HTC Vive and Oculus rift, WMR doesn’t require much PC power to get it start working, but it require some of the latest graphics for windows if you want the games to run properly.

Microsoft recently as said  before, have been engaging in notable offers for disabilities for them to be able to use Xbox adaptive controller with the function of exploring ways and envisioning a system that would make it easier for people with disabilities to interact with virtual objects. The world is still waiting for the marketing availability of Microsoft products, but if everything works has planned, these can be serious contenders for others.

The Oculus Quest And Rift 2

The Oculus Quest And Rift 2

We will not discuss much about this product because it is yet to be launched but the Oculus quest will bring a gap between the Oculus rift and Oculus Go. The quest needs no PC or wire connection. It has up to four cameras in each corners of the headset; also, it uses the same rate of optics of resolution 1600 x 1400 ADP same as Oculus go.

Its audio system is improved, unlike the Oculus Rift where the audio system is detached to the headband. For other things like display and actual hardware specs is yet to be known. The cost for this VR device at its launching around spring of 2019 will be around $400.

The Oculus rift 2 is of no much significance than its name. Not much has been known for what we hope to expect from this device other than its upgrade in hardware and software probably.

The HTC Vive Headset

The HTC Vive Headset

As we can see, VR is still in its infancy stage, but that doesn’t mean there’s no product that show how good VR can get with current technology. The HTC Vive is one product that can give you the full premium VR experience today. The product being in development for 2 years now and has been available in the public for about a year.

HTC Vive is a result of HTC and the American game developer digital distribution company VIVE. The fact that Vive owns the popular software distribution company makes it interesting. This publicly available version of Vive is a powerful device and has special specifications to match the Vive as a refresh way of 90 hertz.

The device uses two screens; one for each eye and having a resolution display of 1080 x 1200ADP. The headset controllers are covered with more than 70 infrared sensors that contain an external gyroscope and accelerometers. Each track device uses sensors in combination with 2 stationary light house play stations to track the users movement with accelerometer precision. The lighthouse is made of infrared structures and is effective up to a 15 x 15 foot tracking space.

The HTC Vive headset also contains a front facing camera like in nanny cam that allows the user to observe their surroundings without removing the headset. The software can use the camera to identify any movement or static objects in a room. This function can be used as part of a sharper own safety spy camera system which will automatically display a virtual wall or feed from the camera to safely guide users from obstacles or real world walls.

The device also has a list of useful accessories including the deluxe audio strap with integrated headphones and a vive tracker. Vive is the first headset mostly owned by steam VR which is an open platform where almost any headset VR can openly participate. Nearly any game you find on steam VR store is made or optimized for Vive because that’s what most SteamVR players own. HTC Vive is at the moment the best way to experience VR full stop.

The Oculus Rift (Current Version)

The Oculus Rift

The device requires a wired connection to pc in order to have enough power to drive 1000 x 1200 ADP resolution of images to each lens inside the headset.

At first a minimum spec called for intelcore I5 4590 Or equivalent processor, 8GB of RAM, and a NVI – DIA GTX97 or AMD Radion 290 Video card. That minimum spec have been brought down to Intel I3 6100 and GP use that can now start from the NVI-DIA GTX 960 from the recommended 970. When paired with a proper hardware, The Oculus Rift is far superior to playstation VR. It also has the task of completely immersing you in to a video game by producing 2 images simultaneously which is done by more advance graphics settings.

The gadget includes a pair of small ear pads that sits flush at the sides of the headset and can be rotated to sit directly on top of the ear or you can flip up when someone needs your attention in the real world.

It offers 3D surround sound that is clear enough. There are so many accessories that come with it to ensure a pleasant experience in the Virtual world. For more on Specs, you can visit Amazon or other selling sites of these gadgets.


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