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When it comes to technology and our electronic devices, we treat them like it is our child. We must be sure that no harm comes to our devices and we buy the best products compatible with them. One technology we sometimes put on a pedestal is our laptops. All the personal files, documents, and the work we have saved are all important to take care. A great waterproof laptop backpack can help you keep your computer safe away from harm, and you can have a stylish backpack as a bonus.

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Do You Need A Waterproof Laptop Backpack?

The world depends on technology and a lot of the people that were born in an older generation do not understand why technology and electronics are so important, especially those who see a lot of younger people keeping their nose into their phones, tablets, and computers. They believe that the millennial generation depends on the use of technology without socializing with people. The older generation, digital immigrants, do not expose to a lot of technology and stepping into a time where it is becoming a norm, they do not understand why.

Yes, technology makes us lazy, keep us from maintaining and forming relationships, but it helps us connect with people and create everlasting bonds. If you are protectant of your electronic devices, one such as your laptop, then what you can do is figure out why.

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If you are concerned about dropping beverages on your laptop as you do your work in the kitchen or trying to keep your laptop safe from the pouring rain, then you could do with a waterproof laptop backpack. When you finish the work on your device, you can store it with a peace of mind knowing nothing will damage your laptop.

Some laptops are not water-resistant and once water seeps into your computer, it is likely that your computer will be damaged. That a small water spill can harm your computer takes up too much of your time. You can either go to the repair shop to get it fixed within a few days or fix it yourself. Detaching the battery, all cables, and flash drives and putting your laptop upside down to dry takes up a lot of your time. If you so choose to get a case that is waterproof for your laptop you can get rid of one of your concerns.

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You should also consider having a waterproof laptop backpack if you are prone to dropping your laptop all the time. That way, even if you drop your computer, it would not bring too much damage to your device.

How to Know Which Laptop Backpack Is Right for You

When you are shopping for items, the first thing you are looking for is the quality. That determines whether what you’re buying is a great fit for you. If you are shopping from the inside of a store, then it will be easier to identify what has the best quality.

You should focus on is what you want your laptop backpack to do for you. You can go into a store or shop online to find one suitable for your needs. The size of your computer is important as you want it to fit inside whatever backpack you buy.

Once you have found the perfect backpack, put your laptop inside and see if it is a great fit. Also, you might want to check all the compartments and zippers to see if they are functioning.

If you are looking to walk in the rain, then the material that would work best is a waterproof material. It will protect your laptop from the rain and snow days.

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Other Benefits to Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Other than wanting to protect your laptop from getting damaged, waterproof laptop backpacks can provide more benefits. One of these benefits is that some backpacks give more than just your laptop a storage place.

When we are looking for items, we try to find things can store more things. Therefore, you often see laptop backpacks filled with more than just a laptop. Laptop backpacks can be used just like any other backpack. Don’t let the word “laptop” trick you into thinking you can not buy the backpack.

Instead of having a separate backpack for your notebooks, pens, and pencils if you are a student, you can use this backpack and store all your school supplies in there. There are many compartments where you can find space and put them. Now you don’t have to think about getting your books wet or carrying extra weight because your backpack was not made for wet weather.

Check Out a Few of These Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

1. Kopack Deluxe Black Waterproof Laptop Backpack

This waterproof laptop backpack is designed for business, weekend travel, and school. It is a durable backpack with material smooth to the touch. The straps and the back of this backpack are padded that keeps your shoulders strain free. It is comfortable and weightless when you are wearing it on your back so, having heavy objects sit in this backpack is not a problem.

This product features a laptop slot that holds a 16 up to 17.3 inches laptop. If you have a computer between 16 to 17.3 inches, then consider choosing this backpack as an option. There is a place to hold your water bottle on the side and a bottom private pocket where you can keep your cell phone and wallet safe.

Another good feature is that this product is tear resistant which can help you keep your backpack in tiptop shape. It is also water resistant so if you spill water or any other liquid on this backpack, it will not seep through which make it waterproof.

If you are looking for a waterproof laptop backpack with large compartments and, enough space for your laptop, then this backpack might be a choice for you.

2. Outjoy Backpack for Men and Women

By the title, this backpack is suitable for men and women and can be used for any of your daily usage. If you are going traveling, to work, or to school this backpack is very convenient to carry since its straps and back are made to be comfortable.

There are separate compartments that make it easier to put all your necessities in. One feature that this backpack has is the outer fabric of the bag is waterproof. It also has a rain cover that his hidden at the bottom of the backpack that comes in handy on rainy days. It protects what you have inside your backpack from getting wet. Now, you have double the protection for your laptop getting damaged by water.

Another feature of this product is it is shockproof—at least the laptop compartment is. This is for the airbag which has extra padding to protect your laptop better and cool it down with venting. There is also a headphone cable hole where you can slide your headphones through and connect it to your phone.

If you are looking for a 17-inch laptop backpack that is waterproof, consider the Outjoy backpack.

3. Cor Surf Waterproof Backpack

This backpack is suitable for outdoors, but also an all-around backpack for any daily usage.
This product is made out 100% tarpaulin material. Since this backpack is for the outdoors, tarpaulin is used on these types of bags because it can stay strong in harsh conditions.

There are two bottle holders on each side of the backpack where you can put your water in. Moreover, there is also a compartment of this backpack where you can secure all your important necessities like money and your passport.

There are waist and chest straps that are adjustable, so you can be comfortable when carrying heavy loads in your backpack.

One feature of this backpack that comes in handy is the removable laptop sleeve that allows you to leave your backpack or laptop bag behind, giving you the ability to carry one bag. This sleeve can carry a 13-inch laptop horizontally and a 15-inch laptop vertically when you use the stretch velcro strap.

If you are looking for a backpack with a separate compartment for your laptop, consider this Cor Surf waterproof backpack.

4. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

There is USB charger outside of the backpack as a built-in charging cable which helps you charge your phone anytime. I appreciate this feature considering my phone has a habit of losing battery too quick.

There is a lot of storage space and there is a separate laptop compartment that can hold a 15.6-inch laptop. There is space to put all your laptop accessories and a front compartment to keep all your supplies organized.

The backpack has back support with soft padding through the shoulder straps and the top handle, so you won’t feel any strain to carry it for a long time.

As all the other products mentioned before, this laptop backpack is water resistant and made of polyester fabric with metal zippers.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, durable backpack to store your laptop, then this could be a good choice.

5. Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack

Compared to the other Kopack backpack I mentioned before, this backpack has more features to look at. One feature is the USB charging port that helps you easily charge your phone without taking out the charging bank.

This backpack is made with waterproof and anti-scratch fabric that protects the backpack and all items inside from a rainy day and scratches.

Its straps and back are padded so you can wear it all the time without hurting your back and shoulders. There are front pockets and multiple pockets inside so, you don’t have to dig around to search.

The only difference between this Kopack backpack and the one mentioned above is that it only fits a 14-15.6-inch laptop.

If you are looking for an affordable and functioning laptop backpack, then this Kopack backpack is a good choice.

6. Tocode Travel Laptop Waterproof Backpack

To keep your things safe, an anti-theft feature in for your backpack can make you feel secure. There is a secret pocket behind the backpack that can store and protect.

Another feature of this product is the USB charging port with a charging cable, which is very helpful for you.

This backpack is made from nylon which is a durable waterproof fabric that protects the backpack from water seeping through. Moreover, its straps are padded, and the laptop compartment can hold a 15.6-inch laptop.

There are also many pockets that allow you to keep everything safe.

If you are looking for a safe and secure backpack, this one might be a fit for you.

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